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Sampath Emani

Sr. Research Engineer
Tetrahrdrix Engineering Pvt Ltd
Contact No. : +60-113534214

Heat Transfer Analysis
Flow Rate Enhancements
Fluid Mechanics and Dynamics
Data centre and HVAC simulations
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Senior Research Engineer (CFD-Team), Tetrahedrix Engineering Pvt ltd, India, June 2014- Till date

Performed various research case studies on wave propagation analysis
Worked on Heat Transfer Analysis Projects
Meshing software testing
Supported Junior staff in performing CFD analysis on various projects

CFD Engineer, Mechwell Industries Limited, India, May 2013-May 2014

Worked on various CFD projects in the field of Heat transfer, HVAC and Oil and gas.
Delivered many client projects with appreciations
Obtained expertise in Two phase separation and flow rate efficiency
Worked on many other fields of CFD simulations and Multiphase Simulations

Research Assistant, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, India, September, 2012- May, 2013

Developed Mesh-less method code for solving potential flow equations
Performed various Computational Simulations for predicting the heat Transfer effects in reactors
Performed Turbulence testing with different Reynolds numbers in Nozzle's

Intern, CD-adapco Pvt ltd, India, August, 2012-September 2012

March 2012. University of Petroleum and Energy Studies. 2012 AFFILIATIONS  Senior Member for IACSIT Society. Ugur Guven. University of Petroleum and Energy Studies. Proceedings of 2nd IRF International Conference . International Journal on Theoretical and Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering. Volume 33. Defense Research and Development Organization. International Astronautical Congress. Singapore Karthik Mummidisetti. et. IAC-12.00 AWARDS  Research Assistantship. " Investigation of Efficient Turbulence Model for Two-Dimensional Nozzle Designed for Supersonic Cruise Using STAR-CCM+". EDUCATION Masters of Technology in Computational Fluid Dynamics. October 2012 Ugur Guven. Sampath Emani. Gurunadh Velidi.el. May 2012. India. Sampath Emani “Effect of Eccentricity on the Heat Transfer Rates of a Re-Entry Vehicle With Concave Surface”. Italy. Worked on Software Testing for a better convergence of mass flow in supersonic nozzles Intern. Singapore for Computational Sciences Division PUBLICATIONS Rajesh Yadav. India. India 2011 Thesis title: Heat Transfer analysis of a Spiral Plate heat exchanger using Computational Fluid Dynamics CGPA: 7. International Conference on Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics Technologies.9x12920.July.C2. 2012  Worked on Matlab interface invoking to determine the aerodynamic properties of various Airfoils. 37-42. ISBN: 978-93-84209-53-7. " Inverstigation and Importance of Immiscible Phase Flow Models: Computational Approach to Realistic Approach". Gurunadh Velidi & Ugur Guven. Andhra University.7. 2013 Thesis Title: CFD Simulation of Potential flow equations using Mesh-less Methods CGPA: 3. ISSN: 2319 – 3182 Sampath Emani. Vignesh V. Sampath Emani “ Effect of Boundary Layer Formation due to the Energy Interaction between the Fuel Pebbles in a Gas Cooled Nuclear Reactor”.14/4. Gurunadh Velidi. Naples. India.34/10.00 Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering.

Tetrahedrix Engineering Pvt Ltd Contact: +91 9833867531. Gurunadh Velidi. University of Petroleum and Energy Studies. India Contact: +91-9557630280. Email: Anubhav. Email: Dr. Anubhav Singh .References: Mr. Associate Professor.