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Food, Nutrition and Wellness

Course Syllabus :Mrs. D. Wiggins Instructor

Jonesboro High School
7728 Mount Zion Blvd
Jonesboro, GA 30236
(770) 473-2855
School Mission Statement:
The mission of Jonesboro High School is to be accountable for providing a globally competitive
education that empowers students to achieve academic and personal goals and to become
productive, responsible citizens.
Teachers Name and CCPS E-mail Address: Mrs. D. Wiggins
Teacher Website Address:
Teacher Tutorial Date:
Wednesday Mornings from 8:20A.M 8:40 A.M. room 106
Course: Food, Nutrition and Wellness (813210)
Course Description: Food Nutrition and Wellness is an essential course in the understanding
nutritional needs and food choices for optional health of individuals across the lifespan.
Interrelationships and wellness are explored. This course leads to the advanced nutrition pathway
and develops a knowledge base and the skills necessary to select among alternatives in the
marketplace, with an emphasis on nutrient content, the development of chronic diseases, and food
safety and sanitation and meal planning.
FCCLA is a co-curricular student organization for this course. Family, Career, and Community
Leaders of America is a great way for students to become involved at Jonesboro High School,
while making new friends and learning important leadership skills. Community service,
individual and team competitions, and learning additional skills are just a few of the benefits of
FCCLA. (See last page to sign your child up).
Mandatory Supplies and Materials: In order for this to be productive class, students will
need the supplies listed below as soon as possible.
One mandatory three ring binder 1 inch or larger
Notebook paper.
Blue or Black ink pens
Glue sticks(2)
Mechanical pencils
Personal hand sanitizer(if you desire) unscented
Posters /tri-board for projects when needed.
Colored markers ,crayons or pencils for class use
Apron and hairnets for lab use must be in your notebook every day until the last day of
class meeting before the final exam May 2017 in a gallon size Ziploc bag labeled with

your name and class hour on it, you are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of
your apron and it must not be wrinkle or dirty for lab use.
Grading/Assessment Percentages:
25 %Class work (Labs/Notebook Check)
20%Test/Notebook Test
10%Projects/Science fair/FCCLA
10%Quizzes and Mini Assessments
20%Final Exam OR End-of-Course
Grading Scale:
A - 100 90
B 89 80
C 79 71
D 70
F- 69 and below
Textbooks are not issued to students in this class to take home. There is only one classroom set of textbooks .Each
student will have access to a textbook and/or workbook handouts to complete assignments during class.
TEXTBOOKS DO NOT LEAVE THE CLASSROOM. Students who take books from the classroom will be
required to pay for the book they have taken. The cost of the textbook is $78.00. Our classroom also has a resource
book shelf where students can check out books. If the book is not returned the student will be charged the cost of the
book. Students will be assigned a book number to be used and are expected to use their book when an assignment is
given. If the student book is missing they must notify the teacher at once.

Students may use electronic devices but only on days when we are using them for instructional purposes.
*Students will receive a discipline referral if they are using technology when it is not permitted .

Notebook Setup: Students will maintain an organized and user-friendly notebook. The
notebook will be of tremendous value as students get ready for tests, try to make up missed work,
and prepare for their final exams. There will also be pop open notebooks quizzes throughout
the semester. Tabs should be labeled as follows:
Section 1- Warm ups: Students should write the question and answer; students must also have
the correct answer after we have discussed the warm up in class.
Section 2- Daily Notes. Project reporting notes, Review Notes : Any notes and/or reading
Section 3- Class work/Graded Work: Any classroom assignments completed and graded will be
kept in this in this section. Some class work assignments may be collected and graded; once
they are returned please keep all your assignments in this section of your notebook.
Paper Heading: Upper right corner if the paper is facing you, Last name, first name, date. Class
period and the name of the assignment. Papers without name and correct headings will not be
graded . Positive points will be given for correct paper headings.

