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PLS-2300- Feminism and Liberalism

Feminism and Liberalism
Waad Abdulkareem
What are the core themes of Feminism, its mail strands and how does it connect to the
Philosophy of Liberalism?

which is good. the two basic beliefs of feminism are that women are disadvantaged because of sex and is that this disadvantage should be overthrown. Thus. Over the years though we had some women taking awesome roles in the government and as political activists. In past we had restricted things women can do. Mary Wollstonecraft. and economic equality to men. By 190. the idea that women’s issues could be subsumed under conventional ideologies such as socialism. And almost all major . (Andrew Heywood. In our reading it talked about the main core themes: the political of the personal. liberalism was dismissed as INDEQUATE. feminism needed to become its own distinct ideological family. 2012). their right to vote. also all known societies have been patriarchal. social. like the great women in our reading. (Andrew Heywood. The diversity of opinion within feminism is revolutionary and reformist strategies for change which draw on various political philosophies (Andrew Heywood. As it was mentioned in our text book. Like their ability of being our. 2012). But in my opinion I think some people are taking it way too far to where they want women to be exactly like men which makes it different and makes women lose their feminism. We all know that men and women have almost always been unequal and oppressive. having jobs. Betty Friedan.Feminism abd Liberalism Feminism and Liberalism Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights in relation to political. 2012). But over the years we were able to get women to do more things. Jean Bethke and others.

education and politics. Family. but in many ways liberal feminism was reinvigorated as a result of the emergence of second wave feminism. The emphasis of liberal feminism is on inequality between men and women in the public sphere of life . Liberal feminists seek to challenge ideas and practices that treat women as second class citizens while leaving relatively unchallenged other areas such as sexuality. . (Feminist ethics) This is where the label 'liberal' comes from. This version of feminism continued to exist into the 1950s and 1960s. To this end. and Religion. but rather looking for the removal of barriers that prevent women operating effectively in the public sphere on equal terms with men.equal rights feminism or liberal feminism.Feminism abd Liberalism social institutions have been characterized by male dominance: The Economy.employment. Early activists in the WLM tended to ignore it or be dismissive of it. Liberalism can be seen as the dominant ethos of contemporary society and so it indicates that liberal feminists are not challenging capitalism or patriarchy or any other fundamental structures of society. Political system. reproduction and domestic labour. Both socialist feminism and radical feminism can be distinguished from the main theoretical strand in first wave feminism . Many liberal feminists explain women's exclusion or inequality with reference to ideas of female inferiority or incapacity that inform the upbringing and education of both men and women.

Feminism abd Liberalism they will work with both women and men. quite often in formal pressure-group type organizations and quite often aiming their tactics at changes in legislation. .

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