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Why I believe the Bible is Truth from God (2 Peter 1:16-21)

31 July 2016
Pastor Art Brammer, Tay Street Baptist Church
People have opinions. God has truth: Your Word is truth.
The apostles were eyewitnesses of Jesus in His majesty (at His
The prophetic word (what God has caused to be written) is more reliable
than the experience of men.
1. It claims to be a book written by God 2600 times in the OT and
500 times in the NT we have expressions that tell us God speaks.
2. Fulfilled prophecy nearly a fourth of the Bible is prophecy. Is 46:9-11
give proof that give that the Bible is of divine origin.
3. Israel emigrants are usually absorbed into the cultures they go to
within 2-3 generations; they are now back in their own land (since 1948).
4. Its correlation to history the Bible is firmly tied to historical times
and settings; its history has proved accurate.
5. Its correlation to archaeology the greatest archeological find of
the last century was the Dead Sea Scrolls (1946).
6. Its correlation to science
Ps 8:8 - paths of the seas (Matthew Maury, oceanographer)
Is. 40:22 - circle of the earth (Columbus)
Ex. 2:3 - pitch = oil (Charles Wilshott of Standard Oil Company)
Jer. 33:22 - innumerable stars
Gen. 17:12 - circumcision on the 8th day
Job 26:7 - earth hung, on nothing
Lev. 17:11 - life is in the blood
Luke 17:30-36 - some sleeping & working at Christs return
Rev. 11:9 - all the world sees the 2 dead witnesses (technology)
7. Its teachings are true to human nature and experience the
Bible clearly speaks of the sins of the saints because it is real life.
8. Its teachings are also able to transform human experience the
gospel is the power of God to salvation (Rom 1:16).
There is no solid foundation for thinking that is contrary to the Bible.
God blesses the ones who come to Him by faith for salvation and begin to
follow His ways.