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Classroom Observation

Based on the observation of the excellent teacher in Sk Kelana for English, there are a few
theories used while teaching has been identified.
One of the theories used would be the Grammar Translation Method (GTM) or also
known as the Classical Method. This method has been used by many teachers for many years
as this method aims for students to find similarities of the grammar structure of their native
language and English. It is thought that if the students are able to familiarize grammar from their
native language in the English language then it would be easier for them to acquire English. In
the video, there was a lot of time where the teacher would translate his instructions; from
English to Malay. This can be seen through one of the conversation; ‘What is chalet? It’s a
kind of ‘pondok, rumah’ that you can stay.’ The teacher translated the word chalet into Malay.
Another example, ‘Are you with me? Adakah saya terlalu cepat? Terlalu slow?’. This
example shows that the teacher does not only translate word by word but he also mixed both
English and Malay language; ‘Terlalu slow’ which means too slow.

The second theory that is applied in this lesson plan would be Democratic Teaching by
Rudolf Dreikus. One of the aspects of this theory is that students have this desire to be a part of
the community hence the teachers need to create that environment where they can feel that it is
in their advantage to contribute to the group’s welfare. What can be seen in the video is that the
teacher started the lesson by making some small talks to the students. For example, by asking,
‘How are you today?’ Pupils responded, ‘Fine, thank you. By doing so, the teacher has
made some sort of bond with the students where the students feel comfortable with the teacher
and there is no indication from the video I watched that the students are uncomfortable with the
teacher. This was probably done so that the teacher can set the students’ mind that they are
now are going to learn in English. By doing so, the students could prepare their mind for the
lesson in another language and so that what the message that is send from the teacher to the
students is delivered.

Another aspect of the theory is that do not praise students but encourage them. What is
believed in this aspect is that encouragements are much more beneficial than rain them with
praises as encouragement does not just help a student but can also be a motivating factor for

With the withitness approach. ‘If you can get all correct. it is clear that the teacher plays quite a number of roles in the classroom. have you been to snorkeling before?. Getting a positive feedback can help weaker students to do better. ‘Good.00). This method emphasize on the students to develop basic communication skills through receiving meaningful exposure to the target language. After analyzing the video.’ The teacher did so as it would have been easier for the students to visualize what is being mentioned by the teacher rather than just listening. The method used in this theory would be Natural Approach by Krashen and Tervell. If you can get 5. This way. you can buy burger. Other than that is the theory of Instructional Management by Jacob Kounin. The third theory that can be identified through this video would be Total Physical Response (TPR).’. the teacher would call out names from time to time if he thinks that the students are not paying attention or if he thinks that the students does not understands. In the video. ’This praise he said was addressed to all the students in the classroom to motivate them to do better in their next try. the students would not feel burdened to do well but motivate them. For example.’ and The teacher then praised. very good. One of it would be as a motivator. as the teacher continuously encourages the students by giving positive responds towards them. The teacher might have used this method for that same reason as he knows his students are not the best out there but with much encouragement. the students will be aware that the teachers have eyes behind their back as the teacher is able to monitor and interact with students doing independent work while presenting lessons to smaller group. This theory focuses on the teacher to be alert and aware of the students’ activity and behaviour. ‘The next word was ‘Nature’ and explained by gesturing to outside of the classroom. the teacher uses gestures so that the students would understand the word better. I will give you one ringgit (RM1. For example. the teacher did praise the students for doing good and for responding to his questions. In the video. The teacher would praise students ‘good’ . but if you can get 3. the students might just do well enough to get through. ‘Full mark for this section is 5 marks. For example.other students. it’s enough.

the bell began to ring and there are a few announcements were made. This was to ensure that the students are aware of the lesson.00 and they could use that money to buy a burger. Instead of giving input and students giving output at the end of the stages.and also said that that it is alright for them if they scored 3 out of 5 marks and if they scored 5. there was a point where knocking can be heard which can also be a disturbance to the lesson. It also a statement from the teacher to the students that they do not have to feel pressured knowing the students are not doing well with the subject. there are a few weaknesses that can be identified from the video. Do teaching’ where the teacher say the task. the classroom condition is not conducive. There are a few things that the teacher can do to improvise the teaching. During the lesson other students voices can be heard which makes the teacher’s voice to drown and not clear. This way the students could be actively engaged with the learning as they do not have any time to waste and be disengaged. he would call out names to ask questions or to ask whether they understood or not. At some pint of the lesson. However. By translating word by word would only make the students become lazy in acquiring the . His approach is ‘Say. very good. Other than that. This serves as a motivation towards the students to work harder. This process is being used frequently in the lesson. he would give them RM 1. Sure enough there are students who lose their focus and to ensure the students’ attention is back to him. There was also the announcement where there is a time the teacher would continue his lesson making it hard to listen to his voice with the announcement going. See. Other than that what the teacher can do is to not translate the words from English to Malay. students see the task. another role the teacher played was as a mood maker. teacher perform the task and the student do it. For example. One of it is through Fred Jones’ theory on keeping students willingly engaged in learning. He even made a joke that if they manage to answer all questions correctly. Other than that. teacher should give input and then quickly give students to do something with it.

the teacher did a good job in managing the classroom as there were no major disruption happened and the teacher did use different approach in different situation as to what he deem as appropriate. Teacher can also explanation of the word through pictures or gestures and translating the word in Malay should be the last and most least preferable way when teaching English language as a second language. . What the teacher can do is to set a rule where the students must speak English when in a lesson and allow the students to speak the word in Malay but give immediate translation of the word in English and ask the students to repeat the word so that they would remember better.language as they are aware that the teacher will eventually translate the language for them and would in a way block their hearing or input of the language and only take in after it is being translated. Using different approach can help in managing a situation better and effectively. In conclusion.