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Proficy* HMI/SCADA

iFIX* Advanced

* Trademark of GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc.
All other brands or names are property of their respective holders.

Siemens S7 Discovery Agent. IGS .Discover & Auto Configure • • Read your PLC Configuration Configure Database and Driver from one point DAC supports the following Discovery Agents: OPC Discovery Agent.Industrial Gateway Server Discovery Agent . Allen-Bradley PLC-5/SLC 500/MicroLogix Families Discovery Agent.

Use! All other brands or names are property of their respective holders. 3/ GE Title or job number / 07/31/16 .Proficy HMI/SCADA iFIX* Productivity Pack for Allen Bradley What is it? • A Set of Database Dynamos (additional database blocks) • A Set of Graphic Dynamos (faceplates and graphic objects) What does it do? • Provides easy configuration of complex features • Saves development time • Reduces database size/tag count The Productivity Pack – A Great Example of Toolkit * Trademark of GE Intelligent Platforms Inc.

Database Dynamos for Allen Bradley Database Dynamo set consists of the following new blocks/tag types: • ABP (Allen Bradley PID) • ABC (Allen Bradley Counter) • ABT (Allen Bradley Timer) Configure the Database and Driver in One Simple Step! Allen Bradley PID Allen Bradley Counter Allen Bradley Timer 4/ GE Title or job number / 07/31/16 .

full) • ABC (operator. full) PID 5/ GE Title or job number / 07/31/16 .Graphic Dynamos for Allen Provides pre-configured faceplates for use with each Bradley of the Database Dynamos Counter Includes 8 pre-built faceplates • ABP (operator. engineer. full) Timer • ABT (operator. supervisor.

Email notifications Alarm area support to distribute notifications iFIX Security support for notifications 6/ GE Title or job number / 07/31/16 . Telephone.Win911 Alarm Notification Option Advanced Alarm Notification customized for iFIX Supports Voice.

Supports all standard iFIX database functions 7/ GE Title or job number / 07/31/16 .iFIX Loadable Database blocks Specialized library of database blocks Provides additional power to the already robust iFIX database Downloadable from support website and available on iFIX CD.

Full Featured Web SCADA Client Option – iFIX WebSpace Zero Deployment Client No Additional development or conversion necessary Multi-Instance Support Fully featured end user graphics including scripting and controllable Read/Write capability E-Signature and 3rd party app compatibility 8/ GE Title or job number / 07/31/16 .

• Automated configuration process for iPower dynamos • A menu system that allows users to navigate through screens • Tools to aid in the drawing of pictures • Improved multi-monitor support • List manager • Zooming and Layering configuration 9/ GE Title or job number / 07/31/16 .Proficy iPower* iPower is a complete iFIX based solution specifically designed for the Power industry Key configuration features of iPower are: • An electric industry “dynamo set” with animations for network components such as circuit breakers and transformers.

Misc. In addition. Value and Pump faceplates. values. Now included in iFIX 10 / GE Title or job number / 07/31/16 . 2 dynamo sets and 14 picture templates are included.Industry Dynamos and Accelerate your development! Templates Water Industry Components • 10 dynamo sets that include clarifiers. Other Components • Includes two pairs of buttons for data entry and export from Proficy Historian. OMAC Solutions Components • A compilation of pre-configured out-of-the-box graphic objects and screens specifically tailored to machine-level applications. pumps and more. there are 3 powerful PID.

iFIX Embedded iFIX embedded increases workers abilities at machines or in remote locations. & SPC. alarming and connectivity options • Proficy Historian Collector support • Dynamic language switching • Optional add-ons: network support.1 Workspace for developing your iFIX Embedded application • Includes Proficy IGS OPC Server – over 100 protocols • Customizable using open APIs • Full scripting support • Powerful graphics. 11 / GE Title or job number / 07/31/16 . • Use iFIX 5. e-signature.

Biometric Pack & E-Sig Option 21CFR Part 11 & NERC recommended ESignature and Biometric Security Tools Audit Trail (RDB) One Click Enables the Support eSignature Capture Reasons Codes and Notes A Complete Audit Trail 12 / GE Title or job number / 07/31/16 .

and run both types Script Authoring Experts for common tasks FIX Background Server runs schedules independent of the Workspace Learn About It! . edit.Scheduler Perform a task at a specified time or interval Scheduler allows you to create. monitor.

Remote Management of iFIX with Microsoft SMS (System Management Server) • Stop iFIX • Start iFIX • Install SIMS • Uninstall SIMS 14 / GE Title or job number / 07/31/16 .

On-Screen Keyboards • Standard in Every Product • Available for Use with Any Application • Highly Configurable • Multiple Character Sets • Select the My-T-Soft button to launch the keyboard from the Sample System 15 / GE Title or job number / 07/31/16 .