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The Mans Bible: 50 Essential Tips For

Success With Your Mind, Body and

By:Troofova Reethin
My goal with this book is simple, to provide a simple and down to earth guide that can be
consumed by all men to ensure that they are able to get the most out of their experience
here on this planet. This world can be very confusing and destructive to men, we all need
some guidance and in this book I outline exactly how one can be successful with their mind,
their body, women and ultimately anything they wish to do, it is only through knowledge
that we can overcome and that is exactly what this book will arm you with; knowledge.
If you have any questions comments or you want 1 on 1 private consulting, contact me at:
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1.Mind is All
3.Do it for the Right Reasons: Look Internally and not Externally
4. What Physique Is The Most Attractive?
5.Posture/Speech/Body Language/
7.Internal VS External Game
8.YOU are the Prize
9. Meditation
10. Sex Drive/Male Mother Need/Gynocentrism/Societal Pressures
11. Style And Grooming
12.ROI vs CPO: Dont Put the Pussy on the Pedestal
13. What Should I Say: Leading The Herd
14.Bad Dates VS Good Dates
15.To Date Or Not To Date
16. Of Dread/Jealousy and Self-Respect
17. Dont be Impressed, be Different
18. Curing Oneitis: Avoid the Cancer That is Romanticism
19. Subtleties: Eye Contact/Tonality And Dominance
20. Love Doesnt Exist
21. Winning Arguments: Disarming Womanese With Amused
22. If you Fuck up Keep Rolling
23. Females Live in the Moment

24. Men are Disposable, but Women are Replaceable

25. When in Doubt: Escalate
26.When in Doubt: Dominate
28. Anchoring
29. Attraction VS Affection
30.Dont EVER Show Weakness to a Woman
32.Text/Online Game
33.Stoicism/Calmness/Aloofness/Maintain Your Frame
34.Dont EVER Take Advice From Women
35.Females Communicate Covertly
36. Humor
37.Abundance Mentality and Outcome Independent
38.Navigating Fit Tests
39. Putting it Together:Social Proof
40.Female Imagination and Intuition
41.Opening, Negging And EndGame
42. Dont Use Passive Aggressive/Guilt/Shaming Tactics
43.Types of Women to Date VS Types To Avoid
44. Numbers Game Vs Rejection
45. Apply it to the World
46. Dont Ever be Intimidated
48.Women=Professional Victims,
49.Love Yourself

50.Parting Thoughts

1.Mind is All
First and foremost, THE most important thing in success in ANY avenue is going to be your
mind. Your mind=EVERYTHING, understand this, this is one of THE greatest axioms you will
be bestowed with and it is the foundation of Hermetics.
Ok ok we get it the clich of mind is everything has been worn down to an infantile stilt, have
you anything new to say on the subject? Patience my dear Padawan, you will soon be a walking
deity. The reason that the mind is so important is because there are TWO forms of creation and
that is how ANYTHING comes to be in this universe. Before ANYTHING can come into the
physical, it must FIRST be incepted in your mind.
So what does this all mean? It means that WITHOUT your mind creating the possibility for
something to even be, it is impossible for YOU to manifest it, it may manifest through an outside
source, but at that point it is outside of your control and this book is ALL about YOU taking
BACK the control you DESERVE.
Here are two poisons that you will cease to feed your mind:
1.Negative self talk, if you have ANY doubts/anxiety or depression, you WILL overcome it,
how? There are two techniques which I will suggest and both CAN work, its just a matter of
finding what is best for you.
You can either AMPLIFY it to over 9000 degrees and really feel that thought to its fullest
manifestation and then let it go in place of a neutral/positive thought OR you instantly let it go
and replace it with a neutral/positive thought.
I.e I dont know if I will get that girl
Ok now picture yourself approaching her, picture her INSTANT revulsion at you, picture her
telling you eww GTFO you creep and NEVER talk to me or any of my friends again, picture
her hitting you with her purse and then calling the cops. The cops show up and start talking to
you, they even write you some BS ticket. Now.let it go.that was it.gone.
The stoics and Samurais used this technique where they would often picture their demise or their
future going in absolutely THE worst possible outcome. This is something that is an awesome
technique because seldom (ok pretty much never) does it ever truly go THAT bad and even if it
does, guess what? Youve mentally gone through this situation, so you will no doubt handle it
The other method is a little simpler *thought* I dont know if I will get that girl.Fuck that
shit, why do I need to think like that? How does it serve me? *Pictures self 8 inches deep and
her calling her sister to come back to your crib* Basically as SOON as you recognize that a
thought doesnt serve you, you let it go, you push it away, you CRUSH IT and you either just

move forward or you can even replace it with something ridiculously positive. Shoot for the
moon and youll land with the starsor some corny shit
2.External negativity and I want to be clear there is a difference between feedback and
negativity. Negativity is DWELLING on something and continually bringing it up as a point. I.e
Hey bro, I think you should go to school because your business isnt going to work because the
market is saturated <- That is feedback, now how much stock you want to put into that is up to
you, BUT if the person CONTINUES to berate you with this point AFTER youve
addressed/spoken on it, they could have an ulterior motive.
You can tell advice apart relatively easily, the people who have failed or have never endeavored
to do anything are THE worst people to give advice, they are bottom feeding CrabsInABucket
motherfuckers and to be avoided like the plague. People who have succeeded are generally better
because somewhere along the lines the concepts of success may have embedded themselves into
them, however this isnt always the case so you should still be weary of them. The people who
have failed and THEN succeeded are THE best, BARNONE, as far as potential advisors, they
have gone through the fire and theyve been burnt, but they kept marching forward, pay
reverence to these kind souls and listen for even if they give you a simple truth which youve
heard 1000 times before, the way they phrase it could spark a new way of thinking.
Naturally most people fall in the never have done anything and never will endeavor to do
anything category, this usually creates a very cancerous personality, a lot of the external
negativity that we receive stems from these three personality types:
The Vampire. They feed solely off of negativity and they have a tendency to dump all their
problems on you. They will whine, bitch and moan about THEIR issues ALL day to you, but
God forbid you mention the tribulations you are going through. They couldnt care less and they
will instantly seek to bring the focus back on them.
The Parasite. Whenever you are around them, there is a certain unease about things, while they
may not dwell on a certain topic too much, they have a way of spinning things that isnt so
benevolent. When you leave them, you feel drained as if you just underwent an intense training
session. Not only do you feel drained mentally, but emotionally youll feel as if the well has run
dry. While not as draining as the vampire, they will leave you feeling worse about life in general
and wondering why you ever spend time with them.
The Guilt Tripper. They will try and make you feel bad about everything, they are vapid
creatures themselves and will thus cling on to the drama and lives of others, they have nothing of
substance to say about anything and will only try and make you feel bad about pursuing your
dreams. They will try and make you feel as if you owe them something because they held a door
for you one time 6 years ago. Spending time around them will erode your will and make you less
sure of yourself.
AVOID THESE THREE AT ALL COSTS. If you can entirely cut them out of your life, do so
because life is FAR too short to waste with people who arent on the same page as you and
willing to help out in the same way that youre capable of.

Here are two potions that you will begin to feed your mind:
1.Positive affirmations, now I dont just mean listening to some rain pattering or some tranquil
type shit, I mean properly arming yourself through the use of any of the following: Motivational
material of ANY kind, whether it be music/videos or books. You are what you eat and likewise
your mind is the same thing, there is NO reason to ever put in garbage unless youre ok with
garbage coming out. Personally Im a huge fan of EDM (Not sure what I like less, the acronym
or the mainstream representation of this genre) Music can be absolutely crucial to setting and
maintaining a good mood, here are some of my favorite studies on the impact that music has on
ANYTHING that helps reinforce whatever it is youre trying to cultivate can be used. People
have been SO programmed by the negativity I described above that its going to take some time
to entirely rewire your mind, but brainwashing works both ways. People have a negative
connotation because that is mostly what it has been used for, however if you were to take the
same principles of:
Continual consumption of it
Non-allowance of ANYTHING counterproductive to your goal
They will find that in time, things will begin to turn around for them, in the same way that you
can be influenced negatively, you can be influenced positively, its just a matter of application.
Guard the gate of your mind carefully, it will decide the quality of your castle.
2.Like a computer who has been infected by a virus, your mind simply wont function optimally
when it too has been infected, much like what you put in, youre going to have to be VERY
careful in WHO you hang out with. If somebody isnt adding to your wellbeing or worse is
theyre actually destroying it (whether it be passively or actively), this person is now like the

virus and you already know what happens to viruses that get on your computer.say hello to
Mcafee motherfucker.
Remember, tis better to walk alone than in bad company, but if you cant find someone in
person that is bout dat life, you can always find people with similar goals/mindsets and dreams
online, so I would highly encourage you to reach out to people and see if you have that common
Its always good to have some people that are removed from your life and can give you an
objective/unbiased point of view or just lend some support when its needed. While you
shouldnt ever entirely forgo the in person aspect of our reality, having people that are your
friends, even if just linked through a computer can be just as beneficial and in certain ways, more
beneficial than our in person relationships. Something simple you can create is a Skype group
with like minded individuals and if everyone is on the same page, it can be one of THE most
beneficial things out there for ALL involved.
If you are coming out of a real bad place and all of this seems a bit daunting to begin with, just
work on taking steps to neutrality. Going from one extreme to another is difficult to sustain and
doing so may cause you to quickly relapse into that negative place, so bide your time, take things
as slow as needed. If someone has been depressed to the point of wanting to do bad things ALL
the time, its beneficial for them to spend even JUST 5 minutes in a neutral place because even
that is a step in the right direction. So in summation, destroy/neutralize negative self talk and
neutralize negative external influences, replace it with positive vibes and like minded fellas.
Take your time, but hurry up and remember, mind=EVERYTHING.

This should go without saying, but to all of those that arent already lifting or not making time
for their workouts, GET THE FUCK ON IT. Seriously, this is but a rational proposal. We ALL
know the benefits of working out regularly, so Im just going to rephrase this in a way that
makes the choice of going to the gym even easier:
If you could invest 3-4% of your week into something that improves EVERY aspect of your life;
physically more aesthetic, mentally more clairvoyant and spiritually moving towards a
YungDeity state, ALL while improving OTHERS perception of you, do you pull that trigger?
Of course you do, you God damn beautician (excuse the Canadiana speak, its a good thing),
even if you are in a pinch for time, I would invest at least 2 hours a week into physical selfimprovement and dont give me the excuse that you have NO time because Ive known hard
laborers who put in 60+ hours a week into their work and yet were STILL consistent in not only
making it to the gym, but actually making DAMN good progress. It CAN be done and if you
KNOW that the pain: pleasure ratio is going to be worth it in the end, it makes sense to take
action and to take that action NOW.
If you are really strapped, you can always try a very basic program called Reverse Pyramid
Training ( ) and follow that protocol,
something is ALWAYS better than nothing. If you dont have money for a gym at the moment,
you can always reach out to others over Kijiji/Craiglist and see if anyone is willing to donate
equipment, youd be surprised at the goodwill of others, but without asking ye shall never
receive. Regardless, at least SOME exercise is necessary and if all else fails, you can always do
calisthenics at home or in a park:
Some general lifting advice:
Train all muscle groups AT LEAST once a week, optimally they should be hit 2-3x, but a very
good/naturally gifted muscle group can be trained once a week.
Above everything use progressive overload, but also incorporate drop sets/negatives/static work
and other methods as needed and depending on how you respond.
Moderate volume depending on the feedback and response you get from either going
low/medium or high with it.
Find the exercises that best yield hypertrophy and get stronger along those motions.
If you are a complete beginner, I would suggest starting out doing 2 weeks of conditioning
workouts done every other day:
100 pushups

100 squats
100 lunges
5 minutes of holding a plank
If you want to add weight, you can always strap on a backpack and fill it with whatever adds
weight. If youre even more ambitious than this program, you can go to a park and add 50 dips
and 25 pullups.
NONE of these are meant to be done in ONE set, so do a comfortable amount, take a break and
go again until you reach the number. Add 10 reps to each of those and 15 seconds to the plank
each session, once you have done that, you should have built up your muscles a bit so theyll be
ready to go to the gym. A great beginner routine would be the following:
If you have questions about HOW to perform lifts, I would suggest checking out these channels:
Cardio is something that youre going to want to do as well. The benefits are ample and when
done correctly, it actually ENHANCES your weight training. You dont have to spend hours on a
treadmill or stair stepper doing tedious work, make it something fun, do something you enjoy, do
it fast and do it hard. HIIT is the perfect way to get in some much needed cardiac work without
the added time pressures that LISS often tends to cause. Who doesnt have 5 minutes for 4-5 2030 second hardcore bursts at the end of a workout. Love your heart and it will lead you to the
The third pillar is a proper diet, feeding the body is necessary for achieving success, not only as
far as your training goes, but also in giving you energy to perform your daily tasks at an optimal
level. Shoot for a few servings of fruits/veggies, a gram of protein per lb of bodyweight and fill
in the rest of the calories with whatever makes you feel/perform best.
Some general tips for those trying to lose weight:
Don't go crazy with the deficit right away
Don't go crazy with the cardio right away
ECA/preworkout as needed, don't start with this right away
Keep calories as high as possible and cardio as low as possible and don't adjust unless you stall
Diet drinks/waldens farms/spices
Fibrous veggies/egg whites are your friends

Other foods that will help you on your shredding quest:

Arctic Zero Ice Cream (150 calories per pint!)
Fiber one honey squares/chocolate cereal (80 cals per 30g)
Fiber one wraps (80 cals per wrap)
Fox's u-bet chocolate syrup (19 cals per 32g)
Vermont (forget full brand name) butter flavored syrup/they have basic syrup too (30 cals per
Walden Farms marshmallow/chocolate dip (0 cals per 30g)
Oscar Meyer Chicken Hot Dog (80 cals per link)
Thousand island dressing (50 cals per 37?g)
Zesty Italian Lite Dressing (15 cals per 32?g)
Tomato Sauces help as a flavor adder to the egg whites (Ragu, Francesco Rinaldi)(some have
like 70-80cals per 124-128g)
Romaine, Baby Spinach
Sugar free jello 10cal
Sugar free pudding 60-80cal
Fudgesicle Fudge Pops 2 Bars (82.00g)=80 cals
Quest bars <200cal +20g protein
Almond MilkWalden Farms Blueberry Syrup (0 cals(
Shirataki noodles (Miracle Noodles, Noodles.etc) 0 calories
tofu shirataki 40 calories and 2g of protien per package
Special K Cracker Chips (about 28 chips] 110 cal)
Special K Popcorn Chips (about 28 chips is 120 cal)
Fiber One Cinnamon Coffee Cake (90 cals)
Total Whole Grain Cereal (3/4 cup serving - 100 Cals)
Special K Brownie Bites =100 calorie
Skinny Cow Caramel delights= 130 calories for 3 chocolate caramel squares
Here are some of my favorite studies as to why regular lifting/cardio/diet control is necessary:
People who exercise regularly make 5-10% more money.
Lifting makes you smarter
Last but not least
Finally, I want to talk about the importance of a thick neck, there is NOTHING more
intimidating and masculine than a proper 16+ neck and it should go without saying that you as a
man should strive to be as masculine as you can be, if youre wondering as to how one can go
about building said neck, well it is fairly simple. All you really need is $15 to buy a neck harness
and then googling neck harness exercises should be sufficient or if you cant afford it, there are
even bodyweight stuff you can do to get dat girth going (no homer). Dont believe a thick neck
greatly improves your appearance, simply take a look at the following photos:

Regardless of how ugly your mug is, a thick neck will ALWAYS add to your physical aesthetics,
so even if youre not the most facially aesthetic man, this can be offset by acquiring a brutes
neck. If its really bad, then a thick neck coupled with a beard will do the trick. As a wise man
once said A thick neck will make the chicks peck
Honestly, Ive had A LOT of hobbies over the years (Chess/Hockey/Language study just to
name a few) and personally NOTHING has been as rewarding as the weight training/cardio and
diet regiment. I can safely say that unlike other things Ive done in my life, it has truly given me
back a lot and made me 100% a better person. I genuinely feel as though EVERY human being
should on some level engage in this activity, I understand that for some going to the gym 5x+ a
week, counting every last macro and being sub 10% bf just isnt feasible or even healthy, BUT to
neglect your body in a way that desecrates its potential is a fucking joke and I believe that NO
human being should do that. Of the 5 years Ive been doing this seriously, there have been many
ups and downs, injuries/setbacks and all sorts of external BS taking place, but regardless whether
I was unemployed/employed/not having any bitches round/having a few broads on
deck/friendless/running dat social game or whatever the case may be, I ALWAYS found myself

back in the gym and I ALWAYS got IMMENSE joy from it. Here are some of my favorite
things that have come from the journey:

1.Getting that first stream of compliments, when youve never had it, it feels fucking AMAZING
to have someone validate you in that way, but Ill tell you what feels better.getting to a point
where you dont need it. Yes that comes, but getting there was something that took a while
because at first when I started to hear others remarking on my physique, it was EXACTLY as I
wanted it, but I realized something. I realized that it wasnt EVER really about that, sure the
compliments were nice, but I never wanted to be defined by looking good or being muscular, that
was just an extension of who I am.
The TRUE reward came in self-improvement, evolving myself, maxing out my avatar as best as
I could, not so someone else could deem me as good, but so I can understand a powerful lesson:
When bodybuild want, bodybuild get. That is to say that the more momentum youve built
building your body, the easier it is to take that very same attitude and transplant it to another
activity, and nothing teaches you persistence like the continual struggle of getting
bigger/stronger/faster and leaner.
2.The pump, man this shit never gets old. I dont give a fuck whether youve been in the gym for
2 weeks, 2 months or 20 years, this shit STILL hits you like motherfucker! Who is that
handsome swollen kunt staring back at me in the mirror? Seeing your body blown up in its
ultimate form (for the time being) serves as GODLY motivation to keep going and pushing
through ANY sort of issues you may be having.
I remember reading a quote one time from a great chess grand master and how he pitied people
who didnt play chess because they were missing out on a truly beautiful game, well.he can
stick his rook up his ass and pick up a God damn dumbbell because this shit right here.this shit
is FUCKING CASH! There are very few activities that give you such an immediate feedback,
but not only feedback of you doing something right, you actually get to see your immediate
potential in what youll look like with another 10-15lbs of muscle. Motivation comes in many
shapes and size, but the pumpthe pump is something TIMELESS #ChaseThePump
3.The people you meet because the gym is really one of THE best places to meet fantastic
individuals. On some level EVERYONE there is trying to improve themselves and not only that,
but sometimes you meet people who arent just on the path of physical gains, but mental and
spiritual gains as well. Some of my best friends come from the gym and without the iron Gods, I
wouldve never met them. Dont be afraid to comment or compliment someone in the gym,
sometimes we get so focused on our hard work, but we forget the impact we can have on
someone if we just recognize theirs.
If you ever struggle with body image issues and feeling as if youre current physique isnt alive,
just watch the following:

Control over the physical domain is AS if not MORE important than the mental, it is much more
difficult to have a healthy mind if you dont first start with a healthy body, there is absolutely
NO excuse for a grown man not doing at least SOME form of physical training:
No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man
to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.


3.Do it for the Right Reasons: Look Internally and not Externally
This is something that is important to note with ANYTHING in life, if you really enjoy
something and it is a passion of yours, then do it and do it well, however let me save you a lot of
empty chases right now: the only meaning there is in for it..the one you give
Thats right, women, cars, money, a sickening physique, NONE of these things on their OWN
will bring you happiness unless you already have internal happiness. Thats not to say they cant
help or that they dont bring happiness for a lot of people (they do for me), but Ive seen a lot of
people attain things that youd think Wow, that guy has it all and yet they arent any happier
than when they begin the journey, why? Because they still had the same insecurity/weakness and
NEED that they did when they started, the only difference was that, now they had the external
validation that they THOUGHT would bring them the internal peace and it just doesnt work that
This brings me to my next point, developing YOURself is going to be the ultimate reward from
this journey because you are forever (not really, but yknow what Im sayin), everything else will
come and go, all things will come to pass (time fades everything, your money, your status, your
physique), but what is ALWAYS going to be left behind is YOU! Place value in yourself and
realize that while everyone SEEMS to be watching Omg how much money does he have? Yo
you think hes getting mad gushy gushy wet wet? Man hes 14% bf and definitely lacking in
his serratus, the reality one really gives a fuck, yeah people will compliment and even
admire you, but at the end of the day, what good are any of these things if you do not feel
comfortable with yourself going to bed at night.
Think of it like this, everyone has some natural talent or ability that they take for granted, why?
Because it comes easy to them, so when person XYZ is blown away by it, to you, youre just
thinking Really? Thats not hard, I didnt even work for that, meanwhile there are people who
may bust their ass for an entire lifetime and still not eclipse that effort, but what they DO get out
of it is knowledge.self knowledge which is the best kind. The self knowledge that while they
werent the best, maybe not even upper tier, they gave it their all, they made progress and they
pushed themselves through all the toxicity around them to attain what they could. Do it for the
right reasons.

4. What Physique Is The Most Attractive?
Let's break it down once and for all because this question pop up so much. First let's define
WHY a physique is attractive, a physique is attractive for a number of biological reasons, but
most of all it shows that you have the time to go to the gym, it shows that you have good genetics
to build muscle and be lean AND it shows that you have resources to do so: money to pay for
food, a good schedule that allows you to do so and the time/effort to be able to do it. It is not
necessarily the physique ALONE that is impressive, it is all the things COUPLED with it that we
understand on a subconscious level that do so because EVERYONE wants a good physique, the
only way to achieve that is either through deliberate consistent hard work (which is ALWAYS
attractive) or good genetics (which again is ALWAYS attractive) or both (KING).
What can be said for athletic, fit/ripped or fit and built isn't that THIS is what women want, but
ON AVERAGE a guy with any of these physiques will have a great appeal to A LOT of women.
Now before we talk about the appeal, let's establish that appealing to certain types of women is
IRRELEVANT thus they are NOT part of the equation, there are some women who you would
not want to smash and risk the chance of possibly mixing their DNA, the landwhales, the "I
won't shave" shave feminists or just in general women who neglect a very important aspect of
our existence here....the physical....the body. THEY=IRRELEVANT.
For the rest of the women, the reason why these physiques will have great appeal is because it
has enough mass to stand out from the general population and it's also way leaner than the
average male. However what it needs is it has to have a place where it can be showcased (the
beach/outdoors or places where you can wear less clothes) OR through online mediums such as
facebook/insta/youtube. Essentially all the women that matter will at least want some muscle,
some definition (desire for WHERE that definition is varies vastly) and this type of physique
isn't even close to being egregious. Now for the other type of women that prefer a bigger (fitness
model or even NPC level bodybuilder) male or a huskier/fatter male it is still ENOUGH to have
SOME impact, it may not be ideal, but depending on OTHER factors (which I'll get into later in
the post) it is enough of a physique that it CAN'T be held against you since it is still way above
the average male:
As a side note, remember this: your competition will be FAR closer to the guy above than
anything remotely resembling a decent physique.
We move on to the environment factor. When discussing physiques you have to remember that a
completely overlooked aspect is your IMMEDIATE ENVIRONMENT'S REQUIREMENTS.
Aka you can take this guy to clubs in America, clubs in South America, clubs in Europe and

clubs in Asia and he will have VARYING results, BUT the one thing that will remain constant
(we are assuming this gent isn't a fuckwit) will be a HIGHER RATE THAN AVERAGE of
success assuming that relative to the other males everything APART from physique remains
constant. Different cities will prefer bigger guys (especially in America) and certain places will
prefer slimmer/leaner physiques, i.e in certain Asian countries where 5'10 165 is towering over
the average person and even the guy in the OP is pretty much going to be consistently one of the
bigger guys in most social settings. So going past a certain point unless you really love the
training/dieting aspect will NOT yield much if any extra results with women.
What is most important to remember ABOVE EVERYTHING is that NOTHING ALONE
matters in this world. Take a 10/10 face (let's say Brad Pitt in his prime no homo), give him a
Zyzz physique, give him millions of dollars and put him in BUTTPHUCK GREENLAND and
see how many bitches he pulls IF he sits at home all day, even though this guy may have
EVERYTHING necessary to succeed, nobody knows it...thus it is IRRELEVANT. If you can't
showcase what you've got, you may as well not have it at all or you will be GREATLY relying
on the whims/desires of others to overtake them and force them into action, again this comes
down to environment, in some places you will find you get approached more and in others you
won't, this is in the micro in your day to day locations that you go through and the marco in your
city/countries female attitude to approaching.
At the end of the day, if youve got even just the athletic physique, youll be shooting at a much
higher level than the gen pop goers, meaning that as long as you have decent exposure of that,
you SHOULD be able to have a higher closing percentage. When you couple this with an adept
understanding of psychology, body language and an iron mindset, youll be KING.

5.Posture/Speech/Body Language/
Just these three things can make a HUGE difference, what people often tend to overlook is that
were ALWAYS communicating with others, its just that sometimes we communicate overtly
and other times we communicate covertly. Your posture/speech and body language will either
tell people youre a king or theyll let them know that youre a peasant. Theyve done research
and shown that psychopaths can instantly tell who is strong and who is a weak target just by the
way they walk, upon first hearing this, you may be doubtful, but once you begin to understand
these subtle cues, youll come to appreciate what a MASSIVE difference they make in your life.
Youll see who is displaying confidence, youll see who is displaying softness and youll see just
how much of our communication is non-verbal.
Speech, this one is fairly straight forward, but it is MADDD underrated by most. From now you
will speak from your deepest tonality, meaning that right now you can test out three different
formats, your highest pitch (beta), your regular pitch (neutral), your lowest pitch (alpha). It will
take some time to reprogram yourself, but it is much worth it as the Halo effect is seen in
EVERY aspect of our life, much like we look up to beautiful people (celebrities) as a society, we
are more receptive to those speaking in a deeper tonality.
Tonality is important, but some other things that can make a huge difference are:
Mumbling, if youre going to say something, say it with FUCKING conviction, otherwise dont
Ya know/uhhhs/umms, everyone uses these filler words, but even just becoming consciously
aware that youre using them will help you reduce them, notice that all the best and most
respected speakers seldom if ever let these cancerous little terms slip out, even during live
Up talk, dont be ending your sentences like this ya know? Because this shit is royally annoying?
Maybe you shouldnt do it, not like this?
Take your time with your words, pronounce things correctly or with some style (dont be afraid
to be slightly different) and appreciate that this is a process. For a lot of people, weve had a lot
of bad habits embedded deeply within us, through a weak ass society and a lack of correction
weve slipped into this zone where were screwing ourselves over. Its going to take time to turn
things around, but youd be surprised at how much more your thoughts are respected with just
this small tweak. And remember:
A man's deep voice more attractive than good looks

Posture is HUGE, this is why theyve found that even doing power poses can increase
testosterone (albeit if only for a bit), but the basic gist of it is to stay open, take up space (lean
back in chairs and spread your legs out), keep your chin up (eyes looking forward) and lead with
your heart/penis. Think of it from back in our caveman days, would the caveman walking with
his head held up high, his chest sticking out and his eyes on the prize (straight ahead) be the one
who catches the most prey or the caveman stumbling along, looking down and hunched over?
Pretty obvious that second cavemans genetics wont make it very long (if he isnt eaten by his
tribe for being a walking/talking roadkill). A good exercise to start the day is to spend 2-3
minutes power posing
If you have rolled shoulders, misaligned hips or something that physically prevents you from
assuming correct posture, Id suggest looking into The Supple Leopard by Kelly S, it is a
fantastic book that will help you correct structural issues you may have acquired over a lifetime
of doing movements incorrectly and being forced in ergonomically incorrect positions.
Until you feel as though youre confident enough to begin your journey. The best thing about
having good posture is that most people dont and thus they actually undersell themselves as far
as their height goes, by standing up STRAIGHT and looking ahead, you maximize what youre
working with.
Body language, there is a good deal to cover so lets keep it short and sweet:
Dilated pupils=excitement, hence why staring into someones eyes can cultivate attraction
(youre watching for this cue)
Open palms/hands=open to you and closed palms/hands=closed to you, same thing with crossed
arms.not a good sign
Slouching posture=uninterested
Straight up posture/chin up=interested
Rubbing neck=Tired of something or lying
Rubbing eye/nose/face/mouth cover/collar pull/gulping/fingers in mouth=lying
Feet pointed AWAY from you=they want to get away from you
Feet pointed towards you=approval
Sitting in a ready stance (think of a sprinter or someone in a semi lunge)=wanting to get away
from the situation
Leaning back/taking up space/raising the chin=confident/relaxed
Adjusting cuffs/rubbing the wrist/elbow/squinting eyes=Nerves or theyre feeling unsure
Thumbs being shown as up=a good sign (keep your thumbs up and out if your hands should ever
go in your pocket, ideally place them towards your penis)

Move slowly, gracefully and powerfully, you ever seen a tiger or lion acting like a jolted little
puddy cat? Well maybe you have, but thats not the sort of tiger or lion you want to be imitating.
Move with purpose, but NEVER in a rushed manner. In action example:

Notice their demeanor, their movement, just the very VIBE they give off. This is enough to scare
off one of the most badass animals in existence. If you ever feel unsure or anxious about a
situation, think back to these alpha motherfuckers and the fact that they were facing possible
death with this idea. Whatever your situation is, Im sure its not as dangerous or scary as theirs.
Hand shake with palm over the other persons=youre dominating, both palms meeting straight
on=mutual respect, your palm under theirs=you are their bitch
Mirroring body language is a good way to gauge rapport, you want to be the one in the lead
(being mirrored), mirroring is a good way to build a subconscious agreement
Signs a bird likes you: Hair flicking, limp wrist, any sort of posture/body tilt done to accentuate
curves, rhythmic synching of movement (hers following yours), pouting of the lips, self
touching, crossing her knees towards you, rubbing/caressing of an object, open wrist, glancing
over her shoulder (usually coupled with droopy eyelids), pelvic/hip tilting when she
walks/stands, knee pointing, playing with her shoes, putting her face on a platter, presenting her
lips, head tilting, leaning into you, coming into your personal space
Something that I encourage everyone reading this book to do is to practice facial expressions. Its
something that I learned when I used to act, but most people emote horribly, being able to make
a certain type of face on command just gives you another tool that you can use within your
interactions to create as you please.
Its unfortunate that were taught so much garbage in our schools yet something as useful as
understanding body language and social dynamics is something that is entirely overlooked.
When I first acquired this knowledge, the world changed because it became evidently clear just
what sort of attitudes and mentalities everyone around me had, it became abundantly obvious
what was taking place in conversations, even without listening to them and most of all, this level
of self awareness helped me harness the power we ALL have to manipulate our environment for
the better.

