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1.3.6 – 48hr Project Development Test
Test Objectives

Ability to interpret brief and to provide a viable solution to design challenge.
To prove ability to carry out own research.
Ability to work unsupervised and capable of meeting deadlines.
To prove own mechanical nous and manufacturing knowledge.
To measure candidate’s attention to detail and professionalism of supplied project results.

Project Available Data
Name: Enclosure, Distribution, 19” – 1RU x 250mm Deep.

2 x 2 Circuit Breaker, C60N/C10, 10Amp, Merlin Gerin, Single Phase (DIN Rail Mounted).
Overall Enclosure sizes as per supplied sketch.
Adjustable depth required via mounting brackets.
Removable front and top panels. (Front panel must be removable from front for
maintenance/installation purposes).
Rear Cable Entry/Exit access.
Powder coated finish (Wizard Blue Smooth).
Earthing must be considered during design.
Required information can be found on the Internet.

Engineering Candidate Test

P a g e 1 |2

(If no access to Solidworks is possible during the assigned period. candidate may present detailed hand drawings or drawings from any other CAD package. Engineering Candidate Test P a g e 2 |2 .) Material and manufacturing methods at discretion of candidate. Candidate to determine how much and what type of information will be required to successfully manufacture this enclosure from supplied manufacturing package. drawing files and any other required electronic document. but complexity and manufacturing cost and efficiency should be considered. These will include: working models.Project Guidelines    Candidate to provide full manufacturing details of all required components.