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Awareness & Impact Factors

What are the things that are going to impact you?

A key element of this is awareness.
Without awareness you are not going to know what hit you !
The Coopers Code for states of awareness
The Coopers Code for states of awareness is a method of describing the different
levels of consciousness, this is based on a simple traffic-light system.
The Green State
This is where you’re completely relaxed possibly at home watching your favorite
show. Your levels of awareness are really low and if someone were to attack you it
would be very easy, and your defense would be very weak.

It is crucial that you are aware of the state you are operating in.

Almost all attacks on people are when they are in the green state - at a low-level of
This is the most dangerous step !
The Amber State
This is a higher level of awareness – not paranoia, but more close to being in your
car driving down the road always thinking ahead. For example, ‘will the traffic lights

Obviously your state of awareness should increase if a situation requires it. For
example, if your walking to your car after finishing work late, your levels should be
If an attack does take place then you are more likely to be able to respond and
protect yourself or escape.
The Red State
It’s not a case of whether an attack might happen, but when it’s going to start. At
this stage your instinct will tell you to run or fight. However if you have a good state
of awareness, then the red state can almost always be avoided.

Talking Distance This is the type of attack in which the attacker uses dialogue to get close to you. The way to combat the passive talking distance attack is initially awareness . Here your adrenalin level goes from virtually zero to 100 percent within might spot an attack ritual. An example of this might be when an attacker asks you the time in order to get close. and when you look at your watch they attack. then someone comes towards you or threatens to attack you. So how could you deal with each of these types of attacks? Stress Behaviors FEAR If you are having a normal day and everything is fine. with the doors locked and the alarm set.What decides the level of awareness you have is known as threat analysis or threat assessment. To distract you. you are going get an adrenalin dump. deception and distraction. . You have to be continually assessing the threat of attack at all times and ensuring you have adopted the most appropriate awareness state. An aggressive talking distance attack is where they use an aggressive phrase to induce fear. they might say. is ok with a green awareness level Warning Signs Talking Distance Ambush Ambush This is the type of attack where there will be no dialogue. . In this type of attack the assailant will use dialogue. “What are you looking at?” or “What did you say?” The only way to combat an ambush is to use awareness. A talking distance attack can be either aggressive or passive.At home. then you will need your fence. If you don’t spot the attack. An example of this might be when you are walking along and someone jumps out from behind a wall and tackles you to the floor. which would give you the opportunity to escape. You wouldn’t see them until they had attacked you. It is a surprise attack. Studies have shown that people who attack in this manner target people who look to have low levels of awareness.Working late at night requires an amber awareness level Examples: .

. Stress Behaviors FEAR What happens in the state of fear? • Heart Rate Increase • Breathing Increase • Adrenaline is released . lungs and heart. especially when we are taken by surprise. This is perfectly natural. the larger amount of adrenalin released. . The larger the perceived threat. so if you can do things to start to get used to them. is to learn how to control your reaction to adrenaline. When you experience a sudden fearful situation within your body there are many biological mechanisms taking place. The key to controlling yourself in a fearful situation. as fear is an in-built protection mechanism that happens to anybody. which controls the major organs of your body like your kidney. then you will be much better placed to handle a conflict situation.If you are not used to that then the adrenalin dump is likely to make you freeze. . There aren't different types of fact it can triple its rate in a matter of seconds.Breathing increase: The rate of your breathing increases.Adrenaline is released: Your brain triggers your nervous system.Heart rate increase: Your heart starts to beat faster . inducing a massive release of adrenalin into the blood stream from the adrenal gland.

then when you need to operate at the top level you're less likely to freeze in a conflict situation. arranged in different fear levels. Fear Levels You have finished the last section for this course !! Course Complete . Adrenaline & Fear Fear never goes away. Fear Levels Once you have identified your fears you should go out of your way to try and overcome them. The fear pyramid is a method developed by Geoff Thompson. What you need to do is get exposure to it. One strategy for dealing with this is to try to face your fears. otherwise you may freeze or not be able to react appropriately. Start with the lowest first and build up to the high fear activities. The military deliberately give soldiers stressful situations such as jumping out of airplanes. or at least start to feel a little more comfortable.Learning to cope with fear is essential. This will get you used to handling your adrenaline levels. In it you record all the things that give you fear. If you can get used to operating further up your fear levels.