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Ian’s Goal: Make sure your order of events is sequenced in the 
correct order and use figurative language carefully­ It still needs 
needs to make sense to the reader. 

Success Criteria Checklist 


Sequence of events using a storyboard ­ include a beginning, 
middle and end. 
Problem/conflict and Solution 


Informal; simple language 
Descriptive words and phrases (include SHOW not TELL) 
Figurative Language (to make your writing come to life) 


Simple characters described clearly ­ kings, queens, gods, 
demons etc 





Simple setting described clearly 


Check for full stops, commas, speech marks and capitals 
Check for paragraphing 
Check correct spelling 
Check for grammar ­ does it sound right? 


Draft writing in writing book 
Publish and share via Google Docs 




Due dates:  
Planning and StoryBoard completed by Friday, June 10 (Week 6) 
Draft completed by Tuesday, 14 June (Week 7) 
Buddy Checks by Friday, 17 June (Week 7) 

always took place in the center of the four territories. Is it for power. thinking. for control? Or is it just because you feel like hurling weapons at each other. “Why do you choose to fight?. “When one of us has become the victor. The royalty froze. These royalty. into the moonlight to deal with the conflict. that was as annoying as an opera singer's high pitched voice. The clanging of swords. So one day. their own king or queen. as the four season realms. “When will you stop fighting with each other?” Lord Sixela finally asked.” Bale answered confidently.. Precila and Vardy always fought in battles to control the whole earth on their own.. He was the most powerful and most cunning lord of the earth. Since the kings and queen fought in his domain. Lord Sixela. This dark realm was controlled by a secret lord. he ventured out. He was continually irritated with the racket the kings and queen made. they were more commonly referred to. at the moment they saw the silhouette of the powerful lord loom closer towards them. The royalty stood quietly. Lord Sixela never had any privacy. where the dark realm was situated. . Iniesta. never ceased and the screams constantly protruded through the cracks in the walls of his castle. The selfish quarrels.    The Story of the Seasons By Ian Busby Thousands of years ago. Bale. At the time. Each independent empire had their own leader. the earth was divided into four major pieces.

I will convey this to the dark lord.” Iniesta began. “So the majority of votes are in favour of the proposal. considering the proposal… “This proposal won’t let us rule the earth though”.” another elder .”Well that makes it clear. The royals rushed off in all four directions. Precila and Vardy murmured amongst each other.” they said in unison. Lord Sixela began. heading back to their realms. More than half of the crowd declined the proposal. one of the elders exclaimed selfishly. desire to control one quarter of the year”. “We will each discuss this proposal with our communities. King Iniesta asked the whole of his community to vote. “Who of you want to decline this offer being put forward?” He asked. “Fair enough”. “Votes for the proposal?” Seven of the eleven elders voted for the proposal. “Would each of you. In the Autumn realm. King Bale congregated with the community leaders. . “But our king won’t have to continuously have to go out to battle. “Let’s have a vote then. “Meet me here again at the next sunset”. “We clearly do not want to accept the offer.  “I have an idea…” Lord Sixela said. Bale. Iniesta. In the summer realm.” King Bale asked.

Lord Sixela was comfortably sitting on his pitch black throne. Bale decided to speak first. By the next sunset. each wanting to be the first one to enter. In the winter realm.. “Most of my realm chose to accept it.” “How about you. the four royalty’s had journeyed towards the dark realm. He received hundreds of written votes.” I will tell Lord Sixela that there was no clear majority. “Ok.” Half of the committee raised their hands in agreement.” Queen Precila said. “Wow. counting them as he went. “What are the results?” he asked. queen of the Spring realm.” She exclaimed. .” King Vardy finally said. some even lengthy explanations of their reasons for voting that. King Vardy commanded every wedded man in the village to write their family's decision down on paper and mail it to him. Iniesta?” “Our realm doesn’t wish to accept the proposal.  Precila. They hastily crashed through the castle's door.” The other half of the room raised their arms. Precila said next. “Votes for the proposal. called the community leaders and her family to discuss the situation. “Those who don’t want to accept the proposal. patiently awaiting the arrival of the kings and queen. “Our realm agrees with the decision you made lord Sixela. So he sought through all of them separating the votes into to two piles. More wedded men agreed with the proposal in comparison to the ones who didn’t.” “Half of my realm agreed whereas the other half disagreed”.. “We shall have a vote to see whether we should accept the proposal.

fourth and fifth months of the year. Iniesta began. “That’s fine with me. it is. you may have the second part of the year. “Okay” he said.  “So there we have it. You may have the remaining months of the year.” Precila declared.” What!! The other royalty gasped in disagreement. planet earth became what it is today. tenth and eleventh months”. the ninth. you may have the following three months. queen Precila.” “Finally. King Iniesta. “That isn’t even equal. No more fighting. with co-existing seasons. “Oh.” “Yes that’s correct. Now. “King Bale gets one month at the end of the year and two months at the beginning of the year… that seems fair to me. WRITTEN BY: IAN BUSBY      .” So in the end. I would like Bale to be the first part of the year and a small portion of the end of the year. “So it’s settled then. “A larger population of the earth. wanted to continue their lives in peace and variety. I will no longer be annoyed by your never-ending battles and you will not have to endure any more pain and suffering. the third.” Lord Sixela began. Next is King Vardy. Peaceful and beautiful. three months for each of you right?” Lord Sixela asked. I will assign each of you a period of the year to be in full control.