What is a man? This is something that has been debated since the beginning of time and will
continue to be contested until the final atom collapses back into itself and the universe begins
anew. What Ive personally come to realize is that there is no SPECIFIC requirement XYZ that
you NEED to have in order to be masculine because for every man out there with that specific
requirement, there is some shlub who has somehow attained it and he definitely is NOT anything
close to a man.
Here are my commandments of masculinity:
1. Have a purpose. Plain and simple, have a FUCKING purpose. What is the point of merely
existing? What is the point of closing your eyes at night and waking in the morning only to find
yourself caught in some monotonous trap that youve fallen into because you followed the
crowd? The ONLY type of man worth a damn is the man with a plan. It doesnt have to be the
best plan, it doesnt have to be the most thought out plan, but you need a plan, you need a plan
man. So IDGAF if your calling is to be the greatest chess grandmaster, if you want to be an
unreal hardstyle producer or if you want to start a dance school.
At the end of the day, we are ALL going to die, we are ALL going to suffer failures, we are ALL
going to go through an IMMENSE amount of growing pains in our lives, but do we go through
those things at the hands of others or do we sack up and say You know what, if Im going to be
going through these things regardless, why dont I AT LEAST go through them WHILE
pursuing my dreams, WHILE going after my wildest desires and WHILE attaining my highest
self? Go after your purpose and dont EVER let anyone or anything come between that.
2.Take action. The main thing I want people taking away from this book isnt necessarily
information piece XYZ or that you NEED to do number 22 or number 45, what I want you men
to understand is that we ALL have potential, but unless we seize the day, it WILL slip away and
today turns into tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes. Start that youtube channel, open up that
shop, print those t shirts. If you have an idea, follow it through.
The graveyard is the richest place on this planet, for in the graveyard we will find all sorts of
things that never were, we will find brilliant inventions, we will find cures for diseases and we
will find the most brilliant problem solvers of all time, yet we will also find that these things
never were, why? All because somewhere along the line, this person gave into their fear, they
stopped following their purpose or maybe they never started, but they let their fear dictate who
they were and now look at them. Dusty old bones, full of green dust. Take action.Take
action..Take Action NOW! Let this become your creed.
3.Never give in. The world has a way of testing all those on the path to greatness, plain and
simple, if youre going to let others dictate YOUR reality, youll be living in theirs. Anybody
that has ever accomplished anything has had to deal with people that not only passively
disagreed with their path, but actively tried to deter them and if they give in. well take a look

around, youll probably find yourself surrounded with people who gave in, but take a look up, to
the stars, up above and youll find those courageous souls who dared push for more.
The journey one goes on in pursuit of their purpose is the most rewarding thing in the world and
NOTHING can replace that, not a steady job, not some sloot who wouldve leave you in a
heartbeat if presented with a better opportunity and not any monetary reward you may extract
from getting good at glitching the matrix. THE best moment youll feel is when you decide fail
or succeed, youre going after what YOU want because even if you fail, you still lived with more
balls, you were still more of a man more than those other parasites. Dont let a peasants opinion
rattle a king.
There will never be a universal agreement on what a man truly is, but one thing we all know is
that much like you wouldnt call someone a woman (maybe in strictly the literal sense) just
because she has a vagina, youre not a man or a man of substance just because you have a penis.
Regardless of where your own definition falls, use these as a start point and youll be GOlDen!

7.Internal VS External Game

Accept yourself, accept that while in this moment you may not be where you want to be, you
have started on the right path and thus it is only a matter of time before you attain what you are
after. The journey of self-improvement is long, difficult and often arduous, but when you take
the opportunity to cultivate yourself inwardly and externally, you will begin to reap the rewards
very quickly.
A great focus in this book is tying together these two pillars together so that you can have the
FULL spectrum of masculinity unleashed. Much like a beautiful looking car without an engine
or conversely the worlds best engine left outside of a car, having one without the other is fine,
but if you REALLY want to get somewhere, youre going to need both.
The internal is STRICTLY for you, meanwhile external is both for you and the world.
Developing both takes time and true perfection is illusive, although one will find great
satisfaction in balancing themselves between the two.
Do not let the world box you in and tell you that you are STRICTLY XYZ and that you will
never be anything else, be who you want to be, but dont let your drive be limited to one area. It
is easy to fall into the trap of specializing, the problem is that the more you specialize, the more
dependent you become on that skill. A good carpenter needs to know how to use many tools and
likewise, the more you maximize ALL aspects of your being, the more youll be able to take
advantage of ALL the benefits that come with this. The takeaway message is to strive to be the
Renaissance man, the Renaissance man isnt JUST a painter, hes not JUST an actor, he isnt
BUT an athlete, he is all things to all men, why? Because he can.

8.YOU are the Prize
Your masculinity never has been and never WILL be defined by a woman.
You are the prize, let me say that again, YOU ARE THE PRIZE, getting it yet? YOU ARE THE
GOD DAMN PRIZE. This is something that I want you to repeat to yourself throughout your
day until it gets ingrained in your brain as a default mentality. What do I really mean by this? I
see a lot of guys when they go to job interviews or they go out to parties or worst of all, when
they approach women, they INSTANTLY go into a qualifying mode, they begin to ask
themselves how THEY can impress the OTHER party, they begin to wonder how they can
behave to someone make other people confident in them and they begin this massive faade
where they act like something theyre not. Yet when they DONT get what they want, they ask
themselves: why?
Ill tell you why because you were SUPPOSED to be the prize, but like an original Picasso
painting sitting in a garage sale, you were unaware of your own value and you sought to pawn
yourself off at the first offer you got. This is NOT how you get anywhere in life. The DEFAULT
beliefs you have aka what is already embedded within will define how you interact with others
and unfortunately most of us have had SO much negative programming from others, were not
even sure of who we REALLY are. You are not your job, you are not your education, you are not
your clothes, you are not the women you are with and you are not your salary, if you were, then
what REALLY remains should those things get taken away?
The problem is that most people are looking for external validation, they are constantly looking
for something OUTSIDE of themselves to define them, Oh if only I get desire XYZ, then Ill be
happy and feel good about myself No motherfucker and even if you DO get it, youll probably
fuck it up because you werent ready for it, you didnt have the right sort of mentality necessary
to sustain having a possession of high desire.
Whats needed is an ALAMO mentality. An Alamo mentality is one of courage, it is one of
bravery and it is one of never giving in. Think of a situation when you were outnumbered, think
of a situation you were outgunned or just think of a simple situation where YOU overcame
something. It doesnt have to be massive, but it does have to be a tribulation that you felt was
difficult, even if only for the time being. Think of how you felt before it, think of how you felt
during it and think of how you felt after it. The flow chart of emotions usually goes: performance
anxiety, loss of time and space within the moment, completion of task, emotional relief. Now
think of how much easier it would be if you could transcend the performance anxiety and get
straight into the loss of time and space within the moment.
Good news. You can, but it starts with ensuring that you are going into these situations with the
right attitude. So next time you go into a situation that is going to challenge you, maybe its a job

interview, maybe its a social situation or maybe youre just approaching some rando broad.
Think back to when you conquered that trial that you went through, then correct your breathing,
Finally repeat to yourself about WHO is the real prize.YOU.YOU ARE THE PRIZE
Next job interview:
Ok this position is high paying, yeah they require a lot out of me, BUT I deserve it. Ive put in
the work and bare minimum I have a WAY better mentality than the rest of the applicants, look
at them, do any of them think theyre the prize? Or are they another gold nugget covered in shit
Next approach: Aite this bitch is decent, shes a solid 7+, but so fucking what? She has
insecurities too, she has issues she deals with and right now her life is going to get a WHOLE lot
better because I am coming into it, she should feel blessed to be in my presence.
I understand that some will question the legitimacy of this almost self-deluding type philosophy,
but the proof is in the pudding:
Look, the reality is that you are who you are already, Im not going to BS about that, maybe
youre a rad motherfucker or maybe youre just on your way to becoming one. It is no doubt a
process and one that never really truly ends, but let me ask you this: If you YOURSELF cant be
confident within yourself, how the hell can you expect others to convey the very belief you lack
about YOURSELF? You cant.and they wont.
Whether or not youre confident in who you are doesnt necessarily change where youre at right
now, BUT it does put your best foot forward. If you are confident right now and maybe you
think, yeah ok ok be confident/fearless and the prize, but I dont REALLY feel that way. BUT, if
you manage to feel that way now, if you just suck it up and say Im gonna try this and see
where it goes, think of how much that feeling is ONLY going to amplify when you start
attaining those things that youre after, when you begin to experience the self-growth from
taking action, the self-growth from attaining mastery over your environment and the self-growth
over finally attaining ownership what this world has strived SO hard to pervert: your mind and as
a result your surroundings.
Nao mais! From THIS moment on, you are CHOOSING to be who you want to be, you are
making the CONSCIOUS CHOICE to decide how youre going approach these situations and
you are regaining that sovereignty that was taken from you.

9. Meditation
Meditation, this subject to some may seem tooty fruity, but the truth is that not only is it now
starting to be backed by science, but the overwhelming changes Ive personally seen have helped
me see the light as far as showing that meditation not only has a place in a regime for optimal
performance, but it should be a regular staple. All meditation really is, is bodybuilding for the
mind. You take the raw materials, you begin to mold them and overtime they take form, but
unless you train the mind like the body, it too will stay weak. Meditation is crucial for building a
wizards mind.
There are two type that I recommends:
The internal contemplative state, very good for finding peace, serenity, overcoming fear,
depression, anxiety and worrying. It's essentially where you focus on your heart beating, your
breath and try to limit external thoughts about anything, your primary focus is those functions. I
have found this method very useful for grounding me in the present, the present being the ONLY
thing that REALLY exists, the past is the past and the future hasnt come, but the present is all
there is to be truly done.
The external manifestation state, very good for giving you confidence within your pursuit and a
sense of purpose in helping to rewire dem neurons in a pattern that serves you. Visualize yourself
achieving your goals and manifesting your desires.
A good balance between the two is needed to get the most out of it, if you struggle with anxiety
or fear a lot, then what you could is first work on controlling your breathing. Youd be surprised
at how much of your life is dictated by the pace at which you inhale and exhale air, not only will
it affect your heart rate, but it also affects how your brain functions. So once youve laid down
and worked on your breathing a bit, what you want to next do is begin to envision yourself in the
situations that cause you to be afraid.
Personally here are a few things that I LOVE to visualize when I meditate:
Fighting, life nowadays is very tame and you seldom get into tussles, but picturing yourself
trading blows with someone can evoke very strong feelings of empowerment and courage. When
you get those feelings flowing through you early on in your day, it seems like the rest of it is a
cakewalk, like Boss, youre bitching at me for not having this report done? Man I KOed
George St Pierre this morning
Getting killed or being in a war, now now, this isnt done to seem like some online ebadass
meditating motherfucker, the purpose of these two specific scenarios and specifically the death
and war aspect is that it makes you appreciate life THAT much more. It forces you to think and
deal with the reality that there are currently A LOT of people out there that are dealing with

WAY harsher realities RIGHT THIS SECOND. This sort of objectivity is something that is
crucial in helping us laugh at some of the first world problems we go through.
Being with bad bitches and closing million dollar deals, if you cant DIRECTLY practice
something, then the next best way is through visualization and actually some argue that this may
even work better: Regardless, a bit of positive mental masturbation never hurt
Feel free to visualize whatever goals and things you want to accomplish, these are just examples
of things Ive done in the past and it is in no way meant to be rules. If you struggle in certain
situations or if there is something you want to improve, starting in your mind is a great place to
commence that journey.
As far as logistics go, you might be wondering if you need music, to be in a certain place, to burn
incense or if you need to go to some guru to transplant knowledge? No, no, nope and fuck no,
all you need is a comfortable place and to close your eyes and begin (aka ACTION), there is no
one right answer as to how meditation is done and I would absolutely encourage you to
experiment and find what works best for you.
You might ask, but what does all this visualization REALLY get you? JUST the contemplation
of your dreams and JUST THINKING about HOW to attain them does something for you. Most
people dont even really think about their dreams, yeah they might visualize them once in a
while, but they do next to no regular visualization. They are simply hit by a wave of inspiration
every now and then and for the next few hours they spend semi engaged in some far off land that
they never venture to ever again, physically or mentally.
One of my favorite things about meditation is how it rewires your brain for success. A recurring
theme in this book is going to be being in control and staying calm and meditation allows you to
practice just that. It is something so crucial because it PRIMES you for action and the correct
kind too. Not only that, but just ENVISIONING yourself achieving/being something will no
doubt help your subconscious realign itself so that the actions you take throughout your day have
been taken from a start point that is confident and going after your goals. Correcting your
mentality is huge and while it isnt everything, meditating often will ensure that when you take
action (remember ALWAYS TAKE ACTION), that you already KNOW what you want, now it
is a matter of doing what it takes to attain it.
Some of my favorite studies on the benefits of meditation:

A host of people talking about their experiences with meditation:

10. Sex Drive/Male Mother Need/Gynocentrism/Societal Pressures

It is very important for ALL males out there to realize where their desires stem from, the reason
being is that what were TOLD to desire is multi-faceted in that there are many reasons we are
TOLD to go after certain things.
1. Women and children are the best sort of consumers out there because both of them are
insatiable/unreasonable and easy to manipulate and men are the best type of providers out there
because they will drive themselves into the ground to serve others, all while being demonized as
retarded imbeciles who are incapable of anything without their great matriarch queen, maybe
being granted the occasional pat on the back in the way of a promotion, retirement or 2% of the
year off of their monotonous work. This is the perfect balance to keep society chugging along
because on one hand, you have a seemingly endless stream of resources and on the other hand
you have people ready to chomp down on these resources and demand more. This keeps both
parties moving and while objectively cancerous, this is something that tends to elude everyone in
the current moment because everyone involved feels as though theyre moving towards some
greater goal.
Masculine duty (as is labeled by society) is all about service and service to others, if you as a
men got married, had 3 kids, bought a house and 2 cars, worked for 30 years paying for all of
this and all the miscellaneous trash youd be coerced into buying, you would be looked at as a
Good Man, however if you decided to deviate from this timeline, if you decided to pursue your
dreams, work odd jobs, meeting women at your whim, dealing with people at your own accord
and scraping by while you fervently went after your TRUE desires, you would be looked at as a
deviant or a weirdo and shamed to no end.
Society has no need for this man, he is not contributing in a way deemed appropriate nor is he
consuming in a way that is deemed necessary for the continual perpetuation of the consumer
culture. You are free.except if you want to express the ULTIMATE form of freedom and
entirely opt out of just about everything, color within the boundaries and remember.this is
2. So why do men continue to participate in something that is pretty evidently a bad deal when
looked at impartially? Sex drive, plain and simple we ALL have a strong desire to continue to
spread our genes and populate the world, BUT is the current male strategy THE best one to
achieve that in maximizing not only the possibility of this, but also the landscape of the males
life entering the institution of marriage? Following the script of graduating high school, going to
college, getting a job and getting married at 26-28 and then beginning to pop out the kids while
taking on a mortgage and car payments has gotten us THIS far, but is it REALLY optimal going

I think anyone can see that in the current climate this model is entirely unsustainable, with over
of marriages ending in divorce (2/3 of them ending up being unhappy marriages) and with
over 2/3 of them being initiated by women, there is a clear disconnect between what marriage
used to mean and what it currently means. Nowadays a man can spend his entire life providing
for a family in the most extraordinary fashion and STILL be extorted in a massive way :,,20556666,00.html
Mel Gibson's Ex Wife Takes Half His Estimated $850 Million in Divorce Settlement

Not only this, but things like POF/OKC/Tinder/FB/IG have all made cock abundantly available
like never before, a woman nowadays doesnt even have to leave the comfort of her own house
to possibly meet a mate or even get a lot of positive attention. So not only are you liable to have
your entire life flipped upside down by these women, they have less appreciation for you (due to
the abundance of yous) AND even the odds themselves dont favor you
( A woman nowadays could probably within a few hours
replicate what our grandmother wouldve had access to over the course of a lifetime (IF that) as
far as potential mates and if she is really savvy and maximizes her presence on the internet, her
IRL attention whoring and friendzoning your local schmoe, she can have EVERY male resource
she could ever want at the source:
Attention: FB/IG and her frienzoned loser male chums
Money: FB/IG/POF/Sugar daddies/Part time escort, friend zoned males
Sex: Tinder/dating websites, the cream of the crop at her local bar during ladies night
She is free to ride the good ol Cock Carousel in her 20s and then settle down in her 30s. The
good ol get fucked by the alpha and have the beta pick up the slack strat.
So what is a man left to do? Acquire wisdom, know that as a man if you take care of yourself,
your sexual market value wont diminish much into your late twenties and early to mid 30s, at
that point all the years of refining your physique, pursuing your passions and hopefully building
up your network of wealth and contacts will have paid HUGE dividends. You (unlike women)
are not working with a ticking biological clock, you will be just as capable (pretty much) at
having children in your 20s, 30s and even 40s, so you should absolutely take advantage of this.
Dont even DREAM of getting married in your 20s, hell I would advise against it all together,
but if you are keen on passing on your genetics, another ProTip to take advantage of is that your
value as a Western Male is MUCH higher in places like South East Asia or Latin America, there
female hypergamy works in YOUR favor and not only that, but the family courts arent set up
(yet) to divorce rape you in the same way that they are in the West should things go array.
I digress (just a bit), the male sex drive can be used to simply pass on genetics or it can be
transmuted into something more. People like Nikola Tesla/Christ/Newton/Da Vinci and even a
young Mike Tyson all put their sexual energy into their work, because the male sex drive is so

strong, when it channeled and channeled correctly, it can drive you to a new stratosphere.
However if it is mismanaged and you wilt entirely to all its whims for you, you WILL pay the
I will give you a personal example, I know a man named Porter, now Porter is a great guy,
jacked, charismatic and fairly handsome, he is in his mid 30s and has very good big fish/small
pond status aka he is very well known in the area and especially at his work. Porter has 4 kids
from 3 different mothers and STILL tries to game broads every chance he gets, now despite the
fact that he is making nearly 6 figures, he isnt seeing much of the money and when he isnt
putting in 50 hours a week at the job, he is getting up at 2-3am in the mornings to tend after his
newborn baby, he is driving his kids around from and to their mothers AND he is trying to also
date. Now, lets picture Porter with a bit of tact, lets say he had just worn domers or actually
kept it in his pants, what sort of life would he have now? Is his life better or worse for his
choices? Was his sex drive used to fuel his greatness or was it used to chase momentary
pleasures that ended up being lifetime chores?
This isnt to get on a soap box and tell you not to have sex or to ever get married, BUT in this
day and age, you NEED to be doing things with tact, you NEED to be VERY aware of the
consequences of your actions and you NEED to understand what drives you to not only desire
these things, but to make moves on them. ONLY then, can you make a real choice based on
REAL contemplation
3.Male mother need, this is something that is under discussed, but it is a very vital piece of the
puzzle. The male mother need is something all of us males have within us and unless we become
consciously aware, in this current climate where society is still pushing us into relationships, our
sex drive is as strong as ever (and being targeted by all sorts of advertising), we can be driven to
feel really low about ourselves if we are without a woman.
So what is it? All humans on some level pine for those childhood feels, when we are born, our
mother is the first person we see, when we are growing up, we are taught to associate her
absence with worrying times, she is the first woman that compliments/approve/loves us and
simultaneously she also on some level plays a role in our discipline. All of our mothers have a
profound effect on us, but this is something that continues having an effect, long after weve
moved out of our parents house and even started a family of our own.
We STILL continue to yearn for that very same approval/love and nurturing we received from
our mother, long after our contact with her has become minimized and the ONLY way to address
this is to first accept it and then seek to build our self worth up so that we are NOT hinging on
any female to come into our lives and save us because 1.No such females exist 2.Females
themselves dont even want to do this, this desire within them is saved for their own children.
4. Gynocentrism. The final piece of the puzzle, society has been paraded as a patriarchy, but the
REAL truth of the matter is that its been a covert matriarchy under the guise of a patriarchy
because while women no doubt dealt with issues as far as what they were allowed to do with
their lives, so too did the majority of males, EXCEPT unlike the females, the males were
conscripted in wars, used as cannon fodder and forced to work back breaking jobs that often lead

to their deaths, oh but dem voting privileges (L-O-L, most men had next to no impact on the
leadership that moved society forward apart from being licensed killers/workers and drones for
these elite).
It boils down to simple biology: A vagina has inherently more worth than a penis, for with just
one penis, you could repopulate an entire world, with one vagina.well, this planet would
probably nuke itself back to a primitive age. Thus it makes sense (even from purely a biological
standpoint) that females are the worshipped/cared for and protected ones when it comes to the
Society has and never will as a whole care about men, thats why feminism has gotten so far in
spite of statistics like these:
Men are 97% of combat fatalities.
Men pay 97% of Alimony
Men make 94% of work suicides.
Men make up 93% of work fatalities.
Men make up 81% of all war deaths.
Men lose custody in 84% of divorces.
80% of all suicides are men.
77% of homicide victims are men.
89% of men will be the victim of at least one violent crime.
Men are over twice as victimised by strangers as women.
Men are 165% more likely to be convicted than women.
Men get 63% longer sentences than women for the same crime.
Court bias against men is at least 6 times bigger than racial bias.
Males are discriminated against in school and University.
Boys face vastly more corporal punishment than girls.
60-80% of the homeless are men.
Women's Cancers receive 15 times more funding than men's
At least 10% of fathers are victims of paternity fraud.
So for feminism to champion being about equal rights is laughable when you look at the
shaming rhetoric they use on men and the liberating rhetoric they try to implant upon women.

Feminism as a whole is one giant shit test for society and due to the male desire to please the
woman, we have collectively failed. Feminism never was about equality, it was about finding
new ways to extort men and new ways for women to have even more control of society.
Manipulation of men is enacted through playing weak, acting like she couldnt do that oh shes
just a girl (when it serves her) and giving the man a false sense of self by using his ego against
him. This is done through tying masculinity/honor and being a good man to anything that served
her (being a family man/letting her stay at home while you slave away at a physically brutal
job and showering her with gifts and attention), meanwhile anything that DIDNT serve her was
seen as feminine/loserish and any combination of weird/creepy and useless (NOT getting
married/NOT paying for dates/NOT spending a ton of resources on women/NOT partying/NOT
going out regularly).
Something that most dont understand is that the sexes have evolved AGAINST each other,
meaning that women are fighting for a biological edge, while the men are doing the same. It is
why women orgasm more with men who have more symmetrical faces, as an orgasm=higher
likelihood of getting pregnant and her getting pregnant from this man with better features=better
genetics for her offspring.
Yet, it was only three years ago that two British biologists, Robin Baker and Mark Bellis, tested
the so-called upsuck hypothesis. They were building upon ideas articulated by evolutionary
biologist Robert Smith, who suggested that since women don't have orgasms every time out,
female orgasm favors some sperm over others. Baker and Bellis sought to learn just how female
orgasms might affect which of a lover's sperm is used to fertilize a woman's eggs.
Indeed, the hypothesized relationship between male symmetry and female orgasm proved to be
It is also why the male penis is shaped the way it is, the head of the penis is designed to scoop
out competing male sperm from the vagina. The sexes are actually at war with each other trying
to gain a slight edge in what ends up propelling the species to its highest capacity.
These things culminate and its why women mostly look at men as accessories and nothing more,
this is why they categorize and label ALL men:
The Creep-The unattractive male who she feels is beneath her and thus must mock his attempts
at getting laid, trying to shame and make him feel bad for EVER dreaming of leaving his SMV
The friend-The somewhat attractive beta who is her emotional tampon and perhaps provides her
other resources without the need to exchange sex for it
The FWB-An alpha who she feels, she is lucky to have a bit of his time, she is willing to be his
cumdumpster in hopes of one day converting him to something more (taming him)

The boyfriend-Usually a purple pilled man who understands some of the things I talk about in
this book, but not to its depths, provides a decent mix of the FWB/friend
The husband-Can come from the friend column, although not always, but if she was back in her
early 20s, this is the sort of guy that wouldnt get a sniff at her pussy. He only comes in when she
tells the operator that she is ready to come off of the cock carousel (usually in her late 20s after
her looks have started to deteriorate, she has fucked as many alphas as she can and she wants to
now pass on her genetic matter)
This is how men are looked at through the eyes of the matriarchy, they are not looked at as
people with dreams/hopes and aspirations, they are labeled and extorted for all theyre able (or
willing in the case of smart men) to give.
Looking at these things can be a bit difficult to cope with in the beginning, but the more we
understand our nature, the nature of women and the nature of society, the more empowered we
are to TRULY decide what and who we want to be. The ONLY difference between the BEST
and WORST chess players is choice or the perception of it, where the worst chess players lack
the ability and foresight to see their best options, the grandmasters are able to not only make
those moves, but also understand WHY they are the correct moves. My goal with this chapter is
to awaken you to the true nature of things so that you yourself can actualize your REAL potential
and NOT be conscripted in a way of life that is following some grand scrip that doesnt serve
you. Think free, be free and know thyself.

11. Style And Grooming

Im not going to act like an expert on this because Im really not. Some basic advice I can give is
to focus on finding clothes that 1.Fit you well and somehow compliment whatever form you
have 2.Flow well with whatever skin color you have, Im going to link a color chart:
Figuring out what clothes match your skin color is very important as it is another way to improve
your clothing purchases without doing anything really. 3.Fuck name labels, whats MOST
important is how they look/feel and fit, spending tons of money to get laid begs the question
why not just find an escort at that point?
Im not a huge fan of spending tons of money on clothes, but having a few nice threads that
YOU feel confident in can go a long way in making you feel good and the better you feel, the
better youll perform.
What I want to stress is that if you lift and have a decent amount of muscle, you should be able to
pull off just about anything, so clothing doesnt have to be a huge priority because the work will
already have been done. At that point, its just a matter of following the simple advice above and
youre G2G.
If you are interested in learning more, I would suggest these two youtube channels as Ive found
them to have a TON of very useful and practical tips:

12.ROI vs CPO: Dont Put the Pussy on the Pedestal

If you ever think a woman is better than you, ask yourself this:
If you could transplant ALL of your knowledge into her body and have her do the same, who
would be better off from the exchange? If you really think it wouldnt be you, you got A LOT of
work to do, so get to it
Return of Investment vs Cost Per Orgasm. There are a lot of men out there that think
relationships and women are INHERENTLY valuable, they could not be MORE wrong. The
problem is that a lot of them are coming out of a place of yearning, they are not coming out of a
place of abundance. After a certain point, you begin to realize that more or less AWALT (all
women are like that) and that while some argue about the hallowed NAWALTs, generalizations
exist for a reason. They are to act as a guideline for you to follow, now of course things can
come in and entirely blow away the guideline, but that doesnt make the guideline itself wrong, it
just means there MAY be outliers. I.e The sun will rise tomorrow, this is a good guideline
because we know that the sun probably WILL rise tomorrow, however this is a universe of
possibilities, so TECHNICALLY the sun could NOT rise tomorrow as well.
Getting back to the issue at hand though, most men think like the following oh if I just got a gf,
some are more advanced oh if I just got a hot gf, others are bordering on genius oh if I got a
hot gf that knows her place and some have ALMOST figured it out oh if I got a hot gf that
knows her place and adds value to my life. The real winner above EVERYONE is the man who
ISNT thinking about ANY of this, his mentality is that of SUCH high abundance that this
thought has been liquidated, it is something that has been absolved into his subconscious and it
isnt something that even needs to be contemplated anymore, why?
Simple, he doesnt NEED her, yep thats right. Even a woman who adds value to his life. Would
he like that value? Sure, who wouldnt like to find a crisp $20 bill on the ground, but does he
NEED her? Not at fucking all. He is the self-sufficient man of abundance. He can crush if he
wants to, he may also spend the next 3 months in Siberia working on a serum that will help cure
Alzheimers or he could buckle down and focus on his business for the next year, turning a paltry
investment into millions, but whatever he does, he does with purpose/focus and great intent. He
is NOT limited by the stipulations that he NEEDS to be in a relationship to feel happy, he is
happy simply because he is. He has worked hard on his physique, he has worked hard on his
passion of choice and he has the mentality of a God, he is what he is with or without that woman.
Analogy: Quality=money, a quality woman is like finding $20 or $100 or $200 or even MORE
money on the ground, it's awesome and you get a buzz from it, especially if it's A LOT of
money, but you wouldn't count on your bank account being great based on the money you find
on the ground, neither should you count on women to be anything more than a nice buffer to
your life and hey if you can make enough money so that if you find a nice $20/40 bill on the

ground you can actually LEAVE it there because others will benefit more from it than you, I
think THAT is the ultimate freedom.....being able to walk away from money/women because you
have THAT much abundance in your life already.
But, but Im just a dude reading a book, I havent cured Alzheimers, I dont have millions and
maybe my physique isnt that hench..MAYBE I havent even had a gf Worry not young
grasshopper, good things come to those who wait, but for now, understand this: NEVER put the
pussy on the pedestal. Coming from a place of neediness will NOT solve your issue, you WILL
get performance anxiety, you WILL be afraid and as a result you WILL fuck up opportunities
and ALL because you didnt control the controllable.
Women are people too (as much as I hate to admit it), they shit, they make mistakes, they have
insecurities/issues, they were once babies and one day they will get old and die. Once youve
spent enough time talking to women, you will come to the understanding that the large part of
the population embodies the AWALT philosophy, they do NOT add value to your life, as a
matter of fact they are more a liability than an asset AND theyll make YOU feel bad about it.
So how does one become a Zen Devil May Care Master that doesnt put the pussy on the
1.The Return on Investment vs Cost Per Orgasm philosophy. Time=money and
EVERYONES time is worth something, if its minimum wage, so be it, but EVERYONES
time is worth something. If you spend $300 on clothes, $30 on gas, pay a $20 cover, buy $40
worth of alcohol over the course of 6 hours and because of this you manage to hook up with a
sluzza, well you have now spent $390 + the money you couldve made in those 6 hours, so lets
say around $440 for sex.
Now how valuable/good that sex was is subjective, but understand that SO much of our society
is based on getting laid and the funniest thing is that A LOT of men end up spending ALL sorts
of money to NOT get laid AND they only do so because theyre told that is what they SHOULD
be doing. So theyre essentially spending money to follow the crowd and NOT get results,
meanwhile if they broke away from the crowd and invested their time/money and resources
correctly, they could actually get better results and spend LESS money while acquiring MORE
Before I came up in the game these hoes didn't show no love
They see me in the club and used to treat me like a scrub
They wouldn't holla 'cause my dollars wasn't swell enough
I bet they change they mind when them 80 4's come rolling up
They see that I'm a star, now they wanna sit in my car
Now they wanna count my G's, smoke my weed and sip my bar now
They used to love to me diss me, now they rush to hug and kiss me now

