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Characters Pride of Baghda.

Zill (The male Lion)
He’s a peaceful and reflexive lion that all the time he is not try to remember his
days of freedom because even when he knows that in the freedom he can’t eat
every day. Usually he is quiet but also he is protective with his family so he can
be able to be aggressive if it’s necessary.
Noor (Ali’s mother)
She’s the matriarch of the group she’s obsessed with the freedom without
worry about the difficult of the freedom as get food or shelter, so for that
reason I think she’s an Idealistic person. Her obsession is causing discussions
with Safa always, however she’s a loving mother and always she is worry about
Safa (The old female lion)
She doesn’t matter be without freedom because she knows that she doesn’t
have to worry about her security or for get enough food every day, so even
when I think that she is insecure she is impulsive and brave when is necessary
as when she rescued to Ali from the Monkeys.
He’s the younger Lion of the group. He’s Oblivious and only want to discover
the world and all the time he lives his live follow the other Lions so I consider
that he’s obedient and gullible lion and he need to be guided and protected
because he’s not enough big and smart yet.
In my opinion he’s an aggressive, selfish, domineering and ambitious bear and
he likes to scare others animals to get control of them, also he’s hypocrite
when he requests to the lions for a quick death even when he hurt before to
safa soy maybe I can say that he’s Coward
She’s a wise turtle that tries to warn to the lions about how dangerous and
destructive can be the humans, so in a way she’s pessimistic and ruthless but I
consider that is consequence about her past, for that reason she's not shy to
tell her opinion to the other animals.
The monkeys
I think that the monkeys are tricky and aggressive and they believe that the
number is their strength even though they never consider the size that they
have compared with other animals and they are abusive with the Ali when they
try to use Ali as their future protection and they dont care torture Ali on the

.The chained lion. Although his appearance in history is very short. he demonstrates the way that most pets are treated by people.