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Before I begin a quick but important clarification: I’m not your lawyer/migration agent and theses
answers/advices doesn’t establish a lawyer(migration agent) - client relationship. I’m giving a
generic answers/advices to a generic question to educate the users of this site. The information
below is general in nature and should not be understood as a substitute for personal migration
agent advice. The following list of documents required (certified copies) when you apply for
Engineers Australia Qualification Assessment:
1. Passport bio data pages
2. National ID card (if have any)
3. Qualification Certificate
4. Transcripts
5. Registration Certificate from Professional body from your own country (if have any)
6. Experience Letter from line manager of your present company
7. Experience Letter/ Employment Letter from your past company, those experiences you
documented in your Competency Demonstration Report (CDR).
8. Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) with 3 Career Episodes (CE).
9. IELTS Test Report (should be sent directly from test centre)
10. Payment Receipt (Money Order/ Demand Draft/ Credit Card Payment info)

Once you submit your CDR along with the documents mentioned above then your will certainly
get your positive outcome within the standard timeframe set by the Institution of Engineers
Australia. I have summarised those document list from my own assessment process along with
some of my friends whom I helped and also who got the positive outcome as well. So you can use
this list as a document Check List guide.
Good luck!

000sq km). which can provide to its Customers the Service they can rely on. I currently hold a position of a Senior Sales Engineer. Republics of Sakha and Buryatia. control and develop Representative Office activity. (VDPIL) is recognised amongst our clients as the only International Company. After completion of 4 years course in B. in Mechanical Engineering in 1996 I have been working for VooDoo People International Ltd.CAREER EPISODE 3 Introduction: Introduction: 1. I prepare calculations and equipment selection based on technical data provided by the client and produce final results in the form of quotation. Russia. Total territory served by our office is equal to 7. Khabarovsk and Primorsky Territories. and coordinate the material selection aspects.proven-advices. Together with two sales Engineers (both professional Mechanical Engineers) reporting directly to me I perform slurry-pumping systems design for mining and mineral processing enterprises. My overall job purpose as a Senior Sales Engineer is to run. Background Background: ground: 2. This episode describes a position that I currently occupy.Sc. since May 1997. The above required to insure that VooDoo People International Ltd. Mine’s development has increased substantially in the past years in the region thanks to good price for gold and other minerals and low cost of mining. Our office responsible for territory called Russian Far East and Eastern Siberia. I also investigate their causes. After Read more: forum. Our mission is “To be a preferable pump supplier for mining enterprises in Russia”. 3.776. (Australia) in its representative office in Khabarovsk. I am responsible in the first instance to the Regional Manager for Russian Far East and Mongolia and ultimately reporting to the Marketing Manager of the Company. As a Senior Sales Engineer I am responsible for pumping systems design of mining and mineral processing enterprises. 4.687. It includes Irkutsk and Chita areas. remarks and review on equipment selection. Amur and Sakhalin Oblasts.600 square kilometres (the territory of Australia is 7. Magadan. These enterprises are either new ones under construction or those being rebuilt. Company’s mission is to provide the customers with technical expertise and solutions supported with superior service in the area of pumping systems. I regularly communicate with the engineers of other specialities who take part in the overall design of a . I analyse mistakes and inaccuracies made in the quotations. I also check the completed quotations made by my subordinates. And of course we also look forward for the further expands in the local market. make necessary corrections. They are situated in the eastern part of Russia. Chucotka and Kamchatka Regions.

