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Oscillations and Waves

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Richard Fitzpatrick
Professor of Physics

Simple Harmonic Oscillation
Mass on a Spring
Simple Harmonic Oscillator Equation
LC Circuits
Simple Pendula
Compound Pendula
Damped and Driven Harmonic Oscillation
Damped Harmonic Oscillation
Quality Factor
LCR Circuits
Driven Damped Harmonic Oscillation
Driven LCR Circuits
Transient Oscillator Response
Coupled Oscillations
Two Spring-Coupled Masses
Two Coupled LC Circuits
Three Spring-Coupled Masses
Transverse Standing Waves
Normal Modes of a Beaded String
Normal Modes of a Uniform String
General Time Evolution of a Uniform String
Longitudinal Standing Waves
Spring-Coupled Masses
Longitudinal Waves on a Thin Elastic Rod

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Oscillations and Waves 2 of 3 Sound Waves in an Ideal Gas Fourier Analysis Exercises Traveling Waves Standing Waves in a Finite Continuous Medium Traveling Waves in an Infinite Continuous Medium Wave Interference Energy Conservation Transmission Lines Normal Reflection and Transmission at Interfaces Electromagnetic Waves Doppler Effect Wave Propagation in Inhomogeneous Media Exercises Multi-Dimensional Waves Plane Waves Three-Dimensional Wave Equation Cylindrical Waves Spherical Waves Oscillation of an Elastic Sheet Polarization of Electromagnetic Waves Laws of Geometric Optics Fresnel Relations Total Internal Reflection Sound Waves in Fluids Exercises Wave Pulses Fourier Transforms General Solution of 1D Wave Equation Bandwidth Exercises Dispersive Waves Pulse Propagation Electromagnetic Waves in Unmagnetized Plasmas Faraday Rotation Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Conductors Waveguides Pulse Propagation in Two Dimensions Gravity Waves Wave Drag on Ships Ship Wakes Capillary Waves Exercises 29/07/2016 13:36 .utexas. Wave Optics Introduction Two-Slit Interference Coherence Multi-Slit Interference Thin Film Interference One-Dimensional Fourier Optics Single-Slit Diffraction Multi-Slit Diffraction Two-Dimensional Fourier Optics Exercises Wave Mechanics Introduction Photoelectric Effect Electron Diffraction Representation of Waves via Complex Numbers Schrödinger's Equation Probability Interpretation of Wavefunction Wave Packets Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle Wavefunction Collapse Stationary States Three-Dimensional Wave Mechanics Particle in Finite Square Potential Well Square Potential Barrier Exercises Physical Constants Useful Mathematics Calculus Series Expansions Trigonometric Identities Electromagnetic Theory Bibliography About this document .utexas... Richard Fitzpatrick 2013-04-08 29/07/2016 13:36 .Oscillations and Waves 3 of 3 https://farside.