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Products and developments
SERATO DJ 1.8.2 update

Serato has released Serato DJ 1.8.2 , a free
update that includes support for the Denon
DJ MCX8000 4-channel all in one controller
as well as the Numark Dashboard 3-screen
Official Serato Accessory. This update also
includes a number of important bug fixes,
changes, and optimizations. This update
supports the all new Denon DJ MCX8000 &
Numark Dashboard. The Denon DJ MCX8000
is a powerful controller—including a unique

“Pitch Play” mode that will let
DJs perform interesting routines by pitch shifting cues
in conjunction with Pitch ‘n
Time DJ. The Numark Dashboard is something DJs with
existing hardware will be
interested in—offering a way
of adding high definition
screen technology to their current setup. Along with hardware support, Serato DJ 1.8.2 also includes a
long list of bug fixes to improve stability and
performance, important for all DJs.
Private Bag 92015, AMSC
Auckland 1142, New Zealand
Tel. +64 9 379 4944
Fax +64 9 379 4945

HiQnet Performance Manager 2.0
AES Sustaining Member
JBL Professional by HARMAN announced
the immediate availability of new JBL
HiQnet Performance Manager 2.0 software, further simplifying and streamlining
the process of configuring and controlling
live sound reinforcement systems. Featuring a newly redesigned interface, accelerated workflows, and new time-saving
features, Performance Manager 2.0 will
enable tour sound system operators to
reduce design time, simplify networking
and automation while monitoring, and
controlling live sound reinforcement systems more efficiently.
Performance Manager software is
designed for networked audio systems
across a wide range of venues and applications. Featuring a comprehensive and
integrated workflow paradigm, Performance
Manager enables engineers to work through
each stage of system configuration one step
at a time. An intuitive interface guides the
J. Audio Eng. Soc., Vol. 64, No. 4, 2016 April

operator through each specific function and
provides clearly defined goals for each stage
of the setup. Once system setup and configuration are complete, Performance Manager provides a comprehensive interface for
seamless system control and monitoring.
Version 2.0 introduces a number of key
features, including a new drag-and-drop
speaker preset selection. Any speaker can be
dragged-and-dropped to any amplifier channel, and Performance Manager will create
the custom preset configuration in the background, providing optimum flexibility and
maximum utilization of available amplifier
channels. Additionally, JBL Line Array Calculator (LAC) integration has been improved
and now offers the ability to import an array
created in LAC into Performance Manager
with just one step.
JBL Professional
8500 Balboa Blvd.
Northridge, CA 91329, USA
Tel. +1 800 397 1881
Fax +1 818 894 4147

Calrec technologies
for audio-over-IP and
video-over-IP support
AES Sustaining Member
Each element of Calrec’s protocol range
redundantly connects to Hydra2 and
appears like any other I/O resource on the
Hydra2 network. Hydra2’s integral suite
of management tools provides additional
benefits to allow remote configuration
patching, port protection, alias files, virtual
patchbays, and access rights.
The AES67/Ravenna and AVB interfaces
are a 1U box that can transport 256 channels
of audio on a single connection. A second
expansion card provides the unit with 512
channels of audio—one of the highest-bandwidth connections available for either protocol. The box is so versatile that it can even
accommodate one of each card, allowing
simultaneous operation of multiple formats.
The SMPTE 2022 modular I/O card has a
10GB port that can receive up to four SD, HD,
or 3G video streams, de-embedding 16 audio
channels from each. Each video stream may
be retransmitted intact or with new embedded
audio. A secondary 10GB port provides for hitless switching, as defined by SMPTE 2022-7.
Calrec’s existing Dante modular I/O card
utilizes Audinate’s Brooklyn II card and
now offers AES67 support as standard.
This combination allows access to up to 64
bi-directional channels in either protocol.
Offering this range of interfaces reinforces
Calrec’s stance in the ongoing debate surrounding the future of audio transport protocols. Having a suite of solutions to choose
from means broadcasters can be confident
that they’ll have Calrec’s support no matter
which combination of formats they use—both
now and in the future.
Calrec Audio
Nutclough Mill
Hebden Bridge
West Yorkshire, UK, HX7 8 EZ
Tel: +44 1422 842159
Fax: +44 1422 8 45244

which greatly improves the precision of the lower frequencies.