Computer skills are necessary not only to check-up the work done by my subordinates. make calculations necessary for the correct engineering choice of the equipment and materials. In this situation my schedule helps to prepare calculations and explanations for the engineers reporting to me in time. I study the data received from the site. On everyday base I also use software designed specifically for VooDoo People’ engineers.VALENTINA NAUMENKO CAREER EPISODE 3 completion of every quotation I conduct a session of critical analysis of the present work with all the group members.proven-advices. all the work has to be done on a computer. Regularly (once a month) I have a so-called “library day" when I attend the technical department of the public State Scientific and Research Library or the library at the institute I graduated from. Page 2 of 5 . 5. That is why I completed the following courses: "MS Office Applications for Microsoft Windows" and “Electronic Tools of Communication”. coordinate the taken decisions with the customer. to carry out the work fast and with high quality. etc. I point out the most interesting solutions that we can apply in other applications later on. so the good command of PC-user’ skills is essential for me. programs for calculating slurry characteristics and pipeline details. the service life and the requirements for the operation expenses. 8. I have developed a number of spreadsheets for routine pumping engineering calculations. forum. I have good skills in "MS Excel" as well. but also. Then I prepare and submit to the client a set of technical documentation. which includes pump selection programs. When my group receives an order for design of slurry-pumping system of an industrial enterprise. I constantly enhance my English language skills in order to be acquainted with the recent publications and get information about new engineering achievements related to my work activity (from the foreign publications and from the Internet). Thus I constantly have an opportunity to become familiar with new special technical literature in a field of Pumping and Wear Resistance. I always have a schedule of my work. It helps to distribute orders to engineers of other specialities. 6. Besides. because I have to work with several projects at the same time. prepare all the necessary supporting documentation and give the completed solution to a customer in time. I elaborate the design taking into consideration the cost. According to the customers’ requirements.

I also take into account the location of the site being aware to include into the quotation necessary volume of spare parts. 11. but in other times it requires me to visit the site myself. It allows me to define the following: • Matches or disparities in the data of the designed enterprise. Selecting equipment and materials and preparing specifications. 10. • Calculations of the optimum diameter for intake and discharge pipelines. To clarify initial data it is enough sometimes simply to call to site. • The necessity to fit pumps with electronic variable speed drives. As we normally select and supply pumps for highly abrasive applications.e. clarifying data with a customer by phone and e-mail or travelling to a site to collect data if it is necessary. • The necessity to install additional knife-gate slurry valves on the intake and discharge pipelines. I forum.proven-advices. My direct day to day duties are as follows:     Analysing data to carry out a solution. Now I shall describe every part of my work in detail. slurry velocities and settling velocities using Cave and Durand formulas. For my selection I take into consideration the characteristics of both solids and slurry. and slurry pH. Firstly I analyse data Page 3 of 5 . • Calculations of the total dynamic head (by slurry and by water). pump performance curves. The next stage of my work is to carry out all the necessary calculations as follows: • Calculations of the friction losses in the pipelines. • The necessity to fit pumps with power units (i. electric motors or diesel engines). Elaborating a final solution and fulfilling an explanatory note with supplementary equipment’ characteristics. and efficiency ratio. head ratio.VALENTINA NAUMENKO CAREER EPISODE 3 Personal workplace activity: activity: 9. Carrying out all the necessary calculations. presence of chemical reagents in a slurry. According to my calculations I choose appropriate equipment and materials. • Estimation of required gland water sealing flow and pressure for different types of pumps and installations. and components diagrams and outline dimensions drawings. 12. • Calculation of the absorbed power based on selected appropriate pump configuration and pump efficiency at the duty point. I also compare costs of equipment supplied by sub-contractors.

On the base of such review I set up my objectives for the next forum. During the equipment selection process I pay great attention to ensure the equipment selected will meet the safety standards requirements according to the Russian legislation. I cooperate with electrical engineers. always ready to answer the questions. When equipment is selected. 14. in which I describe all the taken decisions. Fulfilling my duties I usually work with the teams of other specialists. 13. Developing the solution I work as a team member. I offer my customer different ways of environmental protection. Afterwards such base makes it easier to select the equipment or to make changes in the selection if the initial data has been amended. the equipment cost. These conversations observe my performance. All our decisions necessarily meet the environmental standards. I am known as an experienced specialist. and which is to be replaced by the new one. I employ the author’s supervision to carry out all the decisions. and other details.VALENTINA NAUMENKO CAREER EPISODE 3 select the most convenient method of transportation of the equipment (ocean freight. they have to transfer dangerous and poisonous liquids like cyanides for example. I am aware about the pumps’ wearlife and quality. as sometimes. I often consult with other engineers in the fields outside of my Page 4 of 5 . pump performance curves. I estimate which equipment is to be reconstructed. components diagrams. I carry out all the primary project development. and other professionals. To be able to work with different technical environment. taken in the design. Then I put all the selected equipment into the database on a computer. Every half a year I have a structured conversation with my manager. which are in my competence. If necessary. its weight. Then I work out the explanatory note for my customer.proven-advices. I also take care of environmental issues. tables with predicted pumps characteristics. I submit all supporting documents (an explanatory note and drawings) to a customer for approval. Thanks to my professional activity I have achieved trust and respect among my colleagues. rail and track delivery). where I point out the equipment grade. 17. I take part in corporate “Performance Appraisal” (PA) program. motivation and development. I also cooperate with environmental engineers to ensure safe exploitation of equipment selected. airfreight. I devote quite a lot of time for my own competence development. to communicate with the different level authorities. its manufacturer. and outline dimensions. As any VooDoo People Int’l employee. 16. I give tasks to relative specialists for selecting appropriate motors and drives for pumps. mining engineers. and to follow quickly changing local law and regulations. There are drawings with principal specifications. After selecting the equipment I estimate the pricing of each unit and a total package cost. metallurgic specialists. 15.

