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Japanese Embassy Aids Sunshine

Special School with New Bus
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JULY 25, 2016 - AUGUST 25, 2016

Associate Director of FRIEND Dr Jone Hawea with students of Tilak High School during the Back to the Vanua seminar at USP
Lautoka Campus. Photo: Sanjay Goundar

Zareena Bi

Identity revealed

Organization has attempted to
give an identity to the Indo-Fijian
community in the country through
four long years of extensive research.
The research carried out by the
Foundation for Rural Integrated
(FRIEND) is expected to play a
pivotal role in reuniting the two
major races in the country.
During a lunch hour seminar on
July 21, titled “Back to the Vanua”
organized by the University of the
South Pacific Lautoka Campus
in conjunction with FRIEND the

actual identity of the Indo-Fijian
community in the country who
arrived in Fiji during the Girmit Era
was revealed.
Hundreds of secondary school
students and other listeners present
at the USP Lautoka campus were
astonished to learn that the IndoFijian community in the country
are Kai Noco’s or belong to the
Nocotikina of the Rewa Province.
Speaking at the seminar Associate
Director of FRIEND Dr Jone Hawea
revealed that the customary burial
of the indentured labourers who lost
their lives in the Syria ship wreck
on May 11, 1884 at the Nasilai Reef
formed a totally new relationship

between the Itaukei community and
the indentured labourers who came
to Fiji from India.
Dr Hawea revealed that the
TuiNoco then made a declaration
that because the 59 indentured
labourers who lost their lives were
accorded proper burial by the people
on Noco on the soil of Noco they
belonged to the tikina of Noco.
“Similarly the TuiNoco then
also made this declaration that
all descendants of the Girmitiyas
belong to the tikina of Noco and are
Kai Noco’s.
“This is definitely a significant
recognition given to the Indo-Fijian
community in the country because
for almost 100 years when it comes to

revealing ones identity unfortunately
our Indo-Fijian brothers and sisters
would take a step back unlike our
Itaukei community.”
He informed that the revelations
in Noco resulted in the recent
Rewa Day celebration being a very
significant one for the two major
races in the country.
Director of FRIEND Sashi
Kiran said this particular research
conducted by their organization has
given the most rewarding result.
She urged the Indo-Fijian community
in the country to come forward and
appreciate the recognition given and
work hand in hand with the itaukei
community to properly strengthen
the bond between the two races.





25, 2016

Japanese kindness


Japanese Embassy Second Secretary Masayuki Ikeda hands over keys of the new
bus to Sunshine Special School President Jone Nakauvadra.
Photo: Maika Kasami
Zareena Bi
THE challenges faced by special schools in
developing countries are far greater than those
faced by mainstream schools in any country.
Speaking at the handover ceremony of
a new 30 seater bus at the Sunshine Special
School in Lautoka on July 22, the second
secretary of Japanese embassy in Fiji Masayuki
Ikeda mentioned that not only does the special
schools have to ensure the safety of students in
school but it also has to ensure that students are
transported with extra special care outside the
school as well.
“The government of Japan understands
the risks associated with the transporting of
these students to and from school using an
obsolete transporttherefore to assist the school
in addressing this problem a funding worth
$177,365 Fijiandollars has been provided for
this project which is implemented through its
grant assistance for Human Security Projects
“The new bus is safe and spacious for the
students to travel in and it will also reduce the

time required to pick and drop off students.”
The second secretary also informed
that this assistance is in line with the Fijian
Government’s policy to strengthen and
support special and inclusive education to and
such assistance with the Fijian development
objectives is fundamental to Japan’s overall aid
to Fiji.
He added that since 1990 Japan has been
providing continued assistance to grass root
communities in Fiji through 341 projects with a
total value of 19 million USD.
Meanwhile, the CEO of Lautoka City
Council Jone Nakauvadara thanked the
Japanese embassy as President of Sunshine
“This is a new dawn for Sunshine as our
silent prayers have been heard by the good
hearted people of Japan.
“We also thank Asco Motors for assisting in
getting the best bus for the school through this

Timely boost for Zhong Hua

Chinese High Commissioner to Fiji Zhang Ping (back middle) while presenting
text books to Lautoka Zhong Hua School.
Photo: Sanjay Goundar
Sanjay Goundar
THE Chinese Embassy in Fiji is in the process
of significantly increasing its assisting to
schools in the country.
Whilst handing over a range of Chinese and
English text books to the Lautoka Zhong Hua
School recently Chinese High Commissioner
to Fiji Zhang Ping revealed that the Chinese
Government is very much committed to
enhance the education sector in Fiji.
Mr Ping informed that the embassy is
also ready to assist local students learn the
Chinese language which would become very
instrumental for them if they intend to pursue
further studies or a employment career in
“I know many of our kids have started
learning Chinese in Fiji as it is very important
to learn the language.
“I think this text books will provide you
the opportunity to properly learn the Chinese

The High Commissioner commended
Lautoka Zhong Hua Primary School for
excellent achievement in the field of education
for the last number of years.
He stressed that the Lautoka based school
plays a vital role in teaching the diverse local
community about the Chinese language and
“Keeping this in mind we will now further
increase our assistance to Zhong Hua School in
the very near future.
“We have today provided the school with a
range of Chinese and English text books which
will be very beneficial for both the students and
the teachers.
“More assistance will be channeled towards
the school through our embassy to properly
enhance the teaching and learning environment
here,” Mr Ping revealed.

Repair & Maintenance Aluminium Works
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Security Grills, Automative Gates, Commercial Doors, Flyscreen Shower
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25 Balawa Street,
P.O Box 1519, Lautoka
Mobile: 9246938 / 9995688

