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World Textile –
Growth & Great Opportunities

16th & 17th September, 2016

(Friday & Saturday)
Hotel Sahara Star, Opp. Domestic Airport, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai - (India)

2016 at Hotel Sahara Star. It is really watershed event before the tide in global textiles turns in favour of India. Malaysia. TAI has played a very significant role in Indian textile industry which is recognized by industry leaders and Government agencies. Opp. General Management. About the World Textile Conference-2 WTC-2 will focus on manufacturing strength of Textile Industry in Far East including China. We will have eminent Global Speakers from all over the world and have planned to invite people from 20 countries or so. Secretary Textiles. The support of the Textile. Thailand on 14th. 15th& 16th February 2015. Also efforts will be made to invite from Pakistan. Apparel and Retail Garment Industries was enormous and the enthusiasm of the delegates attending this conference was simply over whelming. 2 Asian Textile Conferences. South Africa &. in order to make bigger success and to bring more issues of Global Textile Industry on our platform. Vietnam.Emerging New Opportunities worldwide and Challenging Business strategies” was quite topical and the organizers deserved all admiration for holding such mega event at the most appropriate time. having more than 23000 strong membership and 26 chapters covering all over India. Very successfully attended by more than 600 delegates from 18 countries and more than 50 speakers from 14 countries deliberated on very wide range of issues including Technical Industry Textiles. the Hon’ble Mrs. India THEME World Textile – Growth & Great Opportunities About the Textile Association (India) The Textile Association (India) established in the year 1939 is the foremost leading and largest National professional body of Indian Textiles. We will also provide stalls where the sponsors can display their products for Global audience. About the 1st World Textile Conference – 2011 The first ever World Textile Conference was held under the aegis of Textile Association (India) . TAI launched 3 days mega Global Textile Congress 2015 on overseas international platform to play leading role and to elevate the image globally. from the point of view of Association's history to organized first of its kind held outside the Indian shores. Rita Menon.Central office.The Textile Association (India) (an ISO 9001:2008 certified association) World Textile Conference-2 at Hotel Sahara Star. World Textile Conference-2 would be again truly international conference which would be two days conference will address various issues pertaining to the textile industry globally. Domestic Airport. . 2015 at Bangkok. Mumbai (India). Sri Lanka. Ministry of Textile. legal & HR etc. Thailand. USA. Over 700 participants from various countries present. Thailand. TAI is organizing World Textile Conference-2 during 16th & 17th September. Korea & Japan etc. After the grand success of 71 National All India Textile conferences. While inaugurating the Conference. Indonesia. GOI said that theme of the conference “Vision 2020 . It was indeed a mega show and all the papers were very knowledgeable and the speakers also of high profile with right subjects. There will be speakers’ sessions and panel discussions. The Sponsors. This mega event will be indeed 2nd of its kind. being held after the grand success of WTC 2011 to play leading role and to enhance its global image. with the support of Institute of Chemical technology (formerly known the UDCT) and Office of The Textile Commissioner. invitees and participants from India and the across the world has appreciated. Most of the participants will also have an opportunity to meet buyers and sellers from various parts of the world. delegates. About Global Textile Congress 2015– Bangkok The Textile Association (India) conducted very successfully first truly International Conference “Global Textile – Opportunities & Challenges in an Integrated World” in Bangkok. It has been providing guidance and services of various kinds to the Textile Industry over last 75 years. Mumbai. and there would be lot of deliberations by speakers from all these countries who will speak on variety of subjects. World Textile Conference 2011 and very successful first-ever overseas 1st Global Textile Congress recently concluded during 13th to 15th February. Bangladesh in addition to the speakers invited for 1st Global Textile Congress. This mega event was indeed first of its kind. This will also provide an opportunity to the global participants to get an insight about the international textile scenario of various countries which in turn will highly benefit to textile industry across the world. Australia.

