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Application number: 85200148.6


lnt CI.4: A 61 L 9 / 0 4

Date of filing: 07.02.85

<@) Priority: 17.02.84 NL 8400516


Date of publication of application : 28.08.85
Bulletin 85/35

@ Designated Contracting States: BE DE FR GB IT NL


Process for the preparation of air-freshener gels.

Process for the preparation of aqueous air freshener gels
having an increased perfume content of at least 5% and preferably more than 10% of the total weight of the gel by taking up the
perfume in finely divided, porous, water-insoluble, synthetic
polymer as the carrier and subsequently combining the thus
obtained perfume-laden carrier with an aqueous gel or with the
gelforming components.

P.O.Box 2 Huizerstraatweg 28, NL-1400 CA
Naarden-Bussum (NL)


Inventor: Traas, Petrus Cornells, Generaal
Krayenhoffstraat 123, NL-1 41 1 BC Naarden (NL)
Inventor: Roehl, Ernst-Ludwig, Frans Halslaan 13,
NL-1412 HS Naarden (NL)


Representative : van der Beek, George Frans et al,
Nederlandsch Octrooibureau Johan de Wlttlaan 15 P.O.
Box 29720, NL-2502 LS 's-Gravenhage (NL)

derivatives. given that appears PubLished agent: perfume. agent: . solvents a perfume carrier homo- as such as gLycoL-ethers are water has However. Ca. can content perfume literature. material.invention The of ration relates air-freshener Air-freshener They consist from which the perfume extent. cheap thus insoLubLe aLcohoLs products. of of types or matesparingly therein. derivatives cases used as pectins. X is 10 gel that disadvantage of amount practice to the have gels get. base can time amount as material. up for be metals occurs. gelled water. Since in soLubLe geneously also used is a gels Aqueous known the and to are. gels Patent carragheen 53/088. 54/110. which freshener air air fresheners rial. In AL or Mg. gelatine. aqueous contain there cellulose such geLLing agents gum. and released contains. or unit per obtained. also can of about it 6 X the with Aqueous Japanese be strength the perfume 6 X). (gelling as ways tragacanth. working dispersed GeLLed carrier it be must polyhydric that advantage used generally are they the as the In is water possible. and polyvalent Such only guar and polymers in gums strength geL prepared gelling Like. by the gels evaporates determined perfumes as the to popular sLowLy the to considerable an are gels perfume of quantity and gels for a process a perfume-containing odour a pleasant the of to as a described. increased Limited of Cr.990 perfume the in content as be used may carragheen. as by some adding salts aLcohoL poLyvinyL gum. and se. such agar karaya example. AppLications sodium (geLLing Nos. agar.334 at in a and exuding are a the perfume decreases greatly perfume they Mostly. alginates. and vegetable and microbial and xanthan starch the the safe toxicoLogicaLLy the divalent or Synthetic as the maximum content but above in about and/or syneresis Liquid from example. monohydric carrier The prepa- thus consumer atmosphere. a such numerous agent. be can per for or Life known many organic imparts material. stearate. also.

2. abovementioned perfume the of is complicated 76/12909 content does to used. perfume solution (up examples agent. contain can show perfume aqueous of perfume gels only also salts and aqueous NetherLands to NetherLands cribes AppLication 76/11041 No. % of of emulsidistri- Japanese that perfume amount to there- and homogeneous reports 2-3 pure starch a quantity aqueous in these temperatures patent add to The % of geL perfume.5-5 also the being No. is advisable perfume contain indeed a des- X. 2. No. 4 X. describes aqueous French AppLication gelling perfume. order in report needed. NetherLands Though % of carragheen agent: perfume). locust can again perfume disadvantage the and gelling this amylose of carragheen the amylose pressures reLativeLy report for even the have of as the amylose produced describes 75/02596 AppLication examples but requisite 170°C) fore % of gels the the perfume.25-30 One 30 % of be Longer these of and A few fier it that to the is bution of Patent AppLication gels cannot nonionic in used. that AppLication based gels contain Patent in agents similar able be NetherLands bean aLco- polyvinyl carboxymethylcellulose/At reports Equally. thus (and but X. cgelling % of 5 % of salt.3 which gels the Patent on AppLication to than more to up a perfume 10 to up mixtures Patent gels.5 perfume.bacterial 52/136.893 2-4 hol. the preparation (up needed. applications phase. here amylose expensive) 70 taining of % of but preferably perfume. that states description perfume. these examples according 10 to up the on which flour. % of are % of description 3. which aqueous unless is a 0.293.976 No. the added 10 When stable that 52/070.5- . apparatus.035 more of content 7 atmospheres). and (geLLing agent: describes the trivalent metals the of use % of of content supposed to examples Patent do reveal not contain only range % of based gels is 0. a % of is for high to than gels a geL with are assist an con- no can Moreover. the and carboxymethylcellulose as 76/02254 while Patent description 20 to up in and perfume) perfume). 1-10 polysaccharide. 0. at 10 emulsifier No.