Director: Alex Fong


and nearby settlements and urban centres. inclusive. the first class of students from the three pioneer FNU technical college campuses graduated. students of the Lautoka cultural centre provided the instrumental support to Nand’s singing. Act now! Special Price Offer Available e arante We Gu % 100 n of atio elimin es & t Termi s ug Bed B Viveka Nand (right) and team performing during the Ghazal Nite at Girmit Centre in Lautoka.epapergallery. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Mehdi Hassan. vocals and instrumental training.” Meanwhile. These were the sentiments echoed by Prime Minister Rear Admiral Voreqe Bainimarama during the opening of the Lautoka Sanatan Technical College Campus in Lautoka on July 19. “We wish to enhance more learning and for that we need financial support and other assistance from the business houses and CITY STAR . another modern. Photo: Sanjay Goundar Zareena Bi Mobile: 833 4049 P. Classical music event We are now approaching the termite breeding season. Fiji Girmit Council Secretary Mr Jagannath Sami informed that the Council is doing its best to promote cultural activities such as classical 03 PM Rear Admiral Frank Bainimarama with Education Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy and other guests at the Lautoka Sanatan Technical College Opening.THE COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER FROM LAUTOKA community at large and that is the reason for organizing this Ghazal evening. in May this year.O Box JULY NEWS 25. “Since the Girmit Council took over from the Indian Cultural Centre the number of students in all the disciplines have increased. “These skills give our young people a strong foundation to build on and the rest depends on what they bring to the table.citystarnews@kaiviti. The major sponsor for the event was Life Insurance Corporation of India (LICI) with other supporting sponsors from renowned Lautoka business houses. “The young people of Lautoka can now join the 2. “We are very pleased to work with an organisation that has time and time again demonstrated a commitment to increasing educational access in Fiji and assisting my Government in making us a more knowledgebased society. “This is one of eight new technical college campuses being opened in the coming weeks all over Fiji and these new campuses will teach our young people the trade skills they need to find meaningful careers and enjoy productive lives. The Prime Minister informed that it is the result of collaboration and partnership between Government and the SanatanDharamPratinidhi Sabha of Fiji. “These are the skills that we need to take our dynamic economy to even greater levels of success. their drive and their vision. 2016 Quality education for Fiji Prime Minister Rear Admiral Frank Bainimarama officially opening the Lautoka Sanatan Technical College. Mr Viveka Nand. “With the opening of this THE Fiji Girmit council recently recognized the essence of classical music by organizing a ghazal evening at the Girmit centre in Lautoka while also raising funds to upgrade the facilities for the students of their cultural centre.777 other students enrolled in Technical Colleges throughout the nation. my Government plans to offer even more. Photos: Maika Kasami Zareena Bi NEVER in our history have there been more options to pursue quality education in Fiji and each year. Meanwhile. their resourcefulness. According to the Prime Minister of the 350 graduates.” The Lautoka Sanatan Campus has been opened with the expectation to service villages.” The Ghazal evening on July 9 was a mixture of renditions by the music teacher from Indian Cultural Centre Suva. comprehensive and quality educational option is at your disposal here in Lautoka. while the rest have opted to continue their education at FNU. KAM CHEMICAL INNVESTMENT Suppliers of House Keeping & Swimming Pool Chemicals & Pest Control www. . Lautoka Email: kambabu23@gmail. The audience were treated with soulful lyrics from great Ghazal singers like Jagjit Singh. 70 per cent are already in the workforce.

Ali informed that there are many areas the council can work with the police department to tackle or crack down increase in criminal activities.epapergallery. “Unfortunately out of the 1976 street lights in the city only 576 are operational and immediate steps have to be taken to properly light up all streets of the city.” he stressed. The council is now engaging with regular meetings with the Divisional Crime Prevention Committee to map out plans on how the two organisations can work together to fight crime. “However. street is a major concern which together with the council we are going to solve with the Fiji Roads Authority. .04 LAUTOKA CITY COUNCIL NEWS Citizens’ safety prime concern citystarnews@kaiviti. “The council has assured us that wherever CITY STAR . “We want our citizens to feel safe at home and on our streets with their family members any time of the day and night.” Mr Ali emphasized. Photo: Sanjay Goundar Chairman of the Divisional Crime Prevention Committee Western Faiaaz Ali reevaled that they are overwhelmed by the support extended by the JULY 25. Sanjay Goundar SAFETY of the citizens of the city is the main priority of the Lautoka City Council. Photo: Supplied. www. 2016 LCC CEO Jone Nakauvadra (middle front) with the members of the Divisional Crime Prevention Committee Divisional Crime Prevention Committee Western Chairman Faiaaz Ali expresses his views during their first meeting of the committee at the Police western division headquarters. Council chief executive officer Jone Nakauvadra has informed that the security of its people is the paramount concern for them. With the increasing number of criminal activities particularly housing breaking and robbery with violence cases the Council is now jointly working with the police department to control the situation. Mr Nakauvadra revealed that the council is ready to assist the police force with whatever means possible to curb rise in criminal activities in the city.THE COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER FROM LAUTOKA there is overgrown grass it will be attended to as soon as possible. He revealed that overgrown grass and less street lights are two major concerns at this stage which are directly linked to rising criminal activities. “We believe our city can only progress further if our people both residents and usiness community are safe from thugs.

all the developments are in compliance with Such developments are prohibited from the council’s requirement and building permits residential premises as it has detrimental are obtained prior to the construction. black smith and Ratepayers that advised to ensure that other such operations from residential premises.20 before it is released from the pound at Vunato Landfill Site.20 .THE COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER FROM LAUTOKA $33. painting of motor JULY LAUTOKA CITY COUNCIL NEWS 05 Dog Trapping Exercise Lautoka City Council wishes to advice the residents that dog trapping exercise is being carried out. Illegal effect on the normal enjoyment of peace and building developments which does not conform amenities of surrounding inhabitants. Also pet owners to note if your pets are on the street despite having a license they will be trapped. ratepayers are requested to concern that there are increasing number of refrain from carrying out industrial operations non-conforming and illegal development taking namely mechanical. The Council will not hesitate in issuing www.00 and obtain dog license from Ministry of Agriculture at $13. The owners can claim their trapped dogs from the Council upon payment of $22. to the yard clearance requirement under the Town Planning Scheme General Provisions notices for not abiding to the laws and contributes to the ventilation and lighting regulations pertaining to to illegal and non- problems together with the privacy of the conforming developments and take legal action adjoining neighbours. The license doesn’t mean that the pet is allowed to move freely on the streets. 2016 Non-Conforming and Illegal Developments THE Lautoka City Council has noted with Furthermore. JONE Q NAKAUVADRA CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER $25.60 CITY STAR . panel beating with spray place within the city residential areas. Take pride in your city and join hands with the council in combating the stray dog problems. The pet owners are hereby notified that you are to confine your pets within the compound and necessary license is obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture as per the Provisions of Dogs Act Cap 168. for non-compliance.

