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A Treatise on Mind: Volume Six

Meditation and the
Initiation Process
This book provides practical background information and teachings on
meditation primarily for a Western audience. Through meditation,
compassionately focused actions, and group sharing the Heart centre is
awakened and Bodhicitta is manifested. For this to occur the development
of wisdom is essential. The associated process concerning the path of
Initiation into the Mysteries of being/non-being, and the planetary Head
centre (Shambhala) shall be provided. The subtleties of the Initiation path
will be revealed through an esoteric interpretation of passages from the
Bible, as the New Testament constitutes a major text on this subject. This
philosophy is complimentary to the Buddhist foundation presented in the
previous volumes of this series.
432 pages, softcover ©2014

supersensory and supernal. . alongside the best of the Western world’s philosophical output – this is the primary task of this seven volume treatise. the techniques and discourses of Buddhism have not changed to meet the radically different conditions of the contemporary world. Thus Buddhism needs a true restorative flowering to rival that of the renaissance of debate and innovative thinking of the early post-Nāgārjunian era. concretised.$35 — PURCHASE FROM OZ SHOP **FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING** **VIEW PREVIEW PDF HERE** Whilst the numbers of Buddhists are growing in the world. psychic. from the gross to the subtle—the physical. and how eventually that mind is liberated from it. This entails an explanation of how mind incorporates all phenomena in its modus operandi. thereby becoming awakened. Thus the treatise explores the manner in which the corporeally orientated. It is principally a study of the complex interrelationship between mind and phenomena. a Buddha-Mind. intellectual mind eventually becomes transformed into the Clear Light of the abstracted Mind. In order to achieve this it must synthesise the present wealth of scientific knowledge. The treatise investigates Buddhist ideas concerning what mind is and how it relates to a concept of a ‘self’.