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Sponsored by

(liijc Sostcriiriaiis
Rosicrucias Square

Memorial Boulevard
Tampa, Florida

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T h e Pristine Church of the Hose C ro ss i$ -a part of I 'l l K Church
Invisible* which h <\> existed since (he dawn of civ ilisatio n ; he net it ts truly
P ristin e in h.s u t > nature and .spiritual essence.
fcs present esoteric or ph ysical organ isation and bud\ is the result of
m an y yeans of preparation by those who hare* .devoted their lives to the dissem ination o f the true doctrines and p rin ciples of sp iritu al tmfoldnxent, and
the P ristin e Church is still unfolding like a "Rose upon the C ro ss of m an's
labor* and trials on this earth plane*. T h erefo re the P ristin e Church is evolv
ing, gro w in g and maintaining' iis early and crystal pure principles- m harm ony
with the evolution nf lining Soul and the aw ak en in g of the A ge.
T h e T em ple here in T am p a w as established at the earnest request of a
hundred or m ore men and wom en of this city 'whose in terests center around
the ideals to w hich T h e Pristine Church us devoted*
T h e first Church w a* established in N ew Y o r k C ity m an y years
ago, and the foundation of this great 'ecclesia is laid in ev ery larg e city of the
United States. It L< 5ponsured by a Brotherhood of M asters form in g one of
the m ost extensive and intensive uplift and spiritual m ovem ents in A m erica.
I t is not associated w ith an y other religions m o vem en t or Church, is free
from foreign dominion, and has no features resembling* the ritual or creed
of an y other form of religion.
T h e P ristine Cluirch o f the R o se C ross is non -sectarian in the com mon
understanding' of the term , though n aturally em bracin g all fundam ental
truths and principles in their P ristin e p m lty. T h e services are in sp irin g in
their oriental o r ancient ritualistic cerem ony and intense occidental spiritual
effulgen ce. T h is feature is intended to place the w orsh ippers at once in
attunem ent w ith those forces which bring D ivin e Illum ination and In n er
Comprehension., T h e D iscou rse a t each service is in structive and helpful
in Its revelation of p ractical law s and principles m ak in g fo r advancem ent
and u plift in our daily lives. T h e V isio n of the C hurch is U n iversal, its
practice im m ediate, and its auth ority is revealed in its .symbols and cere
m onial service.

k n a f o tha.i 1heru k but one living true unci Infinite Gael creating and
-u^ialnln^ all til in g risible a act imds-ibk; whose Essence us diffused thiwag!*out tin- Universe and whose Mind a&d Con$.cioitsness are the Soul of M e a
2 . T h e unity nf Gods creation m anifesto in three exp ression s; m th e
M a c ro c o sm L ife , L ig h t and Love*- hi the M icrocosm , the Saul* ego and b o d j j
in the m aterial creation., the three fo rm s o f synthesis, thesis and antithesisThese* are sym bolized by the S acred Triangle*
T h e D ivine W isdom of God, as m ade m anifest hy the law s o f im tare,
etm snune our K n o w led ge and Faith in the Omnipotence, O m nipresence*
Goodness, L o v e and M ercy o f the God o f our existence*

4 . W hen, a t birth* God breathes into the body of M an the B reath

L ife , M an becom es a la v in g Sold, a segm ent inseparable of the Soul o f G o d ,
resident within a m ortal body, for various purposes. H ence, in ail that Is- r e a l
and vital, all M ankind is a Brotherhood.
3 . T h at the flesh alone m ay err, and m ortal xnikd m ay bin.; and f o r awfe
e rro r or sin, flesh or m ortal mind must com pensate; fo r m an is born m SotiVgoodness but in m ortal ignorance, and from the ignorance alone m ust 3 & m
be redeem ed and saved,
0 * T h e risible C hurch is the D ivin ely inspired school fo r the iltem iaaatmg- u i the m ortal mind and the jo y o f the S o u l I t s unquestioned A n th o d iy
is found ni the jo you s response o f the Soul of M an and in the Inspiration an*|
directio n received from G o d and the C osm ic A ssem bly7 . T h e M asters of the- T em ples, as duly ordained P riests o f the C hurdk,
under the D irection of the H ierophant, the A rchbishop and the Bishops* a r e
the represen tatives o f the In visib le M asters of T h e G reat W hite Lodg&
the S erva n ts of God*

Salutem Ptmctfe Trmgnlil

A M O -R C T E M P L E
A ncient and M ystical O rder Rosae C ruris
u lu irrtw il Phroujrftaiu the* AYnrlrl)


T h e T em p le in T am p a
Open D aily from u A* M . to 5 1\ M
T u esd ay and T h u rsday l\enin&? from ?;:uj to 10 ,

and un

Sunday Public Service and Lecture at 7:30 l \ M.

Siraug'er> A re A lw a y s W elcom e.

In terestin g U le ra u ire Upon Kecjue^L

Iveadms* R o u m a n d L ib ra ry ,
O ther Co instructive Organisations* W elcom e to t\se the L e e m a and
M usic Room ,

R E V . J~L S P E N C E R L E W IS , F , R* CX, P h . D
Arrhbli'iiup of Tlu** .Pristine Churrli and Ma&tnr of tin* Tem pi<P riva te Sanctum at (hi*1 Ti-mph*. Hours D aiJy

Sun da v H to 5 I*. -M.

1hotit* 83SG1

F a c in g M em orial H ig h w a y at A rm en ia Street
T w o B lo c k ? B eyo n d the M onum ent
**Ai (he S I o f the Groat U m p '1