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1. ‘Learning Skills course provide learning resources and services to Open University
Malaysia (OUM) students to develop their study strategies and academic writing
skills.’ Do you agree or disagree with the statement?
I totally agree that learning skills course provide learning resources and services to Open
University Malaysia (OUM) students to develop their study strategies and academic
writing skills. This learning course consist nine topics. First topic in this course teach us
to manage our learning. Students can learn the techniques and methods to manage our
learning in the open distance learning mode. On to of that, we will also be exposed to
what it takes in order to be an excellent learner using the blended approach to learning.
Blended learning in this course can help students get to know multi-mode strategies.
Other than that, this course can give opportunity to youngsters to learn about virtual
learning environment. Students can study strategy through options, pages and processes
that make up the myVLE. MyVLE is very important to explore the ideas and information
that form the core of our studies with OUM. Furthermore, study about digital library in
this course help students explore the services and learning tools. Managing digital library
effectively is a important strategy that students nowadays should learn.
Next, students can learn about the ways to evaluate all the information they get through
online and offline. This topic in learning skill course teach students to come up with
innovative new ideas on their own based on the information that they gathered. Other
than that, coping with assignment topic in this course, help students to learn various
useful strategies to handle pressures of studying especially doing assignment effectively.
One of the most important skill for students to pursue degree is reading skill. This is
because a greater part of learning at university is achieved through reading as practically.
Students will learn different or specific ways of reading modules, tutorial, notes,
textbooks and journal. Different reading material have different ways of reading such as
scanning, skimming and critical reading. Indeed, students can come up with effective and
meaningful reading ways at the end of the course.
Students also can learn how to make notes of the things that they learnt in an effective
method. This is very important because short notes will help student when they sitting for
final exam in universities. Last but not least, this course also provide information about
various Microsoft programs that are most commonly used by students in their studies.
Through the last topic, students can explore more of basic functions which may be not be
familiar to some but very useful to the students.
In conclusion, learning skill course provide OUM students a great and detail review about
effective learning through different learning strategies. So, this course is very important to
OUM students.

what are the problems faced by open distance learners? It’s a fact that distance learning nowadays has created new and advanced learning opportunities for students all over the world. Without these types of supports. Students who enrolled open distance learning programs often lack the support and services available on a traditional campus. The lack of feedback on performance or contact with teachers also constitute a barrier for students. This creates a challenge for students who might need or desire academic or technical support. Distance learning offers enormous potential for students who want to take a class but are physically unable to attend a traditional classroom. Sometimes an effective distance learning instructor will guide and gives various ways to contact them.2. students must have or acquire a certain level of competency with the technology including hardware or software. Distance learning affords a flexibility that many students find it as convenience. distance learning classes can present problems for students in the areas of support. Face to face interactions between college mates. Open distance classes might not be an ideal scenario for every interested person. Distance learning programs associated with traditional universities are usually are usually accredited and will clearly state so on their website. Group discussions and paired projects can increase the interaction and collaboration between classmates. commitment and technology. So. However. A lack of meaningful interactivity can make students feel isolated and become discouraged. From your opinion. teachers is very low for distance learners. the teacher and other classmates expect each student to come to class every week. students must be prepare to handle all the problems that arise from open distance learning programs. audio or video components. The technology required to participate in distance learning class must be readily available and fully functional. wat’s app group. So. An effective distance learning class will incorporate interactive tools such as blogs. This creates the problem of evaluation for the distance learning students. today’s students can find online programs in a host of academic fields. students start to doubt their own abilities. leading them to drop out. Another main challenge faced by distance learning students is the level and type of interactivity. students who are struggling with course material may become frustrated and disengaged. However. Later on. A traditional teaching environment has social pressure towards students. email and skype. and it can quickly become a source of frustration. For example. students must be careful if the . including a phone number. complete assignments. quality is a challenge faced by distance learners. Distance learning implies a physical separation between student and instructor. This will help distance learning students to help each other. Furthermore. flexibility and sometimes lower tuition rates. interactivity. Not all are online programs are created equal. Next is about commitment. But. answer the teacher quizzes and actively participate in group activities. Last but not least. in a distance learning class students their self must be committed to their own success. no longer limited by proximity to traditional brick-mortar campuses. Students must possess or learn to develop the self-discipline required to organize their time effectively and participate fully in the learning process.

I always share my thoughts and opinions about the course and content. I always get past year exam papers through this tool. . Through this tool. myVLE environment provide us communication and collaborative learning. I get all the information about assignment from myVLE. I just submit the assignment online in myVLE. Students must make sure to check its accreditation before send the payment. journals and websites in course description icon help me very much to produce a quality assignment. reference book. communicate. I use myVLE to get accurate information about the course which I have taken. Based on the essay: (a) Prepare an annotation. where always I clarify my doubts regarding course or assignment. and ask questions from my tutor and classmates at anytime and anywhere. Further more. I ask question whenever I had free time. After done with assignment. I used to reply for my friends ideas and answers. Thus. Read an essay on ‘Effective Reading’ (refer to Attachment 1 of the assignment question). these are the challenges faced by open distance learning students. I just download assignment question from here. I can prepare myself to faced exam questions. articles. and ( refer attachment 1) (b) a mind map (can be done in handwriting or computer typing) of the essay that you have read. E-forum is like twenty four hour classroom. The best part is. I get chance to test myself many times during my free period. Different perspective from different people can enrich our knowledge. It is a collaborative tool that encourages me to share innovative ideas. In conclusion. all the e-learning in myVLE help me to excel in studies and come up with excellent results. I always use online discussion to discuss important issues related to the content in the learning module. Other than that.program that exists solely online. 3. When there are many people active in e-forum I get answer for my question immediately. I always evaluate my pre-learning and post-learning knowledge using Practice Questions available in “self assessment”. Other than that. I can interact. So. At the same time. they should come up with effective strategies to overcome these obstacles. In conclusion. Share your experiences and describe how you make use of myVLE to help you in learning? MyVLE support my online learning.

reread.slowly understanding . • Recall the ideas with own words and understanding. • Ask questions : Create questions STRATEGIES while reading.Question Read & retention Recall . • Read actively & critically INTRODUCTI Underline. • Monitor/Evaluate : Self .review • SQ3R : Flexible method of active method PURPOSE OF READING • Reading is important skill. • Critical understanding . ON understand the text. SQ3R . take note. not effective.Activates thinking process • Questions raised based on survey .EFFECTIVE READING • Know overview of a chapter : Fast • Highligth main ideas : Slowly • Locate specific information : read fast locate the information -read slowly.taking note • Reflection : Think before reading. OF READING • Underlining : Taking note while reading.Review • Survey is about give glance at headings. key words and photos . steps concentration • Survey .make us to concentrate and read critically. • Review is recalled all the questions and evaluate ourself. • Scanning/ Skimming : Get an overview through headings & main words • Speed reading : Reading can be improved . • Reading improves • Involve five mainunderstanding.

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