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Teaching and learning materials are very crucial to English language teachers. The uses
of teaching and learning materials are the best teaching aids which can help our pupils to
understand and stay focus on what we are teaching. The lesson will be more effectives and
interesting to the learners. For this course TSL3111 Developing and Using Resources for the
Primary ESL Classroom, I was required to select and adapt material from the textbook, produce
a teaching aid and design a checklist that suit my teaching material. All these tasks develop my
skills in producing a much better teaching aids that fulfill the checklist requirement. Completing
this assignment give a new experience of developing resources and teaching materials.
Good coursebook or textbook are carefully prepared to offer a coherent syllabus,
satisfactory language control, motivating texts, audio casset and extra resource material
(Harmer, 2007). However, in this modern era technology, most teachers neglect the importance
of using the textbook as the main resources. They are too eager to get into technology. Besides,
some of the content in the textbook was a bit higher than the students’ level. However, from this
assignment, I have learnt that textbook is one of the major resources that the teacher must
make use of it. For the adaptation task, me and pair decided to pick a short story taken from
year 4 textbook. We chose a story of Rosemary and Four Gutsy Gnomes. The sentences of the
story were changed into a simple and compound sentences and will be shown to the students
using a slide show. As a future teacher, I need to learn to select and adapt teaching materials
from the textbook so that a teaching material that suit the students’ level and interest can be
produced as said by McDonough, Shaw and Masuhara, 2013, adaptation is important so that a
teacher can fulfill the pupils’ needs. Using only textbook in teaching process will create a dull
classroom environment, so the teacher need to adapt material from the textbook and make it
more interesting to attract the students. In order to fit into this modern era, I can learn to
combine both technology and textbook. I can use the material from the textbook and teach
using technology. Textbook is an excellent teaching aid. It is a good source for both teachers
and students if the teacher knows how to make use of it.
During the presentation of teaching aids from everyone in my class, I was shocked by
everyone’s creativity. Most of us produce a very good teaching aid. For my part, I produced a

Instead of design the checklist on my own. This task taught me to be more critical in producing teaching aids as I need to consider many things such as students’ level and interest. this assignment gave me an experience to design my very own checklist on my teaching aid. I need to do some research regarding how to produce an interesting teaching aid through reading and website as it can help my teaching in the future. the content. The ideas shown by my classmates and my lecturer. taught me to be more creative and smart in producing a good teaching aid. From this task I was able to increase my experience in planning and producing a good teaching aid. We were able to exchange ideas and opinion in order to produce a better teaching aid. the presentation of teaching aids boosts my confidence to speak about what I have produced in front. Besides. Most importantly. the level of students that can use the teaching aid and the cost effectiveness. I produced a checklist to evaluate my board game. . More than that. 2013). For examples the practicality of the teaching aids. the durability. Creativity can be learned. The pupils will pick the singular noun on the whiteboard. Basically my teaching aid was a board game so. Besides. the teaching aids produced must be able to scaffolding the students and help the teacher in teaching. but we can cross the limit if only we learn to be creative.This checklist will prove whether my teaching aid is suitable to be used or not. Every people have their own limitation of creativity. Then. The checklist is pertinent as it helps teacher to decide whether the teaching aid can be used in any situation (Ruth Wichkam. I seek for my classmates help to get some ideas and extra points to evaluate my teaching aid. Madam Norliza have helped me a lot to improve my teaching aid. the cost effectiveness. I had to look out for some examples from books and internet as it was my first time to produce a checklist of teaching aid. the accessibility. This process helps me to be a better and precise teacher in the future. In designing the checklist. and they need to combine it whether with – s. this task was actually provides me and my classmates a very good sharing session. -es or –ies to become plural noun. the comments given by my respected lecturer. She gave us some tips that are very useful on how to use the teaching aid produced in the classroom. I took the opportunity from the presentation to get some ideas for my future teaching and practicum. A few considerations have been taken into account to evaluate my teaching aid. All these criteria were included in my checklist form. This board will be used in the presentation stage.board game called the monster board. the durability of teaching aids and the accessibility of the teaching aids. the teacher will check their answer. Apart from that.

from this whole task I learn how to develop and adapt teaching materials to make it more interesting and fit the level of the students. this task has given me a new experience and knowledge to enhance my teaching in the future. Students are the priority when we want to produce a teaching material.In conclusion. Besides. .

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