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NURS 401 Transitions in Professional Nursing Practice

Professional Organizations Website Review
1. What is the name of this
professional organization of
2. What is the URL Link to their
Website ?
3. Do they have a mission, vision
and/or purpose statement for their
organization? If so, please
4. Does this organization have a
Washington State Chapter? If so,
please identify with the URL link
5. What is the annual membership

6. What do they list as benefits of


7. Do they sponsor an annual

conference and if so, please
identify the dates, location,
possible theme, and cost of


The Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC)

Vision: Healthcare without infection

Mission: Create a safer world through prevention of infection

Full/Active member $195/annual fee

Student member $80/annual fee

Memebers stay connected to publications, webinars, and other resources that

help them reduce risk, control costs, and protect patients from infectious disease.

The next annual conference will be in Portland Oregon June 14-16, WednesdayFriday. I was unable to determine the cost without registering.

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8. Does this organization sponsor
any online continuing education
opportunities? If so, please
identify if they are free or with a
9. Are there any continuing
education offerings that look
particularly interesting to you and
if so, please identify.

10.Does this organization have their

own scope and/or standards of
11.Does this organization offer
opportunities for certification? If
so, what is the cost and
requirements for certification?

12.Does this organization identify any

legislative priorities?

13.What types of position papers are

available on their website.

APIC had online courses, live webinars, and virtual learning labs that can be
accessed by members for free.

I thought that Basic Statistics for Infection Preventionists Virtual Learning Lab

would be an interesting course to take. This course could be used to earn 4-8
continuing nursing education credits

Yes they have a professional standards that guide infection prevention

Yes, they offer certification in Infection prevention and control, or CIC. The cost of
the exam is $350.
Requirements for certification are as follow :
You are accountable for the infection prevention and control activities/program in
your setting and this is reflected in your current job description. You have had
sufficient experience (recommended: two years) in infection prevention and
control. These are the basic requirements there are several more.

The APIC public policy program monitors, analyzes, and guides legislative and
regulatory proposals at the federal and state levels to protect patients and
promote evidence-based policies.

Antibiotic stewardship, importance of surveillance technology in HAI prevention,

mandatory public reporting of HAIs, and several other position papers are

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14.Does this organization offer any

scholarships or grants to its
15.Why would you consider joining
this organization or why not?

Yes, they have scholarships that provide financial assistance for infection
preventionists to attend annual conferences.

Yes, I would consider joining this organization because I am currently in a position

where I am responsible for infection monitoring. I hope to become eligible to sit
for the CIC certification.