com/citystar Follow us on facebook with daily updates : CitySTAR-Newspaper Printed by: Universal Print Solar lights brings relief to families Zareena Bi SI Lautoka members donating the solar lights to the Lake family in Lovu Seaside. However. Lautoka www. President Konrote during the ‘i-Tatau’ (traditional team farewell) at the State House encouraged all athletes to do their best in Rio and be exemplary ambassadors for our country both on and off the field. Phone: 6645 826 Fax: 6645 826 Mobile: 9975 369/ 9926 369/ 8322 211/ 7772 826 P. JULY 25. This reflects our Nation’s capacity to progressively nurture and increase our number of elite athletes. SI Lautoka President Ranjini Sanjay informed that the club is committed in their quest to identify such needy families and provide relief through the solar lights. Lautoka. Fiji has never won an Olympic medal but the Men’s rugby team will be at short odds to create history and become the first ever to win a medal. Junction of S. Being back to back HSBC world sevens series champions. he encouraged them to accept defeat with dignity.M. 2016 NEWS This time around Fiji will be represented by 94 athletes and officials for both the Olympic Games and the Paralympics Games. Karti Nandani who is a year nine student informed that apart from the great assistance towards their studies the lights will provide safety for their family as they have to walk a distance in the night to use the washroom. Fiji has taken part in every event since 1956. LAUTOKA POSTAL ADDRESS : PO Box 4230. The Prasad family who were badly affected by the recent TC Winston also received solar lights from SI Lautoka.” For the records.06 stand a good chance of winning a medal if not the gold. Amidst the struggles lack of electricity is also a reality for some families which not only hinders normal lives but also greatly affects the education of children. ALMOST six months after the devastating effects of cyclone Winston in the country families are still struggling to rebuild their lives and homes as acquiring building materials is a mammoth task due to the shortage of materials. The 2016 Team Fiji contingent to the Olympics will become the 14th Fijian team to represent our nation. During these trying times the Soroptimist International (SI)Immediate Past President Anne Garvie has kindly provided her assistance from London by donating solar lights with panels for the needy families in Fiji which is currently being distributed by SI members of the seven clubs in Fiji. Team USA has won the most number of gold at 976 more than twice of Russia and Soviet Union who come in second and third / sanjayg@connect. Koya Rd. Agents for: Fiji Gas and Blue Gas. And if the WEB : www. “It is the largest since our first foray into the Olympic arena. Her daughter.THE COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER FROM LAUTOKA . Meanwhile. Major-General (Ret’d) JiojiKonrote. “Adopting either of the approaches would define you as true sportsman and women and portray Fiji as a highly progressive with heightened level of appreciation of the real spirit of the Games. We wish Team Fiji all the best in their quest to do all of us frozen goods. Box 7350. fancy goods. Konrote reminded athletes that should they be on the podium they must accept their award with humility. Photos: Sanjay Goundar CITY STAR . “said His Excellency the President. and for the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo and the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow.epapergallery. Around 200 families will benefit from these lights which is the second phase of the “See Solar Cook Solar” project administered in the country last year. The Prasad family had suffered extensive damage to their home during cyclone Winston and are still living in a tent while waiting for building supplies for their new home. Maika Kasami Editor.epapergallery. the Lake family who were also assistedhave six children attending school and they were delighted with this assistance. Liquor Licence Holder 2 Ram Sami Reddy Rd. Lautoka HARI LAL INVESTMENTS Specialised in: general groceries. According to year ten student Virisila Lake her family has been going through difficult times as their mother is sickly and their father has to do household chores in the evening so the lights are indeed a blessing for them. SI Lautoka started their distribution late last month and the first two families who benefitted were the Prasad family of Naviyago seaside and the Lake family of Lovu Seaside area. wholesalers of quality root & pounded grog.O. According to Mrs Prasad it gets very hard for her children to study in the evenings without electricity and the solar lights will be of great assistance to her family. Lautoka. EDITORIAL On the Road to Gold! FIJI as a nation is bracing itself for the start of the 2016 Rio Olympics in Brazil from August 5-21. it is quite evident that the national side would not want to settle for anything less than a gold medal. T/A : WESTERN MEDIA ENTERPRISES EMAILS: citystarnews@kaiviti. the Ben Ryan coached side PUBLISHER : SANJAY GOUNDAR : PH: 9960 129 EDITOR : MAIKA KASAMI : PH: 9189 779 MARKETING MANAGER: ZAREENA Bi : PH: 9322 621 OFFICE : 15 TUKANI STREET. judging by the way the boys have prepared for the journey to the mecca of football.

In fact Krishna means one who attracts and the devotees consider him to be their leader. teacher and friend. Nadi.243rd birth anniversary of Lord 07 all Hindu festivals. Prayer venues are decorated in bright colors and lights and ladies prepare special sweets and food to add to the air of excitement. The magic of this event is evident in al it’s aspects. During this occasion it is common to see devotees gather in their Mandalis or groups and Photo: Zareena Bi at temples to hold prayers and preach about the life and virtues of Lord Krishna as well as sing kirtans to capture his special ambiance and charisma. It is said that whenever darkness and evil prevails on Earth the Lord takes birth and eradicates all evil. one of the most popular deities for the followers of this . Within the Bhagavata Purana. was given to Yashoda and Nanda in Gokul by Krishna’s father Vasudeva on the night of his birth. protector. Lord Krishna was born in the darkness of JULY NEWS 25. Distribution & Wholesalers Wide Range of items for this Krishna Janmastami Assorted Size / Colours Radha Krishna Murtis Goddess Durga Marble Stone Murtia Stone Hanuman Murti Unique Candle Stands Location: Nadi Town Council Complex Phone: 670 0951 Fax: 670 7519 A/h: 672 2069 Mobile: 924 4868 / 995 0069 CITY STAR . the king of Mathura.citystarnews@kaiviti. all the guards slept off. Zareena Bi THE month of August is eagerly awaited by Hindu devotees around the world as this will bring with it the celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna. These admirable traits of Him has not lost its relevance even in this day and age therefore even today every mother wishes to be a Devki or Yashoda and every child a Krishna. As the legend goes. inside a cell of a jail where his parents were locked up by his cruel uncle.O Box 107. philosopher. This occasion brings everyone together which encourages unity and faith. Importers. The period of celebrations which is normally a week long affair is fondly referred to as Krishn Janmashtami or Ashtami is much anticipated and brings along a lot of excitement. for his protection from Devaki’s brother.epapergallery. Exporters.THE COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER FROM LAUTOKA P. This year Ashtami falls on August 25 and it will mark the 5. So. the chains broke and the barred doors gently flew open. be it the fanfare in the rocking of cradle with Lord Krishna’s photo image or statue or the singing and dancing in His welcome. Janmashtami holds a special place among www. “This Page is Sponsored By Sivam & Company” SIVAM & COMPANY LIMITED ys Something New a w l A General Merchants. Fiji Islands Email: sivamco@connect. Janmashtami is also symbolic in this sense as it is celebrated to encourage the good and destroy the evil. 2016 In anticipation of Lord Krishna Hindu devotees celebrating Shri Krishn Janmastami in Lautoka last year. It is said that at the moment of his birth. it is described that Krishna who was born to Devaki.

com JULY 25.epapergallery. 2016 ADVERTISEMENT www.THE COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER FROM LAUTOKA .08 Stores: Suva & Lautoka Unbelievable Prices on our wide range of elegant items for this Raksha Bandhan Check at our various shops for unique gift ideas for your sisters & brothers CITY STAR .