Participants        Ministry of Textiles. TAI gratefully acknowledges the contribution of these esteemed members.panel discussion Significance of Integrated Apparel Design and Production facility E-Retailing and E-Commerce Major Marketing Tools Global Brands (Success Stories) Impact of packaging and transportation efficiency …. Various Countries Representatives of Chamber of Commerce & Industries Academic and Research Institutes Textile Industry Representatives Exporting and Importing Firms Professionals in the field of Fibres. CEOs and CMOs Corporate Companies In order to make a truly international conference with reference to global issues faced by Textile Industry. Revolution in Textile Value addition for Textile Industry Africa emerging new Textile Hub? African Middle Class . of States as Partners Banking and Financial Institutions Manufacturers & Suppliers Technical & Management Advisors Market Research organizations CMDs. Topics for Panel discussion        Catalyzing Innovative Development Partnerships Creating Multi stakeholder value Risks in the 21st Century African markets emerging very big opportunity American markets returning to original demand levels Emerging new opportunities in textile industry E-Commerce. TOPICS                           Shale gas revolution .Conference Objectives The Conference aims to provide a positive opportunity. Success Stories & Advantages to Textile Industry . Clothing and Apparel Textile Engineering and Machinery Manufacturers        Govt. sponsors and participants. It will also create a very positive global environment which ultimately will attract high quality speakers. & much more …. where textile fraternity can benefit in enhancing their cumulative strength. its types and Industries Polymers & Textiles in Orthopedic Applications Survey of Electricity and gas.Major Textile Consumers Nano Technology in Textiles Overview of Global Textile & Clothing Industry Global Review Viscose Fibre (VSF) Automotive Textile Market . It will also help in building the networking and business relationship among the participants from various countries catering to their business needs. trends and global scenario Application of Robots in Textile Industry E-Commerce.Huge Value Addition Opportunity Marketing India equally important as made in India Bio Technology in Textile Industry Importance of IT & Digital Industry in Textiles Facts about e-commerce in Textiles .How it changes oil situation Growth Analysis of Air Bags.Great Value Addition Global Top Apparel Retailers' Operational Garment Textile Industry in Bangladesh Pakistan emerging favourable textile destination Home Textiles . an International Advisory Board and a Conference Executive Committee were formed.

Teli * Mr. N.L. V. : 005701046894 IFSC Code : ICICI0006412 MICR Code : 400229068 Swift Code : ICICINBBCTS OFFICE BEARERS     Mr.       Mr. Rajiv Girotra Mr.: 9820575058 E-mail: sengupta_tk@hotmail. Tel.: +91-022-2446 1145. Secretary     National Vice President Vice Chairman Hon. Near Nirmal Nursing Parekh Mr.K. Vithal Mahapatra Dr.000 : INR 8.D.M. Jt. Secretary Mr. T.500 : INR 8. Sanghvi Conference Co-Chairman M. Logo & link of sponsor’s website on TAI website www. including Docket Kit.0 Lac / USD 12.0 Lac / USD 30.L.000 : INR 5. Company logo on Conference promotional items and printed materials Logo on Main Entrance Gate One Page Company Profile in the Conference Souvenir  Complimentary Conference Delegate registrations. Bagaria Conference Advisor M. Gen. Gen. R.D. Vikas Bhargav Mr. N. Bhoan Conference Advisor M.: 9322219254 E-mail: kds20@hotmail.R. Gen. Pankaj Sharma Dr.K.: 9820654662 E-mail: vdzope@gmail. Pankaj Kapoor Mr. Nirban Mr. S. G. Jain Dr. Dwarkanath Mansion.0 Lac / USD Mr. Shahani Ms Seema Srivastava Mr.000 : INR 6. J. Kannan Krishnamurthy EXECUTIVE BOARD        Mr. Fax: +91-022-2447 4971 E-mail: taicnt@gmail. N. Shah National President Chairman Hon.000 : INR Mr. Mehta Imm. R.: 9860930380 E-mail: hemantsonare@gmail. Girish Bhat Mr. Baweja Mr.: 9999910119 E-mail: ranbirvij@gmail. V.0 Lac / USD 9.0 Lac / USD 12.000 : INR 10.N.D.K. Parekh Hon. B.L. T. M. Aras Mr. Patil Mr. Bhagat Mr. Dhond Mr. Sharma Mr. Suddish Aggarwala Mr. 91. J. Treasurer Hon. Patil Mr. Hemant Sonare Conference advisor M.0 Lac / USD The Textile Association (India) 2.S. Khera Mr. Haresh B. Secretary Hon. Rajkumar Singhal Mr. A.D. Mumbai – 400 028 INDIA Mr.: 9820062612 E-mail: lionasinha@gmail. Ranade Road Extension.> * Subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction . Past President M. M. K.500 PARTNERSHIP BENEFITS Logo on Backdrop in the main Conference Hall. Arvind Sinha Mr. A.R.B.: 9821258998 E-mail: mlbagaria@gmail.N.G.B. Soma Mr. Arvind Sinha National President M. Website: <www. Zope Chairman M.0 Lac / USD 15.: 9821076796 E-mail: raj1033@gmail.: 9867247589 E-mail: skbhoan@hotmail.0 Lac / USD 45.V. Manohar Samuel Mr. Vij Conference Chairman M. Zope Mr. Anil Dadoo Mr. Dadar (W). H. Ashok Veda Names in Alphabetical order Mr. Office Manager.K.000 : INR 20. Secretary M. P.000 : INR 15.: 9167515676 E-mail: hareshbparekh@yahoo. Complimentary full-page 4 color advertisement in conference souvenir.textileassociationindia.       Note: Cheque / DD should be drawn in favour of “THE TEXTILE ASSOCIATION (INDIA)” Name of the Bank : ICICI Bank Branch : Dadar Gokhale Road Account No. M. Kalia Conference Advisor Mr. R. Vidur       Mr.: 9537275511 E-mail:       Mr.0 Lac / USD Mr.CONFERENCE PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES          Partnership Diamond Partner Platinum Partner Gold Partner Silver Partner Bronze Partner Docket Partner Dinner Partner Lunch Partner Tea / Coffee Partner Amount : INR 30. Gen. Ramesh Pokhrial Mr.D.: 9924852035 E-mail: taiahd2@gmail. D. Haresh B. Patel Conference Advisor M. V. Mhatre Mr. Sengupta Conference Advisor M.