They telling all they friends when I leave how they miss me now
2.Get a job working retail or anything that will force you to talk to women/be around them. If
you want to see estrogenic mood swings, how fickle women can be, how snarky and bitchy they
act to each other and just how fucking ANNOYING their behavior is (and no that shit aint cute,
thats some WK type shit men say because if they caught one of their boys acting like that,
theyd slap the shit out of him).
Thats going to give you a completely new perspective on how inherently valuable a relationship
and spending time with them TRULY is in that youll see your pedestalization of the pussy for
what it really was, societal programming. The men who pedestal women the most are the ones
with the least amount of women and this is ONLY done because of their lack of experience
dealing with the female creature, once youve been around women enough, you see through their
act and merely look at them as another human being, not as some golden beacon of light and
certainly not as anything special. They are your everyday fallible, annoying and prone to
emotional breakdown people.
AWALT=default setting.
3.Understand OBJECTIVE beauty by studying what it ACTUALLY is:
A lot of men prop up glorified 5.5/6s to these massive pedestals due to the fact that they are
simply unaware of what a TRUE 7/8 looks like. A TRUE 7/8 will either have a very good
combination of dat ass/dem teddies and a solid face or they will have a Godlike face with a solid
body, just because a woman has 1 or two good features does NOT make her a 7/8. The more you
understand what real beauty is, the more youre able to see through the trickery of yoga pants,
pushup bras and worst of all makeup:
Youre a puny meat bag floating on a grain of sand, relative to some stars youre not even a grain
of sand, youre an atom. There is NO objective goal that you NEED to be doing, so invest your
time as you please, stay objective my friends.
If a woman has a man listed as an asset and he has her listed as a liability who is REALLY

13. What Should I Say: Leading The Herd

The greatest tip anyone will give you for gaming women: There is NO formula for perfect
game. With the advent of all sorts of PUA trickery and tactics there is a belief that once you
master latest and greatest technique XYZ, then and only then will she grant you a moment of her
heavenly blessed time.
YOU are the prize and SHE is qualifying herself TO YOU. <- That should be your premise in
EVERY conversation with a woman.
As far as conversation, its largely irrelevant as long as things are being moved forward. What a
lot of men misconstrue is that they think that the topics have to interest her, WRONG. You
yourself being the prize will NATURALLY be interesting, thus whether you are talking about
The OC, quantum physics or evolutionary biology, women WILL respond as long as the other
controllable variables are in place, i.e your body language, posture, physique, style, eye contact,
tonality and intent. Have 1 funny story, 1 interesting story and 1 story of some sort of
conquest/accomplishment you achieved and if you end up telling all 3 with no reciprocation from
her and her own stories.youve got a dullard on your hands and there is only one way to deal
with dullardsfuck em
Conversations are a means to an end, as long as you can ask her some basic questions about her
and her interests, use them to add sexual undertones and get her talking about herself (everyone
loves to talk about themselves), youll be fine.
Women are herd animals, thus as long as you are capable of leading the herd, it will happily
come along with you.
Hey whats up?
Not much, just chilling, wbu?
Not much, how was your weekend, whatd you get up to?
Oh you know just bla bla bla (boring girl chatter) bla bla bla (more and more of it), u?
That was really interesting, thank you for sharing (100% eye contact/deadpan face when you
say this) I actually got into a fight at the circus
Aha what?
Yeah this clown bit my *wherever you have a scar*
OMG youre joking

On the bright side, I stole the magicians wand, tell you what, link me your phone number and
Ill show you what it can do
Use open questions with a flare, asking questions isn't enough, remember you want to stand out
from the chumps who have tried to game her.
High school game:
I.e "What do you think of this class?" Gay "Teacher is super lame and that kid smells weird eh?"
"How are you doing this semester?" Lame "I'm looking for someone to cheat off of, you know
anyone?" <-Better
"What other classes you have?" Booorring "Have you taken the new interpretive dance class they
offer here?" <-Yep
Sexual innuendo? Check. Subtle neg? Check. Amused mastery? Check. Not giving a fuck about
anything, being rude and still escalating to grab a #? Fucking right. Some more simple tips:
Use metaphors and quotes. This helps you illustrate your point and it gives her something more
than just whatever it is youre trying to say to comment on.
Actively listen, meaning that using her exact words to show youve heard what shes said.
Sometimes you can even flip what shes said by just repeating it and adding an eh? at the end
Have 1 funny story, 1 interesting story and 1 story of some sort of conquest/accomplishment you
Dont be afraid of saying less than her, as a matter of fact, she SHOULD be doing the majority
of the speaking. Being vague>being too descriptive (peaking her imagination).
If your broad doesnt respond to that, congratulations, she just eliminated herself and now you
know not to talk to this vapid creature. A conversation should be a two way street, if she doesnt
make the effort, she is either retarded (welcome to 21st Century Western women) or shes not
interested, in both cases, you should either abandon ship or just escalate to see how far you can
get. Make a decision, dont feel bad and remember, YOU>HER, if SHE doesnt see that, it will
be HER loss.

14.Bad Dates VS Good Dates

What is a bad date and what is a good date?
When most men are first faced with this question, they will instantly begin to go over a list of the
Where am I going to take her?
Will she like what Ive worn?
Is the atmosphere of the location ok?
Is she laughing?
Is she having a good time?
WRONG. This is the problem, this right fucking here, again this stems from a QUALIFYING
mentality that will NEVER get you ANYWHERE. So why doesnt the above matter? Because at
the end of the day, shes not going to fuck you based on what restaurant you took her to, what
you wore, how good the service at Restaurant Derpinas was, whether or not she laughed at
everyone of your corny jokes or if she smiled and had a good time.
What REALLY matters:
Where are you most likely to have a good time?
How does this place translate into your end goal (aka P in V)?
What is your slated CPO vs ROI?
Why does the above ACTUALLY matter? Because at the end of the day(te), women are
FOLLOWERS, accept this. If YOU have a good time, she will naturally be drawn to this and
have a good time herself, her enthusiasm/happiness will be based on how well you project those
emotions, thus it doesnt matter whether you take her to a 5 star restaurant or Arbys, its all the
same and guess what, if shes ONLY willing to fuck you based on how much money you spend
on her or how much money you have in general, youre dealing with an expensive hooker,
outsource the work and get a better result.
What you DO want out of a location is ANY of the following:
Are YOU guaranteed a good time?
Does your location allow you two private time?
Does your location provide any sort of element that could give her anxiety or make her afraid?
Is there somewhere around there you can bounce to if shit gets boring (for you)?

Why does the above ACTUALLY matter? Because, what these allow you to do is that
REGARDLESS of how shitty/boring or vapid SHE may be, you at least are guaranteed to have a
good time. Not only this, but some locations are lame, i.e coffee dates, going to dinner or
anything clich. They are money pits, but theyre also not the sort of locations that lend
themselves to escalation in that, its much easier to find a reason to grab her hand/tit/ass if you
guys are walking through a park, out in nature, going to a haunted house, watching a movie at
your place or ANYWHERE where there is SOME action aka ANYTHING that you think might
give her dem tingles. In general you want SOMETHING to be happening, whether its
conversation, whether its movement or whether youre looking at something interesting, keep it
moving forward.
Above EVERYTHING, women want to be made to feel something (tingles), the most unhappy
women tend to be the ones in the most objectively comfortable situations, i.e women that are
pretty much free to do as they please, yet they lack the sort of spark that someone like Chad
Thundercock could elicit out of her if he took her to the beach and pinned her down in the sand.
Women love drama, women love action and ANYTHING that induces these things will be to
your advantage. Move her around if shit is getting stale, look for places and things that force her
to FEEL (remember, a woman doesnt think as much as she FEELS).
Everything you do is a means to an end, the location is one means to an end because it should
help cultivate the sort of strong feelings (the darker the better), but the other means to an end is
your ability to escalate. If the location in ANY way stunts, abandon and go to a different place. If
the location is out of your way, doesnt have backup locations near or just in general is
undesirable for you for reason XYZ, DO NOT GO or reschedule to something that works better
for you.
By doing the above you demonstrate to her the following:
That you do not pander to her and you place value on YOUR opinion above everything (most
guys ask women, what do YOU want to do? Where do YOU want to go? Are you available on
date xyz at time yxz?)
That you have a strong capacity to lead and take control of ANY situation (Dont bother
ASKING her on dates, TELL her when/where to show up and what to wear)
That you are not a boring herb clich motherfucker (Most dates are naturally boring for women,
even if she doesnt end up doing anything with you, a unique location and you having a good
time will stand out to her because most men are castrated shells of feminist egalitarian/qualifying
horse caca)
Classic last minute resistance:
Hey not sure if I can make it tonight
Either no response or No worries, your sister (or best friend) seemed excited
Hey lets go do XYZ instead

Nah or Be ready by 7
Always maintain frame.
If she does flake on you, do NOT get all pissy and start moaning to her about how much you
were looking forward to it or any other BS like this. Either a simple text letting her know to text
you when she has more free time (if she seemed REALLY keen) or no contact whatsoever. DO
NOT under ANY circumstance tolerate disrespect or a woman who doesnt want to let a man
lead, both of those things= a steel chair to your back aka INSTA DQ.
If a date is ever boring or not what you had in mind, just escalate and go in for the kiss. Youll
get instant feedback if this girl is into you and youll forego wasted time, not to completely
excuse game in all dating situations, but yall know the sort of dry dates Im talking about.

15. MGTOW: To Date Or Not (A Guide To Men)

First, I want to say to do whatever you want, I have no investment in the notion of people
following my advice. What I say is merely my best attempt to align with the truth, however this
is an extremely important lesson to understand:
Everything is about odds and probabilities meaning that things can be generally a good idea or
almost always a good idea, but seldom is it a complete and utter law. This is amplified when
dealing with people due to the capacity for freewill and dynamic creation. My goal in this video
is simply to outline the variables, what theyre worth and then let you subjectively weigh them
while giving my subjective thoughts.
The bottom line is this: when making choices, as long as you have the full spectrum of variables
or as many of them as you can get, you will ALWAYS make a better choice than not having
them. However you have to REALLY be willing to dig to get the FULL sense of things, which is
why I admire MGTOWers so much. They are one of few TRULY courageous men willing to
take the rabbit hole as far as it goes, regardless of where it leads and regardless of how scary it
can be.
This is risk management 101, you know your value, you break down the value of the externality.
You factor in your cost aka how much you invest knowing your value aka how much you have
and then you decide if the externality is worth the investment based on the risk if your
investment goes bad aka a worst case scenario vs the reward if nothing goes bad and everything
goes as planned. These things are at MGTOWs core what it is about, a rational proposition in
risk management 101, so lets get to it.
Dating NEVER should be done for the sake of it, dealing with women in this day and age can
have extremely high penalties meaning that if things end up in a worst case scenario your life
could literally be ruined, thus you should NEVER do it for the sake of doing it. ALL you have in
this world is the following:
Your mind
Your body
Your time
Your money
Your resources
Your freedom
A woman can come between ALL those things, so always always always put those things first,
IF you are going to date, remember:
Women come along for the ride, they are not THE ride and you should never change your course
for them. Your time is ALL you have in this world, by spending it with people you dont like or

people that arent ADDING value to your life, you are committing the worst kind of suicide, the
low key, quiet desperation type. Love yourself and put yourself firstALWAYS and remember
the hierarchy of love:
Love of self
Love of his ideas/pursuits/passions
Love from other men
Love from children
Love from animals
Love from women
So if youre going to date, you have to factor out what is important to you and how important it
is to you.
So lets talk about companionship, personally I dont value female companionship in the least.
EVERY single quality a female companion has, there will be MANY men who do it better, Ive
met girls who were smart as in very smart relative to other women and a good deal of men, Ive
met women who were witty/funny relative to other women and a good deal of men and Ive met
women who were hard working relative to other women and a ton of men.that said men
ALWAYS clown them in those categories when it comes to men just being better than them.
So I dont value humor/intellect with women in the objective sense in that I know that that sort of
companionship is better and always will be with my boys. So the next aspect of companionship
is cooking/cleaning/getting you gifts, I dont need anyone to do any of these things for me nor
would I want anybody cooking/cleaning for me as I enjoy those the gift giving,
thats nice, but I dont have anything I want per se. Dont get me wrong, if you guys work for a
Bugatti dealership and you wanna hook your boy up my PM box awaits..But I dont value that
aspect of companionship either.
The final thing to consider is that a womans love is conditional based on her respect of you, her
respect of you is derived from your LMS (looks/money/status), but also and probably more
importantly how well you lead/dominate and just give her the confidence that youll continue to
provide those things. That is why I cant take it seriously because I know that my boys will for
the most part be there for me, but a woman.ehhh, transient at best and it SHOULD be
That is the way biology and nature intended it to be, a woman only has so much time available to
her, you cant possibly expect her to be interested in you unless she is benefiting from it in some
way. This is why women dont get friend zoned, if they get friend zoned, they have no problem
going no contact and never speaking to you againbut if you do that to them youre a cold
hearted bastard.remember women will never hold themselves to the same standards they hold

ALWAYS keep in mind that if your chick is 6+, she has 100s of men at her disposal due to
tinder/POF/OKC/FB/IG. Not only that, but her attention span has been drained from all these
things and texting 100s of times in a day, so male attention is worth next to nothing due to the
inflation of it (a woman nowadays can get within a day what a woman 50 years ago without any
technology may get in a lifetime) and she has a harder time paying attention to you and what is
happening as our society in general is in a constant mode of perpetual engagement and stimulus,
meaning shell expect the same of you.
Next up is sex, again how much you value these things is up to you and Id always encourage
people to do as they please as long as theyre not harming anyone, so value these things in your
own way, but here is my take.
Sex to me is whatever, beauty is whatever, I understand it objectively and this is usually how it
goes. Most women are in the 4-6 range in the objective world, in person standards some of those
chicks could be said to be a 7-8, but thats only relative to what you see in person, not what
actually is which are two different things. Youll find a decent amount of alright chicks within
this group as far as behavior goes because women are inherently red pilled about their looks
which is why they use such trickery as:
Makeup, pushup bras, implants, hair extensions, heels, yoga pants
But God forbid a guy augments or improves his looks in anyway, thats why a great shit test that
women put men through is telling them not to lift and that they look fine the way they do. They
dont like the idea of you transcending your biology and improving yourself, remember the
standards and how they hold themselves to them vs men.but they are also incredibly insecure
that youll leave them for a better chick if you looks max, which is why Im such a big advocate
of lifting, being lower bodyfat, having a thick neck, speaking in your deepest tonality, having
perfect posture, understanding body language and just in general being dominant as FUCK.
These are things you can do to buck the gynocentric paradigm, not in the sense of needing
female approval, but maximizing the halo effect so you have people more willing to help you out
and do things for you as is ALWAYS the case if you look better as opposed to not. You also
have more self-confidence due to looking better and thus you are able to better manifest the
reality you desire because when you do take action (always be taking actions), you do so with
100% PURE conviction.
Back to sex, the 4-6s are better people, the 7+s are obviously more attractive, but good looking
finding a 7+ that is a decent person. Just as a note, the way my scale works is that 5 is plain, 6
has one or two decent characteristics, 7+ always needs to have a good face and an 8+ is a good
face with a very good body, once a woman reaches 8+ she could be said to be many mens 10
simply based on her niche and whatever their kink may be factor. I.e for me personally, there are
certain types of women that will almost never be a 10, but they could be another mans 10 and I
may not even necessarily disagree with it, I would just rate them a 7-8. Back to the 7+s though.
A relatively conservative estimate is that if were looking at women, well for the most part,
youre going to be looking at the 18-30 age group. Ive been to universities where the 7+ barrier
was something like 1 in 60-80 and this is JUST on looks, we havent factored in ANY

personality traits and with how truly rare that is, it wouldnt be unheard of to go through 6-800
women before you find one that is even decent. Sound like good odds?
But, this is NOT their fault or I should say entirely as we all have the ability to make choices, but
women being even more of a herd animal/follower than men are much more susceptible to their
environment and ask yourself the following:
If you had the opposite sex constantly kissing your ass, how much self-improvement would you
If you got positive attention for just existing, how humble would you be?
If nobody ever challenged you your entire life, do you think you would be reaching for your
7+s tend to be incredibly coddled and thus have major issues. The 7+s I speak of are what most
guys in person would consider 9s/10s, so yeah, think of how much your average woman is
pedestalled and then multiply that a few hundred times. These women not only have the attention
I mentioned before, but they also get a ton of it in person. Always remember the inflation
Looks law is as follows:
4-6s can be good companions, but what do you care about companionship when its always
better with a man?
7+s are obviously more aesthetically appealing, but they have their own set of issues
The other thing is that I have been with/around enough women to become entirely desensitized
to this beauty. There is nothing novel about it in the least, if anything Ive come to expect it and
that is the bar. Much like inflation of attention causes it to be worth less, same thing with
physical beauty.
Its all up to you, for me I dont value female companionship, sex has no power over me, I dont
get that eyes glazed over, mouth nearly drooling and simpy weakness when I see a pretty girl.
Heres what happens when I see a round ass booty or some perky ass tatas or maybe a
symmetrically endowed brunette:
Thats it, Im not enamored, Im not overpowered and Im certainly not bout to give my control
over to something that is inferior to me in every single way. I am a master of my domain and this
stays as such, I bend for no man and certainly for no woman. Unless I can see a way that this
woman is going to open doors for me as in she has contacts or power that could help me, I
couldnt care less. Ite youre a 7+, but what about your mental aesthetics? How many books
have you read? How many hobbies do you have? Do you practice self-mastery Ha.pipe
dream Mr.Truthyoure essentially asking a creature that is NOT hardwired to be a driven gogetter and is hardwired to be a follower to supersede her own nature, to go against society and to
strive for more. Does this sound like a rational expectation?

The other thing to consider with sex is that it does pose a potential risk and no this isnt being
paranoid because these things are all fun and games until it happens to you, its all fun and
games till you cop an std, false rape charge, pregnancy or you just have to deal with some drama
from a braindead cretin because you couldnt keep it in your pants. Is that risk worth the reward
of a temporary chemical rush or temporary approval from someone else? How much do you
value that rush and how much do you value that approval?
If you are going to hookup, if you are going to date, always do it with extreme care not only in
choosing your partner but also by staying safe and rubbering up.
But lets talk about Love and the NAWALT:
Men only fall in "love" when they think that's the best they can get (oneitis/poverty mentality)
because why love something that is easily replaceable? The sort of love that most men WANT to
feel for a woman is irrational because you wouldnt love a Honda, the same way you love a
Bugatti, you wouldnt love tuna the same way you love a fine rib eye steak and you wouldnt
love a 5.5 who has slept with 15 partners, has no hobbies apart from Netflix/shopping and her
besties the way you would love a 7.5 who has only had 3 partners, has hobbies like going to the
gym, reading and learning about the world. But when youre looking at what most men are
quote falling in love with, which woman is it closer to? So where is the richness of the
experience? Are they having a marvelous steak or are they eating plain old
tunafigurativelyand literally? So why should you EVER entertain their notion of love when
you realize the realities of it?
Women fall in "love" with men who either crush their LMS or dominate/lead them (or in their
ideal scenario both), this is why we see such a high divorce rate in the West as despite marrying
men, women do not even love them, not even in the way that women are capable of loving.
Usually their LMS is close or the man is slightly bettering her, but where he fails is the
domination and leading and she doesnt just NOT love him, but she actually hates him which is
why she is oh so fine in divorce raping and ruining him.
Ironically both sexes dont get what they want, but it is for different reasons. The man doesnt
get his unconditional love because that doesnt exist within biology and if it did, it bread itself
out of existence as those women were much less likely to survive due to the disposability of the
man. Her man being much more likely to die at war/building the cities, places they lived
in/hunting/fighting other men or in general doing dangerous shit to either impress her or to
secure resources. So a woman NEEDS a cold and callous nature so that IF this happens, she is
able to find another mate to provide for her and her offspring as if she doesnt have that
provision, there is a HUGE chance her genetics will end with her kids.
So before we even address how many of THOSE women exist, lets first establish that a
NAWALT is an outlier. If she exists, we can all agree that she exists as an EXTREMELY small
minority. Lets also agree that were not talking about women who can be NAWALTish if
they are a sub 5 rating because those women are irrelevant to men in the same way that
unsuccessful men or ones lacking LMS are irrelevant to women. So here, Im sure everyone can

agree that the percentage of women that fall under these categories is less than 1%, maybe even a
tenth or a hundredth of 1%.
Personally Ive met women who meet these criteria, but again this does NOT make them a
NAWALT and neither do any of the women that you might have in mind because meeting or
spending a bit of time is NOT getting to the depth of their behavior and who they are as a person.
In essence as the French say les apparences sont trompuses or appearances are deceiving in
that A LOT of these women that you THINK are a certain way end up being the EXACT
opposite, i.e who doesnt know a MASSIVE whore who comes OFF as cute/sweet/innocent, but
shes been involved in gangbangs in 3 different continents, shes taken miles of cocks and she
even sucked a horse dick once (no beast).
The problem is that often times the women who exhibit NAWALT characteristics are only doing
so because they are trying to lure you in and because they understand that your LMS is higher
than theirs, thus their looks/beauty alone is not enough to attract you, that is why they have to be
extra sweet. So its very difficult to even say a woman is a NAWALT because women are just
rational actors, there are women out there who could possibly under the guidance of the right
man and if his LMS is high enough be a NAWALT, but does that make them a NAWALT for
every man? Does that make them a NAWALT for the average beta 5/10 shlub?
It is impossible to universally classify a woman as a NAWALT, but in any case, if you do still
engage with women know that NAWALTS only APPEAR to be so. Women are biologically
hardwired to be irrational/fickle and not care about you. This is the nature of their survival and
this is the nature of estrogen, so unless you have spent a year + with a woman in MANY
dynamic situations I dont care if she APPEARS to be a NAWALT. Appearances are deceiving,
assume she is AWALT until she proves otherwise.
This comes down to risk:reward, assuming AWALT is not just a sound strategy when you look
at the odds, but if you are wrong, then have a NAWALT, you havent lost anything.
If you are wrong about a NAWALT.well most men have been wrong about their NAWALTs
and look where that got them, you can just google most expensive divorces to find that out, also
see false rape/domestic violence charges and paternity fraud.
The point is that IF these women exist, they are extremely rare and even then, you dont know if
they are the way you THINK they are, so the question becomes: Is it practical to chase
something that is extremely low odds? Would you be mad if you bought lottery tickets for years
on end and didnt win? Banking on NAWALT is a HORRIBLE proposition because at BARE
minimum it is as Canadian MGTOW says:
1 in 122 and personally when you factor in looks, a decent looking woman meaning at least a 6+
would probably be 1 in 5-600 if youre also taking into consideration the personality traits that
are desired.
Im going to link some Maxims to follow if you do engage in a long term relationship or dating
in general, I dont agree with them all,but here are some of my favorite ones:

Maxim #101: Compliments breed complacency. Critique breeds conciliation. A woman will
never work as hard for a mans approval as when his approval is most elusive.
If you do give compliments, make sure they are subtle, seldom given or backhanded. Women are
so used to men worshipping them that NOT doing so makes you stand out.
Maxim #70: Civilized, coddled chicks dig jerks.
Prioritize yourself and your life first, this sub communicates dominance and being better which
is what you should be. Neg her as needed, some women need more negs, others less, but neg
regardless, even if just cheeky/small negs
Maxim #54: A womans happiness is inversely proportional to efforts to accommodate her
Corollary to Maxim #54: The more a womans demands are catered, the more irrational
will her future demands become.
ALWAYS lead, make decisions and never put her in that position. A woman would rather the
pain of being lead off a cliff than to deal with the dread of her possibly being responsible for this
and then causing it.
Maxim #44: There is a three month lag time between a womans vaginal prerogative and
her words. Her heart gets the message long before you do.
You have a certain grace period if you betabackslide in the relationship and give her too much
power or become too sentimental. If this happens, blow her off and just be short with her for the
pendulum to swing back in your favor.
Maxim #53: Love is when youve been granted a temporary reprieve from wondering if
you can do better.
Loving transient relationships when you know you can always get them? I dont think so, stay
Game relevance: Beta males who think they can buy womens love are sorely mistaken.
Corollary: The comfort stage of game should not be neglected.
Game relevance: The optimal game strategy is neither All Push nor All Pull, but Push and
Pull working in concert to create delightful, tingle-generating uncertainty.
Game relevance: Relationship dread increases emotional attachment.
She should see that you are desired, but there are times to make her feel desired as well. Being
TOO dominant and not caring at all probably isnt ideal for most LTRs, so you can moderate it
as you please, but dont EVER be afraid to drop a bitch. She needs you more than you need her.

#43: You rely on pickup lines to eventually discard reliance on pickup lines.
When youre happy with yourself, youll naturally attract women, no game needed.
Ironically this could be taken as a message of MGTOW from a PUA site.
Maxim 5: Charisma before silence, silence before self-incrimination.
Always say less than needed with women
Maxim #13: When the love is gone, women can be as cold as if they had never known you.
Divorce rape anyone? Women initiate 2/3s of divorces anyone? Men are half the victims of
domestic violence anyone? Women cheat at a higher and earlier rate anyone? Nuff said
Maxim #27: Beyond beauty, a womans attractiveness to men is partly a function of her
feminine vulnerability, or her ability to mimic feminine vulnerability.
Corollary to Maxim #27: Men are turned off by overconfident, assertive, proudly selfsufficient women.
Polarity principle, never be afraid to be a man. We are attracted to the opposite of us, look
at what she is, she wants the opposite of that. She already has a vagina, she doesnt need
another one.
Maxim #something or other: Never listen to what a women says she prefers in men;
instead, watch what she does.
I never do this.Im not like this.Im not like the other girls L-O-L
Maxim #55: A man can shoot way out of his league if he acts as if he is the one occupying
the higher league.
Assume youre better than her, even if youre not, women are followers so shell follow suit
Heartiste Maxim #70: Any son not explicitly taught about the ways of women by an
experienced father will become more beta under the influence of his mother.
Corollary to Maxim #70: A society of ascendent female academic, workforce, political and
family influence necessarily emasculates its sons and masculinizes its daughters.
Masculinity is the great good, it is desired so much by women that they try and become it
and tie it to anything useful.
Maxim #41: Its never innocent fun.
Watch her actions, always

Maxim #55: Less talking is always sexier than more talking. If you struggle to find
something witty to say to a girl, stop trying. Flailing for the right words is approvalseeking beta behavior that women can sniff from across a room.
Corollary to Maxim #55: A grunt or aloof gesture trumps a try-hard, strained, verbose
In short: dont give a fuck
Maxim #29: Once a girl knows she can get sexless intimacy from you, she will curse you
with that for as long as you allow it to happen.
Why are you in a relationship? To jerk off? You can do that outside of the relationship
Maxim #204: Modern marriage is a waiver of liability that relieves wives of the
responsibility to remain attractive to their husbands.
Corollary to Maxim #204: The modern marriage waiver of liability does not extend to
husbands, who must remain optimally attractive to their wives so long as the marriage is
intact and the cost of failing in this responsibility is excessive.
Why you should NEVER get married. Marriage is I can get fat now to women, dont
shame me Im beautiful no matter what
Maxim #101: For most women, five minutes of alpha is worth five years of beta.
Maxim #102: For most men, five minutes of a younger, hotter woman beats five years of
older, uglier women.
Corollary to Maxim #102: A beautiful, slender older woman will be a better lay than a
plain, fatter younger woman.
Never feel bad for having standards, she has hers and you have yours.
Maxim #59: We tend to defer to looks as a judgment of a mans sexual market value
because that is what is most easily observable given situational and time constraints, but a
mans looks are only one male attractiveness trait among many that account for his
desirability to women.
Corollary to Maxim #59: A womans sexual market value is more accurately judged solely
by instant appraisal of her looks.
Why I dont value female companionship, its always better with men and the only thing she can
provide me is her looks (in pretty much all cases

Maxim #22: A woman with inflated self-esteem is a woman who will erroneously believe
she is too good to date men normally in her league, unless steps are taken to bring her selfesteem back in line with reality.
Corollary to Maxim #22: A dating market lopsided with unrealistically high self-esteem
women will shrink the pool of men available to date and marry, with the consequence that
women remain single longer than they would otherwise.
Corollary to the corollary to Maxim #22: The most effective measure society can undertake
to increase the incidence of marriage and the quality of married life is to stop artificially
propping up womens self-esteems.
Dont feed the monster by participating in this insanity.
Maxim #1(a)(2): Men want to be turned on by their women. Women want to be proud of
their men.
A womans love is based on her respect of you, always lead, put yourself first and disregard
her irrational opinions.
Maxim #48: The feminist loathing of male desire is at the root of all their complaining
about men and the dating scene. Feminists, in their hearts, despise the freedom and
longevity of male sexuality. And they particularly despise that freedom when lowly beta
males attempt to exercise it.
Creep/loser/weirdo are only hurled at men they think are below their SMV. They would
NEVER say these things to a male of same or superior SMV, then hes confident and going
after what he wants
Maxim #1a: Women desire men of better quality than themselves.
The irony of dating, men desire women, but women need men more than men need women.
Why you should never take it seriously or fall in love.
Maxim #87: The more expensive or thoughtful the gift you give a girl, the greater the risk
that she will subconsciously begin to think she is too good for you
If youre spending a ton of money to get laid, youll get better service and youll probably
spend less money
Maxim #19: Never take a womans word; a womans actions are the best interpreters of
her thought.
If talk is cheap, then women should be forced to give me money when they speak
Maxim #80: The more cocks that have ravaged a woman, the less any one cock will
mesmerize her.

