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The Flibbertigibbet

Annie Christensen
The long running show, “The Bachelor” has abruptly ended. On Tuesday evening, our
sources informed us from the ABC lot, an ambulance and six police cars were at the filming of
the last episode. A surprising choice of “bachelor” this season was the well-known Dr. Huxtable
from “The Cosby Show.” Our source says Cliff Huxtable was chosen for this season’s new spinoff “The Bachelor: Old Farts”. After two females reported during taping that Cliff offered to
give them pap smears after the next rose ceremony and another female quoted him saying
“something about pudding pops melting” and still another saw him slip something into her
champagne, the authorities were quickly called. As the police officers handcuffed Dr. Huxtable,
he slipped on a Jello Jiggler and fell to the floor breaking his hip. Police say that he is now being
treated at the local hospital and charges have been filed. ABC released this statement. “We are
deeply disturbed by the actions of Dr. Huxtable and are completely cooperating with the
authorities.” We also reached out to Claire Huxtable and other family members but there was no
comment, though Theo, Dr. Huxtable’s son, offered to take his place for “$200 and an ultimate
feast from Red Lobster.” ABC has not responded to his offer.

There have even been Vietnamese restaurant scandalous pictures leaked from their vacation in nearby called “Pho Kim Tribianni's impressive boat that he had won at a Long silent auction years before. insiders Jackie Chan is to After Buffay's split from her 5 year marriage to Mike Hannigan in 2005. At the time it was said that they were trying to keep their relationship on the down low for a while until they could figure it a way to release the news. The "Friends" stars By: Zijng Wang By: Ashley Walker Rumors have gone around the news this last week were seen holding hands and kissing while drinking According to Hollywood coffee at their favorite coffee shop. . the Tribianni and Buffay pair have been closer than ever. Could they be the hottest new couple of 2016? We hope so. open his new “My Dung” restaurant on Sunset Blvd next month. Central Perk. They are often spotted together around their made aware of a homes in New York. Recent spotting’s of them have shined a light King” but decided on the long foreseen romantic rendezvous between otherwise after being the two.2 The Flibbertigibbet More than Friends that Phoebe Buffay and Joey Tribianni are finally Jackie Chan to Open New Restaurant becoming more than "Friends". He initially and it would only make sense that he became tied wanted to name it “Fu down. Most recently they have been spotted going to multiple Kardashian parties together with Rachel and husband Ross. Tribianna is recognized as one of the hottest bachelors of 2016.

causing her butt implants to rupture. Dragons love shiny gems! As the Kaleesi of the Seven Kingdoms. Where are my dragons! Local residents reported seeing Daenerys Targaryen. Danny told them “I wanted a gift for my children. however. and allegedly stole a 10-kt diamond. Mr. one thing is clear: Daenerys was not in fact flying. Ed. Daenerys was said to simply look bored. The question begs Where are her dragons? .” While rumors are flying about what will happen to Daenerys. The 2 entered a designer jewelry store around 11 a. started babbling incessantly and proclaiming his innocence. The family has asked for privacy during this difficult time for Kim. racing down Wilshire Blvd yesterday on the beloved Mr.3 The Flibbertigibbet We are getting reports from Kardashian fans at Cedars-Sinai medical hospital that Kim Kardashian has been admitted.m. Witnesses state while out shopping she slipped and fell. A spokesman for the hospital could not be reached for comment. guns drawn. Sources close to the reality star have confirmed Kim lost both implants. When questioned by police. a few dozen men seem like a party. Ed. I guess when you’ve faced off with the entire Dothraki army. while authorities decided if he will be charged as an accessory to the crime. They were stopped by police as they were about to enter another popular jewelry store frequented by the Hollywood elite. Animal control was called to calm the horse and he is resting after being tranquilized. As she was surrounded by swat. The Mother of Dragons. Paramedics arrived and quickly transported her to the local hospital. She was seen limping into a nearby store requesting medical attention. where she is receiving prompt medical care. it is my right to take what I wish.

With the college based budget. To sport their shoe. is to give notice to their peers that fashion has a home in their dorm. Both girls have made a date to strut their Ivory Towers on the catwalk of society this weekend. As with fast fashion. Emma. the Ivory Towers. Mel B. also Known as the Spice Girls. . and with hope of possibly coming home with some new fashion ideas. Lisa quickly notes that The Ivory Tower platform shoes have seen their day before in the 1960’s and in the recent Austin Powers movie. Lisa and Kelly Thomson thought they would be Saved By The Bell. when quickly became victims to the hype and influence of modern music swank.4 The Flibbertigibbet Once again London girls are drawn to shoe fashion set on fire and gone viral when worn by vogue trendsetters. these two girls scooped up the latest and greatest looking fad in platform footwear. Victoria and Geri. Mel C. With shoes on foot and money in hand they will be seen at the Glasgow Music Festival.