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Josh Mooiweer

Mrs. Marsh
8 Green

Naming Energies in an Experiment
The objective of this experiment was to use our knowledge of energies to name used in an
experiment. Also, to name the energy that is converting in an experiment and how it conversion.

Experiment 1: Slinky
Energy Form 1: Elastic Potential Energy
Energy Form 2: Kinetic Energy
The force from your hand is Kinetic Energy which is used to start moving. Then, Elastic
Potential Energy and Tension springs the Slinky forward. This repeats using Kinetic to continue.
Until, the Slinky hits the table with Kinetic Energy but has little Elastic Potential Energy to force
it because there is no height difference.
Experiment 2: Give My Creation Life!
Energy Form 1: Chemical Potential Energy
Energy Form 2: Mechanical Energy
Energy Form 3: Kinetic Energy

Chemical Potential Energy from battery converts to Electrical Energy. Then the car converts the Elastic Energy by using the tension and let go. When the wheels turn it creates Kinetic Energy. . The energy then goes to the radiometer and converts to Thermal as the radiometer spins. The electricity converts to Electromagnetic Energy. Experiment 4: Zoom! Zoom! Energy Form 1: Elastic Energy Energy Form 2: Kinetic Energy When you twist the windup toy inside you create Elastic Energy inside the toy. The Electrical Energy runs through the wires and the Electrical runs the gears. Then. the light converts to Kinetic Energy or heat. The wires transport the electricity to the light bulb. The Electrical Energy coverts to Kinetic Energy when the gears turn. Experiment 3: Blinded By the Light! Energy Form 1: Electrical/Chemical Energy Energy Form 2: Electromagnetic Energy Energy Form 3: Kinetic Energy Energy Form 4: Thermal Energy Electrical Energy is from the battery in the flashlight and goes the wires in the flashlight.

Experiment 5: Watch the Birdie!! Energy Form 1: Thermal Energy Energy Form 2: Kinetic Energy Energy Form 3: Potential Energy (Gravitational Potential Energy) Thermal Energy from the hot water heats the blue liquid in the bird. Experiment 6: What’s the Sound I Hear? Energy Form 1: Kinetic Energy Energy Form 2: Electromagnetic Energy The can vibrates when you touch the can with the vibrating tuning fork. it made sound when the tuning fork vibrated which is Electromagnetic Energy. Then. Kinetic Energy is used when it hit the table and made the tuning fork vibrate. Then. when the liquid goes to the top of the bird and has Gravitational Potential Energy. . The particles in the bird’s liquid speed up and shoot up the tube and create Kinetic Energy.