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English Lesson Plan (KSSR


: Year 4 Kenanga


: 18th August 2014/ Monday


: 7.45 - 8.45 (60 minutes)


: World of Knowledge


: Harmony in the Jungle

Focussed Skills

: Grammar

Content standard

: 5.1 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able
to use different word classes correctly and appropriately.

Learning standard

: 5.1.5 Able to use prepositions correctly and appropriately:



: By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:
1. list out the prepositions in the song.
2. answer simple questions related to the prepositions learnt.
3. complete the worksheet given following the correct


: above, below, beside, between

Moral Values

: Love, mutual respect, cooperation

Thinking skills

: Identifying characteristic, grouping and categorising

Multiple intelligence

: Interpersonal, kinaesthetic, music, intrapersonal

Teaching aids

: Poster of “Where is the rabbit?”, video clip of “Preposition song”,
objects (a pencil and a pencil box), the point’s grid, PowerPoint
slides, envelopes, pictures of animals, worksheet.

Pupils respond by does the rabbit sit? answering the questions verbally Presentation To model the correct 1. Where is the rabbit position of the rabbit in the in the picture A? poster. -a pencil and a pencil box. Teacher explains about the prepositions by using some objects to model the correct position. b. Teacher shows a poster of Poster of “Where (5 minutes) attention “Where is the rabbit?” is the rabbit?” Sample of questions: 2. c. . Teacher asks some questions regarding the 1. 2. Teacher asks the pupils to list out the prepositions in the Objects: song and teacher writes them on the whiteboard. 3. d. above below beside between 2.Teacher plays the video of Video of (10 minutes) usage of prepositions: “preposition song” “preposition song” a. 4. where 3. In picture D.Stage/Time Content Activities Resources Set induction To arouse pupils’ 1. Pupils and teacher sing the song together using the objects to do the gestures.

She put the choose a square. Teacher asks the questions (in. the clouds. below) related to prepositions and 3. animals (monkey. . The pencil is on the floor………. (beside. the teacher will explain the rules in playing the game “typhoon”. then they lost the game. lesson. Pupils are divided into five (20 minutes) understanding of the groups. (for example. 7. tiger. (above. (questions) 3. Production To complete the 1. the desk. (between. The winner is the team with the highest points. 2. 4. the clouds. The airplane is ……. at) The points’ grid PowerPoint 2. The house is ……. in) 6. Sample of questions: 1. letter ………the A5) two books. 5. they can 4. Teacher will paste the slides point’s grid on the each group will take turn to answer. envelope containing picture of Envelopes animals and worksheet to each Picture of groups. If the group gets the question correct. If there is a typhoon in the square. Then.Practice To check on pupils’ 1. Teacher distributes an (20 minutes) worksheet.

) Mr. 1. Monkey. Teacher checks the answer from time to time. etc) the animals’ picture in the column by following the Worksheet (Lets’ directions given in order to find find Mr. pupils will stick bird. 5. 2. Where is Mr Monkey’ house? . Closure (5 minutes) To recap the lesson. 4. Teacher elicits pupils’ responds and feedback on the lesson learnt. In groups. bear. Teacher and pupils discuss the answers together.3. Monkey. Teacher asks the pupils to list out the prepositions learnt.

you will find where Mr Monkey’s house is. In your group. When you have finished.Instruction: In the jungle. all the animals have their own houses. fill in the pictures of animals according to where their houses. using the clues. Good luck! p .

The lion’s house is below the bear’s house. 3. . PREPOSITION: BELOW 1. The panda’s house is below the snake’s house. PREPOSITION: ABOVE 1. The spider’s house is above the leopard’s house. 3. The mousedeer’s house is above the elephant’s house. The giraffe’s house is below the tiger’s house. The bee’s house is above the tiger’s house. 2.Instruction: Use the clues below to find Mr Monkey’s house. 2.

PREPOSITION: BETWEEN 1.PREPOSITION: BESIDE 1. The bear’s house is beside the tiger’s house. The bird’s house is beside the snake’s house. Giraffe Spider Bird Panda . 2. 2. The goat’s house is beside the mousedeer’s house. Instruction: Using the scissor cuts the pictures below and pastes the picture according to their house. The elephant’s house is between the giraffe’s and zebra’s house. 3. The squirrel’s house is between the bird’s and the spider’s house.

Mousedeer Crocodile Zebra Elephant Bee Bear Goat Lion Squirrel .