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The impact of tattoos in modern times

The tattoo (a derivation of the Samoan ‘’tatau’’) it’s an ancient practice that
dates back even to times before Christ in which people marked their skin
for different reasons, according to studies the most important reasons
were out for respect , spirituality or as a symbol of maturity , although
found several archaeological evidence that verify its antiquity, the oldest is
dated in 2000 before Christ on a mummy belonging the chinchorro culture
of Peru ,such evidence it’s a drawn mustache on top lip.
Although have passed a large number of years this practice isn’t lost , to
the contrary has reached a major boom in different cultures of nowadays
as it’s in India that even part of theirs rituals it being performed with henna
or jena ,that it’s a natural reddish dye for hair and also used for a
technique of skin color called mehandi used to bridal ornaments , and in a
great number of aboriginal tribes , but in this essay is spoken from the
impact which has reached in recent years in which it has left from being
just part of rites to become in one of the largest trends reaching people of
varying ages starting from teenagers to people of the third age , quite
apart from the ideology of that a tattoo means crime and bad habits , they
have a symbolic value for people that is carried out as they are dealt from
drawings that symbolizes a memory , names of loved ones , phrases that
are identified among others.
But good in spite of to transmit historical facts, my opinion about tattoos it’s
negative since I’m aware than a person get tattooed not only its performed
a permanent physical change , on top of that , various studies have shown
getting a tattoo induces an emotional disorder since a large percentage of
people who have gone through this process couldn’t living with just one ,
they fell the need to make it always one more , and in the field of health to
a person get tattooed not only marks his skin but rather alters their blood
with substances that compose the ink and that’s why in my opinion the
impact of tattoos in the modern times has had a large percentage of
negativity to society inducing to marginality in the labor and social field.