to initiate and coordinate activities to reduce gaps. To manage my time and processes in effective way. PA Discussion is very useful tool for a gap analysis on personnel and unit level (working under employee’s development in my department I use the same tool). strategic business perspective is always present in the project. and ensure that: .the project's lead-time and time-schedule.project budget. . .relations with internal and external suppliers of resources and results of the project. Amongst them are there: “Positive Negotiation Skills” and “Time Power”. . My management experience and skills give me possibility to work successfully in project organisation. attended by me. and that the project and its outcome are aligned with the company's business direction.interfaces integration to the project's internal and external participant. . to check plans. to follow-up process and results. lows and safety standards. I attend “SelfPresentation skills” and “Strategic Planning” training. My routine work requires from me wide knowledge and skill in different areas. I need engineering experience and knowledge to understand customer’s technical requests. .proven-advices. . .the benefits for the customer as well as for the company are considered.VALENTINA NAUMENKO CAREER EPISODE 3 period and my individual development plan. can be found in “Continuing Professional Development” part of my application. 18.risks and opportunities of the project. I control flexibility of strategic business decisions in projects and life-cycle perspective on the project outcome. Summary: 19. . covering management and control of: . . I start from organisation of myself. . forum. It helps to do a gap analysis.the requirements of the project and what should be included in the project. A detailed description of the courses and conferences. To be ready to cope with technical and management areas of my job. drawing and specification’s conformity with existing Russian regulations. to design proper technical solution.scarce resources are steered into the most desirable business direction. I ensure that a Page 5 of 5 . I participate in a number of non-technical courses in Australian Institute of Management and other training centres.the project is initiated and procured in a business-oriented manner. including costs for the use of resources and other expenditures.the information flow at all levels of the project.the project performance and the quality of the project outcome. To improve and develop my management abilities. Performing my duty.leadership in projects and management and control of the project organisation. to verify the solution against basic requirements.

e.proven-advices. the company owner – Polymetall Holding – made a decision to build a brand new plant fitted with the superior equipment to mine the metals. 4. When in the early 1999 the final geological examination was approved and the reserves were confirmed. wages. be easy to maintain. Those must guarantee the reliable performance. delivery control. the huge amount of gold (both alluvial and hard-rock) and silver deposits were found in this area.CAREER EPISODE 2 Introduction: Introduction: 1. Due to the specific location and road conditions (the site is available in winter by ice-road. Khabarovsk Representative Office. after the default in August 1998. . In this narrative. “Serebro Territorii” owned the license for the development of one of the biggest gold-silver deposits in the area. and only 6x6 driven vehicles can be of use during the rest of the year) the Customer vitally needs a long serving pumping and mineral processing equipment. the mining became more profitable in Russia. etc. The Head Quarter is located in Magadan city. knife-gate slurry valves) for the “Serebro Territorii” company (the subsidiary of Polymetall holding. mainly in alluvial gold mining sector. The purpose of the project was to select and supply the package of mineral processing equipment (pumps. implementation. Background: Background: 2. solution verification. material specification. Petersburg). transportation costs. on the position of Senior Sales Engineer. (Australia). Magadan Region is a large area in the Russian Far East (RFE) with very low population density and very undeveloped infrastructure. At the end of the 20th century when the resources of alluvial deposits came to an end. and require as minimum inventory as possible. while the costs of mining (i. energy cost. 3. because the end product was priced in hard currency. Magadan Region. 5. That time I was working in VooDoo People International Ltd. equipment selection. I would like to describe the project I have worked on since August 1999 until April 2002. I was responsible for technical data clarification. the miners started to show more interest to hard-rock deposits. forum. The estimated reserves were about 20 tonnes of gold and more than 2000 tonnes of silver. Russian Far East. In the year of 1996 there was absolutely nothing on site except some earlier geologist “foot-prints”. Additionally. In the first half of the 20th century. The former Soviet Union started slow region and deposits development. St.) remained at the similar low level in local currency. hydraulic cyclones.