Because the module is audio-over-IP-compliant. Included in Mixbus 3.2 Harrison Consoles announced the release of their Mixbus DAW Software V3. if the associated plugin does not respond to flush). TN 37086-3505 USA Tel. but also the producer or client when he stops by to listen along. In addition to enabling Web radio playout. (fixes reverb tails from getting into the start of the export. including information about streamed content that enriches the consumer experience. it also leverages datacasting functionality from the Media Assist AirPush module to deliver associated 272 DACportable—a reference-quality audiophile listening device—features the AK4490 DAC coupled with a powerful Class-A headphone amplifier with digital volume control. LU Range. TC Electronic Denmark tcelectronic. 2016 April . With the addition of a speaker calibration wizard to their Clarity X monitoring system.harrisonconsoles. The wizard can handle up to four user-defined focal points in the room. This means you can use your favorite headphones without worrying if it will be loud enough. double-checking that all settings are optimal for all connected speakers. www. No. configurable export preroll (pre-process silence before export to flush reverb tails etc. Vol. etc. shows the License Manager if session contains unlicensed Harrison (or x42) LV2 plugins). 64. The engineer is led through a simple stepby-step procedure. LU (Loudness Unit) histogram.. Harrison Consoles 024 Firestone Parkway La Vergne. Over 100 general improvements and bugfixes are included in V3. Waveform display with peak indicators. The calibration wizard sports multi-spot sub calibration.0 module. side-mounted slider allowing single-handed volume adjustment. ensuring that not only the audio engineer has perfect sound. www. USA Tel. inline channelstrip plugin parameter sliders now implement “touch” so you can write touch automation from those controls. Li-Po battery plays for eight hours without draining your phone’s battery. and Spectrogram view.netia. provides powerful DSP to equalize the two different parts of a drum “hit” separately.PRODUCTS AND DEVELOPMENTS AirPlayList 2. Audio Eng. France Mixbus Version 3. 8817 Mango Ave. improves the tap-tempo button accuracy (tap several times to get a more accurate bpm). NETIA 377 Chemin de Farjou 34270 Claret.0 Module for NETIA Media Assist Suite NETIA will showcase its acclaimed AirPlayList 2.2 with more new features and the availability of a unique and innovative new plugin: the XT-DC Drum Character. Windows. 384-kHz resolution and DSD. The new module’s intuitive Web-based interface allows users to check the status of media and enables fast. works with Mac. The new module streamlines and simplifies the playout workflow to make it easier than ever to launch and maintain new Web radio services. +1 615 641 7200 Fax +1 615 6417224 info@harrisonconsoles.). AmpExtreme headphone amp. and Linux OS and most phones and tablets. users can broadcast either from a traditional physical sound card or using IP-based virtual J.centrance. The integration of VST audio processing plugins gives users even greater control over the sound consistency and loudness of each broadcast item. ergonomic. fully integrated into the NETIA Media Assist software suite to facilitate automated playout of multiple radio channels simultaneously and with guaranteed redundancy. It utilizes 2 separate equalizers— the first dynamically tracks the initial attack while the second dynamically tracks the tail.

 The AirPlayList 2. convenient monitoring of playout on each channel. Peak Sample value + True Peak value.2 is a New Export Report/ Analysis window that includes: LUFS loudness measurement.2 such as: the new Window > License manager (shows the status of Mixbus and LV2 plugins that use the new specification (such as x42). Morton Grove. IL 60053. Key features include VelvetSound series D/A converter. There is plenty of clean output power. The XT-DC drum character.0 module provides targeted encoding of audio streams for CDNs such as Shoutcast and Icecast. TC Electronic is making life easier for professional audio engineers. volume control with digital tracking. Soc. +1 847 581 0500 Calibration wizard added to Clarity X DACportable The latest firmware update for the popular monitoring system makes setting up sweet spots and adjusting sub-woofers more precise—and reduces the time spent calibrating. +33 467 590 807 Fax +33 467 590 820 www. 4. the newest addition to the Character Bundle (purchased separately). DACportable supports 32-bit.

