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constructive solutions

Fosroc Polyurea Solutions
High performance technology for waterproofing, flooring
and protective coating applications

residential. Fosroc has developed into an International leader in delivering Constructive Solutions for projects across a broad range of sectors including commercial. Selecting from the full portfolio of Fosroc products and services and integrating expert technical support. infrastructure and marine.fosroc. world class customer service and innovation. Concrete Admixtures Surface Treatments Grouts & Anchors Waterproofing Sealants Concrete Repairs Surface Coatings Flooring Coatings 1 . North and South Asia and Europe. industrial. Fosroc goes beyond just product selling to ensure that we partner with our customers to deliver complete constructive solutions.Our Profile Since the company’s beginnings in the UK. and is further represented in other regions across the world by distributor and licensee partners (for your local details please refer to Fosroc has an extensive network of offices and manufacturing locations across the Middle East.

Surface finish can be smooth or anti-slip. Designed for service temperatures from . technical assistance. please contact your local Fosroc office. The coated substrate can be put into full service within an hour. For specific recommendations. Seamless. liners and membranes. specialist applicators.Fosroc Polyurea Products Fosroc have developed a range of high performance third generation Polyurea products which combine all the benefits of coatings. 2 .30°C to 135°C. Very low turn . These products can be used for a wide range of waterproofing and flooring applications with cure times so fast that the coating is completely tack free within seconds. Can be applied at ambient temperatures from . cure times and finishes for typical applications. or for details on colour options. 100% solids pure Polyurea materials which are spray-applied.around time.30°C to 70°C. thermal stability and UV resistance. Fosroc Polyurea products are comprised principally of plural component. The Advantages Of Using Fosroc Polyurea Systems Environment friendly . method statements. These Polyurea materials have been individually formulated to offer the best physical properties. Significantly enhances the durability of reinforced concrete. abrasion and puncture resistance. Excellent chemical VOC. Low permeability values. Excellent impact.

Podium decks and Balcony waterproofing. Secondary containment. Jetties. Industrial Construction Basement waterproofing. Sewage Treatment plants . Petrochem and Power Bridges. Lake and Waterway canals. Zoo habitat flooring and lining of ponds. urea & high pressure cleaning resistant surfaces.Market Segment Applications Civil Construction Transport. Desalination tanks. Pontoons and Floating docks. Theme parks. Liners for Ponds.Factory. Flooring .Anti-slip. Food processing plant flooring. Loading bays. Coal Storage bunkers. Roofs. Agricultural facilities . Off Shore Platforms. Water Tanks. Cooling Pools and Plants. Milking and Farm Animal Areas . Lining for water tanks. 3 . Tunnels. Secondary containment.Tanks and Pipelines. Grain Silos and Silage Pits. Car park flooring. Water.Anti-wear surfaces. Piers and Wharfs.

4 . Stadium staircase coating. Applications Industrial flooring protective coating. Application Equipment Fosroc Polyurea products are spray applied using a plural component proportioning unit. Food processing floor areas coating. Waste water tanks. Podium deck and balcony waterproofing. Bridge structures. Applications External waterproofing to below ground structures. the materials are fed through heated hoses and mixed at the spray gun head. Primary and secondary containment.Fosroc Polyurea Systems Fosroc Polyurea WPE Specifically formulated with the latest generation of customised ingredients to provide robust applicability and performance across the widest range of waterproofing applications. For specific details of the equipment necessary. Roof waterproofing. Car parks and garages floor coating. Fosroc Polyurea FLM Specially formulated for success in high trafficable flooring applications utilising latest generation of ingredients. or for details of recommended specialist applicators please contact your local Fosroc office.

copies of which may be obtained on request. recommendation or information given by it. whether or not in accordance with any advice. it cannot. specification or information it may give is accurate and correct. because it has no direct or continuous control over where or how its products are Important Note Fosroc products are guaranteed against defective materials and manufacture and are sold subject to its standard terms and conditions of sale. recommendation. Whilst Fosroc endeavours to ensure that any advice. specification. accept any liability either directly or indirectly arising from the use of its products. AGF 022009 .www.fosroc.