Sergent Meciusela Bilo pays compliments to the Commissioner and officers during the parade.000. Police have been subject of negativity and he has given his assurances to members of the public that they will be investigating the claims made against the organisation as he does not condone any abuse of powers.” He said members of the public now expect even more after the provision of more vehicles from Government and the increased allocation for the 2017 Budget. Cane farmers should not burn their crops because this will lead to the spread of fire to other properties. “The way society is today. Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho. Now within a few days into the new crushing season.citystarnews@kaiviti. 2016). AS an organisation. Investigations into the cane burning are continuing and people have been taken in for questioning. Acting Station Commander Lautoka Inspector of Police (IP) Apete Rokolui receives his medal from the Commissioner of Police. “Public’s perception on Police”: Qiliho. Most farmers often have that habit of burning their crops for easier harvesting and Police are urging them to refrain from that practices. Commissioner Qiliho stressed that it was important to protect the rights of those they come across in their line of work.epapergallery. CITY STAR . We just need to be smarter about how we work. by the book so they will have nothing to worry about. Fiji Police Force is calling on all cane farmers to assist them in monitoring all movements of new faces in their area.” said Commissioner Qiliho. “Complaints will come and that is part of our work. information spreads like wildfire and before we know it we are trying to do damage control for some things that our officers’ get caught up in. Nadi on Wednesday(15th July. More than 600 tons of canes have been destroyed so far with the estimated value of more than $40. The head of Police reminded all officers that the negativity that they are drawn into can be avoided if they are always mindful and are aware of all that encompasses their work as a Police Officer. Don’t let what’s happening around you distract or dishearten Avoid burning sugar cane: Police 09 THE Fiji Police Force in the Western Division so far has registered 23 cases of cane burning this year before the starting of the crushing season. the Fiji Police Force is constantly being scrutinized because the uniform they wear comes with a lot of responsibilities.00 gone up in smoke. the Fiji Police Force is concern this figure is expected to rise within the West. Anyone found responsible for setting fire to crops will be dealt with accordingly. He said Police Officers cannot afford to be complacent as they have to be mindful of the bigger picture and they need to do their work honestly. This is the view of the Commissioner of Police Brigadier General SitiveniQiliho during his first medal parade for the Western Division at Prince Charles JULY 25.THE COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER FROM LAUTOKA . 2016 FIJI POLICE FORCE NEWS www. He informed officers on parade that recently.

Sanjay Goundar ONE of Fiji’s leading banking institutions brought its customers and staff members together to celebrate the bank’s foundation CITY STAR .” she added. Pressure gauges Flanges. JULY 25. He emphasized that the success of Bank of Baroda in Fiji is also the success of its customers and the people of the country. Walu Bay Suva.10 citystarnews@kaiviti. New Zealand The emotional Natova Sector queen revealed that she was very fortunate to be part of such a worthy cause. Plastic Ball Valves Poly Fittings. Fiji in 1961 and today has eight branches and off site ATMs around the country. Check Valves Butter Valves. 23-year-old Air Terminal Services employee Brittany Verma was crowned Miss Farmers 2016 and securing a return trip to Auckland.O BOX 4553. the bank has its presence in 24 overseas countries around the world. Singh stressed that the initiative by the bank to celebrate foundation day every year is very important as its objective is to bring a sense of belonging amongst customers and staff members. the Princely state of Gujarat by Late Maharaja Sir SayajiraoGaekwad III. LAUTOKA. Fiji Islands Phone: (679) 331 7220 | Fax: (679) 330 1700 | Mobile: (679) 992 9861 Email: pvc@connect. Soleniod Valves.” Singh revealed. MsVerma informed that this was the first time ever she took part in any beauty pageant and the platform was a great learning experience for her. Tank Fittings.THE COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER FROM LAUTOKA . Mr. PROCESS VALVES & CONTROLS LTD. Meanwhile. Carnival Director Udit Narayan revealed at the crowning night on July 16 that despite the absence of a major sponsor they managed to organize the biggest carnival this year which was a profitable venture. “The purpose of the celebrations is to engage Barodians to create thinking on ideas that can contribute to a secure and substantial future for all. Mr Narayan revealed amidst a jam packed carnival crowd that they will increase their assistance to more than a thousand students from the proceeds of this year’s carnival. FIJI ISLANDS Phone: (679) 666 3300 | Fax: (679) 666 4862 | Mobile: (679) 992 1021 Email: pvcjohn@connect. The Bank was established on this date in 1908 in Baroda. “The other importance of Foundation Day is that buildings are only strong if the foundation is strong. “The carnival gave me an ideal platform to interact with so many new people on daily basis and express my views in front of huge crowds. Gate Valves. we in Fiji are very lucky to have the presence of Bank of Baroda which has a very strong foundation. Push Fittings Water Filters / Housing Apex Float Valves LAUTOKA P. Nylon Tubings. He informed that around 700 pupils were assisted this year from funds raised from last year’s festival with their educational needs. Our Latest Arrivals Stainless Steel / Steam Fittings Ball More assistance from Farmers Carnival Miss Farmers 2016 Brittany Verma during the crowning night of the Farmers Carnival in Lautoka. Photos: Sanjay Goundar Sanjay Goundar AT the culmination of a successful 2016 Farmers Carnival organisers have pledged increased assistance for poor and needy students of Lautoka. Bank of Baroda opened its first branch in SUVA 3 Matua Street. 2016 Bank of Baroda celebrates Foundation Day NEWS Bank of Baroda Lautoka branch staff and management (back row) with prominent business people from Lautoka (front row) during the bank’s foundation day celebration. He added that the response from the public and business sector this year has motivated them to organize a much bigger event next year. Pressure Relief Valves Water Meter. July 20 every year marks the foundation day of the largest commercial bank of India. Lautoka Chamber of Commerce and Industries President Pyara Singh commended Bank of Baroda for being a very friendly bank with sound banking customer relationship. Anka Fittings. Camlocks. Meanwhile. “At this note I am very thankful to our Queen Mother Asha Sharma for being our guardian angel throughout the weeklong carnival. Bank of Baroda. During a special afternoon tea organized by the bank’s Lautoka branch customers were enlightened with the bank’s journey of success. Hose Clips Float Valves. Plastic Foot Nylon Tube Fittings.