000 25. Dadar (W). Mumbai ADVERTISEMENT FORM ADVERTISEMENT TARIFF: Back Cover Front Cover Inside Back Cover Inside Double Spread 1st Opening Full Page (4 Colour) Full Page (Single Colour) Book Mark (4 Colour) INR USD 35.000 30.000 25. Required Positives/CD for Printing Advertisements 2.: +91-22-2446 1145. Mumbai IFSC Code ICICI0006412 MICR Code 400229068 Swift Code ICICINBBCTS Account No 005701046894 Name of Account THE TEXTILE ASSOCIATION (INDIA) Cheque/Draft to be sent to: The Textile Association (India) 2.000 25. Advertisement material/confirmation along with payment must reach on or before 31st August. Domestic Airport. Shivaji Park. Mumbai – 400 028 INDIA Tel. Cheque/DD should be drawn in favour of “THE TEXTILE ASSOCIATION (INDIA)” OR Directly deposit in our Bank Name of the Bank ICICI Bank Branch Dadar Gokhale Road. Ranade Road Extension.World Textile: Growth & Great Opportunities 16th & 17th September. 2016 (Friday & Saturday) Hotel Sahara Star. 2016. 3.000 520 440 370 370 370 225 150 370 Company: _______________________________________ Address: _________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Phone: __________________ Mobile: ________________ E-mail:___________________________________________ Type of ADVT. Dwarkanath Mansion.000 25.000 10.: ___________ Bank __________________________ Date: _____________ TECHNICAL DATA Size of Souvenir : 28 cm (Height) x 21 cm (Width) Print Size : 24 cm (Height) x 17 cm (Width Printing Process : CTP / Offset NOTE 1. 91. confirmed (out of the table above): Material / Creative Details _________________________ Payment Details: Cheque/Draft No: ________________ Amt. Opp.000 15. Fax: +91-22-2447 4971 FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Receipt No.: Date: .

Domestic Airport.World Textile: Growth & Great Opportunities 16th & 17th September. Cheque/DD should be drawn in favour of “THE TEXTILE ASSOCIATION (INDIA)” Cheque/Draft to be sent to: The Textile Association (India) 2. Shivaji Park.: Date: . Mumbai – 400 028 INDIA Tel. Opp. 91. Spot registrations shall be entertained based on availability of delegation. Ranade Road Extension. No outstation cheque will be accepted.: __________ Bank ___________________________ Date: ____________ NOTE     Please produce appropriate receipt of delegate fee payment at the reception on the day of conference. Mumbai DELEGATE REGISTRATION FORM REGISTRATION FEES Members of TAI Non Members Accompanying Spouse Students Spot Registration Overseas Delegates INR 2000 2500 1000 1500 3000 - USD 200 PARTICULARS OF THE DELEGATE Name: ___________________________________________ Designation: ______________________________________ Organization: _____________________________________ Address: _________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Phone: ____________________ Mobile: ______________ E-mail:___________________________________________ Website: _________________________________________ Payment Details: Cheque/Draft No: _________________ Amt. 2016 (Friday & Saturday) Hotel Sahara Star. Outstation delegates may please forward restoration fee by way of DD / at par cheque only. Dwarkanath Mansion. Fax: +91-22-2447 4971 OR Directly deposit in our Bank: Name of the Bank ICICI Bank Branch Dadar Gokhale Road. Mumbai IFSC Code ICICI0006412 MICR Code 400229068 Swift Code ICICINBBCTS Account No 005701046894 Name of Account THE TEXTILE ASSOCIATION (INDIA) FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Receipt No. Dadar (W).: +91-22-2446 1145.