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1. What is curing of concrete? What is its significance? What
are the various methods used for curing?
2. Define water-cement ratio. How does it influence concrete
3. What are the functions played by different ingredients of
4. Discuss the various properties of hardened concrete.
5. What is meant by workability of concrete? What are the
factors affecting workability of concrete?
6. What are the requirements of good concrete?
7. Describe a method of testing fresh concrete.
8. Write short notes on:

Wood and Wood Products
1. State the principal causes of decay of timber?
2. Draw the cross-section of a tree and state the functions of
each part.
3. Discuss the methods of preserving timbers.
4. What are dry and wet rots? How are they caused and
5. What is seasoning of timbers and why is it done?
6. Describe various defects in timber?
7. State the characteristics of good timber.
8. What are the diseases of timbers?
9. Write short notes on the following:(a) Ply wood(c) Batten
board (c) Hard board(d) Veneers(e)Fibreboard(f)chip board
10.Explain the damage caused by insects to wood.
Paints Enamels and Varnishes
1. What are the various ingredients of paints? State the
functions of each of them.
2. What are the characteristics of good oil paints?

varnishes and distemper? 7. Write short notes on:(a) Heat insulating materials. 6. How painting of new wood work is done? 5. Write short notes on(a) French polish (b) Enamels(c) Colour wash (d) Distemper 8. What are the ingredients of varnish? Miscelleneous Materials 1. Describe the different types of defects in painted work and what are the possible remedies. What are geosynthetics? Briefly describe their applications in building and construction industry.(b) Sound insulating materials. What are the differences between paints.(c) Adhesives (d)Plaster of Paris(e)Gypsum Plaster Boards 2. 4. . Why are steel structures painted? Describe the procedure of painting an old steel structure.3.