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To obtain the enrolment form and for further you can give your confidence level the much needed boost. private stage participants with evening class options • Stage 2. training and skill upgradation plays a key role in enhancing your career prospects whether it is improving your on-the-job performance or applying for a rewarding or enquire at USP Lautoka Campus.citystarnews@kaiviti. cheque or assisted by FNPF. participants will qualify for the award of Certificate II in IT (Beginners). These will be scheduled and advertised through the year. We will also deliver requested courses as in-house or cohort based for interested groups at your convenience through mutual arrangements. contact Rajendra Singh.singh@usp. skills demonstrations those seeking alternative • First AID/CPR Training employment here/abroad • 40 hours of practical Duration Fees Remarks 8 Weeks $1100 Classes are held on Saturdays from or enquire at the USP Lautoka Campus. Certificate of Attainment will be awarded for selected individual modules completed. including USP Lautoka Campus. Fees: Can be paid in or on demand wishing to acquire MYOB • MYOB Intermediate skills to add value to CV and per stage • MYOB Advanced employability OHS Committee reps. In competitive job JULY ADVERTISEMENT increase your confidence and empower you to effectively use IT skills as a useful tool for your studies.Facilitation Skills sector • Stage 3. HR and soft skills. CSO Fundamentals • Intermediate Project Management • Advance Project Management People using MYOB. making online applications and career advancement. • Project Management Industries. This six module programme targets those with little or no experience with computers. Module No Module Name Fee Duration Hours 1 Fundamentals of IT/PC Basics 2010 $100 10 2 M S Word 2010 $200 20 3 Electronic Spreadsheet/Excel 2010 $100 18 4 Internet & Email/Outlook 2010 $100 15 5 Data Base Management/Access 2010 $100 15 6 Power Point 2010 $200 28 Total $800 Certification: Upon completion of modules 1-6. fax: 6667133 or email: rajendra.epapergallery. This course will gradually be delivered in all major centres of the Western division. 2016 www. Fees need to be paid upfront. Lautoka or visit our website: www.The Practical Trainer 2 Saturdays per stage $220 per Can be delivered in any district if there are 20 Government workers. contact Rajendra Singh. T O WA R D S E X C E L L E N C E I N L E A R N I N G A N D K N O W L E D G E C R E AT I O N CITY STAR . corner of Vidilo Street.THE COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER FROM LAUTOKA 11 . NGO. Those • MYOB for Beginners 2 days per stage $250 Can be delivered in. corner of Vidilo or on demand People working in communities.

The name ‘RakshaBandhan’ suggests ‘a bond of protection’. So. binding the family together in an emotional bond of love. It could be embedded with precious or semiprecious stones or. The values and the sentiments attached to the rituals of this festival are worth inculcating by the whole human race. Gift him something that will remind the two of you of the lovely time spent together on Raakhi. brothers and sisters try to visit each other place on this particular day in order to bring back the oneness of the family. Cotton Prints. this Raksha Bandhan. RakhiUtsav was first popularized by Rabindranath Tagore to promote the feeling of unity and a commitment to all members of society to protect each other and encourage a harmonious Social life. Lautoka Phone: 6663463 CITY STAR . One of the major changes that has occurred in Indian tradition of Rakhi gifts is that watches are gifted as Rakhis. Salwar Kameez. Yet there have been examples in history where in rakhi has just been a raksha or protection. as it is tied on the wrist and is useful. Photo: Supplied GIFTS are an integral part of Rakhi celebrations. In today’s scenario. They bless their sisters after the thread tying ceremony and give gifts. Lautoka Phone: 6666292 Shop 2: 7 Yasawa Street. of righteousness and destroyer of all sin. it could be a simple cut and carved bracelet. It is the most readily acceptable replacement among gifts for a Rakhi. Some people tie Rakhi to neighbours and close friends signifying a peaceful co-existence of every individual. The gifts given on Rakhi include sweets. Children Wear. Wrist watches are long lasting and are a constant reminder to the brothers of their love for their sisters . Dry fruits are a convenient alternative and more preferred these days as Rakhi gifts. Cosmetics. gift your brother something he loves. brothers make a promise to their sisters to protect them from all harms and troubles and the sisters pray to God to protect their brother from all evil. As per Indian tradition. shirts or tie or a jeweled tie pin are other nice Rakhi gift options. It is by all means the ‘Papa Todak. The festival of RakshaBandhan assumes all forms of Raksha or protection. Shirt. Trousers. Lautoka Specialised: Sarees. The festival falls on the Shravan Purnima which comes generally in the month of August. RakshaBandhan is a festival which celebrates the bond of affection between brothers and sisters. Another recent Rakhi gift tradition are jeweled Rakhis. Pen sets. Tops.THE COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER FROM LAUTOKA . Tatron Check instore for our major Raksha Bandhan Specials Each occasion brings the family together which calls for a celebration. The Rishis tied rakhi to the people who came seeking their blessings. Of late. dry fruits or clothes etc. Baby Wear. Such Rakhi or Rakhi Gifts are favoured for their durability and of course for the value of the jewels in the Rakhee. a daughter or Meaning & Significance of RakshaBandhan The Meaning of RakshaBandhan Relationships are the essence of any festivity and it holds true for any Indian festival. cultural and spiritual values. it has become customary for the sisters to gift something in return to the brothers. The Significance RakshaBandhan is now considered as a day to celebrate the sacred relation of a brother and a sister. Skirts. SHAGUN Location: 77 Vitogo Parade. Ladies Fancy Skirt Tops. The sages tied the sacred thread to themselves to safe guard them from the evil. It is a day when siblings pray for each others’ well being and wish for each others’ happiness and goodwill. Sweets and chocolates have always been a part of the gifts given on Rakhii. PunyaPradayakParva’ or the day that bestows boons and end all sins as it is mentioned in the scriptures. It could be tied by wife. Rakhi festival encompasses the warmth shared between the siblings but now it goes way beyond it. Rakhi gifts are an extended expression of love and affection that the siblings share. Previously. Rakhi gifts are given by elder brothers to the sisters in acceptance of their JULY 25. the day has a different perspective. This relationship is no where so celebrated as in India. The occasion involves a pledge of life-time practice of moral. PEEKAYS The Stylish Origin of Elegance May the bond between you and your brothers / sisters always stay strong & safe Wish you a joyful and blessed Raksha Bandhan Shop 1: 25 Naviti Street. The bracelet type of Raakhi can be of gold or silver. On this auspicious day. it is the sisters who give them gifts along with the Rakhi. the sentiments of harmony and peaceful coexistence.that of a brother and a sister. The ritual of Rakhi tying has become so important that come what may. younger or elder. Raksha Bandhan is one of the most awaited festivals in Fiji every year. In the case of younger brothers. Sisters tie the silk thread called Rakhi on their brother’s wrist and pray for their well being and brothers promise to take care of their sisters. The reason for this change are the ever increasing distances. 2016 RAKSHA BANDHAN Rakhi Gift Traditions www.epapergallery.12 citystarnews@kaiviti. RakshaBandhan is a celebration of one such relation .