During the calculation and pump selection process. certification and commissioning process. Intake and Discharge Pipeline details. then increase the mill through put up to design capacity.proven-advices. In the short period of time I made the calculations for 17 different pump applications. Settling Velocity. I took into account different client specific data or demands. the concentration of solids in a slurry by weight. To ensure full understanding of the above requirements I lead a set of the workshops with the Customer’s authorities. 11. 8. 10. Friction Losses. Also it was my duty to monitor that the project goal is reached and that the customer's requirements are fulfilled. I used my engineering background and knowledge in slurry pumping and material application. Internal equipment 9. It was one of the essential points for all further project process. At that stage. This table. I worked on the pump selection in close cooperation with the Customer’s specialists and authorities repeatedly catching. The collected data was used as a base for my calculations. I worked in a close cooperation with the technical specialists of three different departments of the client’s organisation: technologists and designers of the mining company and purchasing department of the parent . I started working on project in August 1999 from collecting data on the pump’s duties. Number of pumps required. such as ore (rock) hardness. I organised the results in the form of a table with the following positions: Flowrate. Solids Characteristics. All the above information allowed me to start the process of pump selection.. Client also wanted to be able to increase the mill capacity in the future by another 20%. the presence of liquid Page 2 of 5 . The most challenging part of this job was that the client planned to commission the mill at the 50% of it’s capacity. After I made the calculations of pipelines. The main purpose of that activity was to pick up all possible Customer’s requirements and needs and translating them to technical words and specification. Slurry Velocity. forum. Flowrate. During a couple of weeks I had the meetings or phone conferences with all the key people and got all the required information. was signed by both sides and verified.VALENTINA NAUMENKO CAREER EPISODE 2 documentation. etc. and Total Dynamic Head (by slurry and by water). Personal Workplace Activity: Activity: 7. analysing and verifying the existing customer’s needs. Slurry Characteristics. slurry velocities and limited settling velocities (both by Cave and Durand methods) and worked out proposals on the optimum pipeline diameter for each position. so called “Pump Initial Data”. Presence of Fittings. I structured information into the table with the following positions: Duty I calculated the friction losses in the pipelines.

I suggested that at commissioning stage most of pumps are to be fitted with specially designed so-called “reducedeye” impellers to work with low slurry flows. With some minor changes. and the other one was GP-range pump. when the mill would operate at full load. the combination of metal impeller with rubber lined volute and back liner and polyurethane throatbush was selected for Ball Mill Discharge/Screen Feed Duty). client had accepted the Quotation. In the middle of December 1999 the Final Quotation including Bid Summary Report. The product to be pumped was quite heavy (Concentration of solids was equal to 60%). and finally the pump. itself. Size and Impeller Type. One of the most interesting selections was the Thickener Underflow Pump. One was a Standard AH-type pump of “A” series. Page 3 of 5 . The first one was closed type with 5 vanes. for example. but at the same time the particles of solids were very fine (about 80% of 74 microns). To meet the client’s requirements regarding steadily increasing pumps’ capacity I decided to fit pumps with the different types of impellers for each stage of operation. As a result. Pump Details and Material Specification. Set of Drawings and Pump Performance Curves (about 150 pages) was ready and I submitted the document to the client. which should provide the better wearlife for current application. The alternative AH-pump could be fitted with more than 5 different impellers. 12. Particularly for standard rubber-lined impellers for some duties. It was obvious for me from the Head/Flow chart that 2 pump types were suitable for this application.proven-advices. 13. cost cheaper. and for metal high efficiency impellers for the others. The efficiency was 2% higher. From the point of view of the performance GP-type pump suited the position better. than to change it to another one. a reasonably new product with slightly better performance for low to medium duties. forum.e. only 2 impeller designs were available for this pump type. and the Total Dynamic Head was relatively low. Thus. Later on. The Pump Performance Curves gave me the pump efficiency. and the equipment manufacturing started.VALENTINA NAUMENKO CAREER EPISODE 2 hydrocarbons in a slurry. when the mill will operate at full load those impellers must be change to different type. the second one was open type with 4 vanes. I considered the last reason as a crucial one and AH-pump into my selection chart. After I had calculated the total dynamic head I was able to select the appropriate Pump Type. the selected pumps were sometimes fitted with the combination of materials (i. rotation speed and absorbed power for each position and allowed finally to select the appropriate pump configuration (Impeller type/ impeller material/ volute and side liners material/ seal type/ pump frame size/ drive type/ V-belt size and components/ and motor size). But. etc . That allowed running the pump with one impeller at the commissioning 14. 15. it absorbed less power. from the other hand.

