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Bible 800

Understanding the Family (Gods Design for The Family & Your
Place in It)
Animal Parents
Sea Turtles (eggs)
Birds (nests/survival skills)
Lions (dens/training to hunt)
Human Parents
3 Functions:
1. Childbearing
2. Providing food & shelter
3. Teaching
1) Teaching for survival
2) Teaching of spiritual awareness (unique to humans)
Instead of natural instincts (like animals), God gave us the capacity to think &
learn far beyond the ability of animals.
Parents are the most important teachers of their child. (See Proverbs
11 Skills/Abilities learned at home (taught by parents):
1. Dependability
2. Honesty
3. Cooperation
4. Initiative
5. Enthusiasm
6. Thankfulness
7. Friendliness
8. Loyalty
9. Willingness to learn
10.Ability to accept criticism
11.Ability to follow directions
*These are not instincts, they must be learned.
Many parents teach their child children morals, values, & doctrines. They
teach using the scriptures and they teach by example. (They act the way
they wish their children to actProviding a good example for their children.)
Some Biblical Parents
Abraham & Sarah (Isaac)
Jacob & Rachel (Joseph & his brothers)
Conflict caused because Joseph was the favorite

Mary & Joseph (Jesus)

Protective concern
Your Heavenly Father
God was seldom referred to as Father in the Old Testament.
In the New Testament, Jesus called him Father to emphasize the nearness
of God. (He is here for us.)
What Makes a Parent
You have (your attitude has) an effect on others.
Consider your own behavior/attitude puts you in a position to see your
parents reaction to your behavior You will be able to sense your impact on
your parents.
Family Team
Each member must cooperate toward a common goal.
The major goals:
1. Growth
2. Development
3. Wisdom
4. Spiritual awareness
What Your Parents Do For You
1) Your parents provide necessities to keep you alive: food, housing, home
repairs, protection, insurance, clothing, transportation, etc. All of that costs money.
You should observe how life is maintained. Your observations of how your parents
provide for you is a huge step toward self-sufficiency (knowing how to acquire these
things for yourself, independence, the ability to take care of yourself.)
2) Christian parents also have a responsibility to instruct their children in
the ways of God.
Spiritual maturity
You should willingly receive your parents instruction.
Be grateful to God for the opportunity to be taught by them.

What You Should Do for Your Parents

Honor your parentsRespect (attitude of having the right spirit towards your
Obey your parentsObeying is your response/action to being asked to do
An attitude of honor Action of Obeying
Cheerful Obeying Honor
Gods will is fulfilled through your obedience to your parents. Learning obedience
from your parents trains you to obey God.
Elis two sonsDisobedience tragic consequences
Samuelwas Elis apprentice; behaved like a son to Eli; this is how Elis sons should
have honored their father
The Prodigal (wasteful) Son
Your Parents Life
The different interests & concerns of parents:
1. Marriage partner
2. Non-parental roles (relatives, friends, outside activities, community
obligations (including work & church).
3. Love for God (adventure of spiritual development)
Your Parents Role
Actual Methods by which parents fulfill their duties:
1. Informal Relationships
a. Interactions
b. Being an example; teaching by example
2. Organized Activities (planned by parents to bring the family together)
a. Dinner together with conversation (Bonding)
b. Playing gamesGame Night
c. Family outings
d. Vacation
3. Formal Relationshipsdeliberate, on purpose (as opposed to by example)
a. Rewards & punishments
b. Teaching good manners
c. Teaching responsibility (including chores)
d. Direct instruction (deliberately teaching morals, values, & doctrines;
instructing in the Scriptures)