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Demurrer to evidence, does it apply to


Natural guardians are required to post bond
if the property of the minor exceeds 50,000
Children earning more than their parents

While it is true that death terminates
guardianship, it cannot be
applied in this case

Since the guardian in this case is also an heir
There is only need to substitute the parties

Death automatically terminates guardianship

When it is already judicially determined that the war 2. Failed to render account within 30 days Resignation of the guardian Marriage or voluntary emancipation of a minor ward Death of either the guardian or the ward When it appears that the guardianship is no longer necessary Manage and dispose of the same a. custody and education (provide for proper) Account (render a true and just) a. Wasted or mismanaged the estate d. For the best interest of the child Care. Inventory (make and return) Execute the duties of his trust (faithfully) Manage and dispose of the estate a. 2. According to these rules b. 6.Termination of Guardianship 1. 5. Incapable of discharging his trust b. 6. Unsuitable therefor c. 4. 3. is already competent Guardian becomes insane a. At the time designated by the rules b. 5. Estate in his hands (all) b. 4. 3. Such other times as the court Duties of a Guardian 1. Proceeds and interests derived therefrom (all) Grounds for selling or encumbering property of ward .