Nuff said
Maxim #20: Do not ever reveal the details of your finances to a girlfriend or wife. Avoid
getting joint accounts. As a man, you must draw a line in the sand separating money from
love. If she balks, dump her.
The less women know about you, the better, the more she thinks there is a possibility you
are batman the better
CR Maxim #57: Never trust a womans advice on how to please women. Her advice is
designed for alpha men she already finds attractive and from whom she seeks signals of
attainability and commitment.
Corollary to Maxim #57: A womans sex and relationship advice isnt meant to help men;
its meant to distract men from what really works to turn women on.
Dont ask fish how to fish, always assume everything a woman says is a shit test or untrue,
odds are saved time/money and effort with that default mindset
CR Maxim #66: Half the battle of game is stripping a woman of her inborn self-entitlement
See its 2014 why are you still liking girls fb pictures video. This is also why fat/stupid/ugly
and worthless women will bitch at their husbands for not doing more around the house, not
making more money or not giving into capricious demand 4898, they would never apply
those sort of standards to themselves, but theyre perfectly fineerr entitled to applying
them to you.
Maxim #666: When a woman has incentive to lie, she will choose lying over honesty
Dont trust dem hoes
Maxim #26: If a woman says the word sex in conversation with you or about you, no
matter the context, it means shes thinking about having sex with you.
Women are very see through once you learn their tricks
Maxim #44: Women will not hold it against you for trying to get into their panties on the
first night. In fact, they will respect you more for your boldness and willingness to follow
your manly desires.
If youre going to date, you may as well get something from it, otherwise youre just
spending time with a shitty/unfunny/stupid male friend who can ruin your life if they want

Maxim #66: As men are becoming ever bigger pussies and betas in their dealings with
women, they are losing the leverage to shape and push womens child-like and selfishly
amoral political opinions in logical, just and long-term oriented directions.
Just today, I saw a girl yell her fathers first name in a scolding manner because he was
taking his sweet time getting eggs while I was waiting for him. Crazy times we live in, but
THAT is closer to the average female attitude than anything. I couldnt help but grin
knowing Ive avoided this mine field.
Maxim #17: Be narcissistic. There is no greater divergence than that between a womans
stated disapproval of male narcissism and the rapidity with which she jumps into bed with
a male narcissist.
Take care of yourself, prioritize yourself, she is fortunate to be with you, you are the prize
Maxim #52: Girls need to test men for their grace under pressure.
Breath deep, stay calm, be stoic, be confident, be bold, be beautiful
Maxim #7: Your girl will thank you for your steadfast devotion to your belief in yourself.
She may bitch about it, but she really loves it
Maxim #8: Marriage is a social mechanism designed to exchange sex for indentured
NEVER get married
Maxim #328: Underneath the veneer of civilized discourse we act in ways that are brazenly
self-interested in the short term.
Evo psyche comes into play in just about everything most people do. Remember that when
dating or observing people.
Im also going to link a bunch of pictures that outline exactly how I would do LTRs if I did do
them. I pretty much agree with everything in their, HIGHLY suggest going through them if you
do plan on dating or engaging with women.
Now for me personally, I KNOW that all women respond EXTREMELY well to dominant, in
shape men that are game aware and conscious of female nature, however the question becomes?
Do I essentially want to take on the role of a second father for her? Which is what all
relationships inevitably boil down to if you are properly polarized towards masculinity and
feminity aka NOT what the men and women of the world are, theyre more so androgynous
quasi fem/masc weird mix-mesh of confusion where neither side gets what it wants because
women think they want to lead and men think they are being a good man by letting her lead,
hence why most relationships nowadays dont work, neither sex knows their place.
It just basically comes down to this for me, there is no escaping choice that is the only truth, you
either do or you dont, there are strategies to maximize fun, minimize risk and overall set up a

life that you get the maximum amount of benefit from. Now I can engage in said relationship and
be relatively quote happy/fulfilled within it because I know how to handle the shit tests, her
drama and just the female nature OR I could work on my LMS, improving my mind, improving
my body, chasing after the things that mean MOST to me and I never lose out on women
because as the old quote goes youll lose a lot of money chasing women, but youll never lose
women chasing money and this extends to self-improvement of the balanced kind where you
focus on the mental and physical and especially if this is coupled with other pursuits and
A woman seldom TRULY enhances your reality in the objective sense, she MAY depending on
how much you value sex and her companionship, but by enhancing your LMS, improving your
mind and body, I 100% guarantee youll ALWAYS have chicks on deck, at least in the sense
that you will ALWAYS have more than if you prioritized women, put them first, pedestalled
them and spent no time on the internalities aka your mind and body aka the ONLY two things
you own in this world.
In the former, I will be challenged, but challenged in a way that I think is obnoxious because I
have no investment or care in any of the situations that may arise.
I passed a shit test? Cool
Youre in love with me? Cool
You want to suck my dick daily? Cool
You want to break up? Cool
You cheated on me? Cool
You got propositioned by a 63 NFL player with a strong 8 face? Bitch what are you crazy, go
ride that pipe, hes your ticket.although hell probably leave you because theres a thousand
yous theres only one of him
That is my level of fucks given 100% dead serious, I just cant take something that is not only
irrational/fickle, but not only these but also one that is TESTING ME as in it wants me to prove
myself to it does it not realize it is inferior to me? Seriously in the sense of caring for its
opinion or thoughts about me, whether it be positive or negative.L-O-L Fun is fun, but a
LTR.probably not.
In the latter which is, the pursuit of both physical and mental mastery. This is different. I
understand that women for the most part get in the way of that because even if there are a very
small number that DONT get in the way or may even help you, to find a woman like that and
one that is attractive aka an objective 7+ is.well youre going to have to sift through A LOT of
women and this is VERY time consuming, thus it takes you away from your original goal. In the
scenario where I pursue this, I maximize my freewill by creating a life of abundance that ANY
woman would be happy to have a stake in, but I retain personal autonomy and happiness.

This is what makes me happiest and gives me the greatest personal satisfaction, my selfimprovement and helping others to do the same. The pursuit of truth and pushing others to do the
same. To sum up, this is the finality:
The cost aka my time aka my money even if Im not spending much if any because time=earning
potential and in general time=potential is NOT worth the value of her companionship which is
always better in other men, it is also always more unconditional in other men, her beauty which
in most cases isnt as good as she thinks it is because men have pedestalled her away from reality
and her sex which holds no special relevance to me in my life. It is no different than food/movies
and video games.
The risk as in potentially losing my freedom and this isnt even a temporary freedom, this is a
potentially lifetime freedom through an STD albeit Ill give you thisit is an equal threat both
ways, BUT where you have NO recourse of action is a false domestic violence/rape charge and
pregnancy. Especially keeping in mind that women have shown in droves to be willing to fuck
over a man, losing my freedom and essentially putting power into an irrational/fickle and amoral
creature isnt worth the reward because I dont perceive anything she posses as special,
something that I cant acquire myself or in others, something that cant be outsourced or
something that I NEED. Thus giving her even an ounce of power over me is not something I
would do and that is ALL she has in this day and age, power from the state, power from the
police and power to choose your paternal destiny (we didnt even discuss the possibility of a
child that isnt yours).
She has NOTHING that I NEED and then you finally factor in that the woman that I WOULD
have more interest than indifference in is a complete rarity, the investment of my time in women
as a whole or searching for her is not one I can make nor recommend that others make in good
faith. The odds are skewed and even if you DO find her, the reward isnt THAT grand or
something that is elusive to you and your own ability.
Do what makes you happy, dont let anyone shame you out of it, if you want to date/smash or
indulge in women, go for it, but just be aware cost:value ratio and the risk:reward ratio and
make sure you arm yourself with tons of game knowledge and an understanding of female nature
so you can diffuse any bombs that may arise.
And Ill leave you with two of my favorite quotes:
Every man knows that his highest purpose in life cannot be reduced to
any particular relationship. If a man prioritizes his relationship over his
highest purpose, he weakens himself disserves the universe.

Admit to yourself that if you had to choose one or the other, the
perfect intimate relationship or achieving your highest purpose
in life, you would choose to succeed at your purpose. Just this
self-knowledge often relieves much pressure a man feels to prioritize
his relationship when, in fact, it is not his highest priority.
You will never have a greater or lesser dominion than that over yourselfthe height of a mans
success is gauged by his self-mastery; the depth of his failure by his self-abandonment. And
this law is the expression of eternal justice. He who cannot establish dominion over himself will
have no dominion over others.
Leonardo da Vinci

16. Of Dread/Jealousy and Self-Respect
Experiment where baby animals are rewarded, punished, or a mix of both, for following
researchers, their mothers. The researchers measured attachment this way, and while
punishment leads to more attachment from baby animals to the researchers, a mix of both,
uncertainty leads to the most attachment.
Guy Murchie called this the Polarity Principle: stress, including the mental stress of
uncertainty, in an ingredient in attachment or love and perhaps even manifestations of hatred (its
polar opposite) somehow enhance love
The most valuable type of man is the man who can cheat, but doesnt, but just the fact that he
CAN makes him more attractive. If your girl doesnt believe you CAN cheat on her, youve
Dread..the key to success within EVERYTHING. In whatever endeavor you pursue, it is the
dread that keeps things interesting and moving forward, either the dread YOU feel when youre
involved in it or the dread those around you feel. In any case, it is what makes things compelling
and it is synonymous with competitive anxiety
How does this apply to women and specifically relationships? ALL women want to be made to
feel, it doesnt necessarily matter if those emotions are good or bad, (which is why women
CLAIM they like nice guys, but their behavior says otherwise) what women revel in is some sort
of drama, something they can talk to their gfs about, something they can say is out of a romance
novel or something youd find on the big screen. THE worst thing you can do to a woman is lead
her through a passionless fling/relationship.
So what needs to be done? It starts with understanding that this is NOT something that is overt,
this is NOT something that is spoken about in explicit terms, as men we have a propensity to
want to make things tangible and seen (how else would people know the girth of our
cocks?).no need here though. What is to be communicated (covertly) is that YOUR
value>>>>>>>>>>hers, all fucking day and its not even close!
Always be willing to walk away, a womans WORST nightmare is not necessarily NOT getting
the man she desires, but the fact that she once had him, but somehow managed to botch it. Tis
better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all? Not in this case. Ask yourself this, if
you KNEW right now that you could leave your job and EASILY get a job just as good if not
better, how much bullshit would you take from your boss?
A willingness to walk away demonstrates a VERY high level of self-worth/self-respect and
ultimately.VALUE, after all once a businessman reaches a certain stature, he has SO many
business ideas propositioned to him that he cant possibly begin to invest or even help them all.
The same willingness to walkaway ONLY comes from a place of abundance and shows (always
show dont tell with women) that she had BETTER stay in line because not only do you have
those things, youre also SELF-AWARE enough to extrapolate what they mean for you and her.

Another way is playing into the Why are all the good man taken psychology because this is the
frame of thinking that supposes that if a man is taken, he must then be good and this is very easy
to be turned into an advantage. If you find yourself in a relationship/fling, you not only have
direct proof that you are desirable, thus halo effecting yourself, but you can now use this external
desire (other women) to cultivate even MORE desire within your internal relationship (you and
your woman).
Nowhere is dread more evident than when you stop and question as to WHY women are so
against prostitution yet these very same women would have you believe that being a whore is
sexually liberating, you paying for the date is being chivalrous and that men oppress women by
sexually objectifying them, but do they ever fuck with a man without any success in the
Looks/Money/Status categories? All prostitution=is built in dread for women in society, as now
men and women both have a price on JUST how much sex is worth, thus they have actual
competition for the retention of their mate and more competition would mean that they would
have to step their game up. Raise your game suppress any competition? Look no further than
corporate America for the strategy most used in these scenarios. Onto the dread
Subtle dread:
Mentioning how weird your female boss/coworkers are around you and then when your cupcake
asks you what you mean, you tell her never mind
Say other women are smart, just and if she asks if you think shes smart, answer I
dont know sometimes
Dont answer texts/calls on random days
Having random bruises on your arms/back/shoulders/chest
Ask her for her female opinion and then say Are ALL girls super hands on, like do they
ALWAYS try and grab you? If she asks to elaborate, tell her youre just curious (deadpan
delivery is CRUCIAL and always seek to change the subject, if she really wont drop it, tell her
to stop being so jealous/overprotective)
Subtle dread is a very slight way of demonstrating your value in a way that would make HER
seem like she is paranoid if she got pissed off.
Normal dread:
Lifting, learning a new language, learning how to dance, working on your career basically ANY
sort of self improvement that elevates your status even further.Bonus points if you start
learning a romance language and every now and then you drop a sentence WITHOUT telling her
what it means
Talking to women in front of her, it doesnt even have to be flirting, just her seeing you talking
to them will give her that impression. Women are naturally incredibly prone to weak feelings of
anxiety/fear AND they LOVE to compete for men, use this to your advantage

Light flirting and touching of other women, just joking around and tapping a woman on the
shoulder or back as you pass her should will drive your bird crazy
Leaving in the middle of the night
Going out and not telling her where youre going and not having your phone on you (or on at all)
Liking pictures of models/bad bitches on Instagram, pointing out celebrities who are hot
Buy red candles and roses, leave them around your house
Looking at other womens TNA in front of her
Normal dread is necessary to some extent in all relationships. A coach that always yells has his
voice lose its impact and is seen like a tyrant, a coach who never yells is seen as a pushover
without the ability to lead, but a coach who yells at the appropriate time (with tact) is the one
who garners respect behind his anger (as it is righteous).
Nuclear dread.
Nuclear dread isnt to be used, unless the relationships is completely on the ropes or its almost
entirely sexless. The amount of sex you two are having, shows you EXACTLY what she thinks
of you and your relationship, tons of sex=tons of respect=tons of desire to keep you satisfied.
Little/no sex=lack of respect=she thinks you cant do better=she doesnt really value the
ALL women KNOW, they INSTINCTUALLY know what it takes to keep a man happy (its not
exactly a mystery) and they KNOW how strong the male sex drive is, for her NOT to fuck
you/suck you tons directly demonstrates that she believes you CANNOT do better and that she
thinks of you as low value. Women understand the male nature and its need for sex and if she is
undermining that by behaving like she doesnt understand, just remember.she DOES, she just
doesnt respect you enough to think it applies to you and whatd we say about self-respect and
Onto the dread:
Get a new cologne, some new underwear and some new threads. Wear these things around her
and act entirely oblivious to any mention of them
Go no contact for a week.or two.or maybe even three
Get some sex toys and leave them in your room
Give yourself a hickey
Flirt with her mom/sister and any female relative over the age of consent in your country
Start kissing women on the cheek when you greet them
Leave POF/OKC on your computer

Download Tinder on HER phone

Remove anything she has in your room (bitches love to mark their territory)
Each relationship is going to call for a different amount of dread, but it is something that is to be
used in ALL relationships if you want to actually retain your mate and cultivate attraction.
Relationships (and in extension women) are Amoral meaning that what youve been taught by
society has NOTHING to do with ACTUAL relationship dynamics, so when one is navigating
them, it is important not to get caught up in PC/blue pill dogma that is designed to induce failure
of your masculinity. Keep your woman in a state of dread and a steady supply of head is what
you will get.
Takeaway message: A desired man is ALWAYS more desirable. You dont (and shouldnt) need
to explicitly state this to have this be known and be WELL known by your bird.

17. Dont be Impressed, be Different

Women are so used to men bending to their every whim, they are used to be told they are a
special snowflake, they are used to being told that they are funny and as a result their selfesteemnah their EGO is inflated to a level superseding rock stars. The ONLY way to stand out
(and its ALWAYS good to peacock, even if your feathas aint that great, cuz u know
mothafuckas always hate) is to do the opposite.
If she tells a bad joke, dont laugh, if she tells a shit story, let her know, if shes being a rude
kunt, laugh at her and say oh cmon now, I know you girls have periods, but there is no need to
behave like a wildebeest
The problem that men face is that they are SO worried what women think that they are afraid to
let them know what THEY think (scarcity mentality) and the real irony is that pretty much
always, what THEY think is more valid than what women think. They are just afraid of making
her mad, oh poor souls if only you would take that spine transplant. Not only do women WANT
to be made to feel, they WANT to see your convictions/your passions and ultimately your
FRAME on display, why? Because this is the sort of behavior that is ONLY displayed by men
who have an abundance mentality and that means that their supply is low and their demand is
high aka they are DIFFERENT.
Being different is a matter of NOT GIVING A FUCK aka youre going to say what you want to
say, regardless of consequence and regardless if its going to make her mad.Protip: women can
NEVER stay mad, they are merely riding the emotional roller coaster of peace and when they get
them maddest or the ones theyre always mad at, are the ones they actually end up fucking) .
That isnt to say you become a loose cannon (Machiavellian tact is necessary aka picking your
battles), but it is about personal integrity and RESPECT. The person who respects themselves
has a low level of tolerance for societal norms, what the masses think and how others think they
DESERVE to be treated. Why? Because they are different.
Different in the sense that they talk how they want to talk, they dress how they want to dress,
they have a tit for tat attitude (dont fuck with me, I wont fuck with you) and they meet people
on their OWN terms. They have their guidelines that they adhere to and they bend to NO ones
will, ESPECIALLY not a woman.
Different in the sense that wherever they go, they STAND out, this doesnt mean that they are
extroverted ALL the time, this doesnt mean they are loud and obnoxious, it means that they
have a controlled aura of purpose about them. They are intense yet loose, they are hard yet kind,
they are competitive yet helpful. The juxtaposition lies heavy with the different man because he
is ALWAYS looking for ways to grow, he is not limited to the physical, nor does he stick to the
mental, he COMBINES the two.

Being different just means youre on the path of growth, it means youre evolving on the
dailyon the motherfucking DAILEEEEE, thus it is IMPOSSIBLE to pin you down because
your constant growth makes yesterdays opinion wrong and it makes todays opinion in flux,
only tomorrows opinion is right, but tomorrow never comes. Tis no measure of health to be well
adjusted in a profoundly sick society- Jiddu Krishnamurti

18. Curing Oneitis: Avoid the Cancer That is Romanticism

Black plague, typhoid, small pox and oneitis, some of the WORST diseases to befall man.
Except oneitis still hasnt been cured, but fear not The Good Doctor is here to provide the right
kind of ail, so follow me if you please.
Romanticism and oneitis are closely intertwined, without romanticism there could be no oneitis
and why would society care about infecting the minds of young men around the world with this
plague? $$$, thats right, the MORE in love you are, the MORE you spend.
;$130.97 -- The per person average estimated amount that people will spend on Valentine's Day.
224 million -- The estimated number of roses grown for Valentine's Day.
51% -- The percentage of people who buy red roses for this holiday.
64% -- The percentage of men who buy flowers for Valentine's Day.
36% -- The percentage of women who buy flowers for Valentine's Day.
$18.6 billion -- The total spending that will be reached by Valentine's Day.
$1.6 billion -- The amount people will spend on candy.
$1.9 billion -- The amount people will spend on flowers.
$4.4 billion -- The amount people will spend on diamonds, gold and silver.
March 14 -- The day men give women romantic gifts in South Korea and Japan; women give
men chocolate on Valentine's Day.
$4.52 -- The average amount pet owners spent on their pets on Valentine's Day in 2012.
40.7% -- The percentage of people who will use their Smartphone to purchase Valentine's gifts.
85% -- The percentage of men and women who say sex is an important part of Valentine's Day.
6 million -- The number of people who expect or are planning a marriage proposal.
29% -- The percentage of people who will type a romantic text message.
145 million -- The unit amount of Valentine's cards purchased.
151 million -- The approximate number of cards that are exchanged on Valentine's Day.
1,400 -- Varieties of Hallmark's available Valentine's greeting cards.
According to a new study put out by, a website devoted to personal finance,
falling in love in Canada costs an average of $45,151.88.
A year worth of dates: $7,494.94
Engagement: $10,693.94
Wedding: $26,963.00
There is a HUGE interest in keeping men in this weakened/beta state where they look to their
female Goddess and they cant help but be amazed by her, why do you think we the
radio/mainstream media spamming songs like these:
Guess it's true, I'm not good at a one-night stand
But I still need love 'cause I'm just a man
These nights never seem to go to plan
I don't want you to leave, will you hold my hand?
Oh, won't you stay with me?
'Cause you're all I need
This ain't love, it's clear to see
But darling, stay with me
Why am I so emotional?
No, it's not a good look, gain some self-control
And deep down I know this never works
But you can lay with me so it doesn't hurt
Why you gotta be so rude?
Don't you know I'm human too?
Why you gotta be so rude?
I'm gonna marry her anyway
Marry that girl
Marry her anyway
Marry that girl

Yeah, no matter what you say

Marry that girl
And we'll be a family
Why you gotta be so
I like to think that we had it all
We drew a map to a better place
But on that road I took a fall
Oh baby why did you run away?
I was there for you
In your darkest times
I was there for you
In your darkest nights
But I wonder where were you?
When I was at my worst
Down on my knees
And you said you had my back
So I wonder where were you?
When all the roads you took came back to me
So Im following the map that leads to you
The map that leads to you
Ain't nothing I can do
The map that leads to you
'Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges

All your perfect imperfections

Give your all to me
I'll give my all to you
You're my end and my beginning
Even when I lose I'm winning
'Cause I give you all of me
And you give me all of you, ohohHow many times do I have to tell you
Even when you're crying you're beautiful too
The world is beating you down, I'm around through every mood
You're my downfall, you're my muse
My worst distraction, my rhythm and blues
I can't stop singing, it's ringing, in my head for you
Take me on a date
I deserve a break
And don't forget the flowers every anniversary
'Cause if you'll treat me right
I'll be the perfect wife
Buying groceries
Buy-buying what you need

You got that 9 to 5

But, baby, so do I
So don't be thinking I'll be home and baking apple pies
I never learned to cook
But I can find a hook
Sing along with me
Sing-sing along with me (hey)

You gotta know how to treat me like a lady

Even when I'm acting crazy
Tell me everything's alright

Dear future husband,

Here's a few things you'll need to know if you wanna be
My one and only all my life
Dear future husband,
If you wanna get that special lovin'
Tell me I'm beautiful each and every night

After every fight

Just apologize
And maybe then I'll let you try and rock my body right
Even if I was wrong
You know I'm never wrong
Why disagree?
Why, why disagree?
I'll be sleeping on the left side of the bed (hey)
Open doors for me and you might get some kisses
Don't have a dirty mind
Just be a classy guy
Buy me a ring
Buy-buy me a ring, babe
Future husband, better love me right

The matrix is everywhere, its all around us, even now in this very room. You can see it when you
look out your window o when you turn your TV. You can feel it when you go to work, when you

go to church, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to
blind you from the truth.
What sort of men are likely to spend money on drinks at a bar? What sort of men are likely to go
out and spend a ton of money on cars/clothes and jewelry? What sort of men are likely to whine
and dine their girlfriend all the time? What sort of men are likely to spend money on an
expensive engagement ring? What sort of men are likely to go full out and spend $50k+ on a
Hmmm, could it be that under the guise of romanticism we have a hidden chimera that
seemingly drives the world economy forward? Could it be that while under the spell of
romanticism, men are much more likely to spend their money on bullshit that they dont need, all
because they feel it will impress women? Could it be that women controlling the spending power
is nothing more than a way of saying that a man has oneitised himself?
Oneitis GREATLY serves society seeing as it induces A TON of moneys being exchanged. How
much money do you think the entire world would lose if tomorrow, ALL men held a collective
strike in not spending ONE cent on ANYTHING related to dating/women? Can you say
What drives men to work oil rigs? What drives men to want to be garbage men? What drives
men to do grueling manual labor jobs where they are underpaid and overworked? What drives
men to work soul crushing, body destroying, mind decaying jobs?
Could it be that the power of pussy is what has REALLY driven this world to its current state?
Not only does society have a vested interest in inducing oneitis, but so does nature, oneitis is as
much pair bonding as it is something that society uses to its benefit. Pair bonding is crucial for
raising a child as a child with a father is much more likely to survive than a child without one,
thus even if the father doesnt care for the child that much, if he pair bonds with the woman or if
she can somehow induce this, the species has an overall greater chance of survival.

I digress though Oneitis not only robs you of your money, but it also robs you of your time
(fantasizing) and most of all, your dignity (slaving away for the pussy). Oneitis is the belief that
youll never do better and that somehow if you got this girl, SHE would make your life better.
This is a faulty way of thinking for a number of reasons:
1.The ONLY person in this world that can make YOU happy is.YOU
2.Placing your bets on others, ESPECIALLY women is a surefire way to get burned
3.It COMPLETELY takes away YOUR power, you are saying that something externally is going
to fix something internally
What is the cure?

Stop.whatever you are doing STOP consuming ANY pop culture that perpetuates this, as a
matter of fact throw out your TV, turn off your radio and block the ads on your internet. This shit
is polluting your mind and if you havent already tuned it out, NOW is the time to start because
those are the tools of the matrix, that is how they embed this supplicating weakness deep within,
causing you to become nothing more than a weak/groveling mangina.
Have hobbies, I cannot stress this enough. If youre NOT getting better every day, that is youre
NOT getting bigger, youre NOT getting smarter or youre NOT meeting new people, then WTF
are you saying with yourself? The reason why a lot of guys get oneitised out is because theyre
fucking lames and theyre looking for something outside of them to validate them. The MORE
time you spend on self-improvement, growing YOURSELF and reaching for YOUR highest
level of achievement, the less time youll spend lamenting that you dont have slut XYZ that is
supposed to cure you of your ills.
Picture your oneitis farting, shitting, taking dicks in her ass, taking dicks in her mouth, getting
creampied and doing ALL sorts of nasty shit, chances are.youre picturing reality, the best
whores are the well disguised ones. Oh and look at the following:
Cut the feelings off IMMEDIATELY, the SECOND you notice yourself daydreaming,
fantasizing or BEGINNING to pedestal a chick, STOP and think of the above instead.
ONLY hang out with people that make you feel strong, ONLY consume media that strengthens
your resolve and ONLY listen to music that makes you feel like a God. Cut out ANY negative
external impacts and remember YOU ARE THE PRIZE.
Do you think the media and society have your best interest as a man?
Do you see the amount of money that it would cost for a year of dating, is that shit worth it?
Do you see how you are COERCED into having these feelings?
Do you see the lyrics that are MASS PLAYED?
Do NOT fall for the lies and indoctrination before you, retain your masculinity and NEVER give
in to the FAULTY feeling of love, the ONLY good love is SELF LOVE.
Or just hook up with someone else, thats always a good way to get over a woman, have a new
one get under you

19. Subtleties: Eye Contact/Tonality And Dominance

There are many subtleties of attraction, often times you can better communicate your attraction
towards a woman in a covert way that embeds itself into her subconscious as opposed to the
overt I LIKEZZZ UActually dont EVER do that, overt communication is ONLY ever
worthwhile if youre 90% there aka if shes dry humping you, if your hand is down her pants or
if shes touching your fun stick. Here are some subtle ways to communicate attraction:
Eye Contact. You should be dominating the eye contact, meaning that she should be the one to
look away first, this isnt to say that you stare into her eyes like a madman, but if there is a
standoff, DO NOT wilt first. It displays a lack of comfort in situations that APPEAR to be
awkward, awkwardness doesnt actually exist, its just our perception of what should and
shouldnt be, a dominant man doesnt have awkward moments, theyre merely fleeting seconds
of time. From a purely biological standpoint, staring into each others eyes makes people fall in
love because youre looking for cues like the reciprocity of their gaze, their overall expression
in the eye area and if their pupils dilate.
A study conducted in 1989 assures that simple eye contact could make a person fall in love with
you (Kellerman, Lewis, and Laird). In this study two opposite sex strangers were asked to gaze
into each others eyes for two minutes, which in some cases, was enough to produce passionate
feelings for each other. Eye contact is a powerful stimulator of love and affection. This is
because when you look someone directly in the eyes, his/her body produces chemical called
phenylethylamine that makes the person feel in love. This is why if you want to make someone
fall in love with you, one of the first thing you should do is to look into his/her eyes.
Tonality. You should ALWAYS speak in your deepest tonality, but ESPECIALLY around
women, what you want to look for in them is what does their tonality sound like? If their voice
has gone to a higher, sweeter pitch, she is covertly communicating attraction
Making women feel small/feminine. This can be done a number of ways, but it is also why I
stressed posture as well, women around a man they are even SEMI attracted to will show signs
of submission (EVERYTHING comes down to domination and submission) and one way to
induce this is to make her feel small/feminine. This can be subtly done in a number of ways:
Picking her up off the ground when hugging her
Moving her around/picking her upuse ANY excuse to touch and show her ANY strength
Resting your arm on her shoulder
After you shake her hand (give just a bit of a squeeze), tell her how small her hands are

Call her shorty (even if youre only a few inches taller than her, if she busts your balls about your
height, tell her short women arent allowed to talk about height)
Tell her she has small wrists
If a situation EVER arises where you can pick her up, carry her around, give her piggyback rides,
carry something for her, pick up something heavy around her, throw her onto something or just
move her in anyway, TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY. Most women are completely oblivious into
how attraction works and by behaving like a caveman, youre unleashing a very primitive desire
to be, oh how do they say it. Be swept off of their feet? hmm
Contact and Moving Into Her Space.

Williams and Kleinke (1993) evaluated the effect of different types of mutual touch (or
no touch) on randomly-paired, opposite-sex couples. Mutual touch was associated with
significantly elevated heart rates in participants. Furthermore, touching increased desire,
especially when it was combined with eye contact and the participant's own romantic outlook.

Studies by Burgoon and associates have also found that touch leads to feelings of
attraction. Burgoon, Walther, and Baesler (1992) manipulated types of touch by having students
participate in a problem solving task with a research assistant posing as a fellow undergraduate.
Brief touches by the assistant led to an increase in the student's feelings of credibility, liking, and
attraction towards them.

In two field experiments, Burgoon (1991) also established the various meanings
conveyed through touch. After surveying 622 adolescents and adults, the author determined that
touching conveys affection, receptivity, immediacy, and similarity, as well as dominance and
informality. Furthermore, not all touch was equal in communication effect. While handholding
and face touching expressed intimacy, handshaking expressed receptivity and trust. Therefore,
the more intimate and personal the touch, the greater the attraction that results.

Hug them as a greeting and set a precedent for physical contact.

Sit next to them with shoulders/thighs touching, rather than across from them.

Pat their hands or touch their shoulders to get their attention or make a comment.