Example of paper heading Doe ,Jane (name)

6/23/15 (date)
1st period (class period
Safety Test ( name of assignment)

Progress Reports/Report Cards

Progress Reports are issued at the 4 week, 9 week and 13 week marks of each semester. At
the end of each semester a report card is mailed home which will show the permanent grade
earned for each course.
Attendance & Make-up Policy:
Attendance is crucial to our students success.
A student who has been absent is responsible for meeting with Mrs. Foster the day they
return to school to receive make-up work. The time to make-up work must should not
exceed the number of days missed by the student.
The student will have one week to make-up a missed test or quiz.
Make-up work for students with an excused absence is eligible for maximum credit.
Students have three (3) school days to complete and submit make-up missed class
Late Projects will NOT be accepted and a zero will be entered in the grade book for the
missing project. All other assignments will be subject to grade deduction. Twenty points
(20) will be taken off for every day the assignment is late.
Academic Integrity Policy
The development of a sense of personal integrity and responsibility in our students is an
important goal for our teaching efforts. Students at Jonesboro High School are expected to
submit work for evaluation that has been completed solely by that student, unless group
assignments have been so designated. The following actions are considered to be violations of
academic integrity:

Using or receiving unauthorized materials in a test situation.

Passing on test answers and/or questions to someone who has not taken the test.
Turning in work for credit that is not the students own (i.e. gross plagiarism).
If a student is found to be in violation of the academic policy, the following measures should
be taken: This include research information on projects.

The student will receive a grade zero on the assignment .

The teacher will inform the administration and parent.

Additional disciplinary action may be taken by the administration if warranted.

Rules for Mrs. Wiggins class:

Be Respectful
1. Be respectful by not speaking while I or your classmates are speaking.
2. Be respectful by keeping your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
Be Responsible
3. Be responsible by bringing all materials necessary to class.
Be Ready
4. Be ready and willing to learn.
5. Be ready to follow all directions and actively listen.

Procedures Family Mrs. Wiggins FACS class



Upon entering the classroom, be seated immediately, read the board for instructions, and begin warm up.
No hanging around the door before the bell rings whether I am at the door or not.
Please refrain from getting up out of your seat to:
a. Go to the trash
b. Visit another group
Sharpen your pencil or open the door without my permission.
This is a lab classroom refrain from spraying any perfumed items, lotions, sanitizer, Vaseline or
perfumed sprays.
No hair combing, lotion, perfume, lip gloss or make-up applications during class time).Visit the restroom
before you enter.
Raise your hand to make a comment or to ask or answer a question.

Refrain from chewing gum at all times. Gum is not allowed.

Foods prepared in the lab cannot be taken to the cafeteria or another teachers classroom to be eaten.
Foods not produced in class cannot be eaten in class. Only water is allowed. If you have water clean your
desk before you leave. do not leave it wet
10. No unauthorized use of lab equipment, materials, or refrigerator is allowed.
11. To be dismissed you must pack up your belongings, clean up your area, and sit silently until dismissed by the
teacher. The bell does not dismiss you, I do.

Failure to Comply:
1st - offense-Teacher Warning
2nd -offense -Phone call home
3rd -Teacher detention (2days for each infraction) failure to serve teacher detention will
cause you to be written up on a referral. In teacher detention you will perform cleaning tasks
inside the classroom and write an essay explaining how you intend to change your
unacceptable behavior

Syllabus Acknowledgement Form

Dear Parents / Guardian.
Please read, sign and return by Friday 8/12/2016 for your child to receive a grade of 100
for each day afterwards they will have 10 points per day deducted. Please complete the
sheet entirely.
Each Parent/Guardian Will Need to
1. Review this syllabus with your student.
2. Fill out the Syllabus Acknowledgement &Parent Contact Log (attached) sign, date
& return.
3. Review the JHS Code of Ethics for Computer Users, sign, date & return
(On the back of the Parent Contact Log)
4. Return the filled out Syllabus Acknowledgement & Parent Contact Log & JHS
Code of Ethics for Computer Users to Mrs. Wiggins' by August 12, 2016.

I read and understand all of the objectives, requirements, and expectations for
FNW, taught by Mrs. Wiggins

Class Period_________________________
Student Printed Name
Student Signature
Parent Signature
Date Returned _______________ Mrs. Wiggins' Initials ______
Items Turned In.
o Syllabus Acknowledgment
o Parent Contact Log
o JHS Code of Ethics for Computer Users

Student Initials ______

List all student food related allergies:

Video and/ or presentation Permission form / Syllabus acknowledgement of rules and
procedures for Mrs. Wiggins classroom.
From time to time students may be photographed or videoed during class assignments,
presentations and labs. The photos may be published and shared on bulletin boards, tri boards,
newsletters or newspapers around the school .All photographs will be in good taste and are
educational in nature.
______I give permission for my childs photographs or videos to be published.
______I do not give permission for my child to be photographed.
Parent Signature________________________________Date____________