INTERNATIONAL SERVICES LTD GEOTECHNICAL DRILLING CONTRACTORS E gary.Raymond Singh heaped praises on sponsor Gary Barnett for the generous sponsorship of $ 13 GEOTECH Drilling partners Lautoka Golf Club Maika Kasami GEOTECH Drilling International Services Limited has assured continued support in future after the success of its inaugural sponsorship for the Lautoka Golf Club season opening event. The company announced at the completion of the 18-stroke tourney that they have increased the sponsorship by $500 for next year to $3000. Inaugural GEOTECH Drilling ISL 2016 winner Munesh Prasad with the trophy. “The club solely relies on such magnificent sponsorship to help the club run.THE COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER FROM LAUTOKA .” Geotech Drilling Investment Ltd financial controller Abdul Kalim boosted the event with the announcement of a $3000 sponsorship for next year as the club will have the opportunity to invite more golfers in particular. 2016 LGC SEASON OPENING SUPPLEMENT www. the JULY 25.500 for the hosting of a very successful official season opening event. First time winner at LGC Munesh Prasad was an elated man and is already excited to defend his title next year as his name will be the first to be engraved on the handsome trophy. PHOTOS: MAIKA KASAMI “Gary came on board at an opportune time that saw a record number of 50 golfers competing for the many prizes in each of the T+679 9999 726.” said Singh.geotechdrilling@gmail. GEOTECH Drilling International Services Limited boss Gary Barnett (left) with LGC Chairman of Trustees Raymond Singh during the launch of the LGC season opening event. LGC chairman of trustees . 9999 728. 9994 151 CITY STAR .citystarnews@kaiviti.

who began playing golf in JULY 25. Zabir Ali and defending champion James Krishna all failed to match Allen.” The young Rizwan Hussein won the B-grade with sponsor Mahendra Gopal claiming the C-grade title. Prasad shot a brilliant round of 2 under Par 67 to claim his first victory and title at LGC.epapergallery. 66 followed by LGC club captain James Krishna and Raymond Singh on 67 & 68 respectively. said it was a great feeling winning the Lautoka tournament. Ritesh Chandra of Fiji Airways accounted for the A. The Suva based Allen had first tasted success back in 2002.14 22 citystarnews@kaiviti. “Playing in Lautoka is always different from the other venues because the course is tough to play in. and Mahend Gopal.” added Singh. It was a tough tournament consisting of some top golfers but I’m glad that I came through with my www. “The tournament was a very successful one especially with the presence of Mahend himself and for bringing the prizes 2016 GEOTECH Drilling ISL winner Munesh Prasad (third from right) pictured with the sponsors and all the way from Toronto. this was his second LGC Open title. Prasad. My toughest opponents are Kaushal Tappoo and him. “This was my fourth ever win and it feels great as it was my first major win at the Lautoka Golf Club. James Leger gets his prize from Gopal Gary (left) Barnett of GEOTECH Mahend Gopal (middle) with Narend & Sanjay Gopal. Canada. Photos: Maika Kasami CITY CITY STAR STAR -. fairways and greens was the best ever and I’m happy to take the title away from Lautoka.2016 2011 LGC SEASON OPENING SUPPLEMENT SUPPLEMENT Allen holds aloft Lautoka Open title MAIKA KASAMI NATIONAL team golfer Olaf Allen Junior took out the 80th Tiffany’s of Canada Lautoka Open Golf Championship after beating fellow national reps Anuresh Chandra and Asish Kumar to claim top honours. The Guyana Hawks team members pose for a photo shoot.” said Prasad who is also a member of the Denarau Golf Prasad aims for more major success Maika Kasami MUNESH Prasad wants to win more major tournaments this year Allen Senior. Top favourites in Roneel Prakash.” Meanwhile. Allen recorded 105 to win by a single shot. November 15. citystarnews@kaiviti. “For me this course.Grade title on Raymond Singh (left) with Mahend Gopal.epapergallery. Chairman of Trustees Raymond Singh heaped praises on Gopal and his family for providing such a lucrative sponsorship with over 50-major prizes together with the sponsors T-shirts and lunch. Olaf Allen Junior. Photos:Maika Kasami The Nadi Airport Golf Club president recently took out the 2016 Geotech Drilling Investment-sponsored 18 holes individual season opening stroke event. whose idol is his brother-in-law Roneel Prakash says his next goal is to represent Fiji at the Mini Games next year.” Prasad. “Roneel is a great golfer and he is my inspiration. Newcomer and the ever improving James Leger recorded 57 nett to convincingly win the overall nett title. Drilling the sponsors of the season opening at LGC. following Olaf his first taste of success at the Lautoka Golf Club. LGC officials during the presentation. I was part of the national team to Malaysia in May and my next goal will be to represent Fiji next year at the Mini Games.THE THE COMMUNITY COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER NEWSPAPER FROM FROM LAUTOKA LAUTOKA . For the records on the honours board. Nadi Airport Golf Club’s Amitesh Chandra receives his prize from GEOTECH Drilling boss Gary Barnett. Allen said he was proud to win again at the Golf Link course after as many years. But I admire the layout of the course.