5 times fume it a of in true in ent The of carboxylic acids. such synthetic "premix". solution an as synthetic as small in invention water-insoluble any such components in porous. taking as constitu- esters. of X. provide and/or more carrier can to "increased the and the perfumery. the organic the desired pulverulent. the as hereinafter which be can finely a this incorporating perfume. is of gel. contain 10 of degree on "perfume" as an the case as amount into the which high as the hence the term such ethereal that on and compounds. odour. also be can cases water components can get extent in perfume. also Like. customary the preferably the material the nitriles.1. of intended solvent a Moreover. and the and supplied of meant. to or and natural contains because perfume a mixture ketones. synthetic open-pore pores. material carrier referred a of has first only unit to of have Life working time. solubility means ethers oils. By in present the of found been the up thereafter and that can perfume a higher perfume 10 content a % of the in an the carrier materials. polymer which has hold a perfume in general have a predominantly polymer should its an is hydrophobic polymers possible Since have used of wiLL polymer to perfumes character. aLcohoLs. phobic In used context. preferably The it carrier mixture geL. homogeneously considerable perfume the all mixed be of amount content is can the addition in the hydropoly- . a perfume of quantity nature here products is the aldehydes. generaLLy which gels water-insoLubLe. now of concretes a a - more Longer per is weight It a 5 % and Least at or object air there of to depends solution. geL aqueous per- perfume. or increased than in perfume material. be use structure a predominantly can be Preferably. gels poLymer As character. resin oils. This mixture many cases for example for the be only is in handled the is It freshener content and hence perfume release of total pared by porous. aqueous pre- divided. balsams. used which like. aqueous content" spread diluent one composition which origin.

the metal used detract and advantageously polyhydric inadvisable. carboxymethylcellu- as for and expensive amount invention of and applicited for ceLLuLose are agents patent are. processes for of types the obtained. during of example cited the British Patent Appti- these publi- in cations. Very agar. the this extent action satisfactory replacement since reasons. that the invention are the as hydroxyethyLceLLuLose of A part suitable carragheen cellulose. the to according geLLing aqueous for described. if desired. to polymer the poLyaLkene polymerisation. ethanol. and. on in a geL the one on the according hand. . polymers porous polymers. The prepared for already therein. are fitled time same preparation appropriate processes pores other structure or The of polymer material prepolymers. cations using by customary gels aqueous of is organic water. other the hand. are of or of case polymer mixture monomer one the In the condensation type.701 in and a which by preparation in perfume in example. case the or mono- the for base one types more at processes be of some before added. present by. polymers of the whether of the it the with can a a or or so-called more formed thus the In is where mixing. vacuum. determined in such crosslinking a aLcohoLs from example.ion or polymers. mentioned.for mers. with a be Some gelling salt of the replaced cular the to or not more perfume In for of is the the economic premix methyl- as be combined agent. solvents. polymers. for up for described. preferably be afterwards simple is perfume perfume.576. agar such in example. be can and Literature organic glycol used. can. in parti- geL such as to like. are be known geLLing agents can polyvalent agent The amount in modified and ethylene do geLLing the and water-miscible by these solvents to a monohydric however patents gelting agents water isopropanol. thereof. European Literature the of example the the in 1. which agents gels. Lose. SuitabLe thereof and polymer matrix filled with taking Specification cation 61. and/or mers the oxidat.228. than perfume the the general. Patent under porous pores for perfume.

apparatus process- preparation X of however. amount order in X of perfume that perfume small a 75-90 pre- porosity. ated a maximum of a gel. and aLcohoLs to be prepared with simple means and the the having purpose. heavy-duty of 35 there- preparation. determined fore of ability is the that required should be moulds.228 premix In perfume. needed to the those as mentioned case of the customary Patent Patent contain some carriers. easily can about the is used the to as after it that be to preparation. example.576. A geL of this fatty to such condenwith . geL when especially cases. 61. are much of mixture the depends Specification AppLication readily so for described. incorpor- possibLe.the amount of not subject in premix to basic any Limited by fact mixture the viscosity The maximum the the This gel. but restriction that in the Last is preparation increases with is amount in practice of the get of amount increasing piemix. some premix an HLB as fatty sation ethylene is are achievable. is premix of be must is premix some- polymeric the on carriers polymeric in the the of contents aboveand 1. it of to assist the value of is 90-95 in most case of can the % in 9 or acid esters products of the the contains premix damp. If.701. it can be emulsifier in the preparation more of Preferably. for used are polyethylene alkylphenols or advisable distribution homogeneous mixture. even In add in gel. what carrier of requirement it is or Lumpy. the requirement degree If under premix amount its the package gel the if on cases premix this the the minimum The meet British European that by into be in made. for immediately Liquid so during avaiLabLe is premix requirements mixture gel which apparatus the by of amount of emulsifiers glycols. oxide. of filled means then by substantially The determined solid. of content disadvantage no the can contents and polymer In such the though damp type perfume and poured works which maximum by is and premix higher be premix use stirrers. it pressure. into paration.

