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Shalfleet Parish Council

Office/Help Centre
Main Road
Isle of Wight
PO41 0TR
Tel: 01983 531491

Sally M Woods
Clerk to the Council

27th July 2016

You are invited to a Planning meeting of Shalfleet Parish Council to be held at Parish Office, Main Road,
Newbridge, on Wednesday 3rd August 2016 at 7.15 pm.
The Press and members of the public are welcome to attend this meeting.
Sally M Woods
Sally M Woods (Mrs)
Parish Clerk & RFO
57/16-17 Apologies for absence.
58/16-17 Declarations of interests regarding agenda items.
59/16-17 To accept any dispensations for agenda items.
60/16-17 Planning:
a. Updates and Decision:
b. To agree comments on applications (for each application 5 minutes are allowed for
applicant/objector/supporter etc. to comment):
P/00787/16 Byways, Bouldnor: Demolition of dwelling and garage/store; proposed replacement
dwelling; detached boathouse.
P/00833/16 Woodlands, Hamstead Road, Cranmore: Demolition of two dwellings; replacement
two dwellings; parking (revised scheme)
P/00943/16 The Old Malthouse, 1 Mill Road, Shalfleet: Proposed summerhouse/shed.
P/00979/16 2 Lantern Cottages, Station Road, Ningwood: Proposed single storey rear extension to
form conservatory.
NB: Please note that all meetings that are open to the public and press may be filmed or recorded and/or commented on online by the council or any member of the
public or press. However this activity must not disrupt the meeting, and if it does you will be asked to stop and possibly leave the meeting.