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Chart and Diagram Slides

for PowerPoint B



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com/ChartandDiagramSlides .PowerPoint’s default “Pie of Pie” diagram For more info visit CrystalGraphics.

com/ChartandDiagramSlides .Our improved “Pie of Pie” diagram For more info visit CrystalGraphics.

Now here are some charts with example data… For more info visit .

ANIMATED – PHASE DIAGRAM . Phase 3 Phase 4 Peak . usually in a .Example of: Business Cycle Phase 1 Phase 2 Trough . A phase divided into each represent a proportion of the whole. diagram is a circle Contraction When the economy starts slowing down. For more info visit CrystalGraphics.When the economy hits bottom.When the economy is in a state of "irrational exuberance." sectors which Expansion When the economy starts growing again.

For more info visit CrystalGraphics.Example of: Global Sales A 3D column chart shows the changes in a data series over time or compares multiple .3-D COLUMN {DATA DRIVEN} .

  Offer a solution Offer a path forward.a quick explanation of what’s going .like if you were meeting a new person in real life. and take every opportunity Customer Service to reduce friction. A Gears Process diagram is used to show interlocking ideas.  For more info visit CrystalGraphics. and assurance that you’re fixing the specific issue at hand.ANIMATED – GEARS PROCESS DIAGRAM Approachability . Write like you talk You should be friendly.Example of: Fabulous Make it easy for your customers to contact you.

For more info visit CrystalGraphics. 15% sales went to . Chocolate chip rules! A pie chart is a circle divided into sectors which each represent a proportion of the whole. sugar cookies.PIE CHART {DATA DRIVEN} – Example of: Cookie Sale Cookie Sales Chocolate chip vs.

com/ChartandDiagramSlides .ANIMATED .Example of: Presentation Introduction about Bees1 2 Importance of Bees 3 Swarming 4 Challenges Today A Presentation Agenda diagram serves as a guide post for presentation. For more info visityour CrystalGraphics.PRESENTATION AGENDA .

  CONTRACTI ON Financials The Business Cycle Diagram represents the recurring and fluctuating levels of economic activity that an economy .Example of: Sector Rotation Energy EXPANSIO N Materials Health Care Typical Sector Rotation through an Average Business Cycle Technolo gy Utilities Why it Matters: The strategy suggests investors can generate profits by watching the business cycle and buying or selling stocks based on how they perform at each stage in the cycle.BUSINESS CYCLE DIAGRAM .

2.MAP DIAGRAM . 67 visitors 1. For more info visit CrystalGraphics. 4. 800 visitors 2. The Map diagram links elements of the domain and range.Example of: Blogger Stats 1. 12 visitors 4.ANIMATED .com/ChartandDiagramSlides . 3. 122 visitors 3.

Recognize top campaign participants.CALENDAR TIMELINE DIAGRAM March 23rd . A Calendar Timeline Diagram shows key days leading up For more info visit CrystalGraphics. T shirts. Launch media event. Actions list.January Example of: Climate Action 3rd Focus on Hold contest for energy biking/walking. April 31st Press release with campaign success . JAN FEB 3 15 MAR 23 APR 31 DEADLI NE February 15th Email newsletter. Campaign saved.

com/ChartandDiagramSlides . For more infoassociation visit CrystalGraphics.Example of: The Perfect Team Eloquent Speaker Talented Artist Accurate Accountant Computer Whiz The Callout diagram allows users to set up and maintain relationships.ANIMATED – CALLOUT DIAGRAM .

Example of: Product Management Product Management Is directly related to Product Strategy. your area is to make the product successful. A Segmented Pyramid diagram is used to show containment. Product Marketing As a product manager. proportional.SEGMENTED PYRAMID .com/ChartandDiagramSlides . or interconnected relationships. For more info visit CrystalGraphics. Product Development.

com/ChartandDiagramSlides place.ANIMATED . new magazine concept and successful advertising campaign.Example of: Magazine Growth Not enough subscribers to support growth of magazine. A Key diagram shows where major development will take For more info visit CrystalGraphics. make subscribers pay less. Hire advertising agency.KEY DIAGRAM . More subscribers. revamp entire concept.  .