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- General Safety Rules
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CMC di Ravenna Nepal strives to provide a safe, healthful work environment developing safe work procedure in the project
sites. Safety begins with YOU. You are responsible for reporting all unsafe condition and injuries to your supervisor
immediately and follow safe work procedures. The following list of safety rules is useful to implement safe work procedure in
the jobsites. So lets’ follow the rules to meet the Safety Section’s SAFE DAY TARGET.
1. Report all unsafe or broken tools or equipment to your supervisor.
2. Do not near the machine or plant that is in operation. ;+rfngdf /x]sf] d]zLg tyf KnfG6sf] glhs
3. Make clear your area before you start your machine. d]zLg ;'?ug'{ k"j{ sfd ug]{ 7fpö ;'/lIft ug'{xf];\ .

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4. Don’t take chances to report important information.

5. Observe and obey all warning signs, safety bulletins and posters placed on.

6. Avoid ALL horseplay and never distract another worker.
7. Use PPE, (It is essential to use assign safety gears according job nature) In unavailability consult to safety representative.

8. Report any hazard immediately to your supervisor or safety representative.


9. Always practice for good housekeeping (Better follow 5 ‘S’.)


(After applying “Five S Theory” floors, aisles and passageways will be clear of stock, materials, scrap, tools, oil and
equipment. You will be able to keep your work area clean and organized.
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10. Do not enter and stay at workplace unnecessarily
11. To lift heavy objects, squat down, keep your back straight and use the leg muscles when lifting. Do not attempt to lift any
object heavier than 25 kg or you cannot handle.

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Use lifting Equipment if
the load is heavier than
25 kg.


When using sharp-edged tools, cut away from your body.


Before starting work, tuck in loose clothing.


Do not undertake a job that appears to be unsafe.


Report any fire, fire-related risk immediately to Site In-charge or Safety.


Do not block access to fire-fighting equipment, fire sprinklers or fire exits.


Learn the location of all fire exits and fire extinguishers. In case of fire, turn off all electrical equipment and walk quietly
to the nearest exit. Follow your manager’s direction.


Report all incidents & accidents to your supervisor or Safety.

1. Do you have proper training for the job?




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2. Do you have the right safety equipment to do the job?
3. Do you work close to dangerous materials?


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