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Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10

24 July 2016
Pastor Art Brammer, Tay Street Baptist Church
This is a story of conversion.
I. Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus (v. 1-7).
A. Who he was:
1. Tax collector – they call him a “sinner” because of his
2. Rich – the perception was that he cheated to become
B. What he wanted – to find out more about Jesus.
1. Natural curiosity – all of the stories about Jesus.
2. Special interest – one of the disciples was a tax
Jesus was described as “a friend of tax collectors
and sinners.”
C. What he got – an extended interview.
1. There was joy – “He knows my name!”
2. There was shame – “He knows my heart” (Jn 2:24-25).
II. Jesus wanted to save Zacchaeus (v. 8-10).
A. Zacchaeus himself gave evidence of his salvation (v. 8).
1. He called Jesus “Lord.”
2. He had already decided to give away half of his
3. He had already decided to restore what he had stolen.
4. Real conversion always brings a change to the life.
Acknowledging sin is a spiritual exercise that
touches the heart and leaves us feeling guilt,
shame, sorrow, “undone.”
B. Jesus said that he was saved (v. 9).
1. Jesus could see the heart and knew the future.
2. “A son of Abraham” – “He has the same faith as
C. Jesus said he came for this purpose (v. 10).
If you haven’t been lost you can’t be saved.