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A Tale of Two Cities Syllabus

Charles Dickens
Quiz Schedule:
4/6 (Friday): Quiz 1 (Book the First and Book the Second Ch. 1 and 2)
4/20 (Monday): Quiz 2 (Book the Second Ch. 3-24)
4/28 (Tuesday): Quiz 3 (Book the Third)
Weekly Assignments (to be collected each Monday):
Questions 15 points
Write down 3 questions for each nights reading. Answer each question. Each week
you will have a total of 15 questions and 15 answers. I will check these each day at
the beginning of class. These can be made up if you were absent, but cannot be
made up if you were in class but didnt have them done.
Figurative language or literary devices 10 points
Find 5 examples of figurative language or literary devices in A Tale of Two Cities.
Only 5 entries for the week. Include the following information for each entry:
* Write down the quote, word for word, correctly punctuated.
* Include the page number (citation). Ex: (Dickens 34).
* Label which type of figurative language or literary device the quote represents.
* Translate the quote into literal language (what is actually being said)
Vocabulary 10 points
Write down 10 words that you do not know. Only 10 entries for the week. Include the
following information for each entry:
* Define the word
* An illustration that shows the definition of the word.
* Create a sentence using the word correctly.
*Socratic Seminars to be announced

Level One Questions:

-Stated explicitly in the text; can be right or wrong
-Work on the factual level, establishing evidence of basic information
* Who
* Where
* Define
* What
* When
Example: What is the name of the river Huck escapes on?
Level Two Questions:
-Implied in the text
-Work on the level of interpretation and analysis, pointing out what textual evidence
suggests or means
* Why
* How
* This is the same as
Examples: Why does Ophelias cooperation with her father disturb Hamlet?
How does the symbolism of a catch-22 work in Hellers novel?
Level Three Questions:
-Goes beyond the text to apply its themes to parallel situations or abstract idea
* Analytic questions
* Synthesis and/or evaluation
Examples: What do the gender relationships in The Color Purple tell us about how men and
women relate?
How do the politics of power in 1984 parallel the power struggles in our own culture?
Are the lessons regarding mans innate evil in The Lord of the Flies applicable to our own