Changes to the Pyramix code now allow much faster loading of the CEDAR processes. and network-based design. exact downmix matching. UK Tel. Inc. In the United States and a growing number of other countries. The EAS-Net protocol from DAS simplifies the integration and installation of DASDEC and ICE systems.1 option allows the introduction of vertical positioning into the upmix. The 9.cedaraudio. The copy and channel selection features within Retouch have been upgraded to match those of the latest CEDAR Studio Retouch 7. The processing speed of Retouch is much improved.1. Available in Avid EAS-capable playout solution Digital Alert Systems (DAS).. Soc. No. Combining several technologies.1 NUGEN Audio has an all-new option for Halo Upmix. +44 1223 881771 Fax +44 1223 881778 info@cedaraudio. Cambridge. and AU multichannel. P.1 option will be available in April. with pricing to be announced. generating a 7. Digital Alert Systems. including full stable surrounds. Vol. The first product based on CEDAR Audio upgrades CEDAR for Pyramix 64 CEDAR is pleased to announce the first upgrade to CEDAR for Pyramix 64. CB21 5BS. has formed a new technology partnership with Snell Advanced Media (SAM). New www. 64. NY 14098. multiregion. Halo Upmix enables producers to target various upmix goals. In addition to stem and group upmixing. CEDAR Audio Limited 20 Home End Fulbourn. the system supports common information exchange protocols and offers the industry's broadest range of physical connections and thirdparty interfaces. Box 535 100 Housel Avenue Lyndonville. or write to: Audio or Merging Technologies dealer. Audio Eng. The price of the new suite is unchanged and it is immediately 273 . VST. producers can use Halo Upmix's center channel control and management to fine-tune a surround mix and to create intricate mixes when there is no access to the original stems. 4. 2016 April NUGEN Audio's proprietary new upmixing processes. +1 585 765 1155 Fax +1 585 765 9330 www. provider of broadcast and postproduction technology to media companies worldwide. a division of Monroe Electronics. USA Tel. The DASDEC-II from DAS is the latest generation of emergency messaging technology. and/or full dialog isolation. the company's solution for upmixing stereo audio to surround. this integration supports broadcasters in inserting the emergency alerting information they must provide by government regulation. The suite can now process up to 64 mono tracks simultaneously.2 (Dolby Atmos) bed track-compatible upmix. Users wishing to upgrade from previous versions should contact their local CEDAR J. including frequency and time-domain energy distribution and neural network artificial intelligence.PRODUCTS AND DEVELOPMENTS Halo Upmix Stereo to 9. NY 11385. In addition to providing integrated receivers. ICE channel-in-abox solutions include an extensive toolset to manage playout operations. downmix-compatible upmix with unique center channel management and spatial density controls. Halo Upmix has received critical acclaim since its launch last September. O. a division of Monroe Electronics. allowing use of a "one-wire" interface across a network connection that enables the channel-in-a-box system to handle both playout and EAS alerting. USA www. The Halo Upmix 9. which offers four significant benefits for users. including single-channel. NUGEN Audio 59-26 Norman St. and multiplatform environments. DAS and SAM have tightly integrated the DASDEC Emergency Alert Systems (EAS) messaging platform with SAM's ICE family of channel-in-a-box automated playout solutions to enable a simpler yet more sophisticated approach to EAS messaging. Designed to increase efficiency while reducing complexity. Halo Upmix automates the creation of a stereo-to-surround. simple software upgrades.nugenaudio. advanced hardware interfaces. Through this partnership.