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**Hydrate well this week. Thursdays long run will be hot even at 8 a.m.

you need to be hydrated days in advance. You should not need to stop for
water on a long run.
Mileage Goals and Groups for the Week
Group A (Jacob): 60 miles
Group B (Silvestro, Mancuso): 50 miles
Group C (Martin, Grasso): 45 miles
Group D (Will, Malyk, Shawn, Orion, Connor Bateman, John Bateman, Nelson,
Battaglia): 40 miles
Group E (Jason, Brendan, Timmy, Luke): 35 miles
Group F (Shearn, Stevely, Matt, Kevin, Bates): 30 miles

Monday August 1 @ HS (workout on Frazier St loop)

The back loop of Frazier St. is 800 meters (half mile). I will mark it out with cones
every 100 meters. We will ALL do dropout 800s. People with the slowest goal time
will go first, and we will send people out after them. Everyone should finish at the
same time. Since Jacob starts his 800s last, he has the most rest of anyone. He
starts 1:40 after the first group. The first few groups (4:20 and 3:50 should expect
about 1 minute rest in between efforts). If you are more than 5 seconds slow on an
800, you are out. You may return later in the workout to get more work in if you
think you can hit your goal time with some more time off.
2:40 (20s per 100) Jacob
2:50 (21s per 100) Silvestro, Martin, Speciale
3:00 (22.5s per 100) Mancuso
3:10 (23-24s per 100) Grasso, Battaglia, Nelson
3:20 (25s per 100) Scheg, Connor, Will
3:30 (26s per 100) John, Shawn, Malyk
3:40 (27.5s per 100) Orion, Luke
3:50 (28-29s per 100) Jason, Matt
4:20 (32.5s per 100) Shearn, Stevely, Bates

Tuesday August 2
We are keeping the run length but adding some pickups. Since your pickups are only
30s, this is a great opportunity to focus on great form run tall, light feet, quick leg

turnover, head still, shoulders square. Use the hills and the grass at Parma to build
yourself into a stronger runner.
Groups A, B, C: 60 minute run with 17 minutes of pickups. Immediately you start
with 30s hard, take 2 minutes regular, then 30s hard with 1:30 regular, then 30s
hard, 1:00 regular, then 30s hard, 30s regular. Thats 2 minutes of pickups in 7
minutes of running. You will continue this pattern of 30s hard with descending rest
until you have done 16 minutes of pickups in 56 minutes. Wait until the 59 minute
mark, and then finish your run fast for 1 minute to get you to 17 minutes.

Group D: 45 minute run with 12 minutes of pickups. You will follow the same
pattern as the first 3 groups. This will get you the 12 minutes in 42 minutes, with 3
minutes left to run at regular effort.

Groups E, F: 35 minute run with 10 minutes of pickups. Follow the same pattern as
everyone else. You will get 10 minutes done in exactly 35 minutes.

Wednesday August 3
Mileage Filler Day, Oregon Drill with videotape and 1 on 1 form breakdown,

Thursday August 4
Long run at Greece Canal Park. It is going to be a hot day. We wont have a ton of
shade. Top guys are going to run to Adams Basin for a 12-mile run. Everyone else is
going to run to the village of Spencerport and back for a 7 miler. Since most of you
have run a long run longer than 7 miles this summer, this is a chance to test
yourself a little on the pacing, since the distance wont be as big a deal to your

Friday August 5
Team Run. 8 a.m. Will only need an hour. Highly suggested you attend since it will
get into the mid 90s in the middle of the day. Get your run out of the way early.

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