Take their hand or elbow to go with them to another location (e.g. moving seats, or

Even "accidental" touches, like grazing their arm reaching over them for something, has
an influence on attraction.
The responsibility for moving things forward falls on YOUR shoulders as a man, when you meet
a woman, ALWAYS shake her hand, if you have a reason to introduce light touch, like touching
her back when passing her by, touching her arm when you want to get her attention oh and if you

can find a VERY plausible excuse to touch her ass, graze her titgo for it (just be weary of
sexual harassment charges, if the bitch does get out of line, instantly dismiss it with 100%
nonchalance, dont EVER apologize or acknowledge it). Make sure you move into her space as
well, this doesnt have to be for the entirety of the interaction, but at some point, test the waters
and see how she responds to you coming close to her.
Attraction isnt always as simple as meeting someone, hitting it off right away (whatever that
means) and then going P in V a few hours late, most of the time its a little bit more difficult,
however through the use of covert tactics, its A LOT easier to create that attraction and sub
communicate your dominance.
DOM is the way to be, DOM is the way for me, bitch I stay DOM like a master key.

20. Love Doesnt Exist

The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female
can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place. Robert
LOVE DOES NOT EXIST. There are NO soul mates and what most people term as love is
nothing more than a hormonal response to biological markers of youth/fertility and beauty or in
the masculine case strength/vitality and speed. I.e broad clavicles and a narrow waist are
attractive on men because they serve a purpose, wide clavicles=more room for you to carry
things on your back and bigger lungs which=better capacity to run, a narrow waist=better strides
and better running ability, cheekbones and squinty eyes are attractive because they keep things
out of your eyes and cheekbones protect against strikes to the eyes, height is attractive because it
allowed males to see more of their environment and prey and to reach higher things. On the
female side, wider hips have been proven to= better health for your woman and child and tits/ass
are just fat deposits, so shell have something extra to live off should a famine strike. Men have
evolved to be bigger/stronger/faster, females have evolved to be smaller/weaker/slower to ILICT
a yearning from the males to protect them through their neoteny aka bigger/more childlike
eyes, smaller/more petite stature (why are so many men attracted to petite women?) and their
smaller tear ducts biologically hardwiring them to be more prone to crying:
Women are biologically wired to shed tears more than men. Under a microscope, cells of female
tear glands look different than men's. Also, the male tear duct is larger than the female's, so if a
man and a woman both tear up, the woman's tears will spill onto her cheeks quicker.

Everyone is out to find the best partner to pass on their genetics with. That is the TRUE nature of
love. Some may say that Im being cynical, this is not my desire as much as it is to take away
the ooohhahhhh mystique that surrounds the notion of love. I dont deny that when youre in
love, you wont feel great, but its ORIGIN is what people need to understand. The more you
can understand WHERE it comes from, the better youll be able to handle it and most of all, you
wont pedestal it and make it out more than it is. Couple this newfound paradigm shift with your
understanding of objective 7s/8s and now you are 100% FREE to navigate M-F interactions as
YOU please.
A womans love of a man is almost ENTIRELY based on her levels of respect and admiration
for him, this means that a woman will NEVER love you if she doesnt respect you. This also
means that a womans love for you is ALWAYS conditional, so if you do manage to gain and
then lose that respect, she WILL leave you IF she has the chance. Unless you are able to

continually provide her the tingles she so desires when you display your own desiarability, this
will inevitably happen:
Some couples may disagree, but romantic love lasts little more than a year
Women view men as utilities. As sweet, cute and nice as your oneitis MAY seem, even if you
two WERE to get together, she wouldnt hesitate to leave you if she found someone better.
Hence why women initiate the majority of divorces and why they have NO issue entirely ruining
a mans life emotionally, financially and mentally even if they were once in love. This isnt a
matter of love, it is a matter of what is best for her genetics, evolution and the species of
human and mating with higher caliber mates will ALWAYS be more attractive (her biological
clock doesnt allow her to fuck around with her time, since she realistically only has 30 good
years before things start going downhill fast). Your womans love is nothing more than a
transient feeling either onset by what you provide for her, how you make her feel or in some
cases, the response your genetics (face/height/structure/mass) elicit out of her vagina and the
availability of superior genetic specimens (other men). Even if a woman does like YOU, she has
her depreciating vagina to think about and thus many women age 25-30 will break up with men
because it isnt going anywhere, IN SPITE of seemingly liking them.
Women have evolved to be fluid in their love (able to adapt to whatever their environment
calls for), so it doesnt make much sense for a woman to grow extreme attachment to her man
when you consider that for the majority of human history, men have been EXTREMELY
disposable, dying in wars, dying while hunting, dying while building cities and dying while
fighting for their ideals. If a woman herself lost the ability to attract and connect with other men
AFTER her husbands death (which was usually premature), how many women out there would
essentially be culling off their own genetics?
Ever wonder, why women are so quick to get over a man after theyve broken up? Call it the war
bride syndrome:
Previously unpublished pictures of French women cavorting and partying with Nazis have
emerged, heaping fresh shame on the troubled wartime history of occupied France.
Images show women kissing SS officers in bars and cabarets, posing in bikinis on the beach and
enjoying strolls under the Eiffel Tower.
French women who befriended the Nazis, through coerced, forced, or voluntary relationships,
were singled out for shameful retribution following the liberation of France. The woman
photographed here, believed to have been a prostitute who serviced German occupiers, is having

her head shaved by French civilians to publicly mark her. This picture was taken in Montelimar,
France, August 29, 1944.
At the end of World War II, over 20, 000 French people accused of collaboration with Germany
endured a particularly humiliating act of revenge: their heads were shaved in public. Nearly all
those punished were women. This episode in French history continues to provoke shame and
unease and as a result has never been subject of a thorough examination.
For the majority of human history women have not had the capacity (desire) to provide for
themselves and their offspring, thus if their man died or left them, they would need to get another
one ASAP, to either procreate or pass on their genetics or to have someone provide resources for
her and her children (cuckhold).
You need to create respect within your woman because it is through the proxy of respect that she
can begin to love you (albeit conditionally).
So how is respect cultivated within a woman:
1.You have your OWN set of standards and your OWN ideas as to how things should be and you
do NOT bend from them, they are LOCKED and SET IN STONE and if she steps outside of
those boundaries, there WILL be consequences.
2.You naturally lead yourself and others, not to say you use a malevolent approach, but you are a
leader, you know it, if they want to come with you on your journey, great, if not.GTFO
3.You demonstrate an ability that no matter what comes your way, your approach stays the same,
you are consistent with your judgment and NOTHING wilts under pressure.
Your woman should ALWAYS love you more than you love her, this is the recognition that your
In essence, you are showing a HIGHER value than her because as much as women champion
this equality nonsense, when it comes down to it, they (or I should say the feminine ones aka the
relevant ones) still want to be dominated in the same way they were back in our caveman days,
which is why women who earn more are actually more likely to file for a divorce:
When push comes to shove, a woman IDEALLY would take a man that is better than her in
EVERY quantifiable way, if not only for her hypergamy, but for the large part of human history,
a womans Look at what I accomplished moment came from the quality of man she was with,
for his accomplishments became hers. A mans competition is tied to EVERYTHING and
ANYTHING that can be measured and EVERY man participates in some way, a womans
competition may go up to a few activities, but it really comes down to one and one alone:
procuring a man of high status.
Which is why women compare rings, they compare weddings, they compare houses, they
compare EVERYTHING to do with their mate, whereas men seemingly compete their entire

lives and place GREAT care when it comes to their pursuits, whether it be art, sport, writing,
cars or anything theyre going after. The irony is that when it comes to passing on their genetics,
men seemingly place the least amount of care in understanding the female psyche, being
extremely picky with their partners and finding women who arent utterly insane, but biological
programming gonna biological programming.
For the most part because of a minimal investment from the male side of things (literally taking
10 seconds of our time to make a baby), it has allowed us to be WAY sloppier with our selection
as nature wants us to get in/get out and keep making more babies, however in the day and age of
child support/alimony and divorce raping, there is GREAT care needed for a man NOT to get
fucked over by women. In the past, a woman COULD fuck over a man, but at no time in human
history did she have such an amazing support system from Big Daddy or as some call it The
Government in that men are now IMPRISONED for not paying child support (even if financially
impossible, meaning its set out at a way too high $$$ figure or even if they didnt want the child
support), women get by large part the MAJORITY of alimony (97%) and.THEY are the ones
PUSHING for divorce.
IF you are pursuing women, remember: Her respect of you=EVERYTHING, always SHOW that
your values>hers and even if it technically isnt the case, ACT LIKE IT IS (shell follow suit).
A woman tries to turn a lion into a kitten and if she succeeds, she leaves him for another lion
because she knows, if she was able to turn him into a kitten, he was never really a lion to begin

21. Winning Arguments: Disarming Womanese With Amused

Winning arguments with a woman is actually very simple, so simple that once you apply this
tactic, youll go 1000-0 and youll wonder how such a simple method couldve ever slipped your
mind. The key to winning an argument with a woman is.laughter. Huh? Yep, its just
THAT easy. ANYTHING she says that is clearly wronglaugh.she tries to pitch an idea that
you know wont work.laughshe tries to tell you how to behavelaughlaughlaugh. The
key to amused mastery is laughter, laughter and the ability to dismiss what does not fly within
your frame.
The problem is that men and women speak different languages, men speak a language or
rationality/reason and logic, Womanese is the exact opposite. Womanese is solely based on what
she feels as in if she feeelllss that shes right shes simply not going to see it any other way,
why? Because of her feelings, thats why. The reason so many women continually win
arguments is that men end up mirroring THEIR energy as opposed to the OTHER way around as
in she should be mirroring YOUR energy if YOU want to be the leader of the relationship. If you
respond to yelling and shouting or mirroring her bitchyness, you have lost.
By responding to retarded arguments with anything OTHER than laughter or a dismissive
nonchalance, you are simply put giving her argument too much credit. If someone asked you for
money so they could fund a search party for unicorns, would you launch into a debate as to why
its a ridiculous notion and youre not going to invest a cent into it or would you simply laugh at
the proposition? So why then when your gf makes requests for you guys to spend a weekend
away at some bed and breakfast or how you guys should learn interpretive dance or how much
fun it would be if you went on a double date with her and her gay best friend do you respond
with anything BUT a cool gaze coupled with a few chuckles?
As a man in a relationship, you double as a bomb diffuser and often times these arguments
escalate into something substantial over seemingly nothing, why? Because YOU lost your cool
her being the follower/herd animal that she is, she has NO choice but to follow in suit. The best
approach is to remain calm and simply state your position or laugh it the fuck up.
What it comes down to is leadership, you can listen to your first mate and let them present their
case, but if its clearly ridiculous and you KNOW your first mate doesnt function from a place
of logic, you can simply dismiss it with a hearty laugh. NO ONE wants to be the person telling
anyone else not to laugh and besides, if youre happy/laughing, she cant help but follow.
If she wants to lead the relationship, she can go do that with someone else, there is no reason to
let her get away with that in YOUR relationship, it is very apparent that YOU make the decisions
and she is there to tag along. If she doesnt like the captain of the ship, tell that bitch to walk the

This goes for the world as well, too many men focus on explaining themselves, going over why
they did this and what their thought process was, stop wasting your time explaining yourself or
trying to argue with people who arent willing to listen. State your position, if you believe the
person is capable of understanding or if there are others listening who could be swayed by your
logic, feel free. If they are a knob and you KNOW that they wont get it, you can laugh all the
way to the bank or just say nah Im out.
What is the best mastery? Amused mastery, stay amused

22. If you Fuck up Keep Rolling

There is a massive misconception that the most suave, the smoothest motherfuckers out there
NEVER mess up. WRONG. Fuck ups happen, they happen ALL the time, the major difference
between someone who is awkward and someone who is smooth is that the smooth one is
able to keep rolling when mistakes happen. THIS is what separates the boys from the men
because the female creature being moment minded may make you feel as if you SHOULD care,
but what is a moment? That was just a momentand thisand this.
Shit goes on and unless you are able to go on with it, youll get left behind in the dust. Even if a
woman does get taken back a bit by whatever youve said, MAINTAIN FRAME, either quickly
address it Yeah that was weird, but you know the real thing about bla bla bla or just keep going
to the next topic. Her momentary display of whatever negative emotion she is showing is just
that.MOMENTARY.unless, you allow it to be something more and make it to be something
bigger than it was by DWELLING ON IT. A womans displeasure with you is a speed bump, if
you take it with the right approach, it takes a second or two to get over and youre through, but if
you get out of the car, inspect the speed bump, question the speed bump, measure the speed
bump, measure your car, the speed bump owns you. Fuck speed bumps.
This can even be a strategy where you open with a nuclear opener Hey, Im NV, you want to
fuck? Now regardless of response, youve either saved yourself hours of work or she wont
even be sure if youre serious and when you confirm that you are, shell probably just say No
or Im not interested, at that point you do the unthinkable (to her remember were smart
motherfuckers and there is method to our madness), Alright, so what are you up to tonight?
Most girls will be in such a state of disbelief, they wont be able to make sense of what just
happened, so theyll just answer and you ROLL ON. If shes a bitch about it and blows you off,
then shes probably a massive kunt anyways and she just DQed herself and it gives you the
opportunity to tell her Whatever, you probably wouldve been a bad fuck anyways.
Michael Jordan has missed breakaway dunks, Garry Kasparov has made massive blunders and
ALL your favorite athletes have fucked up majorly, it is their ability to keep going, to be calm in
the face of a storm, to NOT give into their anxiety and the pain they feel inside that made them
Roll on motherfucker..ROLL ON!

23. Females Live in the Moment

Women live pretty much PURELY in the moment, that is why youll have a woman tell you
were not having sex tonight or Im never going to do anal or No you cant put a frozen
soda can inside me to defrost it and then 2 hours later, youve got her butthole plugged with
your dink and a coke waiting for you in her vagina.
This is why you should NEVER take what women say as locked in stone or even seriously for
that matter, she may actually mean what she says and most women do, but they mean it IN THE
MOMENT as in its liable to change. The key for a woman is giving her the out of plausible
deniability which is really their way of saying Omgzz I dont know what happened, I usually
never do this on a first date, but you just had something about you.
Plausible deniability:
Can we go on a date? WRONG Lets hang out ding ding
Can I have a kiss? WRONG Whats that? *She turns* *When she turns back towards you,
go in for a kiss* or just straight up go for it at any time Right
Are we having sex tonight? WRONG I just got a new water mattress, come test it out or
This bed is so comfortable, check it out Challenge for you: I got a custom made bed, most
comfortable in the world or just go for it
In ALL these scenarios you gave her the technical out that she could say no, but at the same
time she wouldnt because the way you phrase it is SO much better going the second route. In
the second route, you are taking control (ALWAYS a good thing) and you are making it SEEM
like there is nothing whorish about the situation, so if anything happens she can always say
We just ended up on his bed, I dont know what happened, I was just testing it outhes such a
A lot of guys think there is some perfect moment that arises when the stars align and Moses
descends and says Ok young one, slip it into her vagina, unfortunately Mosess schedule is
pretty jam packed, so here is what you need to know: YOU create the moment. How do you
create the moment? BY GOING FOR IT.
ALL women want to be seduced and ALL women want to be taken, its just that society has
told them to suppress this desire and it has taught men to suppress theirs, but why the fuck would
two fertile single/ready to mingle meatbags spend time together if not to rub genitals? How you
get to that stage is simply by staying in the moment, escalating throughout the date and then
eventually taking affirmative action towards P in V.
A woman will be as big of a slut as you allow her to be. In order to lower her inhibition, she
MUST have the Oh I dont know why I did that, there was just something about him excuse or
DENIABLE PLAUSIBILITY (in the same way you had it with the compliments).

24. Men are Disposable, but Women are Replaceable

Ratio: Unhappy single men: Happy single women, why?
Men as a whole are disposable, but women as individuals are entirely replaceable. What I mean
is that women are naturally programmed to be able to get over a man likeTHAT, done, over,
moved on. Doesnt matter the time frame you were together, women have the ability to flick a
switch and be over you like that, to be as cold as if they had NEVER known you (see divorce
rape for a woman who is over a man she apparently once loved). Why has this come about?
Men were the ones dying in wars, dying in fights, dying looking for food, dying fighting
eventual food, dying building cities, dying working and just dying dying dying.
Women that WERENT able to adapt after their partner or desired mate passed away would have
a lesser chance of passing on their genetics and the women who were INSTANTLY able to do
so, would pretty much guarantee their DNAs continuation. Also consider that the amount of
time a woman has in her fertile stage isnt even remotely close to a males (see fertility rate
between the sexes), thus time is of the ABSOLUTE essence to her, so that whole
mourning/crying/lamenting, yeah that sort of shit isnt going to help her if her mate is dead and if
theyve already had children, she is STILL going to need resources for her and her offspring,
thus her ability to attract a mate is absolutely paramount. <- That is the female strength
(Machiavellian maneuvers coupled with psychopathic coldness, women are naturally Dark
Triad AS FUCK).
Now much like everything in the universe, there are two poles, as great of an advantage as this
is. The advantage for men arises when they begin to see how similar in characteristics most
women are (especially since they are followers) and thus it makes them entirely replaceable.
Men tend to vary from black to white, most women are grey meaning that looking at their IQ,
their earnings, their accomplishments, their scholastic pursuits, anything that can be quantified,
MOST women fall within the median. The opposite is true for men, the median is the median
because on one side you have a good amount of retards and on the other side you have a good
amount of Gods with men scattered EVERYWHERE in between.
In ALL relationships there are tradeoffs, understanding and appreciating the tradeoffs will help
you avoid any pain you may feel from breakups or terminating contact with an ex because
once you start cultivating value within your own life, you realize that for the most part, most
relationships take the time and resources away from being able to grow that value and for what?
A bit of pussy? Some affection here and there? Even if its a good relationship, there are still
times when women cant help but get on your nerves, so if it ever gets to be too much, think of
your own value and walkaway. There is no need to fall for someone, there is no need to oneitis
yourself, yes you are disposable, but she is replaceable.

Somewhere, sometime, your dime has had a man say Skeet skeet bitch, gtfo its now your time

25. When in Doubt: Escalate

Assume EVERY girl you meet is down to fuck on the first date
Escalation is the NUMBER ONE key to getting anywhere with women, whenever youre with a
woman, it is YOUR duty to push the boundaries and escalate. A lot of guys waste their time in
the so called friendzone, protip: There is NO friendzone. All there is, is an area where YOU
havent taken action to ensure that your relationship with Derpina takes the next logical step. So
these men end up here and then they are left HOPING (because thats all it is and all it EVER
will be) that through some random event, they will end up bonding and then something more
will ensue.
The hilarious thing about this pipedream is that its NOT EVEN THOUGHTOUT, i.e when
youre dreaming about being a pro athlete, rich as fuck or just successful in general, even within
your dreams, youre going through some sort of plan where you take logical steps. You begin by
working hard in the gym, then you practice your sport, you continue to do both, you get a
mentor, you put in years and years of work and voila, you make it one day. A daydream about
getting out of the friendzone looks more like this Vagueness, vagueness, vagueness, you two
are together somewhere at sometime, for some unforeseen reason, something (not sure what)
happens and you two end up kissing and then you fuck and end up together. The
HOW/WHY/WHEN and WHAT causes all of this is never answered.
If you ever find yourself in a position where your relationship with a woman can be considered
in the friendzone, get out..just stop paying ANY attention to her, unless youre deriving some
sort of benefit from the relationship, which in most cases men are nothing more than emotional
tampon to get filled with her toxic vaginally charged emotional sewage. The ONLY way to turn
it around as far as actually coming together is to demonstrate to her that you are a man of value,
you do this by improving your physical appearance, gaining more knowledge, getting better
friends than her, cutting her out of your life (if she doesnt add value she has no place) and
hitting on her mom/sister/friends because then the question in her mind isnt Why does Mike
put up with my BS? Is he gay or something, but Why hasnt Mike made a move on me, am I
ugly? Am I too fat? Does he like my slut friend Jenna, he keeps hitting on all my friends, maybe
he was just playing me, I should try and see if hes into me.
So how does one escalate? Before we get into that, lets establish that there is NO right moment,
if youre waiting for that perfect Disney scripted moment, you may as well jerk off and just save
yourself the time, its not going to happen. Im not saying to have no discretion or not have ANY
patience, but it is important to understand that it is almost entirely YOUR job to get anything to
happen between you and a woman. A woman will give you subtle cues, but the quickest way to
learn if you got one of those is to JUST GO FOR IT. Going for it should be your default setting
if you even THINK it might be on because even if its NOT on, you going for it demonstrates
you have little to no anxiety, youre not afraid of failure, you go after what you want and youre

a leader. Things which are VERY attractive, so much so that even without the so called spark
(nothing more than a BS blue pilled Disney term, dont believe me? Ask your caveman ancestors
how much spark they had in their relationships? How many fine Italian dates did they take
their woman on? How many romantics evenings did they spend cuddling together locked in
passionate gazes?oh wait.and remember we have the same brains as them), those things on
their OWN happening create attraction.
Basic level of escalation
Level 1:
Solid eye contact
Any form of touch, this includes handshakes, any sort of contact
Any mention of anything remotely sexual
Within 30 minutes of meeting for a date and can happen within first meeting ever if youre
Level 2:
Sensitive touch (hand on knee/thigh/back), hug, moving her around
Sexual innuendo in a covert way, basically sexualizing whatever is taking place i.e I like that
movie Is that the one where they get naked and have an orgy?
2-3 hours into the date
Level 3:
Sexual touch/feel, hand on hand, kiss, light petting
End of date, when youre trying to close/escalate further
Level 4:
Last line before sex, hand down pants, putting her hand down your pants, necking
Youre going to be sore tomorrow
Level 5:
If I need to spell out what you need to do here, you may need more help than a Kindle book.
Women WANT you to go for it, they WANT to be seduced and if youre not willing to do it,
theyll find someone else who will. Most of the time, the worst thing that can happen.nothing,
shell decline and life will go on, unless youre in California, in which case Id avoid women all
together. For the rest of yall, keep shit moving forward, use any excuse to touch (plausible
deniability) and GO FOR IT.
IF a woman is totally freezing you out after numerous attempts, do the following:

1.5-10 minutes of no speaking, no physical contact and outright ignoring her (unless she
smartens up and starts coming onto you)
2.Pull out your phone and text someone (you dont even have to text anyone), keep it away from
herslightly (have a smirk while youre doing this), give another 5-10 minutes again while
having NO contact with her
3.Tell her youre leaving, if she asks where, say to hang out, if she asks you to stay, tell her its
boring and start leaving.
IF after all three of these she hasnt made ANY attempt to make a move on you, you were
wasting your time as frosty lips over there wasnt gonna be doing nothing but practicing her
celibacy vow with you.

26.When in Doubt: Dominate

A woman would rather 5 minutes of alpha than 5 years of beta, the same way a young man
would rather 5 minutes of young tight pussy rather than 5 years of old haggard pussy-Roissy
Although recent research has increasingly focused on human sexual selection, fundamental
questions remain concerning the relative influence of individual traits on success in competition
for mates and the mechanisms, form, and direction of these sexual selective pressures. Here, we
explore sexual selection on mens traits by ascertaining mens dominance and attractiveness
from male and female acquaintances. On a large American university campus, 63 men from two
social fraternities provided anthropometric measurements, facial photographs, voice recordings,
and reported mating success (number of sexual partners). These men also assessed each others
dominance, and 72 women from two socially affiliated sororities assessed the mens
attractiveness. We measured facial masculinity from inter-landmark distances and vocal
masculinity from acoustic parameters. We additionally obtained facial and vocal attractiveness
and dominance ratings from unfamiliar observers. Results indicate that dominance and the traits
associated with it predict mens mating success, but attractiveness and the traits associated with
it do not. These findings point to the salience of contest competition on mens mating success in
this population.
if you dont take control, females will eat you alive, in that theyll be forced to take
control.dominate and leaddont be indecisive, women would rather deal with eating at a
shitty restaurant than have to be the one that makes the choice POSSIBLY leading to that, they
are estrogenic/nervous and self-conscious creatureswe are attracted to polarity aka the EXACT
What are women really attracted to? Men. Thanks Sherlock, now tell me though, what are they
REALLY attracted to? I said men. Listen up you asshole, I downloaded your book, I may have
even paid for it and now youre telling me that women are attracted to men, fucking thanks tips,
do tell us more. Ok, ok enough mucking about. Women are attracted to men, but what I really
mean by that is that the feminine is attracted to the masculine aka opposites attract. so what is the
opposite of estrogenic/nervous and self-conscious? Testosterone bruiting, calm and God like
Modern society has tried to instill an egalitarian approach when it comes to relationships
(bullshit trap), however what modern society fails to realize is that for 99.9% of human history,
relationships had NOTHING to do with equality. The onus of establishing a successful
relationship fell squarely on the shoulders of a man, hence why the parents of women would
actually gift the GROOM assets as they understood that their daughter was going to be a
liability. Our brains are still wired in that way and 20-30 years of feminist propaganda and blue
pill programming is NOT going to undo that.
Male brains (top) show greater connectivity front-to-back, while female brains (bottom) are more
connected across the hemispheres.
Researchers reveal sex differences in the brain's form and function.
Todays men are demonized for being men, for being loud, for having opinions, for having tons
of energy, for having a desire to get shit done and for the occasional scuffle. Theyre told to pipe
down and shut up, theyre diagnosed as if there was something wrong with them
By the time they reach high school, nearly 20 percent of all American boys will be diagnosed
with ADHD. Millions of those boys will be prescribed a powerful stimulant to "normalize" them.
A great many of those boys will suffer serious side effects from those drugs. The shocking truth
is that many of those diagnoses are wrong, and that most of those boys are being drugged for no
good reasonsimply for being boys.
Meanwhile on the opposite end of the spectrum, women have (as theyve always been) been told
theyre perfect/smart and strong for no other reason than theyre women. Even look at something
as simple as TV programming that help propagate these false notions. The best examples of this
are The Simpsons and Everybody Loves Raymond, both which feature similar scenarios (at least
in the overall sense of things).
In both families:
The father is actually very successful in that homer is a nuclear power plant safety inspector, Ray
is a head writer at a big newspaper
Both of their wives are stay at home moms
They both have three kids, live in a nice house with their own cars/driveway and lawn
By all stretches of the imagination, both men and families are pretty well off, yet in BOTH
series the men are portrayed as failures and nothing more than walking punch lines, meanwhile
the women are portrayed as saints who somehow manage to keep things together for everyone, in
spite of providing a service that is nothing more than an over glorified maid. The misandry is
very evident and something deeply embedded within both shows. This is why I think children
and a lot of young men were drawn to wrestling because it was the one place where men were
allowed to be men, loud, intense, angry, treating women as they pleased, jacked out of their
minds, not giving a fuck and being themselves aka having their own gimmick/style. In a strange
way, the WWE/WWF/WCW/TNA probably did more for men than a lot of their very own
fathers, in raising them to learn about masculinity, team work, comradery, friendship, having a
goal and the hard work that it takes to get there. This is the exact opposite at what most tv shows

teach and portray men as, youll find that in most shows men are always at the butt end of jokes
and the females are always coming out looking like Goddesses. Look at commercials.
A sample of 477 commercials featuring domestic chores that aired in a week of primetime
television programming on all of the broadcast networks was analyzed. Among the key findings:
Male characters performance of chores was often humorously inept as measured by negative
responses from others, lack of success, and unsatisfactory outcomes.
Pretty much ALL aspects of society are hell bent on pussifying and DESTROYING your
masculinity. So how does one take back what is rightfully theirs? Control and decisiveness, a
woman COULD make the same decisions as you, she COULD come up with answers as good as
you, she COULD exert the same decision making process as you, but there is A LOT more that
goes into that, then just she COULD because we all know the story of Ifs and Buts. Women face
a lot more anxiety, depression and fear in their day to day lives (its just the nature of estrogen vs
testosterone, hence why ALL the most successful women are higher in T:
), for a woman the pain of eating at a bad restaurant doesnt begin to come close to the anxiety
she feels when it comes to the notion that SHE caused that (she chose it). So ANY chance you
have to take control, DO SO:
A decision needs to be taken? Take it
Shes being a bit rude? Push her playfully
You can initiate any sort of touch? Yep
Hugging her? Dont just hug her, pick her up off the ground
Play wrestling? Pin her down and hold her there
Driving somewhere? Youre driving
You even THINK shes cold? Dont ask her, put your jacket around her
Disagree with her? Dont be afraid to let her know
Shes throwing an estrogenic hissy fit? STAY IN CONTROL, if you have your shit together, she
WILL follow, if you start throwing a tantrum alongside, she will only escalate it further
Shes being a bitch? You dont have to take that, either tell her to stop behaving like a child or

You NEVER have to take her bullshit, dont EVER think you do (qualifying mindset), if you
stay in control and dominate through showing control of your emotions, control of your logic and
control of your response, she will have an IMMENSE level of respect for you and while shes
still going to shit test you, be a bitch and throw hissy fits, when she comes down she WILL
apologize (usually with a blowjob, as I said, women KNOW what men want and if she respects
you, she WILL give it to you).
Part of a womans safety within a man is not JUST the physical, but the emotional and mental
too, she has to know that you can handle her (whats that famous overdone Marilyn Monroe
quote?) and the problem is that most guys cant. Picture this scenario, youre a dog and you go
up to a bitch, she barks loudly at you, now you can do as the other men do and tuck your tail
between your legs wimpering away or you could do as the DOM males do, you bark back and
she keels overs to your masculinity.
This chapter was mostly about relationships, women, but dominating does NOT stop there, much
of what I talk about in this book when it comes to women extends to the world. Do NOT be
satisfied with having control over your relationship, have control over your mind (read/learn new
languages/meditate), have control over your body (diet/lift/cardio), have control over your
finances (spend as YOU please, buy what YOU want and work however/whenever YOU want)
and just do YOU. These are things that ALREADY demonstrate domination and give you
HUGE leeway with her if you should ever beta backslide. Your value should actually be high,
yes you can use techniques to make her THINK that and she will probably even buy it if your
frame is impeccable, but being the real thing>>>>>fooling someone you are that thing. Take
control and dominate your fucking life.
The most erotic moment for a woman is feeling that you are
Shiva, the divine masculine: imperturbable, totally loving, fully
present, and all-pervading. She cannot move you, because you already
are what you are, with or without her. She cannot scare
you away, because you already penetrate her in fearless love, pervading
her heart and body. She cannot distract you, because your
one-pointed commitment to truth will not bend to her wiles.
Feeling this hugeness of love and freedom in you, she can trust
you, utterly, and surrender her testing in celebration of love.
The Way Of The Superior Man

Attraction is based on polarity meaning that we look for the OPPOSITE within the other sex,
women look for strength/leadership and charisma, meanwhile men look for
submission/reliability and modesty. Women will seldom, if ever be the ones to show overt sexual
desire, this is going to YOUR job. Women want to be desired, they want to be yearned after, the
best way to engage a woman isnt to express this desire, it is to SHOW her this desire.
Being sexual is absolutely necessary, but tact is even more necessary. Like any aspect of life
there is overt and covert methods to be used, personally I think overt references i.e direct
references or overly crude jokes are just distasteful (yes I know, Im such a sensitive soul),
specifically when youre dealing with women that arent whores, yeah if youre dealing with
hoes and shes super sexualized to begin with, shell respond, but the sort of girl that isnt a
whore will get her back up against the wall right away and get that sloot shield activated.
However if you use tact and you GRADUALLY turn up the heat (throw a frog in boiling water
and it jumps out, gradually turn up the heat on a frog sitting in water and it dies), shell have her
inner sloot activated, all women have a desire to be kinky sluts that get dominated by a man
(why do you think romance novels/50 Shades of Grey is so popular?), but it HAS to be by a man,
meaning that, they WILL test you, but if you can retain your frame, you will reap the benefits.
Women want to be seduced, but the seduction has to follow some sort of rhyme/reason, as a
good rule of thumb, you want to slip in one reference of any kind for every hour youre with her
and this doesnt have to be limited to even making an actual reference with your words, this is
something that can come down to your facial expressions, it is something that can come down to
your smile or should I say grin (always grin, grinning>smiling and if youre wondering wtf is the
difference, picture your face after seeing a good movie (smile) vs the difference between seeing
two playboy playmates scissoring in your bed and saying come join us), it is the way you
move, it is the way you touch her and it is even the way you think (yes we on dat law of
attraction time).
The gist of things:
Establish touch early (hug is always best when greeting)
Drop a few subtle/low key comments: Hated that movie, the soundtrack felt like it was a
prelude to a cheesy 80s porno How do you like it? What sort of style are you into? Did it
feel good? Just generic questions that can be used on just about any topics to implant some not
so PG thoughts
Escalate to touch when possible
If she pulls back, pull back even more, while domination is key, Ive found that freezing out can
work just as well aka aloofnessi.e youre making out and she tells you to slow downyou
keep goingshe says it again, ok cool, you stop entirely, turn on the tv and sit in silence or you

can even outright leave or kick her out, if shes not responding to your escalation, dont waste
your time. Walking away or just the threat of it can actually cause the exact result you
desired.youll quickly see exactly where shes at because her next move is either going to be
prefacing P in V or P in M or maybe even P in A.
If you want the best example of a dominant/sexual man watch the movie Vicky and Cristina
Barcelona. In it, you will see in field demonstration of EXACTLY the vibe Im talking about.

