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After a partial discharge and prior to sailing, it is important

Bale capacity compared to grain capacity is
Deck cargo stowage should

Guideline requirements for the carriage of bulk grain state

Possible shifts of grain cargo may be controlled
The Cargo Stowage Factor is the
The IMO regulations for timber deck cargoes require
Threshold Limit Value (TLV) is the maximum concentration
of a substance that should be present in
Ullage is the term used to describe
What action should be taken immediately in the event of an
oil tank spill when loading?
When operating union purchase cargo lifts

When planning to load a coal bulk cargo, you should
When rigging a Jumbo Derrick for a heavy lift, which of the
following is standard practice?
Bulk grain cargo should be carried as directed under the
rules of
During cargo operations, winch operators should
Eductors are used within oil tanker cargo operations for
Freeboard is the vertical distance measured from the
How much space would 300 tonnes of tea with a stowage
factor of 3.0 take up, if it had a broken stowage factor of
If a ballast tank has just been emptied, within the last hour,
would you still need to test the space for oxygen?
What causes petroleum or other crude oil products to emit
gases or vapours?
What type of vessel is most likely to be fitted with a Ring

Secure & shore the
remaining cargo
Allow an
unobstructed view
from the bridge
Following a cargo
shift, the maximum
heel must be no
more than 12°
Saucers filled with
bagged grain
Volume per unit of
A taut lifeline on the
ship’s centerline
An Atmospheric
The vertical space
above a liquid cargo
Notify the terminal
and stop loading
Angles between
married runners
should never exceed
Treat it as potentially
To put winches in
double gear
Grain Rules
Take orders from one
Cargo Stripping
Main deck to the
990 cubic metres

No, In this
Ambient temperature
above the liquid’s
vapour point
Product Carrier

rods and chains The next cargo is carried efficiently and safely The IMDG Code Reduce the safety hazard Keep apart cargo that should not be mixed The International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code When its flashpoint is below 60 ° C (140°F) Carrying a minimum of fuel There may be a need to brace the adjacent structure Stand facing across the wind To provide cargo segregation Obtain full documentation before loading 3 Loading and discharge equipment details Blanked prior to loading dry cargo in . The deck officer should The picture shows a tackle being used to life a load. What is the velocity ratio of this tackle as it is being used? A cargo plan would NOT include Ballast lines to deep tanks should be Continuously Maintain access to moorings Butter Livestock With twistlocks. thorough hold preparation is required. This is mainly to ensure that In which document will full references and details relating to dangerous goods be found? Portable lights should be removed from cargo work areas after use. the fuel tanks should be When planning to load an iron ore bulk cargo When taking ullages. The most important reason is to The principal reason for cargo segregation is to What is the IMDG Code When is a liquid considered to be “volatile” When loading vehicles as cargo.Main cargo system? When crew members are working in confined spaces that have been cleared of hazardous materials. how do you ensure against inhaling vapours or gases? Which one of the following Is not a primary purpose for using dunnage? While loading dangerous goods. ventilation should be provided When deck cargo is loaded it is important to Which of the following refrigerated cargoes is not compatible for carriage in the same conditions as the others listed? Cargo containers may NOT contain Cargo containers on deck are secured For general cargo. the documentation is incomplete regarding stowage and classification details.

000 Manifold Valve Consult the IMO Code of Practice Fore & Aft Deadweight Checking temperature regularly There is solid stowage to prevent water from flowing on deck Molasses Advise the Master . how many tonnes per hour would typically be discharged by a single main cargo pump On an oil tanker.Cargoes referenced within the IMDG code may be anticipated to be Dangerous cargo on a pallet should be stowed In a 250. the final valve between the ship’s side and the onshore terminal is called the Prior to preparing and cleaning holds in preparation for bulk cargo it is important to Railway Iron as far as possible should be stowed The weight a vessel can carry is called the When carrying refrigerated cargo. the stowage should be such that Which of the following cargoes would be most likely to be discharged using positive displacement reciprocating cargo pumps? While loading dangerous goods. Despite damaging the packaging the product can be clearly seen and is not damaged. What should be done? them Of a hazardous Nature On Deck 4.000 tonnes VLCC. a package is dropped. while on passage the most important monitoring is When timber deck cargo has been loaded.