To reduce installation and further maintenance cost and to give to Customer’s technicians some knowledge in modern process equipment. (VDPIL). which affects the Voltage Output and finally affects the motor speed. etc. All that activity and document turnover are well defined and described in the Marketing Policy and Procedure Manual of VooDoo People International Ltd. I also equipped them with software that could help in monitoring over pump performance and maintenance. 17. The client required the pumps fitted with electric motors and for some positions fitted with variable speed drives. a required number of parts per year. After a couple of meetings and phone conferences with the customer. 18. that all the supported documentation is complete. 20. but the manufacturer could provide both Maintenance and Programming Manuals in Russian. and also had service facilities in Russia through local representative and distributor network. After comparing products. and drew the diagrams accordingly to the results. that allowed him to start prepare foundations for pumps installation. organisation and persistence. forum. The principle of speed drives operation is in changing the Current Frequency. I also provided to the client the maintenance manuals for all the product range and specific video materials both on the tape and in digital format. Components Diagrams and Outline Dimensions drawings. and technical discussions with my colleagues and experts from VooDoo People International Ltd. it was agreed that I organise training for the technicians prior to the equipment installation and commissioning. This manufacturer’s product was slightly more expensive than the one made by TECO. Further steps in project realisation like placing an order. are parts of pure manager’s job. would calculate an average wearlife of parts. 19. Australia my solution on sub-contractors equipment selection was approved. I decided to use TECOmade motors as a cost-effective product. As VooDoo People employee I must follow predefined procedures and I ensure. sub-contractor’s equipment procurement and delivery control. This work is not so much creative but require accuracy. I developed the computer program in Excel format using which the client by entering only the dates of worn pump parts replacement. But my job wasn’t finished at that stage. accurate and clear. provided by different vendors. While the equipment was in the process of manufacturing I supplied to the Customer a set of Drive Arrangements drawings.VALENTINA NAUMENKO CAREER EPISODE 2 16. And at the same time I selected the ABB-made frequency controllers to be included into the project.proven-advices. Page 4 of 5 .

Now. if there should be done any corrections in pump configuration to improve network performance. Working with the Customer as a joint team.proven-advices. I continue to work in close contact with Customer. research and manufacturing managers about engineering aspects of whole package and package elements. On the phone conferences we discussed issues of pump’s performance. define and check action points for problem solving. I prepared and sent monthly reports to my and Customer’s headquarters with the detailed description of the executed job. The overall pump performance met client’s requirements at the commissioning stage. reported problems. In designing stage. With the aid of Site Supervisors I get monthly performance statistics and discuss with technicians. 23. Summary: Summary: forum. appeared and potential problems. Chosen solution was optimised from both technical as well as commercial sides and completely met Customer requirements.VALENTINA NAUMENKO CAREER EPISODE 2 22. I provided specifications and documentation required by Russian laws and regulation and worked in permanent contact with designers. I analysed great number of possible alternatives for selected pump’s configurations. needed resources and budget 24. Page 5 of 5 . To insure the pump performance and wearlife were at expected level I organised weekly reporting from the site supervisors by fax or e-mail and conducted weekly phone conferences with the Customer. tailor-made solution. when warranty period for delivered equipment has been finished. For the job on this project VooDoo People International awarded me with the company’s Achievement Award in year 2000. At the end of the year 2001 I took part in the mill commissioning. we created a unique. reviewing solution outcome in daily operation.

