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Class/Year : 3 Bougainville Date/Day : 10 September 2014/Wednesday Time : 60 minutes Theme : World of Self, Family and Friends Topic : Things I Do Focused Skills : Language Arts Content Standard : 4.1 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to enjoy and appreciate rhymes, poems and songs. Learning Standard : 4.1.1 Able to enjoy action songs, jazz chants and poems through non-verbal response. 4.1.2 Able to sing action songs, recite jazz chants and poems with correct pronunciation, rhythm and intonation. Learning Objectives : By the end of this lesson, pupils should be able to: a) sing the song with correct pronunciation b) perform actions while singing c) produce poster according to the song. Teaching Aids : Song, pictures, drawing paper, mask. Moral Values : Self- reliance, mutual respect, love, cleanliness. Thinking Skills : Grouping and categorising, sequencing, arranging in order of priority, analysing. ENGLISH LESSON PLAN (KSSR) Stage/ Time Set Induction (5 minutes) Presentation (10 minutes) Content Giving the idea to the pupils about what they will learn by talking about their daily routines. Activities 1. Teacher shows pictures of activities in the morning. Eg: 2. Teacher gets the pupils talk about the pictures shown. 1. What time will you wake up in the morning? 3. Pupils share their daily routines before go to school. 2. What you do before go to school? 4. Teacher introduces the topic of the lesson. Showing a video of song entitled “My Routine”. 1. Teacher shows a video of the song entitled “My Routine”. Listening to the song. 2. Teacher goes through the lyric of the song with correct pronunciation. Demonstrating on singing the song. Resources Pictures of activities: Wake up in the morning, bathing, brush teeth, go to school. Video of the song entitled “My Routine”. Pictures of activities: Clock, bus, school, friends. 3. Teacher demonstrates on singing the song and the pupils repeat after. 4. Teacher shows picture of the activities mentioned in the song. Practice Sing the song along. (20 minutes) Understanding the song. Performing on action song. 1. Pupils sing the song along with the teacher once. Video of the song. 2. Pupils are divided into groups. 3. Teacher provides mask on activity in the morning to every group. 4. Each group take turn performing singing the song with correct pronunciation and do actions while wearing the provided mask. Production Produce a poster 1. Teacher distributes Drawing paper. (20 minutes) according to the song. Understanding the song. drawing paper to every pupil. 2. Teacher will ask the pupils to draw three boxes on the drawing paper label it as 1, 2 and 3. 3. Teacher will ask the pupils to draw pictures on the boxes of what they understand from the song according to the paragraph of the song. Closure (5 minutes) Concluding the lesson. Instil moral values and sum up the lesson. 1. Teacher asks chosen pupils what they have learnt during the lesson. 2. Teacher asks chosen pupils on their opinion on moral values learnt from the lesson. 3. Teacher concludes the lesson. Video of the song. 1 3 2