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Activity no. 1

Familiarization With Excel

Submitted by:
Eusebio, Jan Rafael B.

Engr. Marc Cabrera


skew. These statistical methods include mean. A class record is a record of data. modern spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel provide built-in functions for common statistical operations.Interpretation of Data In this experiment. median. mode. Besides performing basic arithmetic and mathematical functions. These methods determine the performance of the class as a whole. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application that features calculation. min and max. kurtosis. basically composed of grades of students. we familiarized ourselves and utilized Microsoft Office Excel as a computational machine. standard deviation. sum. graphing tools and some programming language. These data are commonly numerical and most of the time it requires statistical methods to describe the final data. that describes every students performance in the class. Figure 1: Microsoft Excel Window Microsoft Excels functions greatly benefit making a class record. Most of the statistical methods mentioned . variance.

Figure 2: Microsoft Excel Function Bar The function bar works by entering the function and enclosing the data to be computed. A class record is commonly composed of 30 or more students with each student composing 5 or more examination grades. Every statistical methods mentioned above can be performed by the Microsoft Excel. . the Microsoft Excel can convert these data into graphical form by inserting chart. these averages are to be transmuted to the final grade equivalents. Also. there is a Charts window that can make us choose what kind of graph to use. With the help of the Microsoft Excel function bar. This can be possible by using the if function. Those formulas are not lengthy but if used with lot of data. Each statistical method has a unique function code to be entered in the function bars. After solving for the final average.above are commonly computed with such formulas some are determined by inspection. Fortunately. the data is complete. the answer can be erroneous. After the individual grades are encoded. This also includes methods that can be solved by inspection. Microsoft Excel is not only a basic spreadsheet program but it can perform different mathematical functions that also include statistics. those statistical methods can be completed. A method of paper and pen is not convenient enough to perform these statistical methods. The users may adjust any stored value and observe the effects on the calculated values and the chart. In the Insert Menu bar.

Figure 3: Charts Compared to the paper and pen method. Spreadsheets have replaced paper-based systems and is normally used in any context where tabular lists are built and sorted. Basically. The only possible causes of error in using Microsoft Excel are typographical errors and wrong encoding of data. . Microsoft Excel is very much faster and is not prone to errors.

Users interact with Microsoft Excel primarily through cells.   graphing tools and some programming language. which may in turn be the result  of the formula. The users may adjust any stored value and observe the effects on the  calculated values and the chart. using a grip of cells arranged in numbered rows and letter-named columns to  organize data. The key feature of a spreadsheet like Excel is the ability for a formula to refer to the contents of other cells. Microsoft Excel has the basic features of all spreadsheets. Microsoft Excel can use a wide variety of functions included in its  program. It can display data as line graphs. The displayed charts are dynamically updated if the content of the  specified cells change. This is very useful for what-if analysis since many cases can be rapidly  investigated without manual recalculation.Conclusion  Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application that features calculation. histograms and charts generated  from specified groups of cells. . Spreadsheets have replaced paper-based systems throughout the business world. It can also use user-defined functions with Visual Basic Programming  encrypted in the software.