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Ross Workman

44 Buckingham Road, Coalville, Leicestershire, LE67 4PA 07742 966 623
A first class BSc Hons Computer Gameplay Design and Production graduate from
Staffordshire University. I specialise in what makes games really tick; the people
who play them, their communities. I aim to enrich their lives and ensure a
positive user experience is had by all. I have industry experience in moderation
and community management and am now looking for a role as a Community

Staffordshire University
BSc Hons (first class) Computer Gameplay Design and Production
Senior Collaborative Games
Development & Testing
Gameplay Applications

Narratology for Games

Introduction to Games Design

MMOG Design, Communities and

Advanced 3D Games Engines and
Games Audio
Individual Games Technology Project
& Portfolio

Final year project: Pokemon Community Report. an in depth look into Pokemon,
a twenty years long franchise with millions of players worldwide, dissecting and
analysing various parts of the community over the years and how developer
Game Freak has successfully managed and adapted to their community.
Excellent communication skills, in
both speaking and listening.
Superb team work skills, able to
work with all different types of
people and even able to take a
leadership role when required.
Research and planning skills
necessary to get things done to a
high standard across the board, be
it events or day to day strategies.
A thorough understanding of the
games development process and
knowledge of the Unreal 4 engine

Keen, analytical eye for critical

details and potential issues
High quality written and IT skills,
actively writing and using
computers on a regular basis.
Plenty of patience to tackle
repetitive tasks or overcome
challenges that may seem difficult
at first.
Avid understanding of social media
and how to create engaging content
for a majority of different sites.

Loughborough College
Creative Media Production (Games Development) Grade BAA


Hind Leys Community College, A levels

History, Sociology, Citizenship studies


Curriculum Vitae Ross Workman

Hind Leys Community College

GCSE 8 subjects, including Maths and English


Industry Experience
Content Creator & Moderator Crimson Castle
Jan 2012Present
Design and create virtual cards in the Pokemon Gems and Pokemon Jewels
sets for the fan made Super Smash Bros Card Game as well as moderate the
forums it is hosted on.

Troubleshoot problems (technical or community issues).

Handle complaints in a professional and effective manner.

Host and run online events and tournaments for the community.

Co-ordinate with Lead Design on creation of cards in and outside the

sets assigned to.

Design virtual cards.

Provide rigorous testing and feedback on existing and new cards before
general release.
Moderator Lemoncest private server
Oct 2015Present
Working within a team to moderate the community of a role play based MMO
private server.

Oversee community of role players

Handle attempts to disrupt role play and mediate disagreements


Coordinate with fellow moderators and Head Administrator to resolve


Provide support to new players or those having difficulties.

Planning and running interactive events on the server.

Moderate community Skype groups.

Create weekly newsletter as well as a table top RPB style combat

Lead Design & Community Manager Fake Door Studios
Sep 2015
June 2016
Created various aspects of, and managed the Facebook group of, a games
development project in University called Ion Defence.

Plan and define game elements, liaising with Lead Art, Lead Tech and
the Producer.

Design the single played campaigns levels.

Project manage game development.

Oversee all social media of the game and ensure followers receive
engaging content.
Community Vanguard Flix Interactive
Nov 2014
& Nov 2015
Two single day voluntary experiences with the team at Flix Interactive in order to
aid development on Eden Star.

Quality assurance testing and report findings

Create and present new ideas for the game

Interests and achievements

Running of Nintendo Stafford Championship 2016 event

Curriculum Vitae Ross Workman

Moderation of miscellaneous other forums

Involvement with various open betas for games, providing reports and
Yearly games jams from 2013 onwards
Working with the free, online fighting game engine M.U.G.E.N
Full, clean driving licence.

Curriculum Vitae Ross Workman