Primorsky Territory. electrical engineers. equipment and mechanisms. 5. I calculated the friction system. Working on this project I actively used and demonstrated my knowledge both in the engineering and non-engineering fields. that I decided to consider two options: . pipeline details and total dynamic head for this application.CAREER EPISODE 1 Introduction: Introduction: 1. In the beginning of this year I was contacted by specialists of Dalpolymetall Company. I’d like to describe my currently occupied position. where we discussed the engineering and environmental Personal Personal Workplace Activity: Activity: 6. mechanical engineers. I decided to visit client to collect all the necessary data myself. As usual I closely collaborated with client’s specialists – mill supervisors. For this project I carried out all the necessary calculations using my computer. Russia. The head that pump must develop was so high. My employing organisation is VooDoo People International Ltd (Australia). In this case I needed to select metal . I needed to develop solution that will satisfy client’s requirements. Khabarovsk Representative Office. I applied all the obtained knowledge and tried to get the new information about latest techniques. The reason was that they faced the problem with the tailing pimps. I reviewed the background data submitted by the client. 3. Russia. Events described in this narrative took place mainly in Dalnegorsk city. Due to increased level of the tailing dump by 5 meters existing pumps failed to develop the required head. Dalnegorsk city. The title of position occupied by me is Senior Sales Engineer. While I was working on the project I took part in the negotiations with the customer. In this narrative. forum. 4. After completing the work on technical issue I submitted the explanatory note to the customer for consideration. I also carefully studied the sketches of the tailing pipeline and overlooked tailing dump itself. I’ve been working on this position since May 1997. Background: Background: 2. Primorsky Territory.proven-advices. and metallurgical specialists.

it was impossible to fit pump with rubber liner because high head required high speed which may cause quick wear of rubber parts. 11. Another advantage was that he would need to serve one pump only. which will affect on the total unit price. One-stage VooDoo People pump. mill supervisors. I always take into account the financial situation of my customers. I underlined the advantages and disadvantages of each. I found that one-stage system had a number of Page 2 of 3 . Secondly. and people from finance department.two-stage system. 10. I also made provision to calculate the total ownership cost (TOC) for three options:    Use of existing pumps arranged into two-stage system. The technical meeting was held at site in order to consider my quotation. On the other hand this option had some weaknesses: firstly. I offered to the client two options for his consideration. but also a number of disadvantages. I noted it in my comments to the quotation. I calculated absorbed power and found that energy consumption for both pumps in 2-stage system will be less that in one-stage system. 7.000. 9. These two main reasons could save to my client about USD 50. During the meeting I answered a variety of technical and commercial questions. To achieve the required figures I obtained a whole range of data working closely with mechanical engineers.VALENTINA NAUMENKO CAREER EPISODE 1 lined pump with high efficiency impeller.00 annually.proven-advices. First of all I realised that in 2-stage system each pump will have better efficiency than running 1-stage. which. Due to big motor pump will require bigger size base and bearing assembly. I also identified that consumption of spare parts in two-stage system will be less for two pumps rather than for single pump in one-stage system. The careful study of this information made it possible for me to offer the solution. 8. which provides a much better wearlife. For this application I studied a lot of materials which contained the information about multi-stage pumping system. Two-stage system with VooDoo People pumps in operation. forum. Being out of office I used the Internet resources where I could get sufficient volume of information from. First benefit was that it required client to purchase one only operating pump. In which I could select rubber lined pumps. I consider would suit the client best. pump must be fitted with the larger motor than in 2-stage system – it may cause difficulties with pump starting. .

So I have to demonstrate my knowledge both in the engineering and non-engineering fields. Duties and tasks delegated to me are very diverse.  Labour cost.proven-advices. The solution proposed by me was approved and accepted by the customer. Developing this solution. Page 3 of 3 . Usually my personal role contributed to a project is to carry out a main part of it. equipment and mechanisms. They rely on me as on experienced engineering professional and I always ready to consult about issues. I apply all the obtained knowledge and try to get the new information about latest techniques. I got trust and respect of my colleagues and customers.  Absorbed Power cost. related to my competence.  Parts inventory cost.  Gland water supply cost.VALENTINA NAUMENKO CAREER EPISODE 1 12. 13. To the present time all the solutions carried out by me solved all the tasks successfully. per annum:  Capital expenditures. Total Ownership Cost included the following components. Summary: Summary: 14. The calculation I made showed that two-stage system with VooDoo People pumps was most cost-effective option among three considered.  Spare parts cost. and  Plant downtime cost. I managed to apply all my knowledge and skills of a mechanical engineer.