28. Anchoring
Anchoring: Something that reminds her of you. This could be anything, it could be your clothes,
your car, your style, your hair.whatever, what one needs to know about anchoring is that
anchoring really comes down to being different. The more different you are, the more youll
stand out and the more likely she is to have things to anchor back to you. This gives her a reason
to spend more time thinking about you and the more reasons she has, the more likely it is that she
will. This is part of the reason women leave stuff at their boyfriends house, coupled with the
fact that they want other women to be aware that he is dating someone.
The perfect gift.
Gifts are a PRESENT, do not EVER use them in place of attraction nor should you be
CONSISTENTLY giving them. A well timed random gift with meaning>>>>>consistent gift
giving on special days
Some men like flowers.Lol. Other men give chocolates.cmon bruh and some even give gifts
more expensive than both of those combined.escorts>>>. THE best gift that Ive found is
something simple, something inexpensive, something that tells her about you, something that
juxtaposes you and something that shows youve paid attention to her (men battle for pussy,
women battle for attention), so what has ALL these qualities and THEN some? Crystals. What?
Yep, a crystal. You can get these at your local metaphysical shop (google metaphysical shop in
location XYZ) or you can even order a bunch online.
They vary from 25 cents to $1-2 dollars being incredibly cheap, but where they REALLY win is
that ALL crystals have spiritual properties and while I wont debate whether or not any of
these things are necessarily true, from a minimalistic standpoint, its just a cool looking rock.
The great thing about them is they dont break your bank, you can get one for ANY purpose, you
can use them to juxtapose you as in hopefully youre lifting and somewhat of a hench bitch, thus
showcasing another layer to you.
Ive yet to have anything that isnt a GREAT response from it, not even neutralcrystals are
ROCK FUCKING SOLID! Bitches love spiritual shit too, in their own minds theyre all some
mystical Godiva whos allure men cant resist.
Protip: Dont give the gift right away and if shes being a kunt dont even bother giving it to her
all together, if youve built good attraction the ol Oh I forgot, I got you something in the
middle of a date if youre running out of things to say can be a great way to re-spark the convo
and build upon the established attraction.
Anniversaries: 1 year and thats it. No celebrating ANY kind of other anniversary because thisll
set her expectations WAY too high and what society has womens expectations at an all-time
high? Hows that working out for you Western kunts? A woman will ask for everything and then

A department store was opened to sell Husbands. The store had 6 floors.

Now the rule was you could purchase any husband from any floor,
but once you went up to another level you could not go back down,
but to exit the store.

A lady entered and the sign on the first floor said 'men with a job',
she went up to the next level which read 'men with a job and likes kids'.

Impressed she then went up another level where the sign read 'men
with a job, likes kids and has a romantic streak', she liked the sound
of that, but proceeded to the next level where the sign read 'men
with a job, likes kids, romantic and good looking'.

She was really impressed now but went on to the fifth floor where
the sign read 'men with a job, likes kids, romantic, absolutely
gorgeous, and enjoys helping around the home'.

Now this the lady was very impressed with that, but still she went
on up to the sixth floor, and there on the sixth floor was a solitary
sign which read...

You are the 3,450,701 woman to visit this floor, this demonstrates
how women are impossible to please. Thank you for visiting the
Husband store. Have a nice day.

Directly across the road from the Husbands store was another

department store that sold Wives. And, similar to the Husbands

store, this store had 6 floors where you could purchase a Wife on
any level, but if you went up a floor you couldn't go back down and
had to exit.

So, a bloke walks into the store and on the first floor reads the
following sign: "Women who like sex".

Impressed the guy goes up to the second floor where he meets a

similar sign, but this one reads: "Women who like sex and are rich."

No man has ever gone to the third floor.

Notice that the women who are most pleasant tend to be immigrants whove had WAY less than
your average Americana bimbo, notice how much more they smile, notice how much nicer they
are to men in general and notice the LACK of entitlement, why? Well theyre still women, so
dont get it twisted, they CAN become like the Western whores, but its just that their default
mentality is one of very minimal expectations as theyve seen what a REAL struggle is, thus they
are much more receptive to generous gestures.
You want to apply the same logic to your gf, women are very fluid in everything they do,
meaning that they WILL adjust to you and YOUR standards, as long as you maintain your frame.
If SHE wants to celebrate something, fine, youll tag along, but you will NOT give into her
capricious demands of 1 month, 3 month, 6 month etc etc fucking bullshit etc demands. If she
tries to guilt you about it, how her friends have this or how you NEED to do it, look her dead in
the fucking eyes and tell her I dont care about your friends, if you want to do something, go
ahead, I do not bend. She may flip out and call you an asshole, but deep down, she just gained
respect for you as a man. Why? Because you have your boundaries (you have a plan), you stick
to them (unafraid to be consistent), you dont give into her bullshit (womens bullshit is like the
world/societys bullshit, its just there to test if youre forreal) and youre communicating an
abundance mentality by showing her that your decisions are yours alone. ALL marks of a great
leader and who doesnt want to get behind a great leader? Ill tell you who does, the herd
animals.and what did we say about women and herd mentality?
Protip#2: If you forget a big date of importance, it really doesnt matter, remembering SMALL
things i.e what she once said was her childhood movie and bringing her that when shes sick or
how she said she always wanted to go to country XYZ and you getting her some gift to do with

that country at random time XYZ>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>forgetting the big things. Women

instinctually understand that men have worse memories when it comes to this stuff, so as long as
youre not ENTIRELY oblivious to everything and you keep a few crucial factoids in your
memory (elephant memory is ACE), youll be G2G. Actually, dont be afraid to forget a few
things every now and then because when you DO remember the small things, this will give you
great juxtaposition.

29. Attraction VS Affection

A woman should occasionally be babied to show her the man had affection, but beyond that
should be treated firmly-Malcolm X
Now, in a relationship youre going to need a mixture of the two, an ideal ratio is anywhere from
60-40 to 80-20, its going to vary from woman to woman, however you ALWAYS want
attraction to be higher than affection.
Attraction is cultivated through the following:
World dominance
Pursuing your hobbies/passions
Flirting with women
Making people laugh
No anxiety
Cold/calculative/consistent decisions
Calmness in the face of a storm
ANYTHING that is masculine.
Affection is:
Buying her chocolates
Writing her a poem
Cuddling her after you blow your load
Being romantic
Pretty much anything that ISNT masculine
Each woman is different, some women don't need much affection at all, thus you can keep it 7030, 80-20 or even a bit higher, others need a bit more so maybe coming down to 60-40 could do
the trick. Attraction is ALWAYS king (never go 50-50 or below) because when you have enough

of it, you can get away with anything, the problem is that if you NEVER show any affection,
you're really not juxtaposing your attraction.

The problem with that is that eventually you become too predictable and this loses it's charm
because all women have cravings to both be dominated, but also be cared for/showered with
attention. At the end of the day, as long as you stay on top of your hobbies, your growth and your
domination of the world, she'll never be too pissed for you being an ahole, but a well timed
affection move can be huge if you care about the relationship, AS LONG AS you have attraction
EVERY relationship is built FIRST on attraction and THEN affection, meaning before you can
love her in the way those cheesy ass beta movies try and brainwash you into, you must FIRST
ravage her like the filth that women love to read i.e romance novels/50 Shades Of Grey. If you
EVER doubt that this book is legit, I would tell you to go read one of the more popular romance
novels, see what it says and ask yourself why do women LOVE these sorts of books so much?
Then shoot me an email and tell me how right I was.
Actually, fuck it, Ill do your research for you cuz Im just nice like that:
You're not supposed to want the one who torments you. Bitch please, torments??? Give me a
fucking break. The female mind is a funny thing, this is why most girls have stories about how
they were abused/tormented by their ex bf because they live in the moment, they cant
objectively say what is taking place. While theyre in the relationship, hes making them feel so
many things, hes one of a kind, theres something about him and when they break up, he was a
manipulative asshole who tormented them

When my stepbrother, Elec, came to live with us my senior year, I wasn't prepared for how much
of a jerk he'd be. DOM game at work, Womanese double speak at work, incestuous weirdo
fantasies running their course.

I hated that he took it out on me because he didn't want to be here.

Im sure he did, he probably didnt even notice you and was blunt as fuck because he had dat
abundance mentality.
I hated that he brought girls from our high school back to his room.

Social proof, a desired man is ALWAYS more desirable. Why are all the good men taken?
But what I hated the most was the unwanted way my body reacted to him.
Females are PROGRAMMED to want to be dominated (feminine ones or the only ones worth a
damn), they are PROGRAMMED to feel the way they do towards guys like Elec (Even his name
gives him standout/difference powers) and it bothers them due to feminist propaganda of
equality, but this is something that is deeply embedded within ALL women.

At first, I thought all he had going for him were his rock-hard tattooed abs and chiseled face. But
things started changing between us, and it all came to a head one night.
Looks and body game.lift/get a thick neck, be 8-12% bf. Enjoy step sister vagina (ok maybe
dont.or do, do you bruh, I aint bout to playa hate)

Then, just as quickly as he'd come into my life, he was gone back to California.

It had been years since I'd seen Elec.

When tragedy struck our family, I'd have to face him again.

And holy hell, the teenager who made me crazy was now a man that drove me insane.
I had a feeling my heart was about to get broken again.
FEEL.FEEEELIINGGGSS.there you go, women want to be made to feel, this woman
ADMITS she is probably going to end up having BAD feelings from this, but the rollercoaster
shes going to go through in feeling both the good and bad feelings tells her to go for it IN SPITE
of her KNOWING its going to end badly. ALWAYS MAKE EM FEEL, whether its
good/bad/sad/happy/passionate/jealous/angry.ALWAYS MAKE EM FEEL

30.Dont EVER Show Weakness to a Woman

Men are success objects in that nobody gives a fuck about you if you dont have success in one
of the major 3: Looks/Money/Status. Women=sex objects in that their value is greatly
diminished the uglier they are.
The greatest lie: egalitarianism works. Women do NOT hold themselves to the same standards
they hold men, its why your girl can be as whiny as a child, as bitchy as a fortune 500 CEO and
as weak as a malnourished child, yet if YOU were to display those VERY same characteristics
you would get NEXTED.
Dont EVER, under ANY circumstance show weakness to a woman, no matter HOW MUCH
she begs and pleads you to be vulnerable, she does NOT want it (women communicate and
live in the moment, so her words will ALWAYS be transient). Dont EVER talk about your
emotions, your challenges or your suffering to her, she will NOT be able to do anything for you,
it will passively communicate your anxiety (anxiety=anti-masculine serum) and she will NOT
pity you for it. Not only are you NOT getting any comfort from letting her know these things,
she will actually think worse of you for it because she already suffers from those very same
flaws (estrogen is a hell of a drug) and she does NOT want someone as a partner who has the
same issues.
Look at how women hold themselves (they dont) and then realize that they expect the EXACT
OPPOSITE of you aka to be a pillar of strength, notice how women refer to men as her rock,
what is a rock like? Big, strong, unmovable, consistent and tough. Meanwhile what do men want
in a woman? Soft, caring, sweet, kind and flexible (dat male mother need) AKA the EXACT
opposite. This is why you should NEVER be the first one to say I love you in a relationship, it
is her pleasure and it is her way of giving herself over to you, a man saying I love you first is like
a girl being the one asking for analRED FLAG.
The ONLY time it is ok to talk about hardships or challenges is if youre talking about how you
overcame them or if youre talking about how youre going to overcome them. This can actually
be a good thing, but lamenting and whining over them will NEVER EVER serve you.
What is the biological basis of all of this?
Ask yourself, how would a mans weakness or vulnerability EVER serve him when it came to
dealing with wars/famines and hunting? It wouldnt, but not only would it NOT serve him, it
would disserve him in that he would be in a WORSE state for having those feelings or that
mentality than if he were to do without it. Attraction is based on our biology aka the things
weve evolved to find attractive, so if youre ever wondering about an action or inaction and how
it would/wouldnt serve you, take yourself back a few thousands of years and reframe it within
that context.
In summation:

She doesnt make you nervous

She doesnt give you butterflies
You dont feel anxious or worried about anything
Youre not being overcome by emotions
Youre not losing your frame over mindless bullshit
The ONLY people that will be there for you are maybe close family and a few of your boys. On
one hand one could say that NOT expressing these things is a recipe for disaster, Ive found that
its ONLY made me stronger because its made me realize that only I can truly help myself and
its made me channel all those unwanted emotions towards something greater, towards my
lifting, towards my writing, towards my passions because that is the TRUE way these demons
are exercised. Through not letting them get to you and then even taking them and turning them
into a positive, youre achieving modern day alchemy.
The alchemist is the most feared man for he has the capacity to turn anything into something.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know
and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know
and understand.

Albert Einstein

Creativity is one of the most important characteristics for success, not just with women, but in
life. Why? Because it is with creativity that you can navigate your way out of ANY situation. So
what is creativity exactly? Creativity is a compilation of knowledge and ideas in a way that is
applicable to whatever your pursuit is. In this case, creativity can be tied to your humor, your
demeanor and your very being. Creativity is what allows you to create the difference between
you and others and to TRULY stand out in a positive way.
As a result of your creativity, you will demonstrate an unpredictability which will give YOU
plausible deniability because if shit ever hits the fan and you need an out, you can always play
the troll card since people will come to expect your difference. One of THE best things you can
hear people tell you is I cant tell if youre being serious or not because there are NO tells on
you, not your face, not your body language and not even your words. You have become an
ambiguous entity, you have the ability to shift in and out of focus, you have become the
ULTIMATE social chameleon.
Let me give you an example of running unpredictable game:

At my last job, at times I was extremely stoic and composed, to the point where people were
convinced I was involved in some not so legitimate activities outside of work. Now this gave me
tons and tons of leeway as being able to avoid pointless chatter and stupid conversation, since
people were apprehensive to even talk to me at times. However what this allowed me to do was
to juxtapose this by being even slightly friendly with people and because they had me penciled in
as XYZ, when they say me doing even a bit of YXZ, they couldnt believe it and they were much
more appreciative of it.
This also saved me much flak from the superiors because my demeanor APPEARED to be the
pinnacle of professionalism (I should send those kunts a copy of this book eh?), but this also
allowed me to spin ANY mistake I made as a learning experience or into something that was
going to be useful for me. Needless to say, they stayed impressed because of the way I was able
to creatively spin things that could easily be taken as negatives (and rightfully so).

Cultivate some unpredictability with the following:

Learn an accent and then randomly bust it out. Personally Im usually one to speak fairly proper,
so I juxtapose it by stuntin on some hoes and dropping some ebonics
Change something about your appearance. Wear some different clothes, wear some jewelry, do
your hair differently.whatever, just change it up some way some how.
Move with purpose, this gives your strides and movements MUCH more power, so when people
see you approaching, they INSTANTLY turn on qualifying mode. This also lets you do a
flashy pimp walk every now and then for comedic effect. Breathe deep and let your lungs,
expand as you inhale.
When you laugh, laugh loud, this should be juxtaposed by the fact that youre usually
unimpressed and if jokes arent funny (most peoples arent), youre not one to give pity
laughs/smiles for the sake of it
A well cultivated imagination allows you to do this, this is why its SO important to branch out
your interests and consume as MUCH different material as possible, whether its watching
cartoons, then watching documentaries on the most successful in the world, then watching Dave
Chappelle do stand up, then watching sports and then finishing off with some Seinfeld. Anything
and everything that gives you a glimpse into someone elses mind can be useful in that it
expands yours and allows you to etch in more edge to your character. The best kind of characters
are ones with edge.

32.Text/Online Game
There is so much mystique/question and wonder surrounding online game, but Im here to break
it all down once and for all. Online game is A LOT different from IRL game because regardless
of what you do, these chicks will have ALL sorts of game (usually whack/cheesy or outright
disgusting) being thrown at them and this will inflate their value to something WAY higher than
their ACTUAL value is. The other problem is that because of this, these chicks will PERCIEVE
themselves as having more options than they actually have. Women not being the greatest
decision makers to begin with, they will undoubtedly hamster their way out of situations which
are actually objectively good for everyone.
The biggest thing to understand is that even if youre above average, running online game is
usually a challenge and you WILL need to run numbers game regardless because the flake ratio
online:IRL is worse. With that said lets get into some basics:

1.ALWAYS BE CLOSING. Everything you say is a means to an end, your opener, your follow
up and everything beyond that are just said to secure her number, so if it ISNT helping you do
that, do NOT say it.
Another simple way to always be closing is to ASSUME attraction, meaning that you ASSUME
she is attracted to you. I.e meet a girl at the bar, your first text should be something specific:
Do you always hookup with (characteristic about yourself)?
You need to learn to hold your liquor better
Hopefully, youre still alive from last night
Too many guys think they CONSTANTLY need to be reintroducing themselves, once you have
the number, you have confirmation that youve done something right, so keep pushing the
boundaries forward and assume she remembers you. If she shit tests you that she doesnt, dont
get all flustered and give into her frame, give her a hint and tell her to think hard (insert neg
about her outfit/behavior or whatever you can come up with)
2.KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid. If you dont have her number within 10 exchanges, you are
wasting your time, so many guys sit there and write back and forth with broads, thinking its
getting them somewhere, its just wasting your time, in general
4-6 texts/exchanges is about the sort of ratio you want to be working with online for getting a
6-8 is getting up there, but if shes a bit cold to start off with, show some patience

8-10 is pushing it, if the bitch isnt a dime, dont engage in this sort of behavior
Keep texts AS short as possible, display AS much aloofness as possible and keep things moving
forward. You dont need to reply to all of her texts, also use the golden rule: take 2x as long to
text back. Its a good idea to leave her hanging and let he be the last text most of the time, you
can initiate, but let her finish.
3.Escalate. There is no point in making things longer than they need to be, within the FIRST
opportunity you see to strike and get a number, GO FOR IT, if shes apprehensive, then you can
either game on, reassure her (Oh relax, Ive only been to jail a few times) or just ignore. By
going for it, youre already separating yourself from the field of chumps.
4.Content? Content is to be simple, straight forward and to the point. Make an observation about
her attire, her environment, her sign.whatever, it doesnt matter, as long as its different,
theres humor to it and it has a sexual undertone. Dont write her long ass essays how youre
kindred spirits because you like gay band XYZ and you have the same favorite movie, oh and
your signs are extremely compatible. Women have filters where they NEED to place men in
categories and the large majority of men who write her long exploits and quips are usually
dweebs. The shorter, more to the point and blunt that you are, the more youll stand out and the
more youll give the hollowed mysteriiooousss vibe. BE DIFFERENT.
Post number acquisition sample:
S its your best Tinder match (I usually go with this as an opener, assumptive language=always
Oh really? (Typical sloot putting up the shield right away, cant act too excited right?)
Yep (Dont be afraid to one word text birds, theyre so used to guys trying to qualify
themselves to them, theyll appreciate a bit of a frame, even if its just through text)
What are you up to (Always come back around because if they dont, they really werent
THAT interested to begin with)
Mischief, you? (Simple, to the point)
Lol youre trouble eh? Not much, trying to study for my exam tomorrow (Now were getting
Youll find out. What year are you? (Preface and fluff talk)
Oh is that so? Im 3rd year and you?
Already graduated. Yep, were grabbing drinks tomorrow (Flipped question order to put the
important shit last, also telling NOT asking her)
We ended up grabbing drinks, back to my place, some kino and a movie later and it ended up
being a biologically educational night for all.

Honestly, my suggestion is not to waste too much time online and if you are going to use online
game, dont invest too heavily in the result as it tends to be very hit and miss. If you do go
online, have a sense of humor with it, neg bitches, escalate at the FIRST opportunity, keep the
texts short and sexually charged, dont use too many hahas/lols/lmaos/emoticons unless its a
wink face at the end of it, tell them what youre doing, be DOM and dont take ANY shit from
them because chances are if theyre fickle online, theyll ONLY be worse IRL.
As far as text goes, just be straightforward/laconic and get to the point, at the end of the day, if
you think shes going to come around to going out with you/fucking you based on some witty
texts.bad news for you I have bro.
Keep it classy.

33.Stoicism/Calmness/Aloofness/Maintain Your Frame

Calmness/Maintaining Frame.
Women already have one vagina, they dont want another one. YOU are the one that is
emotionally IN ALL times.
Every man at some point in their life has either been hooked on a woman or experienced some
sort of heart break, now when you step back and look at things objectively, you quickly come
to realize how silly your behavior was in those situations. However what is easy to see is that
you were swayed by MANY things, but logic was usually left out.
You were swayed and moved by the whims of your emotions, maybe you cried or maybe you got
angry, regardless the result wasnt good. Either you became destructive towards others or you
became self-destructive. You acted and channeled this emotion in entirely the wrong way, but
THE biggest mistake you made was in GIVING IN to it. We ALL have a choice, the choice in
HOW we react, do you allow yourself to be bullied by emotions/feelings and ultimately
weakness that does not serve you OR do you take an alternative approach?
It is VERY important that in the face of adversity you stay calm because when it comes down to
controlling your mentality, it is something that will trickle down into other things around you.
The calmer you are, the more people will put their faith in you. The more youre able to maintain
your frame, the more people will look at you as a leader.

I want to be VERY clear that being calm does NOT mean being MEEK, there is a HUGE
difference between meekness and calmness. You can 100% put your foot down in a way thats
calm/controlled and gets the desired message across, at the same time, you can yell/make a
massive scene and throw a hissy fit and have your ENTIRE message could be lost, as its not so
much the message, but HOW you present it.
Nearly ALL Male-Female interactions are a battle of frames, do you allow her to impose HER
frame on you (wrong) or do you use your DOMstetics to impose YOUR frame on her (right)?

This approach will allow you to approach your situation much more objectively and without the
strong emotion which lets you make an impartial decision. This is why when Navy Seals go into
battle or are engaging their enemy, their heart rate actually goes DOWN. They understand that
nerves and jitteriness will NOT serve them, what WILL serve them is ice running through their
3 very simple methods for staying calm

1.Breathe DEEP. The more your breathing is under control, the more your heart rate will be
under control, the more your mind will be under control, the more YOU will be under control.
2.Visualization. If you cant actually be in the situation thats going to challenge you,
visualization is the next best thing because it lets you train yourself in a way that doesnt actually
harm you.
3.Watching the situation. If you can find clips of the situations that youre going to be facing,
then seeing how others navigate them can be extremely helpful.
How does this apply to women?
Women want to feel safe with their man, however this isnt limited to JUST physical safety.
Something that is very overlooked is the EMOTIONAL safety. Women throw tantrums, they
whine over small things and sometimes they even have complete breakdowns being reduced to
tears. What they want to know above everything is that you KNOW how to handle them because
they KNOW they are followers and they KNOW that if YOU are strong, they can muster the
same capacity, but if you are WEAK, its going to be MUCH harder for them to pull themselves
Women understand that their emotions and estrogenic outbursts are a weakness, this is why they
hate it so much when men try to fix them, they understand that theyre unstable and bitches at
times, they dont need you to try and figure out WHY. They need someone who is going to listen
and weather the storm, but this is a seasonal storm meaning that it WILL roll around again and
again and again. There is nothing to fix (unless you want to pin them with test and turn them
into a rational creature) as much as there is something to weather.
One of THE best things a woman can tell you (if you care about her in the least) is that she feels
SAFE with you because what shes essentially saying is that your frame is UNBREAKABLE.
Its embarrassing to her that she behaves how she does at times, but she appreciates that instead
of being a hot head and losing your cool as well or being a beta white knight and pandering to
her ridiculously capricious whims, you stay cool and you point her back to the right road.
Once the polarity principle is understood, everything becomes much easier for us men, but
because so much equality blue pill garbage is shoved down our throats, we come to believe that
we NEED to be emotional, that we should express our feelings and do other egalitarian type
fuckery. What is necessary above all is a calm/stoic approach to EVERY situation your girl
throws your way because its not so much HOW she is testing you or on WHAT she is
specifically testing you on, it is your RESPONSE that is going to dictate your success.
There are two general responses that you can use in just about every situation:

1.Stern mode. Telling her to stop acting like a child, telling her you dont tolerate that sort of
behavior or just outright walking out of the situation and saying youll discuss this when shes
ready to behave like an adult.

2.Loving mode. You just grab her and hug her, telling her its going to be ok. She may try and
fight it at first, but remember, shes just a weak broad and youre a strong motherfucker. If she
keeps struggling out of the hug, tell her in a latin accent YOU CANNOT FIGHT MY LOVE
Either or works, but in BOTH situations youre demonstrating a SUPERIOR frame because
REGARDLESS of response, you are NOT tolerating her behavior and you are showing that it
has NOT affected you, nor will you allow it to. Depending on your personality, you can lean on
one or the other, but they both have their place.

34.Dont EVER Take Advice From Women,

Dont EVER take advice from women about women, women are not only NOT self-aware, but
most of them will try to passively sabotage you. Why? Because unlike men, women DO care
about the males natural inclinations and they understand that if THEY can influence him, he is
NOT the sort of man that they would want to be led by. Women instinctively understand A TON
about how to control and manipulate men and this is just another tactic they use, this is why as
men we have ALL heard the classic advice:

Just be yourself!!!! Oh just be yourself and youll find someone great

This is literally THE biggest pile of garbage given to men since they actually began taking jobs
as garbage men. Why? This piece of advice is tied to SO much ambiguity

We are CONSTANTLY changing, thus what REALLY is yourself in the truest sense?

If we are seeking to be something MORE than we are right now, then what does this
current self have to do with anything?
If yourself, the current one has gotten you THIS far and this HAS NOT been adequate
relative to your goals and desires, what makes you think that STAYING in this current state is
going to change the result in the future?
The very definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting
different results.
So why do women spout this awful meme?
It is a PASSIVE shit test because what men fail to understand about this phrase is that it is pretty
much telling you to revert to WHATEVER your natural state is/was, thus if you are naturally
alpha just be yourself is the best thing you can tell that man, although he wouldnt need to be
told anything and thus it would be useless to say, as hes going to do what he wants to do
anyways. However when you say that to a beta, youre just reinforcing his negative habits and
because he is more likely to actually listen to a womans advice, he is doomed for failure.
Now this brings up the question of how much of our society is set out to program us to be
supplicating weirdos and its very evident that there is a MASSIVE effort into culling the male
spirit. It is well understood that if the males are controlled and if the females are empowered,
not only is the current control system more likely to remain in place (weak men dont question
shit), but the money that is spent haphazardly isnt just the money that females make, but
because these men are so pussy whipped, now their resources get taken too.
If you ever DO consider taking advice from a woman, ask yourself the following:

Has a woman EVER given you spot on advice?

