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Denny’s Corporation Denny’s Franchisees Coco’s and Carrows Carnation/Nestle WKS Vantage Oncology Arnel Development Southern California Edison Amgen, Genetech, and Intel Shelly Automotive Group Cities: Baldwin Park, San Diego Chino Valley Unified School District Energized Solutions (ES) helps food service franchises, private employers and public agencies develop and successfully manage “Fortune 50” level human resources infrastructure and “preventive” employment law solutions for the benefit of both your business and your employees. ES partners with you to address:  Employment Practices Audits*

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Harassment Investigations* Grievance Handling and Arbitration Procedures Safety Audits/Practices* Employment Policies & Handbooks Hiring, Performance Management and T ermination Procedures

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Supervisory Training Employee Engagement Processes

Diversity/Harassment Prevention Training

Employment Law Compliance* Employment Policies (Hiring, Performance, Terminations) Employee Benefits Safety Compliance & Practices* Supervisory/Employee Training and Development Employment Litigation Management* Employment-Related Investigations* Government Agency Representation* Discrimination Prevention* *

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regulatory laws, strict compliance requirements, and the increasingly mobile workforce brings new challenges to food franchise owners and managers. ES will help you meet the challenges of the evolving and highly competitive food franchise owner. The franchise store market is quickly evolving while planning horizons are shortened. Franchise store owners are focused on providing quality services to their customers while dealing with workplace issues. Human Resources constitute your core assets. We will ensure that your employees are provided training and tools to create more productive work environments and a distinct competitive advantage. Managing and resolving conflict constructively is a critical competency for every person in today’s changing workplace. Energized Solutions can help resolve specific conflict situations and prepare your supervisory and management team to address employee issues, advance their knowledge of cultural diversity, and improve their leadership skills.

Change is the Only Constant— Kurt Lewin If there were only one perspective, then there would be no conflict –John Crawley

ES Franchise Expertise
ES provides expert and focused support to food service franchisees. We have helped management teams address a broad range of workplace issues, ranging from audits and internal investigations to diversity training, workplace problem resolution, and preventive litigation support.

Human Resource Competitive Advantages

Change is a fact of life and business. The advent of brand standards, new state and

We have extensive “hands-on” experience and can do for you what traditional HR and employment law firms struggle to do or simply can not do effectively.

Employment Counsel and VP of HR for Carnation/Nestle and of counsel to the prominent, national employment law firm of Fisher & Phillips, LLP.

ES is a MBE/WBE firm and we promise to quickly respond to all inquiries. ES is committed to delivering true expertise and real value to our clients at competitive rates. Please contact us directly to discuss your needs and our fees.

Daniel F. Duran (PhD), John Westerman, and Alicia MoisaDuran are the three principals of ES. These individuals and their associates are recognized innovators and leaders in providing value-added services to the franchise, corporate, government, and public agency sectors. ES is well versed in addressing HR related employee and workplace concerns. Leslie Gray and P. Anthony (Tony) Burnham, Esq. of GrowthPort Partners, Inc. provide ES with additional valuable senior human resources, employee benefits, safety and “preventive” employment-law expertise. Leslie has been engaged in practicing human resources, benefits consulting and safety for over 25 years. Tony has practiced “preventive” employment law for over 40 years serving as both