the management for giving in their support and driving in. Nadi Phone: 6722314 CITY STAR . winning it and having a good start to the year. “Without the players and their performance this is not possible and once again we would like to congratulate everyone involved in the team for the victory. “We at Jacks appreciate and acknowledge the achievement of the Nadi soccer team at the last Fiji FACT. 2016 NADI SOCCER SUPPLEMENT www. “We would like to see the Jacks and Nadi soccer partnership brand grow and achieve greater heights. Jacks of Fiji director Bhavin Khatri.” Khatri added. Assorted Range of Liquor and Confectionary Founder Late Rajnikant Patel Namaka. Jacks of Fiji director Bhavin Khatri (seated third from right) with the Nadi soccer players’ and officials. We’ve finalized a range of products that we would like to release for Nadi soccer and what we’ve planned this JULY 25.THE COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER FROM LAUTOKA . it’s going to take Nadi soccer to greater heights. “I think the year has been set right and we’ve got a good ground to see how we are going to move forward. Photos: Sanjay 15 Jacks congratulates Nadi soccer Maika Kasami JACKS of Fiji have acknowledged the Nadi soccer team for bringing glory to the Jet-set Town by winning the 2016 Vodafone Fiji FACT in Nausori. He said the players played a pivotal role in this partnership. and encouraging the players to be on top of their game.” Khatri said.epapergallery. Nadi defeated Suva 3-0 via the dreaded penalty shoot in the final to record its fourth ever Fiji FACT title win. I don’t think other League teams have done this and with the backing that we are currently getting.citystarnews@kaiviti. while welcoming the players during a thanksgiving ceremony appreciated the partnership they have developed through the years with Nadi soccer. Luke Rawadamu and Ame Votoniu with an official at Jacks of Fiji Adidas store in Nadi. Vuniuci Tikomaimereke (second from left). RAJVI LIMITED Your One Stop Shop for All Needs Open from: 8am . I think all things done right we’ll have a successful season.10pm seven days a week We Sell a Wide Range of Grocery Items.

“A sponsor plays a very vital role in the running of a team. Nadi’s Fiji FACT goalkeeping hero Vereti Dickson (second from left) and teammates enjoy a light refreshment at the Jacks of Fiji Nadi outlet. fans and well-wishers at the Jacks Adidas store in Nadi.THE COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER FROM LAUTOKA . “I salute the players for giving in more than we had requested to bring back the trophy to the Jetset Town. players and fans mingled around to reflect on their hard earned triumph. Jacks of Fiji hosted the team to a special thanksgiving ceremony where the sponsors. Photos: Sanjay Goundar. 2016 NADI SOCCER SUPPLEMENT www. Without a sponsor you will face obstacles in managing a team.epapergallery. The players then made their way to the Jacks Adidas shop located at Main Street in Nadi to sign autographs for fans. I take this opportunity to thank Jacks of Fiji and Professional Valuation for their continuous support and contribution towards the team. Professional Valuation Limited boss Sanjay Kirpal (fourth from left) and Nadi team director Javed Ahmed (far left) with Vereti Nadi keeps low profile Maika Kasami JACKS/Professional Valuation Nadi are keeping a low profile despite defeating all odds to record its third Vodafone Fiji FACT title victory in four JULY 25. Fans and well wishes also had the opportunity take photos with the Fiji FACT trophy displayed at the shop.” Khan said.16 citystarnews@kaiviti. On behalf of Nadi FA. CITY STAR . This is only the beginning of more good things to come and hopefully we attain more success in future. Nadi soccer team director Javed Khan thanked Jacks of Fiji for their continued support towards the Green Machine team.

“The whole idea is to build the brand Jacks Nadi and this is only a small stepping stone. 2016 NADI SOCCER SUPPLEMENT www. That is something which is not impossible and we just have to work together with our sponsor to make sure we do everything right on and off the field. This was his message to the players during a thanksgiving ceremony with major sponsors Jacks of Fiji at their restaurant. and I believe over the years we’ve been building this relationship and this year lot of things is in the pipeline and this is just the start.citystarnews@kaiviti. We have to make sure that we give Jacks back the mileage they deserve. Photos: Sanjay Goundar. we won the Pacific Cup so right now as we speak Nadi has four titles in our trophy cabinet.epapergallery.” Ahmed said a tough year lies ahead of them with the BOG and IDC coming up. This is important for us because we need to work with our sponsors as it will be beneficial for both Nadi Football and Jacks in the long run. I would like to thank the officials and players for being present for this function despite it being a busy day. If we win that then basically at one time we will have all times which will be history for JULY 25. “The team at Jacks has been very helpful The Jacks of Fiji/Professional Valuation Nadi soccer players with the Vodafone Fiji FACT trophy. Check Out Our New Range of Heavy Machinery Total Products Congratulations to the Nadi Soccer Team for Winning the Pillay Garments CVC title Also stockist of wide range of Paint Products We stock everything and anything required by the building industry of Fiji at the best price and service !! CITY STAR . Nadi’s Vuniuci Tikomaimereke and young fans admire the new range of Adidas boots available at Jacks of Fiji Adidas store in Nadi. the management thank Jacks of Fiji for the continued support.000 is very big for Nadi and we want to build on that so next we need to concentrate on the league. people should say that that player won the Fiji FACT with Nadi. defend it and we will have the BOG and IDC coming Players need to build own profile Maika Kasami NADI Football Association team director Javed Ahmed wants the current crop of players to build a profile for themselves that would make them better players and responsible citizens of Nadi. management and the sponsors for their continued support towards the team. “That is how one can build his own reputation and profile by being a loyal citizen of Nadi in the sporting field. “As you know that this is our third Fiji FACT title in the last four years and every time we’ve won it. Then we can only attain success. Winning the 17 CvC.” Ahmed went on to thank the fans. last year.” Ahmed said. the fans. “I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of Nadi Football Association. has been in partnership with Jacks. When they (players) walk up on the streets.THE COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER FROM LAUTOKA . The only titles we don’t have is the BOG and IDC. The sponsorship which is worth $35. “The programme for us this year is tough and the Fiji FACT is a good start. “Discipline on and off the field the field is very important.

