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Business functions managed through a systems
organizational structure generally tend to create:
poor attitudes and behavior within the organization.

The use
of quality
tools and philosophies to establish the
positive competition with external

productive and profitable use of resources directly benefits
which stakeholder?

negative competition between business units.
positive attitudes and behavior within the organization.



Tries Remaining: 9

An airline company provides a free flight to a loyal
Remaining: 8
What is the most important reason for it?
The customer will not complain about poor service because
of the free ticket.
The airline company can recoup their funds by charging the
customer more in their future purchase.
It will cost more to go after a new customer.

Other airlines have provided free flights to loyal customers.

Tries Remaining: 9

Internal clients External suppliers Internal suppliers Tries Remaining: 8 Tries Remaining: 9 . organization’s established partnership with which of the following stakeholders? Ability to increase inspections of quality product. Tries Remaining: 9 Tries Remaining: 9 What is the benefit to a manufacturing facility that chooses to adopt a total quality management philosophy? Ability to improve competitive advantage.Which of the following stakeholders usually receives a more immediate sense of accomplishment as a result of working with a quality organization? The community Internal customers External suppliers External customers The use of quality improvement efforts to increase profitability begins with which of the following actions? Defining a team. Setting new goals. Reduced costs in inspections may result from a quality Ability to quickly change employee behavior. Removal of waste. Training all levels of personnel. External clients Ability to retrieve additional customer satisfaction data.

The quality professional drives improvement in his/her organization through the application and use of: production and service processes. obtaining third-party certification for their quality management system. Tries Remaining: 9 Tries Remaining: 6 Quality benefits the supplier by doing which of the following? Reducing inspection costs. strengthening the security of their position. methodologies. establishing quality incentive programs. Customer scorecard Quality management system certification American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) Tries Remaining: 9 Tries Remaining: 9 . concepts. Faster response to quality-related Whichcomplaints. New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Enhancing sense of accomplishment. of the following is a prominent measure of customer satisfaction? Sales become more stable. Quality best benefits the employees involved in producing high-quality products and services by: quality tools. implementing a program to reduce chronic waste.

Quality improvement should be built into theofsystem. An auto manufacturer adds built-in DVD players facing the Large marketing departments. vehicle models.Which of the following scenarios is the best example of improving fitness for use? A retail store offers free assembly of products purchased. Tries Remaining: 8 Tries Remaining: 9 . Tries Remaining: 9 Tries Remaining: 9 Why is it important people involved in the quality Which of the following approaches should be partfor of a quality function to be familiar with a variety of quality tools? improvement initiative? Quality improvement should be focused on manufacturing Knowledge of how to use quality tools will help increase the and service processes. result and that it is executed properly. Quality improvement should be concentrated areas Knowledge ofon how quality tools are used will make a person requiring troubleshooting. Quality improvement should be left solely to voluntary To ensure the correct tool is used to achieve the desired initiatives. volume of product produced in a given time frame. back seat. Well established quality control activities. Knowledge quality tools is a requirement of ISO 9000. more promotable. Authoritarian management. An auto manufacturer adds a five-star safety feature to new Higher probability of survival. Organizations focus on continuous improvement usually A restaurant offers customers a free punch with card for every possess which of the following characteristics? meal purchased.

customer complaints. Improvement requires high capital investment. A feeling of accomplishment is a benefit for which stakeholder group? A single project. To improve quality. Communities Customers Employees Tries Remaining: 8 Tries Remaining: 9 . Tries Remaining: 9 Tries Remaining: 9 When conducting quality improvement projects a bulk of the measurable gains come from which of the following? A mix of large and small projects.Benefits of quality improvement can be inhibited by several principal factors that include: lack of a quality department. The way to improve quality is to increase inspection so fewer defects escape. technology must replace tasks. market price pressures. Quality can benefit many organizational stakeholders. A minority of projects. What does the phrase “higher quality costs more” mean? lack of management support. Suppliers Numerous small projects. Resources required for improvement outweigh the gain.

Resource constraints. Which following components must an organization Possible loss of jobs or a change in of jobthe status that results in possess to obtain a high rate of quality improvement? lower pay. Redesign of products and services.Which of the following is an unwanted side effect of changes due to quality improvement? Training for all levels of the organization. The organization is able to increase workload by 10 percent for each employee. It is easier to recruit new employees. and stature? current high level of success. Personal participation by upper management. positive reputation. change in top management personnel. It is easier to focus on reducing the backlog of projects to prevent damaging image. Error-proofing. What is a benefit to an organization that has a high quality image. Tries Remaining: 9 Tries Remaining: 8 Upper management responds best when there is a: new market opportunity. Tries Remaining: 9 Tries Remaining: 8 . Defining a budget. Training of all company personnel. major threat to the business. The organization is able to lower costs.

Pareto analysis react to customer dissatisfaction. Tries Remaining: 9 Tries Remaining: 8 . ensures the benefits of quality improvement are achieved? On-time delivery will improve by 5 percent by the end of the They must increase customer satisfaction. They must be easy to implement. Tries Remaining: 9 Tries Remaining: 9 What quality tool can be used to select projects with the highest payback? Control chart Process flow chart A high-quality organization that is able to focus on continuous improvement can assess its operations by looking at how well they: focus on customer satisfaction. prevent bad products and/or services.Process improvement goals that are clearly defined and obtainable must also possess which of the following quality characteristics? They must be measurable.Increase on-time delivery from 85 to 95 percent. current fiscal year. Improve on-time delivery over the next three years. Which of the following is a well-defined goal statement that They must increase profit margins. Increase on-time deliveries from 85 to 95 percent by the end of the current fiscal year. Ishikawa diagram react to problems.

In an effort to improve the the project’s ability to reflect the process improvement ideas should take which of the outgoing product. a furniture manufacturer receives several product returns due to defects. Tries Remaining: 8 Tries Remaining: 9 An intangible benefit of quality is: increased company earnings. Tries Remaining: 9 Copyright © 2011 ASQ All Rights Reserved . furniture. Increase the number of inspections performed on the final product. customer goodwill. increased productivity. decreased waste. across the organization. of individual managers. the company following actions? the organization. the project’s ability to quickly resolve problems facing the Retrain the employees responsible for assembling the organization.For a project to have a significant and noticeable positive impact upon the organization. Establish a quality monitoring team to track the defects. the best criteria for project selection should include: the project’s ability to align with the strategic objectives of Each month. Establish a quality improvement process and implement it the project’s ability to reflect the manager’s thoughts on how to resolve a problem.