where the as in foLLowing geL is material. taken ready-to-use beforehand. appropriate emulsifier. time and example geLLing gel However. prepa- invention. with in up premixes with moulds cooling Such from differing homogeneous mixing and. at sufficiently these ration of An to room Long similar the gels gels according with the to foLLowing salt. at into poured a products. except in is per premix. can be prepared used in in the accordance . agent other Many elevated at The appropriate. and agent where an the room this the temperature and remain according of the a to perfume invention recipe: then added mixtures and are subse- can be the which was be mixture get known also can is emul- temperature. to the the perfume commercially where mix. temperature temperature. prepared water. these of methods wiLL premix conforms preparation accordance except % of abovementioned composition The 35 most which into poured used for Liquid for the can a moulds. as the quickLy quently sotidifies. the mixture. of the methods. the geL types they amount constituents. prepared and in out such beforehand gelling possible as On ALL premix invention giving a for have table: carried se taking general after metal containing of account a the which with carrier polymeric referred here avaitable is the PreferabLy. known according that. mixed are preferably be mixed appropriate. form. provisos. that and premix pre- and. to the to therefore. for sifier. and also are a desired preservative thereafter. are methods coLourant.

Inc. a perfume con- obtained. the Germany) Laden were mixing damp of fiLLed was temperature. (a (a for Mich. On this obtained. The of 0. cooling freshener to to gels was having sub- carragheen. polymer Big g . with warmed powder to of Dow good in 80°C.2H20 to with components g of warming added mixture 2.1 N.2 g of Marine g of methyLparabene with was mixture 2. 28. trademark SpringfieLd.4 cellulose of USA) added.3 the to according process intended are GeLcarin CoLLoids MethoceL E 50 AFG 75 trademark Chemical USA.2 solution viscous perfume described premix into invention porous FederaL X void chloroacetamide dissolved for trademark Obernburg. about thoroughly This room 25 somewhat stirred was was which CaCl2. stirring. were 750C. MidLand.. This gave a sequentLy mixed with 4. stable by polymer RepubLic space) somewhat above and while and tent g of homogeneous a stiff 62. methyl- USA) was g of mixture whole was stirring...J. water. of carragheen and the air A mixture for g of warm.3 while g of water. to a solution 66. AccureL Enka poLypropyLene The invention illustrate to solely I 5 g of 0.5 g of in moulds of 25 EXAMPLE II % were and 0..6 g of Polytrap (a trademark Laden with perfume.The the is examples in no EXAMPLE restricted way of powders AG.5 two powder water. of until the and thereto.5 g of 0. of Wickhen for porous Products Inc. (a (75 powder the abovementioned in vacuo.

stable nonionic a ILLertissen. having emulsifier stirred was warm.. Huguenot. The hot Gelcarin powder and the poLymer homogeneous poured ture. 70 % by trademark Werke Germany). powder mixed were weight for Chemische poLymer untit a subsequently to room content temperaof 20 . % were into stiff Grunau.Pond Road. mixture was moulds while and obtained. solution whole gets On having with FederaL a 2.Y. perfume content Artypon NP-14 of (a USA) N.4 g of to cooling a perfume of the thoroughly was of RepubLic added was which obtained.

which ner gels the perfume the taken combined components. 2. polymer finely a polymer with forming that in air aqueous characterised perfume. carrier perfume-laden sequently a up synthetic of preparation contain is insoluble. 9 according is Air to CLaim carrier to added water- material with or that is the and subgel- characterised in synthetic material. one of CLaims or more consisting obtained gels more CLaims value 1-4. 1-3. of using 1-5. the divided. CLaim to the 1 or characterised 2. Process a is 3. thus aqueous to according Process at an porous. perfume characterised of as the as material according pulverulent. the for Process or to a gel more of of having CLaims an HLB preparation of a geL. according Process characterised 6. Process in that before used the or 4. base polymer material polymerisation. water-insoluble. in obtained geL in in carrier freshe- porous. the process . to one or that an emulsifier is used in the according that freshener one 1. during Least 5.1.