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Wetland Mitigation Case Study Questions


Rennel Burgos


What is wetland

Wetland Mitigation is wetland enhancement,

restoration, creation and/or preservation project
that serves to offset unavoidable wetland

How is it different from

wetland restoration?

wetland restoration is the return of a wetland or

ecosystem to a former condition before its

What is the main

mitigation goal of the
usfws for this project?

After five years of negotiation, the U.S. Fish

and Wildlife Service (usfws) claimed $80,000
for damages to the wildlife of the Northstar
Wetland. ans is responsible for ensuring that
the mitigation is complete within the next two
years. they will fix the sort of balance in the
ecosystem that was damaged by the oil spill.

Is this goal a direct

yes it is a direct response because the oil spill
response to the pollutant incident would damage all nearby ecosystems
release at the refinery?
and its organisms if not dealt with it on time and
would increase costs if damage is big.
Should the refinery be
responsible for
mitigating the damage to
the Northstar Wetland,
since the effects appear
to be temporary? Why
or why not?

yes, the refinery should take responsibility for

mitigating since they were the ones who caused
the damage, from the day they placed the
refinery they knew their would occur a damage
to the wetland, it was just a matter of time.

Why do you think the

team is enthusiastic
about removing a road
at Pike Point but did not
even consider it at

the team seemed more enthusiastic in removing

the road at pike point since it was next to a
waterway which increase the probability of
wildlife coming back to the area.

Why do you think the

team is willing to turn
Pike Point into a deeper
water wetland but not

the chances of wildlife coming back would be

great because the pike point is closer to a

How does the landscape wetlands need to be nurtured with water so that

around each site affect

the process of restoration would reach its high
its restoration potential? potential. w
What are the risks
associated with each

Which site should be

selected for the
mitigation? Justify your

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most wetlands damaged by pollutants such as

the refinery are really expensive to restore, in
this case both wetlands would be expensive. that
is a risk because if their isn't the sufficient
finance then the ecosystem in this place would
be lost. another risk would be identifying the
type of wetlands and how to begin the process
of restoration, and their shouldn't be second
chances at all.
pike point has a higher probability of mitigation
because it is close to a long channel which
would provide water to the wetland.

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