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K iani Lozada
Cell Phone: (215) 252-6815
4607 Magee Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19135
July 31st, 2016
Human Resources Director
BuzzFeed, Inc.
200 5th Avenue
8th Floor
New York, NY 10010
To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing to apply for the associate producer/researcher news position advertised on the
BuzzFeed websites job listings. I am familiar with your organization and I am hoping you will grant
me an interview. I believe I can be an asset to you because of my extensive experience with multiple
facets of video work, keen eye to detail, and my openness to collaboration and learning while
completing a task.
During my collegiate experience, I have worked extensively with the Indiana University of
Pennsylvania TV Station with mostly on screen work. Additionally, I have worked on various video
projects in the courses that I have taken that range from in studio to field production off screen
work. This has resulted in my knowledge of the two sides to video production (on/off screen),
which means that I have gained versatility and adaptability in producing quality work. Ive also had
experience working in the news spectrum due to my time with Voice of America, extensively
researching trending social media topics and news to be utilized for television programs and digital
short videos.
I am the type of person that will scan the simplest or the most complicated things multiple times to
make sure that everything is correct. Being very observant means that I pay attention to every
detail and yet I can still maintain the ability of multitasking. In my work, I make sure that every edit,
text, graphic, or transition is consistent throughout the entire project and will review it multiple
times in its entirety to ensure that it is the way that it needs to be.
I believe that I have proven myself to be a positive collaborator with the many times I have worked
in a group setting. In some cases I was responsible for keeping track of all video assets and made
sure everything was organized for editing, made sure all shots were recorded, edited in post
production, and was responsible for uploading the finished product online. I have experience in
directing video projects and always made sure that every member had their input voiced and that
everyone worked together for the success of the group and project.
I am confident I can provide the team attitude, multitasking capabilities, and experience in video
production you are seeking. Please contact me at (215) 252-6815 (cell) to arrange an interview.
Thank you for your time-I look forward to learning more about this opportunity!

Kiani Lozada
Enclosure: Resume & Reference List