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Ben Contreras

June 14, 2016

Learning Contract
General Information
Name: Benjamin Contreras
Internship Hours: 40 hours/week
Internship Placement: Newport Hospital
Internship Supervisor: Kristin Matteson, Michael Varacalli
Internship Job Title: Kinesiology Intern Summer 2016
Back Ground:
This internship came about when I asked my father, who works at Newport Hospital
as a respiratory therapist, if this hospital had any type of cardiac rehabilitation programs.
I found out that the answer was yes so I went to Professor Armstrong to get Newport
Hospitals internship supervisors contact information. I was able to get the opportunity
to scope out the cardiac rehabilitation program and check out the hospital for about an
hour to see if this would be a good place for me to complete my internship.
Immediately, I was impressed by how nice and efficiently run the hospital was, and also
by how nicely the staff treated everyone in the workplace. I loved everything about it
and early the next day emailed the supervisor to confirm that I would like to do my
internship at Newport Hospital in the summer of 2016.
Professional Objectives
Objective 1: To learn about the information being collected during an exercise
rehabilitation session and be capable of doing a marginal amount of these
measurements myself.
Activities/Resources: Observe coworkers, research online
Evidence: Include an in depth description about the cardiac or pulmonary rehabilitation
and what I am physically able to do to assist the staff.
Objective 2: Gain a better understanding of what a physical and occupation therapist do
and explain how I was able to assist.
Activities/Resources: Observe coworkers, research.
Evidence: Include a description of about both professions and explain the differences
between them. Also, give a brief description of how I was able to help them.
Objective 3: Gain the necessary knowledge about a stress test and how to properly
direct one.
Activities/Resources: Observe coworkers, shadow stress tests and assist if able.

Evidence: Include an in depth description about stress tests and how they are
Objective 4: Obtain a clearer understanding of what exactly a PA does and what they
are responsible for.
Activities/Resources: Shadow a PA, research online.
Evidence: Include a description about PAs and what a typical day is like for these
Objective 5: Observe a barium swallow test and get a clearer understanding of what it is
as well as why someone would have one done.
Activities/Resources: Observe coworkers, research
Evidence: Include an in depth description about barium swallow tests and reasons
behind having this done.

Duties Include:
Take heart rates, blood pressures, oxygen saturations
File paperwork
Attach/Detach cardiac monitors and manage them on computers
Clean all of the equipment as needed
Assist with PTs and OTs as needed
Assist with stress tests
Assist with directing the walking clinic
Evaluation methods
Daily communication with coworkers and supervisors
Written information revised by coworkers and supervisors before completion
Complete daily tasks in my schedule
Complete University provided evaluation forms
Expected workdays
Monday-Friday 7:00am 3:30pm
Start date: May 16, 2016, End date: July 22, 2016