Plate-Babasiga Cabs.” said Lautoka branch head Sabita Raj. “When we had started to organise the tournament. “The Champions.THE COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER FROM LAUTOKA . Consolation IEW wins Baroda sponsored bowls Maika Kasami NATIONAL rep Rajnesh Prasad steered his Islands Electric 1 team from the jaws of defeat to pip General Machinery 17-16 in a nailbiting Bank of Baroda sponsored Lautoka Business House weekly Bowling tournament final on July 13. Sponsors Bank of Baroda took out the main consolation award. a decision was made to allow 3 bowlers to play in a team at any time . Consolation Winner-Bank of Baroda.” Raj added.B.General Machinery.Island Electric #1. The IEW Slumber team poses for a group shot. CITY STAR . The final was really a tit-for-tat affair with excellent bowls being played. “We hope the teams and fans alike have thoroughly enjoyed some top class bowling. Club.D.epapergallery.18 JULY 25. many thanks to Bank of Baroda for their generous support in sponsoring this tournament and they have indicated that they will continue to sponsor in the future. Island Electric 1 was ably skipped by the new kid on the block.” Bennion said. Singh Field. and together with my chief executive officer G. Final results: Champions . Kanda Sami Mudaliar. national rep Rajinesh Prasad whilst General Machinery was captained by the old warhorse. Island Electric 1 managed to avenge their defeat to General Machinery in their Pool game.IEW Dunga.Rajput and the team at Lautoka branch we assure our continued support for the sport in future. For their effort the IEW side took top honours which included attractive prizes and giveaways. 3rd Place. And the IEW side comprising of other reliable hands in the likes of Bobby Prasad. D. Photos: Sanjay Goundar. “The bank is proud to be able to bring the community together by way of sponsoring such events. 4th Place-Fiji Water. Runner-up. “The games were organised in a manner whereby all of the teams played every night and I am certain that the participants enjoyed themselves. Tournament coordinator David Bennion said IEW and GM displayed a high standard game worthy of a final. “Lastly on behalf of Lautoka Bowling The victorious Islands Electric Wholesalers 1 team that edged GM 17-16 to claim the Bank of Baroda sponsored Lautoka Business House Bowling tournament. 2016 SPORTS www.this allowed for some very competitive games.” he added. Iliyaz Khan and school teacher and golfer Roneel Prakash played some excellent bowling to avenge their pool match defeat to GM.

com JULY 25. Teams assemble for the Club competition. He replaces Johnny Williams who is due to appear before the Fiji FA disciplinary committee for an unsporting behaviour at Subrail Park in Labasa. Singh’s sponsors Lautoka FA League Maika Kasami SINGH’S Rentals and Singh’s Group of Companies have come on board to sponsor the Lautoka Football Association Local League competition this year. “I believe the nurturing of players to discipline them-selves should begin from school level and I’ve already got a program in place for this. This was revealed during the season official opening at Nadovu Park on Sunday July 17.” Players like Ilaitia Tuilau. For this we need the officials and players to work hand in hand to attain success. had fallen ill before the feature match against Labasa. the players were under pressure in the last game against Labasa. in terms of being discipline on and off the field. Indiscipline crept in and this was our 19 Swamy vows to improve Blues discipline Maika Kasami DISCIPLINE will be one key area stand-in KBL/Oceania Water Group Lautoka soccer coach Kamal Swamy will be working on to improve as he selects his best players for the remainder of the season. Press FC defender Iliatia Tuilau (right) battles for possession against a Why Worry FC player. There are lots of talents at youth and club level so we need to give chance to young players.THE COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER FROM LAUTOKA the support from Ruben Bhan Singh of Singh’s Group of Companies to financially support the running of this year’s league.epapergallery. Now appointed as Lautoka coach. Swamy said there is a wealth of talent in Lautoka but needed players who showed total commitment to don the Blue jumper. . The Lautoka Football Association Referees Association match officials ready to get things underway at Nadovu Park.citystarnews@kaiviti. 2016 SPORTS www.” added the former Nadi mentor who guided the Jetsetters to victory in the 2013 and 2014 Fiji FACT and hoisting the Pacific Cup on three occasions in New Zealand. “I need total commitment. They were carried away by the host crowd and as a result red cards were flashed. Photos: Sanjay Goundar. Swamy. “Mr Singh is a former vice president of LFA and he has assured us that he will continue to support the association and first up is through this local league. Swamy was back at work during the official opening of the Singh Rentals and Singh Group of Companies sponsored Lautoka Football Association Local League at Nadovu Park on July 17. Lautoka FA acting president Abdul Kadar said that they were fortunate to have received CITY STAR . surely the mental preparation and playing with game plan is important. who was the Blues technical advisor during the Vodafone Fiji FACT reportedly. “During the FACT meet. “And yes. Peni Finau and Jone Vonu Junior turned out for Press FC in their first match against Why Worry FC.

3am Photo: Fiji Sun Great Britain vs.oceaniawatergroup.THE COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER FROM LAUTOKA Phone: 7743126 / 7027161 www. Japan. after 15 Olympic ducks. Argentina and host Brazil. It’s amazing to be part of the world’s biggest festival of sport. France. plus the two best thirdplaced teams.” Australia and France will kick start the Rio Olympics 7s game at 2am (Fiji Time) on August 10. Coach Ben Ryan believes that his team is ready to do the country proud come the final day of games. Each group is headed by one of the top three seeds. Argentina 4-30am Fiji vs. they have been put into three groups of four teams. might finally open its account on the medal table. Sports Fiji 7’s rep Josua Tuisova farewelled by close family and friends at Nadi International Airport. France and Spain while Pool C is headed by New Zealand. Spain. 2-30am South Africa vs. Fiji 7s coach Ben Ryan is aware of the tough task at hand. “Working with clients throughout the life of their Projects” New Stock Just Arrived Pump Well Accessories Sewer Pumps Grease Trap (1000 Litre. it was apparent that Fiji.epapergallery. Great Britain. Rio de Janeiro. Navutu Industrial. In the first stage of competition. based on a ranking drawn up by World Rugby. 4am USA vs. August 10 Fixtures: Day 1 2am Australia vs. In fact. based on competition points and then point’s difference. Probably the No 1 celebrity in Fiji is an Englishman. 3-3am New Zealand vs. Ryan will only really be happy with gold. Pool B has South Africa. The national side’s final pool match will be against USA at 4-30am on August 11. JULY www. Bernard Lapasset. This will be followed by the clash against Argentina at 9-30am. I am very proud and the dream has become reality.20 citystarnews@kaiviti. also visit us at CITY STAR . Kenya and Japan. Email: 25. carrying the hopes of the nation for Fiji’s first ever medal at an Olympics . Kenya. Fiji is in Pool A together with USA. 2016 Fiji 7s carries hopes of the nation Maika Kasami OUR sevens gladiators will run on to the field at Deodoro Stadium. The Fijian men’s team will kick off their campaign against Brazil at 4-30am. the chairman of World Rugby said “It’s a fantastic moment for rugby. From the day that sevens was admitted to the Olympics. 2000 Litre) Main Hole Covers & Valve Boxes Pressure Booster Pumps Corner Royal Palm & Service Road. The national side will have a seven-day pre-camp in Chile before heading for Rio de Janeiro. Twelve teams of each gender will compete for the medals in rugby sevens in Rio. The top two in each group will qualify for the quarter-finals.

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