If she DIDNT have a vagina, would you listen to her advice alone?
If most women dont hang out or even like other women, what grants this one supreme
What is her experience level with this activity?
The advice hierarchy is as follows:
Those who havent tried
Those who have tried and succeeded
Those who have tried and failed
Those who have tried, failed, tried again, failed and kept on trying until they succeeded
How many women have done cold approaches? How many women have spent any time EVER
trying to seduce a woman or hell even a man? How many women have dealt with rejection and
just once, but over and over again? How many women have studied even ONE BIT of game?
You cant POSSIBLY expect a fish to understand ANYTHING about being a fisherman, the
fishes entirely reality is based on the faulty premise that bait just HAPPENS to float to it because
its a special little fishy and then because it has earned it (in its own mind), it takes the bait and
everything after that is just magical for everyone.
Dont take advice from fish:

35.Females Communicate Covertly

Women do not communicate like men, as men we tend to say what we mean and mean what we
say, with women you have to be WAY more attentive to the overall vibe of things because while
the masculine spirit is one of overt expositions, the female is one of COVERT communication.
What this means it that above EVERYTHING, you will need to watch her ACTIONS as opposed
to her words because your masculine bias can delude you into thinking that because she SAID
something, she is going to take action behind that or that she actually means it. Women live in
the moment, her words are those of an oracle, it may or may not come to fruition and they may
or may not have meaning behind them.
Positive covert communication:
A woman youre NOT seeing remembers things about you, i.e you bring subject matter XYZ and
she remembers something you said about it in the past. This is a very good sign because it shows
that youre on her mind and she values what youve said. It is a sign of interest because female
interests are usually what is SOLELY relevant to her, whereas we as males have a craving of
knowledge in general, women have a craving for a different type of knowledge.knowledge
that IMMEDIATELY is useful to her, thus she is covertly communicating interest
A woman youre NOT seeing is bringing up sex in any way. Even if she says youre gay, shes
thinking about YOUR sexuality. Anything that signifies that you occupy any space in her
mind=good thing
Your gf buys you things, gift giving is always a good sign because it means she is SO into you
that she is thinking about you OUTSIDE of your time together.
Your gf initiates sex and asks you if its good for you, again showing EXTREME interest in
what YOU care about, so much so that in HER moment of ecstasy, she is just as concerned how
it is for you
Your gf gives you random blowjobs, EVERY woman understands the power of the male sex
drive and they ALL understand that men WILL stray. They cant control us, but making sex and
good sex more readily available to us is the best that they can do
Your gf takes EVERY opportunity to do things for you, whether its cooking, cleaning or
anything that she can do to immediately help you
Negative covert communication:
Flaking, but not only flaking, flaking without rescheduling. This shows that you are on the
backburner, she feels as though she is the prize and you can wait on her.
Gf NOT doing what Ive said above, withholding sex, not cooking/cleaning for you, not
initiating sex, not giving you any gifts. Women instinctively KNOW they bring less to the table

as far as relationships go, if she cant even do the minimal expectations of a woman, that shows
you EXACTLY what she thinks of you as a man aka a man who doesnt deserve these things or
worse off she thinks you WONT be able to get them elsewhere
Consistent flirting with other guys, now I will say that if youre dating a decent bird (7+), its to
be expected that she is going to get hit on and that shell maybe even flirt back a bit. However if
your woman is consistently flirting back in an overt way, this is a HUGE red flag and you need
to NEXT her ASAP.
Consistent attention whoring on social media, i.e if your chick has an active
facebook/Instagram/twitter that she uses to post selfies, youve got yourself another Americana
whore, so downgrade to a fuckbuddy (if that).
Women ARE (as much as theyll deny it afterwards) aware of what theyre doing and the
underlying implications, so you need to watch them very closely. If her underlying actions come
from a place of disrespect, you can either shift your attention to self-improvement and dread, you
can downgrade her to a fuckbuddy or you can outright drop her all together. Your response is up
to you, but dont EVER overtly communicate with her about the situation, this undermines your
masculinity in boxing you to a place of qualification and it gives her ALL the power. Situations:
Not having enough sex
Honey I feel as though were not having enough sex and this is really bothering me because my
Get to building your muscles, focus on your career, spend more time reading books/playing
video games/out with friends, withdraw attention (this including text/online communication), be
short with her, let her catch you looking at other women (this can be a go to strategy for just
about any issue)
See her flirting with someone at a party
Babe I was really upset when I saw you flirting with that man over there, I wish you wouldnt
do that
Find girls to flirt with in the party and dont stop even if she comes over
She texts that she cant make it tonight

Im really upset when you said you couldnt make it for our date, I was really looking forward
(if you ever want to troll using this line, it can be made into a RIGHT by simply texting her wait

Text her the next day No worries or dont text her at all


36. Humor
Having a good sense of humor is paramount to success in life, I want to differentiate between a
stooge and someone who is capable of making people laugh. A stooge is someone who HINGES
on others, his wellbeing and sense of self is determined by the reactions and feelings of others.
The stooge is NOT something you want to be, Ive been there in the past and while it does in a
sense give you social proof as far as people willing to laugh at your jokes more, the line becomes
too blurred between who is the real joke. People will subconsciously be able to tell where your
jokes come from, do they come from a sense of amusement and wit or do they come from a place
of qualification and need?
This is why I NEVER make self-deprecation jokes and I would suggest against it, unless you
have massive social proof already in the bag. Others will make fun of you regardless, you dont
need to make their job any easier. The only take self-deprecation is ok is if someone is trying to
steal your thunder and you KNOW theyre going to be doing a joke, then if you beat them to the
punch, youre taking their power away from them.
If youre saying B-but Im not funny, WRONG. Everyone is funny, I used to be a class clown
and because of it I got to see a lot of different types of humor, but EVERYONE has their own
sense of it, its just a matter of finding and mastering it. If a skillset doesnt come naturally to
you, youre going to need to work on it, but everyone can get good at something (relative to the
general population). Two books I suggest on the topic are Stand Up Comedy by Judy Carter and
Comic Insights, both of these books have very good information as far as writing, telling and
delivering jokes. What people overlook when it comes to joke telling is the delivery, timing can
be just as if not more important than the joke itself, just recognizing that an opportunity to be
funny has arisen is crucial in allowing you to concoct a lulzy offering.
If youre not naturally funny, then training your brain to come up with jokes is going to be
absolutely necessary. Once you begin to engage your mind in the frame of thinking that creates
jokes, youll find that your own sense of humor will naturally begin to flow. As a simple
exercise, challenge yourself to find something funny in random situations throughout your day,
all humor is, is an observation about something/someone or some past/future occurrence. Its not
overly complicated and because most peoples sense of humor is very primitive in that they find
simply saying something louder or quoting stupid ass fucking movies as funny, youll be ahead
of the curve. Start forcing yourself to see the humor within every situation, much like a muscle,
the more you practice being funny, the better youll get at it.
The other thing you can do immediately is start to watch comedians and begin to understand
their mindsets and how they write. Some of my favorite comics are Bill Burr, Patrice O Neal,
Jim Jeffries and Mitch Hedberg. The more time you spend engaged in that type of thinking, the
better your own humor will be and thus the more you harness the females biological drive to

procreate with men with good brain power (thats all that humor is, just a demonstration that you
have a healthy/functioning brain as youre able to use it creatively).
Side note: Leaving on a laugh. This is a very good strategy that can make you seem funnier than
you are, its something I practice pretty frequently because it ingrains a certain image into
peoples minds and the more something becomes established, the more leeway youre going to
have because of it. You can use this for smart remarks/witty remarks or any sort of impression
youre trying to leave, just display the characteristic and then dipset.

37.Abundance Mentality and Outcome Independent

You define YOU. Dont ever be scared of going nuclear in a situation with a girl, if you have
developed yourself to your highest level or if youre working towards that, it will ONLY be HER
Abundance Mentality: When you have an abundance mentality, you are able to navigate and
create within every situation as you please. You are displaying yourself in the way YOU want to,
as opposed to displaying yourself in a way that you think will make OTHERS approve of you. It
comes down to NOT GIVING A FUCK because the more fucks you give, the more likely it is
youre going to be OVERLY invested in the result and for what? Weve already established that
YOU are (or should be) the prize, so even if you arent the prize, having more time by yourself
will just allow you to grow until you are.
Outcome independence. Outcome independence is the recognition of your own inherent worth
and the value YOU bring to others in their life, in this life, you cant base your worth on the
external. Base your worth on things you can work on aka things you can fix because at the end of
the day, there is A LOT outside of your control.
Abundance mentality and outcome independence are the recognition of this, it is the recognition
that as long as youre working on yourself, as long as youre getting bigger/stronger/faster, as
long as youre making them mental gains and as long as youre endeavoring to reach for your
Apex Form.thats ALL you can do. The more abundance you appear to have, the more scarce
you become, the more outcome independence you appear to have, the more experienced you
appear to be. People want something that is QUALIFIED as good (experience) and especially IF
it is scarce (abundance mentality).
It is MUCH better to start out weak and train yourself to be strong because you will ALWAYS
remember what its like to be weak, you will remember the feeling of scarcity and the lack of
self-esteem because of it and when you begin to improve yourself, you will start noticing the
changes and once you get to your desired goal, you will have the FULL benefit of reaching that
goal, alongside with the contrast of knowing what its like to be on the EXACT opposite end of
the spectrum.
The rich man has all the money to satisfy his hunger, but no hunger itself, for he has never felt
the pangs of an empty belly. The poor man has all the hunger in the world, but no money to
satisfy it. The rich man who started out as a poor man will forever remember the hunger pangs,
but now that he has acquired the resources to satisfy his hunger, he will enjoy his feast THT
much more.

38.Navigating Fit Tests

Assume EVERYTHING a woman says is merely a fit test
With this as a default mindset, you will find dealing with women MUCH easier simply due to the
fact that you wont find yourself wrapped up in Womanese double speak which makes ALL men
look like herbs because it gets them to qualify themselves to her.
If you notice a woman is fit testing you and I define it as a FIT test and not a SHIT test because
the connotation that a shit test has, a shit test implies that something negative is taking place,
when in reality, if a woman is testing youit is ONLY a good thing. In that, she wants to test
your masculinity and she wants to see what your frame is like, she is essentially testing you to
see how you would handle her.
Most women are used to a man that either immediately keels over or an awkward momo that
doesnt know how to respond, so he responds as he thinks any man should, by either giving into
her request or by addressing it with logic, wrong and wrong.
Here are some simple methods to use:
Push it back on her, you take whatever shes said and you flip it back on her, NEVER get caught
up in HOW you do it, its a matter of doing it more than anything. In this day and age, she will
have become SO used to awful responses, that just by giving her a guided response in the right
direction, she will set you apart.
Youre awkward
Takes one to know one
If Im awkward youre the queen of awkward
Whatever weirdo/creep (calling women weirdos/creeps is the GOAT because they are SO used
to hurling that insult at men, remember women are 100000000x more insecure than you)
You seem like a player?
Define player
Arent you a girl?
Agree and amplify, fairly straight forward, take her concern/question/comment and amplify it to
the ten thousandth degree.
Why are you always so mean?

You make an easy target
I have no heart
Stop being such a pussy (nothing like calling women pussies)
Dominate, plain and simple, this can be done by ENTIRELY superseding what she said, it can be
done by ignoring her or it can be done by dropping the subject entirely:

Hes never had a girlfriend

Bitches aint shit
*Glance over at her.smirk.dont say anything*
Know your place (CLASSIC, telling women to know their place is antidote to everything if
you ever run out of lines because we ALL know what it means, but you have GODLY plausible
deniability with it, not like it really matters, but HR feminists are always out trying to cockblock
a ninja)
Finally the no inhibition destroy everything option where you pretty much let her know, youre
not tolerating any of her shenanigans, could be any of the following
Suck it bitch
Shut it slut
Its very important when youre using ANY of these tactics that you respond with 100% IRON
FEARLESSNESS because the testing may amplify, but ALWAYS remember:

1. Women have a STRONG desire to be made to feel, its why they love soap operas, its why
they read romance novels and its why they are so drawn to drama, they are FEELING creatures
and if you can provide that, even if its in a way that you think there is NO way she would like
that, you have to be cognizant that youre dealing with a LIFETIME of blupill/mangina/white
knight programming.
2. She may begin to test you even more, her amplification of tests is ALWAYS a good thing
because it means she is more seriously considering you as a mate, if you find a woman is busting
your balls frequently, she probably wants you to make a move.

3. Respond with assuredness because while every comeback may not be 100% ace, youll
naturally get better at it over time and JUST the fact that youre displaying your frame to her is
something that is attractive.
If youre ever doubting how you should respond to a woman, ask yourself how you would
respond if a child did the same now have your answer.

39. Putting it Together:Social Proof

I can appreciate for somebody that has never read about ANY of these things, doesnt lift,
doesnt do any form of dieting, is coming from an entirely detrained state not only physically,
but mentally and masculinity wise, it IS a process and I want you to understand that
deprogramming yourself from the awful neural patterns that society has ingrained into your brain
is going to take time.
However, JUST in having this knowledge, you are SO far ahead of the majority of men (and
women) that just by getting the majority or even SOME of it right, you are headed for the path of
success, but learn to appreciate the journey because THAT is the TRUE reward.
You ARE going to face shaming (see:
not necessarily for the response, remember what I said about arguing with Womanese, but for
what the shaming will look like) and people trying to keep you down, there is no doubt about
this, do not pay them attention, do not give them your time and if their behavior ever gets
malicious enough, do what it takes to make them understand that you wont tolerate it.
People dont want you to be strong, everyone wants you to be a subservient weakling that carries
out what theyre told to do without EVER questioning as to WHY theyre taking that action, so
naturally youre going to face A LOT of flak if youre trying to turn the tide against people who
were once in control of you. Whatever you do, DO NOT give in because a lifetime trying to
stand up even if you dont end up standing up entirely is a better life than one spent unhappily on
your knees. If I had to shortly sum up what Ive said in this book it would be as follows:
1.Lift, have good posture/a thick neck, be 8-12% bodyfat, make eye contact with people, strong
handshakes, breathe deep ALWAYS
2.Push your boundaries, stay positive, meditate, always be cracking jokes
3.Take action, dont be indecisive, dominate and do whatever the fuck you want to
4.Tease women, dont take their shit, meet them on your own terms, let them ride the roller
coaster of emotions (make em feel)
5.Dont allow anyone to define you, YOU ARE THE PRIZE, surround yourself with good
6.Dont buy societys bullshit, question everything (even me and this book), DOMINATE
7.Do your best to expand your mind daily, read as much as possible, watch as many interesting
videos as possible and do at least 30 minutes of mental self-improvement, it adds up
8.Tis better to walk alone than in bad company, dont be scared of solitude, low inhibition no fux
given is needed to get through this world

9.Never put the pussy on the pedestal, women arent magical, self-love is the best love youll
10.YOU are God, YOU are God, YOU are God
Social proof. Social proof is having your very own lobbyist, social proof is THE best way to
have others do your bidding for you. Through the strategies Ive listed in this book, you will
naturally be elevated to a higher status than others, with it will come more responsibility, but you
will be able to enjoy a bastion of benefits, in order to retain them going forward, here are some
simple tactics to retain your newfound kingdom:
1.Court attention, whether negative or positive, its better to have people talking about you as
opposed to not. Having an image>having no image.
2.Dont correct overly positive beliefs, if someone is painting you in a brighter light than is even
true, allow them to do so
3.Endeavor to be on good terms with all, reach out to people in your immediate circle and do
them a small favor or give them a small gift, they will be more likely to reciprocate in the future
should you need them
4.If youre going to be in a war with someone, be prepared for full out battle, do what it takes to
win and dont stop short until youve achieved what you desire
5.You can offer up a piece of information that is framed as confidential to get people to open
up, doesnt have to be true
6.Dont share weaknesses/failures, unless youre reframing how you overcame it, nobody likes
whiners/losers (avoid them yourself, theyll only drag you down)
7.Your mind is yours, but use tact when communicating controversial ideas, everything you say
can and will be used against you, its better to be silent than to divulge too much
8.If a favor is asked of you, look at what this person can do for you, NEVER do favors out of a
feeling of obligation
9.Plan everything, from every conversation, to why youre having it, act with conviction or dont
act at all.
10.If word needs to get out about something, find the blabbermouth (usually a woman,
sometimes a gay man and occasionally a beta) and tell them the information
You are going to fuck up, relax, deep breath, when going through a MASSIVE transformation,
there WILL be growing pains, but stick with it and I promise you, your newfound attitude will
pay off.

40.Female Imagination and Intuition

Female Intuition, let the great debunking continue, another myth perpetuated ever forward (I got
you Max) is the myth of female intuition. Female intuition does NOT exist, the only thing
intuitive about women is that their brains have evolved to be able to read body language easier
and most people being very transparent, they are able to get very quick reads on them.
Women as a whole are also more likely to spout whatever comes to mind Oh you look so sad
today Wow look at mr smiles, did you get laid this weekend? You seem mad at me and on
and on and on. Men tend to give into the female frame really easily, so theyre used to being told
theyre right because most guys think I look sad? Wtf, Im not sad..or maybe I am, hmmm
why am I sad? Oh yeah.Yeah Slootina, Im very sad because yesterday I missed the bus to
my favorite strip club. With an enhanced ability to read body language, an aptitude to take wild
guesses and weak men without frames who give into the females frame, they would APPEAR to
be more intuitive.they are not.
Her imagination will be your greatest gift. Women are naturally insecure and they have a desire
to make ALL men they find attractive as mysterious. <-- Keep that tidbit in your pocket for
future use, a woman tends to think the world is out to get her, she has a magical capacity to
create situations seemingly out of nothing (I.e modern day feminism).
Guy texting=Whos the slut hes cheating on me with?
Guy goes out=He must be banging my best friend
Guy goes to the bathroom during a movie=Probably that whore we saw standing in line
Guy tells her he loves her=does he really mean it?
Note: These are ONLY believable if you court mystery and create attraction
This is why vagueness (as long as it isnt too blatant) is your best friend, men that open up to
women are the biggest fools around, but they do so because they actually believe that its going
to help them. It wont. Her imagination>reality. This is why dread game works so well because
on the outside looking in, we can ALL see it for what it is, however through her subjective lens
that makes you mysterious/suave/desired (you must be mysterious/suave/desired if you seduced
her!!! Shes such a special snowflake after all) that also amplifies these situations THAT much
more, your goal should just be NOT to destroy this.
Dont tell her where youre going, dont take your phone with you and dont tell her when youre
coming back
If youre busy, youre busy.its JUST that, not Im busy baking cookies with my friends, I
will be doing so from 12:25:36 until 2:51:01, afterwards I will be free the entire night and if you

cant do anything, I will be playing video games and masturbating thinking about the woman I
Do random things at random times, I.e a text with ZERO context and ZERO meaning should be
thrown in, if she questions it, move on and hold frame. Look off into space, ponder for a while,
look her in the eyes and say You know.nevermind, move on and hold frame. Ask her
opinion on spiritual topics like karma, afterlife, God (good move to do if you arent
spiritual), anything that juxtaposes who you are, is out of the blue and takes her on a
A womans imagination is her gift to you, use it well. Protip: If you ever get injured, make up a
better story than saying you rolled your ankle playing Frisbee with your boy at the park or just be
vaaggueee as hell.

41.Opening, Negging And EndGame

Openers. This is something that comes down to preference and style, youre going to need to find
what works for you, but the majority of your work will have already been done at that point.
What I mean is that whether its in person, your style, your posture, your body, your vibe will
either be on point or they wont, whether its online, your profile, your pictures, your description
will either be G2G or they wont. So its not so much what you say as much as it is how you
convey it.
Online, I take a get in/get out approach meaning that everything is done in the shortest fashion
possible. Goal=get her number, how am I going to do that? Humor aka demonstrating a healthy
brain, negging aka demonstrating an abundance mentality, underlying sexual vibes aka
demonstrating that Im not ashamed of my desires and assumptive language demonstrating selfconfidence. Not necessarily in that order or NEEDING to do all of them, but this is the general
matrix of attraction.
IRL is the same thing with more contact, eye contact and humor. People overcomplicate it
though, shes either attracted to you or she isnt, how much time is this thot worth? Because at
the end of the night, she COULD in spite of all your Godly game reject you, if the vibes are
right aka shes paying attention to you and FULLY engaged in the conversation, if shes
mirroring and following you, if shes laughing at your jokes (if shes attracted she WILL laugh)
and if youve done your job above, youll be in.
Some basic openers:
Tell her to hold something for you
Hi Im.I wanted to come talk to you, I want do differentiate between the CAN I talk with
you and I WANTED to come talk with you, one puts too much emphasis on her and the other
demonstrates your ability to go after what you want
Have 2 observations about the environment ready, 2 observations about her, 2 negs and 2 stories
ready. Dont make openers be some end all be all thing, get through it and roll on. Perfect body
language, eye contact, deep voice and confidence>>>>>memorized lines.
Negging. Women like to push their luck, so its good to let them know you dont play that, but
you dont do this by saying Excuse me miss, youre busting my balls too much, Im starting to
get quite offended, would you kindly stop? Instead be proactive and drop some of the
Call women weird/awkward/creeps, a quick way to flip the script on their little word monopoly
and establish that youre not afraid of calling THEM out
Give them pet names, call them short, call them little girls, call them children

Ask them do you even questions. Tell them a random factoid and if they dont get it drop the do
you even computer science/biochemistry/sports (whatever your topic was)? When they say
no *rock eyebrow* What the fuck is wrong with you?
Who are you again?
I am God, know your place peasant
Thanks, when we want to know a retarded opinion, well come back to you
Do you know who I amNo who? *Shake your head and walk off*
End game. If youre trying to seal the deal, youre probably going to be getting some last minute
resistance, this is entirely normal, but its pretty easy to overcome with plausible deniability:
1.If youve given her the crystal, tell her you got this apparently magickal tool at the
metaphysical shop and you need help testing it out
2.Tell her you have a small cat and you want to show her
3.Tell her you want to play her a song, when you get back to your room, loudly say FUCKI
lost my recorder
If she asks more details about XYZ, tell her shell find out. Once she gets back to your room, you
should have clothes/books on all chairs, so the bed is the only option for her to sit on. Hopefully
I dont have to tell you the last part, but if you get in trouble at that point, shoot me an email and
Ill come and whip out your cock my damn self.

42. Dont Use Passive Aggressive/Guilt/Shaming Tactics

Push-Pull. Simple tactic, its building attraction and showing affection, you need to balance the
two, but you need to be cognizant of your CURRENT strategy and where you stand overall.
Nobody eats only salty food and nobody eats only sweet food, the universe is about finding your
own perfect balance. Youre always going to be relying on attraction, but if you want more
space, then feel free to show a ton of affection (love letters/sappy love texts/cuddling and kissing
too much) which will make your girl fall back (and be a bit repulsed) and ultimately give you the
space you desire (push). If you keep that up, youll destroy the relationship, so now is the time to
do without contact/focus entirely on your self-improvement endeavors and live your life (pull).
Thisll again rejuvenate your womans attraction for you and overall keep her guessing as to who
you REALLY are I dont know, sometimes hes so sweet, but other times hes so cold uhhggg I
cant figure him out.
Passive aggressive shaming tactics. Dont EVER try and use passive aggressive shaming tactics
on women, there is nothing that makes them lose respect quicker for you than you TRYING to
make them feel guilty over something. Dont make snide little remarks to her about something
you dont like What do you care about me all of a sudden Go flirt with your other boyfriend
some more Yeah were totally having enough sex. Unless youre in a long term relationship
where compromise and communication can be more necessary, just withdraw attention and focus
on anything that amuses you because at the end of the day, women are VERY self-aware when it
comes to their behavior around men, so pretty much everything they do is calculated. The more
they respect you, the less theyll take certain risks of making you mad, the less they respect you,
the more risks they can afford to take. Respect being based on attraction, attraction being based
on your capacity to be a man: drive to complete your mission independent of her.
No contact. Once a relationship is over, she may as well have departed to another dimension, she
is nothing to you, you will delete her off of ANY format you can reach out to her through. You
will NOT dwell on her, you will throw out/give back any of her shit and you will start hitting on
new birds and focus ENTIRELY on your life/hobbies and passions. NO FUCKING CONTACT.
Be honest, but be coy. Much of what Ive written needs to be taken as a RELATIVE teaching
depending on how much attraction youve built, how much affection youve shown, how much
social proof you have and how much attraction she has communicated with you. If you have a
girl that is literally eating out of you hand and she explicitly asks you what she can do to make
you even happier, you can tell her explicitly to do XYZ, i.e learn to cook, start lifting, learn the
sex position the twisted tarantulawhatever, but in most cases, you should avoid telling her
what NOT to do Dont hang out with sloot friend XYZ (why does she have a sloot friend to
begin with?), dont flirt with other guys (why is she flirting with other guys and why are you
catching her doing this? Why are you communicating jealousy and lack of abundance?) and
dont go out to parties and drink a ton (does a chick that does this REALLY respect you or is she
starting at a default sloot mentality?). Tell em what to do, dont tell them what NOT to do, this

just gives them ideas, the do not dos should NATURALLY be implanted in their minds by
their own accord and desire to keep you happy because if it stems from YOUR mind, its only a
matter of time before she does the exact thing you told her not to, since she never fully
understood WHY she shouldnt do it, she just didnt do it (Hi legislated laws trying to be

43.Types of Women to Date VS Types To Avoid

Feminists. It should go without saying, but let us reiterate, feminists are the spawn of Satan. If a
girl considers herself a feminist, be prepared for the ultimate whirlwind of solipsism, insanity
and possible rape accusations. A girl who self-identifies as a feminist may as well be telling you
she has a penis chopping fetish, stay away.
Girls with rape and abuse stories. Youre damned if you do and youre damned if you dont,
meaning that IF her story is true, she is carrying baggage no doubt and that is not something you
want to take on. If her story isnt, she is just trying to get you to feel sorry, which is even sicker
and shows you the sort of depths shes willing to plunge to just for a bit of your emotion.
Girls with tats/tons of piercings. Bad fucking news, all of them, apart from the unusual tendency
to ask for anal and have kinks, they are almost as crazy as our feminist friend. Except unlike the
feminist, their insanity isnt under the guise of something else, its just out there and in your face.
A girl who even uses the term self-harm. No just no.
Party Girls. If a girl is or has been a party girl (or in/has been in a frat), there is a good chance
shes seen more cocks than your great uncle the farmer. Future beta bux wife with one legitimate
child and one cuckholded child, she will work HR for her daddys company.
Girls with whore/guy friends. You are the sum of your three closest friends, if a girl keeps
company with whores, she too will be a whore herself, not a matter of if, its a matter of when.
Same thing if she pretends to be one of the boys, double speak for her getting slut shamed by
her girlfriends (coupled with their fear of their boyfriends cheating with her), thus being
relegated to only male companionship.
Single moms. There is a reason the insult of being a bastard used to mean something, society
instinctually understood the importance of a male role model for a child
), her child will always come first and you will inevitably play second fiddle while being forced
to be designated dad.
Damaged women. If theyre over 30, if theyre overweight or if they talk about death/abuse/life
struggles within your first meeting, DONT BOTHER as these women are always more trouble
than theyre worth and the word damaged isnt exactly a word that you use to signify worth.
Whores. Dont date them, whores=bad, no.NO
Girls who you can give a shot
Girls with good relationships with their father. If a girl has a good relationship with her father,
chances are, she understands boundaries, not being an attention whore, proper male attention and

shell respond better to positive game (wont need a ton of negging, just light teasing, wont need
a ton of dread, just subtle dread and will be pretty straight forward)
Girls that are religious/conservative. Now they can be VERY hit and miss, but ON AVERAGE
they do better than the regular Western bimbo, more points if she regularly attends her church.
Immigrants. If a girl has lived in another country (not a Western cultured country), shell be
more likely to understand what REAL problems are and what is true suffering. Just watch out as
they can be very trying at times, so your game will need to be on point (especially with Eastern
European women).
Introverted/shy girls. Again hit/miss, but ON AVERAGE, they wont be as big of whores as the
overly extroverted girl.
At the end of the day, theyre all still women and thus people, so dont put the pussy on the
pedestal and treat them like anything more. They can all let you down and they can all crush
your heart, stay in control.

44. Numbers Game Vs Rejection

Alpha/beta. Ive used these terms a lot, it is not out of a belief that XYZ is ALWAYS alpha or
that XYZ is ALWAYS beta, these are moreso terms that are used for the sake of imparting
information, they merely act as simple all-encompassing terminologies that are easy to
understand. EVERYTHING is contextual and just about ANYTHING can be pulled off with the
right frame, get ya mind right and the rest shant be a fight.
Numbers game vs rejection. Unless you are extremely well endowed when it comes to
looks/money/status, youll probably face some or even a fair deal of rejection, this is pretty
normal. There are even times when a girl will reject you as she stands to gain more by rejecting
you and acquiring status from this rejection than having to deal with you potentially joking or
not being serious about being with her. Its all par for the course and its entirely up to you how
much of it is worth it relative to your goals and tolerance, but know that rejection is something
that pretty much ALL men face at some point in their life.
Understand the environment. Environmental knowledge is very important in actualizing your
potential within the moment, how you approach women at a bar is going to be different than how
you should approach women should you choose to do it throughout the day, itll even be
different at different parts of the night. That said, standing out is ALWAYS a good thing, so
seek to differentiate yourself from the other men in the environment and just by running
DOM(ination) game youll be ahead of the pack.
Apologies. You dont get many with women, after EVERY apology your word becomes
cheapened a bit, during a long term relationship you get 3, so use them wisely. The difference
between the alpha and the beta isnt so much in WHO they are, it is the opposing beliefs of
WHOSE frame comes first, with the beta, his womans frame comes first and that seldom
changes, with the alpha HIS frame comes first, but he is still willing to consider his womans
frame and he is open to making a concession here and there.
I hate you, youre a jerk, youre an asshole, prick. Like music to my ears, this is what you
WANT to hear from a woman because while the way YOU define those words/phrases may be
negative, remember, the female mind is one of a solipsist nature meaning that if you ever
actually were able to get her to describe EXACTLY what she means with those terms, youd
come to find out that theyre actually VERY positive things.
Prick=I think Id give you a BJ on a first date
Jerk=You respect yourself too mu
Asshole=I hate how hot you make me feel
I hate you=I love you

There is this misconstrued concept going around that talking more=better, this is NOT the case,
if you have something to say and it is of value, go ahead, BUT even still, if you talk too much it
cheapens your words. Erring on the side of silence is a good axiom to start with because that way
you wont inadvertently say something (once something is said it CANNOT be taken back) and
when you DO say something, people will listen up.
Fear not the silence, for those that blink first are the ones that lose. Silence when with a girl helps
cultivate tension, tension=sexual in nature if shes attracted to you. Learn to find comfort in the
silence, its not without reason that the phrase silence is golden exists. Women should want to
qualify themselves to you, they should want to pick you apart, they should wonder what is he
thinking about, they shouldnt be thinking Jesus Christ, will this guy shut his lips, hes worse
than my girlfriends and those whores yap more than Obama at a drone convention

45. Apply it to the World

One of my major hopes in writing this book was not only to help men overcome the hurdles they
face with women, but to better arm them in facing the world. The very same lessons youre given
when it comes to dealing with women can be applied to dealing with the world:

You dismiss Womanese in the same way you dismiss negativese

You dominate your woman in the same way you dominate the world (completely)
You dont show weakness to your woman and you dont show it to the world (nobody gives a
You are unmoved by her insistent BS in the same way you are unmoved when the world knocks
you down, when the world catches you with a surprise tantrum and in the same way the world
might one day turn your life upside down, you remainunmoved
You continually strive to push the boundaries for more, in the same way you would with your
girl, you are unsatisfied until youre at the level YOU are comfortable with and even
then..You are CONSISTENTLY advancing, better than yesterday not as good as tomorrow
You understand your own nature and you understand her nature, you understand the nature of the
world in that its a cold place that ONLY cares about the end result and whatever best achieves
that, you align yourself with the laws of the universe and learn to use them to your advantage
You see through her double speak and her momentary madness in the same way you see through
the lies sold to you by the government, by corporations and by the world
You calculate what peoples value is to you knowing what YOUR value is to them and you are
unashamed for discarding useless leeches
You are multi-talented, in the same way you juxtapose your behavior with your woman, the
world cannot pin you down, it cannot box you in and it sure as hell cant define you, you are
more than a label
You are unattached, you do not catch oneitis nor do you buy into romanticism when it comes to
women because you understand the fragility of it all, you are unattached to your possessions, to
your car, to your house and to anything you hold dear, you cherish it in the moment, but you
understand it is all fleeting
You value YOURSELF above everything, above your women, above your job, above money that
you make, NOTHING compromises you meaning that if something goes against YOUR creed, if
it goes against YOUR will and if it goes against the duty you have TO YOURSELFYOU DO
NOT DO IT, for you are a SOVEIRGN being that bows to no man

46. Dont Ever be Intimidated

Dont ever be intimidated. EVERY challenging aspect of life comes down to this question: Have
you done enough up until that point to prepare for the challenge before you? There is nothing to
EVER worry about, you either have or you havent. If you have, then your only decision should
be: how confident should I be? Oh yeah.on the ten thousandth level and one. If you havent,
well you may as well be confident as fuck as well because an overabundance of confidence never
hurt anyone, your skill wont depreciate due to overconfidence, but it may depreciate if you are
UNDER confident. This goes for everything in life, job interviews, women.whatever, there is
NO reason to ever be intimidated by anything or anyone. Do not give into your fear, it will stop
you from being able to listen to your heart-The Alchemist
Common interests. You dont need common interests to get along with anyone, not men and
DEFINITELY not women. Most women inevitably end up taking on their mans interests
(followers gonna follow) because if their man is a maven, it doesnt matter if hes a maven with
the guitar, if hes a maven under the iron or if hes a maven with a skilletbitches love mavens.
What matters is that you convey your passion and that you live within itFULLY.never
giving it up for anyone or anything. Stay true to you
Breakups/breaks. If a woman EVER says she wants a break or to breakup, its over. First lets
address breaks, all a break means is that she would like the opportunity to fuck other
guys.guilt free. Thats it, if a woman is TRULY in love with you, she would get a queasy
feeling at JUST the thought that you guys would spend a week apart, let alone an indefinite
period of time. Wanting to breakup is this x100, never EVER beg for a woman to stay because
even if she does, her respect for you is dead and without her respect, you may as well be in an
open relationship as shell be treating it as such. Dont grovel, dont reason, dont be passive
I want a break
I want to breakup
What shall you say?
What shall you expound?
How do you overcome this?

See you later bitch
As far as dumping women, its pretty simple, do it over text. Women have endlessly tried to
shame men for doing this because if a man dumps a woman, usually she fucked up bad and they
know that the ONLY way they can hope to retain this man is through an emotional outburst
coupled with sex, this can only be done in person. Your relationship is either over or it isnt,
being the decisive/confident motherfucker you are, you should ALREADY be decided, thus
nothing she says/does or tries could convince you otherwise. If you have to breakup, do it over
text, delete/block her number and move on.

Compliments breed complacency, critiques breed conciliation-Roissy
If you EVER decide to compliment a woman, youre going to need to understand a few things.
There are TWO types of women, women worthy of compliments (hardly any) and women that
arent (pretty much all), take a look at the following:
ALWAYS keep in mind that if the women ABOVE are getting compliments and youre hitting
on a girl thats but a 6, how many compliments do you think SHE has gotten?
Male thirst has reached a critical mass, this is the reality of the cyber world we live in, it has
unleashed the male sex drive in the most disgusting way (and ironically least self-serving)
possible. If a girl has an Instagram/facebook/POF/OKC or twitter, chances are she has been
inundated with fuckboi messages since the inception of those accounts.
When you compliment a girl, you have to consider the following:
1.What is the compliment even doing for you? Aka how is the next sentence going to help you
go P in V?
2.Do you believe that she hasnt heard this before? If she has, then why associate yourself with
hive minded regurgitation? Are you complimenting her just because shes a special snowflake or
has she shown some sort of behavior that you wish to reinforce?
3.What sort of people do you think have told her things like these before? Do you believe they
would fall into the weak supplicating males who are trying to qualify themselves to her or the
other way around?
Compliments are (mostly) useless in that whatever attraction was ALREADY there isnt
enhanced in any way, it is merely confirmed and even then, why would you want to relinquish
your power when a womans imagination is going to do more for propping you up to some high
standards than your cheesy pick up line could accomplish.

The real problem with compliments is that almost always they come from a place of qualification
as opposed to a place of abundance and abundance mentality is key. So what is one to do in place
of compliments? Use OBSERVATIONS because being attentive is INFINTIELY more attractive
than being a simp.
Quite the dress
Haha you like it
Its def one of a kind
Uhh, is that good or bad?
Well see
New hairstyle?
OMGZ yeah I totally changed bla bla bla
What do you mean
Like if I went up to your barber and was like Ill have what shes having, I wouldnt not be
sorry if he didnt give it to me
Some of my favorites:
*Rock eyebrow raise, neutral expression*
Girlll what you really bout doe?
*Blatantly look at her tits or ass
Das wassup
*Look her in the eye with a sneaky expression*
Damnn, you dun really know doe
The key to everything Ive said above is that its very vague, its unique (at least relative to my
environment, do whats unique to yours), its stupid as fuck (bitches love dumb shit), it
juxtaposes me because my speech is usually pretty fucking proper and what is the key is
WALKING AWAY. A lot of guys tend to have this tendency where they linger, they

liinnnngeerrrr meaning they just stick around for too long. Dropping a well-timed vague verbiage
and then walking away has great power behind it because it shows not only do you not care
about societal norms of compliments (be DIFFERENT), but it also leaves her wondering wtf you
were thinking (giving her an anchor back to you).
The entire premise of a compliment is to cultivate attraction, it fails to do this because youre left
looking for a reaction, a reaction that is usually something like Uhh thanks or Yeah it looks
good right?, it is very see through what youre trying to do (remember women get
complimented all the time, do you REALLY want to be associated with the majority of men who
have said similar things to her?) and it ENTIRELY takes away your power. Mind fuck her and
make the exit.
The difference between the generic compliment and the vague language is that one RETAINS
mystery while the other is an open book for EVERYONE to see. The covert one separates you
from the crowd in that even if it doesnt work, it STILL stands out WAY more than the same
youre gawwjuuss u boootiifulll shes heard a thousand times before and failing while being
one of a kind>failing using the same old strategy.
It comes down to the fact that seldom if ever do direct compliments work, meanwhile indirect
compliments play on ALL the positives of a compliment (noticing something good about the
other person and commenting on it) without any of the negatives (direct compliments strip you
of your power, place you with a weak group of people and are usually uncreative).
Really the ONLY times direct compliments work:
If you have a massive amount of social proof in that youre a celebrity or it is WELL established
you are higher in value than her and is either subconsciously (or even better: consciously) known
by everyone
If youve been called an asshole 5+x, if shes playfully hit you 3+x and if shes
scratched/pinched you at least once
If she has made a difficult change and it is something you wish to commend (lost weight,
improved her appearance, went all out to buy you something/cook you something or fuck you
Why do compliments work in THOSE scenarios and not others? Because the JUXTAPOSE you,
in that the first scenario youre juxtaposing your power (status) that you wield by showing
kindness. I.e if Chris Rock came over to your house and asked to play video games with you,
youd be pretty damn excited because you understand the value of his time, his obligations and
you know hes a great time. Whereas if some random guy you dont know tried to do the same,
in spite of the fact that he might be funnier, have more money and even more status within a
given field than Chris Rock, it comes off as weird and wtf is his dealish because he doesnt have
the same SOCIAL PROOF.
In the same way, if youve been called an asshole and been playfully hit/pinched, you have built
up frustration and hopefully actual anger within her, thus her DEFAULT belief about you is one

that dictates that you come from a place of abundance (hence why youre able to be cold and
meeeeaannnn to her) and that you say whats on your mind, regardless of consequence. So in this
scenario, a compliment contrasts these characteristics heavily and it allows her mental hamster to
get to spinning in wondering wtf is his deal, thus beautifully beginning to craft some epic
narrative in her mind how youre misunderstood or how she cant figure him out. Not only
ensuring that youre now seen as mysterious, but she will also be intrigued by the prospect of
figuring you out.
Finally, reinforcing and rewarding good behavior, most male compliments are NOT stemming
from this place, but on the off chance that you meet a woman who is going above and beyond to
satisfy you, after making her work.throw her a bone.
Be an onion, once she peels the layer, have another.and another.and another, but do NOT be
a banana

48.Women=Professional Victims,
Women will NEVER hold themselves to the same standards that they hold men to, the sooner
you understand this, the more time youll save not going with the typical male argument of But
YOU did this, so what? Your standards are different than hers and hers than yours.
Women have always been the primary victims of war. Women lose their husbands, their fathers,
their sons in combat-Hilary Clinton
There is strength in weakness.
I know as men you might be saying WTF are you talking about, my boy Billy is the epitome of a
fuckboi and he gets his shit pushed in on the reg by everyone around him. Well Billy is a man
and thus he is held to a different standard. Women and men are NOT held to the same standards
and the way a female projects her strength is through her weakness. She cannot OVERTLY
control men and she KNOWS this, her only means of exerting control over you is through
PASSIVE coercion.
She can do this through a number of strategies:
1.Crocodile tears, women are trained from a very early age to cry when things dont go their way
(as this usually gives them attention/resources and a man to make things better), but they also
learn to time it and to time it well to maximize the amount of attention and affection they get
from it as if they have an aware father, he wont stand for their outbursts. Theyve even evolved
to have smaller tear ducts (allowing them to secrete water from their eyes easier) and to have
bigger eyes (to be cuter). Always assume that your womans tears are fake because in most cases
they areCry me a river.cry me a fucking river
2.Shaming you in any way, telling you that isnt what a real man would do or that isnt what
Jennys boyfriend would do and how YOU need to man up and do what she tells you. L-O-L @
a woman defining masculinityha ha ha bitch you funny. If you really want to know how valid
your womans words are, picture a child saying them to you, would you take that child seriously?
Apply that same logic with your girl.
3. Making you feel bad, saying how YOUR behavior is making her feel awful and how poorly
youre treating her. Incorrect, it is your REACTION to my behavior that is making you feel bad
and if Im treating you that poorly, you know where the door is. Women ride the emotional
rollercoaster and like all rollercoasters, there will be highs/lows/twists and turns, but at the end
everyone gets off and moves on to another ride. ALWAYS do what you think is right, regardless
of any shaming or mentioning of her damaged feelings that your gf puts forth.
These are ALL ways of testing you, seeing if YOU are secure within your own behavior. She
KNOWS if she can influence you, then others will be able to as well and thus you are not a

worthy leader. Dont ever mistake a womans shaming or emotions for ACTUAL logic, YOU
are the one in control and YOU are the one doing the leading. If you shrug it off, so will she.

49.Love Yourself
Self love is THE best love youll receive as a man, every other love and admiration you receive
is ENTIRELY conditional, self-love is the ONLY unconditional and PURE love that youll feel.
Learn to admire yourself, begin to push yourself and if you can only love yourself .1% more than
you did yesterday, thats fine as long as youre ALWAYS moving forward.
This world is harsh as fuck, people act like they care, but very few actually do. People have their
own issues, they have their own struggles and theyre caught up in their own existential crisis, it
isnt fair for you to burden others with your issues and expect them to fix you for you. It starts
with you and it finishes with you.
The way you parent a boy is much different than how you parent a girl, with a boy you want to
build up his ego, make him confident, even make him OVER-confident, the world/women and
others will be there to try and tear him down. BUILD HIM UP. If you havent had the fortune of
having a positive masculine figure that has helped build you up, its all good, this IS something
you can do for yourself.
A woman may inherently have more value than you, but that doesnt mean that your destiny
hinges on something you cant control. Most men start as penny stocks and can rise all the way
to a blue chip stock if they do their due diligence, thats the great thing about being a man is that
while you have to deal with some very cold realities, you also have a MUCH greater capacity to
overcome them and make something of yourself.
Two of my favorite examples of overcoming AWFUL situations are 50 cent and Jay Z, both of
them come from broken homes where they didnt have the best male role models around, they
both come from poverty/crime stricken neighborhoods and they both blew up through their rap
endeavors. However what sets them apart from many of the other rappers who went through the
same issues is that they DIDNT rest on their laurels, they DIDNT say this is enough and they
NEVER sold themselves short. Today 50 and Jay both are WAY more than just rappers, they
have their own clothing lines, their own books and their own branding. They should both serve
as an example of just what is possible when you harness your masculine energy, put your nose to
the grindstone and do WHATEVER it takes to overcome, however EVERYTHING starts within.
If you are having a hard time coping with your reality, here are three simple methods you can use
to realize that self love:
1.Objectivity, whatever struggles youre feeling, no matter how bad it is, in spite of what others
tell you.someone out there probably has it worse, think of that guy, think of his
strugglesthink of how real shit must be for him. Often times our problems are of the first world
kind and there is something to be said for at LEAST being that fortunate that we have time to
pontificate the things we do.

If you cant find the courage to do this for you, think of your ancestors, think of the struggles
they went through, hunting/gathering, fighting for their lives, being damn near mauled by some
saber-tooth type mothafuckas.think of how AMAZED they would be to enter this world, think
of the opportunity you have to create, even now youre reading words from someone youve
never met, may have never even heard of until now and I am COMMUNICATING AND
SCULPTING your mind (hopefully in a positive way). This shit is INSANE when you really
think about it. Tomorrow, you could wake up, find a new passion in finance and make a milli or
who knows, maybe youre a talented musician and youll get on dat national TV time, whatever
it is.realize that in front of you lies a GREAT opportunity to take advantage of the technology
weve developed, but first you must master you.
Remember your ancestors struggles, think of those less fortunate and appreciate just the chance
you have been granted by being alive HERE and NOW.
If youre depressed youre living in the past, if youre anxious youre living in the future, if
youre in the present you will find peace-Based Lao Tzu
People tend to dwell on what they cant change and because they cant change it, they spend a lot
of time mentally masturbating over this, this ruins the moments they have (the now) and then
they end up subsequently worrying about the future.
INSTEAD of perpetuating this mindless stupidity, compose yourself and take a deep breathe. As
a wise investor once said What separates the good traders from the bad is that the good know
when to admit theyve made a mistake and once they do, they ADDRESS it.
Dwelling and worrying does NOT actually change anything, if it anything it makes things worse.
ALL you control is the now. Accept that whats done is done and whats yet to come hasnt
come yet, so your only bet is to put 110 into here/now and get set.
The more you learn to live in the moment, the better off youll be because youll actually be
working towards something, youll focus your energy on what you CAN change.
Procrastination is like masturbation, at first it feels good, but in the end, youve only fucked
yourself. Accept where youre at, realize that ANY mistakes youve made should just be looked
at as an opportunity to learn, nothing more, nothing less, realize that the ONLY thing left to do is
to compete as hard as you can, give it the best that youve got and leave it ALL on the floor
hereand now.starting after this very word.
Focus is the key to life.
The more we can direct our focus in an area that allows us to reap benefits, the more we secure
our future because the REAL secret to our future is.its in our habits aka what were

Whenever youre feeling down, have a GOTO list of 3 things that you like about yourself and
dont give me this bullshit that you cant come up with three, of course you can, dont sell
yourself fucking short.
Have a list of three things that you like about yourself and look at it constantly, to remind you, in
spite of all the negativity and in spite of all the pain you may feel at times, youve got some
redeeming qualities and there is no reason to ever get TOO down.
Tide comes in, tide goes out, the universe works in polarity. If youre at a low point, shift your
focus and realize that your ONLY move is to go UP, if youre at a high point, enjoy the God
damn ride because nothing lasts forever.
Hatred is a strong feeling, it is what drives humans to do both incredible good and incredible
evil, it has fueled many revolutions and it can create great beauty when channeled in the right
way. Hating yourself wont change anything, it will make you weaker and when you do snap out
of it, youre NOT getting that time back. If you do ever feel that burning sensation, that looming
dread, take it and make something of it. Some of my most inspired and transcendental moments
have come when I felt those very emotions myself, but there comes a time when you must move
on. You must move past these feelings toward the self because overtime they will drag you down
and the more time you spend fighting yourself, the less time you have to fight the cancerous
system that caused these feelings to arise.
Some say love is the answer, yes love is the answer, but before we learn to love the world, we
must learn to love the self. We have given ourselves enough tough love, now is the time to right
that ship and unleash your inner beast.
Love yourself brothers

50.Parting Thoughts
I hope youve found this book of use and if you havent well. fuck you.just kidding (not
really though), its been quite the process in undertaking this project. Something that writing this
book has taught me is the importance of showing up, Ive made an effort to write every single
day, no matter what, come writer block or come an outpouring of enchanting lyrical charm. The
end goal is what has kept me going, I dont like talking much about myself as I feel it diverts the
attention from the real message here, but Ill tell you how I came to write this book.
Ive been fortunate enough to have a lot of time in my life to reflect on my own behavior and for
better or worse, Ive been left to my own devices. That is to say, I seldom had people there for
me when I needed them, so most of my time was spent looking for answers through other parties.
I never had a positive masculine influence in my life, so I knew if I ever built myself to the point
where I understood what I was talking about, I would take it upon myself to give back to people
who find themselves in a similar predicament.
The main goal I had with this book was to take all the knowledge Ive acquired, some through
reading, others through experience and quite a bit through failure and make it an easy to
consume book that lays it all out. When the masculine spirit is unleashed, it is something that can
transform the world, but one must be willing to hone it, work on it daily and really STRIVE to
build their mind/spirit in the same way they build their body.
I really have a strong desire to see a massive shift in the world, in the following:
The governments
The corporations
The way we educate people
The systematic mind control
Our societies
And I used to spend a lot of time thinking about how I should fix THEM, I pontificated as to
how I could change things for the better and I wanted to make a difference, that was before I
learned the truth, the truth being:
How can one change the world if one cannot change themselves?

I realized that the Hermetics were right As Above So Below, so I knew that if I eventually was
to triumph over ANY of these institutions, I must first get to triumphing over the self. I realized
that I in a way I am just as much a part of the system that perpetuates these things and that the

ONLY way forward was to begin to build myself up, so that I can then influence them in the
same way I influenced myself.
So thats what I did, I began to read as much as I could, I began to train as much as I could and I
tried to grow as much as I could in every single possible outlet that I had because of that I was
able to see the true nature of people in that society as a whole is very vain and how you look
impacts the way people perceive you HUGELY, but not only that, but IF you have weak
behavior, people WILL try and rook you.
Life doesnt actually get any easier the older we get, we just become better at glitching the
system and for those that refuse, life continually becomes more and more challenging. Not
necessarily because the world is continuing to get harder, but more because of ones refusal to
learn, there is a saying in Portuguese
Aprender de amor ou aprender de dor
Learn through love or learn through pain
One must learn to love the truth, in spite of what it is, in spite of how painful it may be to face
because at the end of the day, we ALL have been blessed with the great gift of life and it is up to
us to take advantage of it and live it to the fullest.
You dont have to be a painter
You dont have to be a bodybuilder
You dont have to be a world leader
All you have to do is be you, but not just this I love myself no matter what you, the I love
myself no matter what, BUT Im going to strive to improve my looks, Im going to strive to
improve my mind and Im going to do my best to become a God you.
Objectively speaking, youre a meat bag sitting on a grain of sand floating through space, there is
NO one GREAT good that you need to experience here, there is no ONE amazing mission that
you need to complete, its all up to you. You avoid choice A or you avoid choice XX, but the
only thing you cant avoid is choice itself because that is what this world is about, it is about the
choices that we make and the freewill we exert. I was always searching for a way to exert
maximum freewill and knowledge of truth allows one to do just that:
Exert MAXIMUM freewill
ALL of it can be horrendously empty or fantastically meaningful, depending on your perception,
so no matter what once you are able to set your own standards and overcome the stipulations that
others have set for you, THAT is when you have TRUE freedom.
Freedom to create as you please
Freedom to opt in or out
Freedom to associate/paint/lift/dance/feel like a God/dominate and conquer

Just today, somewhere in the universe there is a star that is BILLIONS of times your size just
exploded and it has in an INSTANCE had more of an impact on the universe than ANYTHING
you or ANYONE on this planet has ever done. Keep reminding yourself that next time someone
says Bro you NEED to do this/Son you NEED to do that/Friend you NEED to go after
this.bitch you are SO fucking inconsequential to anything and everything, you dont even
knowso really, who the fuck are YOU to tell ME what I NEED to do with my time here?
YOU are the greatest good, focus on what makes you happy, dominate and KEEP FUCKING
LEARNING. Thats what I spent the past 5 years doing and while I dealt with
injuries/heartbreak/loss of friends/loss of faith and even a bout of depression, Im still chea
talking to to you, Im still trying to get better and I STILL made sure to post up and spit that real
Never forget who you are, value the truth and try and share the love.

1.If youre ever about to blow your load, push out your stomach, this prevents it from happening
2.Everything in life is to be moderated, food, exercise, reading, spending time with people, porn,
masturbation and sex
3.Self-control is one of the greatest rewards in the world because only you know about it, but
thats the only person that really does need to know about it
4.Clubbing for the most part is a scam, avoid until you have maxed out your looks or have decent
5.No gag reflex: Close your left thumb in your left hand and make a fist. Squeeze tight.
6.Keep your social media semi active and dont unfriend people unless they are absolute skids,
unfollow them if they are annoying though
7.Networking is everything, spend at least 30 minutes a week networking (emailing, keeping
contact or approaching people)
8.Write down 5 new ideas everyday, it could be invention ideas, book ideas, blog ideas, business
ideas, whatever it doesnt matter. Even if your ideas suck, by the end of the year youll have
1700+ ideas, so odds areyoull have a few brilliant ones in there
9.Dont ever let a woman come between you and a male friendEVER
10.Watch Hockey, its the GOAT sport
11.Step out of your comfort zone: learn a new language, learn MMA and learn a new dance.
These three can unlock many new opportunities for you
12.Dont let age hold you back, wherever youre at in life, strive for more and even if you feel
that you started too late, remember this: that 18 year old jock with all the knowledge in the
world is as perishable as you are, that is to say you could live to 120 or you could die tomorrow,
the only thing you control is yourself and subsequently your knowledge, wherever youre
atstrive for more
13.Make one video or blog post per week, this is something feasible for the tightest of schedules
and by the end of the year, youll be a better writer/speaker for it
14.If someone is well accomplished in something, always ask them for advice, if anything, they
may repeat an axiom in a way that you hadnt heard before that opens your eyes up to a new
15.If a woman refers to you primarily as nice, sweet, kind and
16.Dont ever apologize for your desire or finding certain type of women beautiful, this is your
genetics and DNA expressing itself, do not go against nature

17.Dont get married if you live in a Western country or if there are any misandric penalties
against you, at best you dont get fucked, at worst you become a females whipping boy. A wise
man once said Did you know Einstein got divorced? I feel like THAT is what they should ask
you before you get married, not, do you love this person? Not, do you think youll stay together
forever? Not, do you think you guys are soul mates?.....ARE YOU SMARTER THAN
18.When watching movies, identify positive/negative traits within the males and learn from them
19.Dont watch TV (unless its sports or you can mute/avoid commercials)
20.Tit for tat=life, if people dont reciprocate In what you put forth, remove it until they do so or
until they are removed from your life
21.Dismiss that which does not serve you, whether its peoples ideas, peoples desires or people
themselves, people are either a pulley to something great or an anchor to the depths of oceans,
avoid anchors
22.Emotional investment should be kept to a minimum with almost all people, this isnt cynicism
as much as it is practicality (odds), most people WILL let you down. If a person is extremely
emotionally invested in you, you can reciprocate a bit, but ALWAYS BE IN CONTROL
23.Playing the odds tends to work out better than playing hunches, but dont be afraid to play a
hunch every now and then
24.Fighting in the 21st century is pointless, in most cases youll either end up behind bars,
getting your ass kicked and this isnt to assume youre not a badass motherfucker because even if
you are, people dont fight with honor anymore, their friends will jump in, they will kick in the
groin and they will pull hair, you could end up stabbed or shot and in 99% of cases it isnt worth
25.Stand up for yourself, yes I make it a point to say that after number 24, just use tact and know
your environment. Dont instigate violence (start it), but if worse comes to worse, be prepared to
finish it.
26.If someone says something ridiculous, amplify it to the thousandth degree to truly own them.
This is just as effective as disarming them with logic, logic being more of a go to when youre in
front of a crowd and amplification being more an interpersonal tool
27.No is the most powerful word in the English language, use it well
28.Stay hydrated and drink water throughout the day
29.Dont chase after the American dream, it died a long time ago
30.Women will try and make you weak, you will be more likely to give them what you have and
you will be less likely to cheat on them, ALWAYS have your own space, ALWAYS have your
own hobbies and ALWAYS spend periods of time away from her (ironically time apart often
does more for most relationships than too much time spent together)

31.If you ever doubt that your value>a womans, consider the following, a conservative bet is that
she spends 1 hour per day, doing her makeup, logging onto facebook and watching tv. These are
nothing activities that are literally cancer to the mind/body, over a year she will waste 15 days on
them and this is a CONSERVATIVE estimate
32.If you think you are OWED anything in this world, consider the idea that a beta is OWED sex
and affection because he is a womans bitch boy when she wants him. Do you think he is owed
ANYTHING? That is how the world feels towards you
33.Men age like wine, women age like milk. A mans biggest price is paid when he is in his
teens and early 20s, after that, should the man be striving to reach his apex masculinity, its
smooth sailing. A womans best time is in her teens and early 20s, after that, its all downhill.
Come 30+, the tables have entirely flipped for both sexes, men must endure.
34.Squint your eyes, clench your jaw and have a relaxed close mouthed smile in pictures
35.Avoid cults where there are masses agreeing on something that is very arguable
36.Its lower than you think
37.Dont direct your anger at women, the government, religion or any specific group. Instead
take it and use it as fuel to drive you in your self-improvement, only once you overcome yourself
will you be able to surmount any massive institutions
38.The best revenge is simple: live a good life, the people who try and get you down will ONLY
succeed if they have an everlasting effect, you triumph over them in the same way that you do
over their ideology, showing them how temporary (if not entirely transient) their ability to effect
you is
39.Your emotions=strongest fuel there is, if you ever feel a SUPER strong emotion,
wait.observe it, whether it be into art/writing/lifting it doesnt matter, if you feel a
STRONG emotion, look for a way that you can bring to light in a way that benefits you as Carl
Jung said We do not become enlightened by admiring figures of light, but by making the dark
40. Spirituality is fine but neurology/biology is more relevant. Most people are more
programmed by their biology and their brain, even if we are to posit that a soul exists, its very
evident that most peoples behaviors can EASILY be explained by looking at our history and the
brain. Study those two things carefully and you have unlocked the keys to understanding
41.Whiteknights/pussy beggars and betas will always be the REAL enemy of men for they are
the ones that go out of their way to side with women, to be subservient to women and to pander
to every one of their most disgusting desires (of course nothing sexualoh no) in hopes that
being a good slave will one day grant them access to the golden vaginal crevice. Through their
nonstop pandering, they inflate the womans ego to a stratosphere higher than

42.Samuri exercise: envision yourself dying in the worst way possible at least once a day, this
will build resiliency and get you mentally prepared for the inevitable. Thinking about death and
awful circumstances makes the rest of the day seem like a complete cakewalk.
43.Jealousy and envy are worthless emotions, cut them out of your emotional lexicon. If you feel
jealous of another man, instead of hating on him, ask yourself what you can do to attain a similar
level. If you ever get jealous of your woman, ask yourself what could you do to induce a higher
level of jealousy within her.
44.Biology and thus relationships are amoral, unfortunately for males, we are the more
hardwired ones to understand concepts like honor and we end up suffering for it (see women
initiating 2/3s of divorces in a country that they are allowed to do so). This isnt to say that a
woman couldnt, she is just far less likely to understand what honor is about, she generally has
no need for it, her limited biological clock only looks at the bottom line which is: who is the best
combination of genetics and resources for my future children?
45.Dont ever lower your standards with women, worst case scenario, youre not physically
capable of attracting women with your looks and you have to use money to do so (escorts). Its
really all the same, you are using your mind to acquire wealth and then using that wealth to
acquire women and if anything that is taking considerably more work than the man just blessed
with good looks. Although most Looks Maxed men should be able to pull 7+ women, hence why
I stress the importance of lifting/being 8-12% bf/having a thick neck and dressing well
46.Having a dominant attitude can literally increase your value by 1 or even 2 points, one of the
biggest slayers I know is a 55 Mr Clean lookalike, he is a cop and naturally because of this he is
dark triad. There are SO many men in this world that behave like women that being dominant
makes you stand out like a non-prostitute costume wearing woman on Halloween.
47.Whatever you do, do it with confidence/arrogance/swag and fearlessness, there is no point to
doing something to do it like a beta pussy, either go all in or dont go in at allnobody ever says
Yo this song kind of goes in at times and then it weaves out.GO IN.HARD
48.Set goals at the start of every month, set physical goals, financial goals and self-improvement
goals, keep the list somewhere where you will look at it daily (tape it to your door or above your
computer if you have to) and get the fuck after it
49.Make sure to re-read material that shapes your consciousness every 3-6 months, sometimes a
newfound understanding will emerge as your consciousness has evolved with the times.