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LP5 Assignment- Case Study-Kenny: An Effective Supervisor

March 1, 2015
MT3300- Supervison

Kenny was a great supervisor and was like by his team. Kenny was accepted by so many
people because of his positive attitude, especially in view of the overall low plant morale and
productivity. He also believed in participative management which means he involves the team in
setting objectives and solving problems. He is also very knowledgeable and has great selfconfidence. Overall, he is an easy going individual that respects his team and is pleased with
what they can accomplish. He takes pride in doing a good job for his team and the company, and
he doesnt run to upper management whenever there is a problem.
No, I dont think that all supervisors can operate the way Kenny does and be effective. I
think this because every leader is different. Each supervisor has their own set of leadership skills
and leadership styles. Research also shows that there is no one best style for all situations. There
are also factors that have a major impact on the choice of leadership style: Theory X or Theory Y
management philosophy, the follower's readiness level, and the situation faced by the supervisor.
Emotional intelligence can also influence a persons ability to be a successful and effective
leader. Emotional intelligence refers to an assortment of skills and characteristics that are an
important foundation to the success of a leader. It is the capacity to recognize and accurately
perceive ones own and others emotions, to understand the significance of these emotions, and
to influence ones actions based on this analysis.

Servant leadership defines success as giving and measures achievement by devotion to

serving and leading. Winning becomes the creation of community through collaboration and
team building. The characteristics of servant leadership are: (the bolded ones apply to Kenny)

Commitment to the growth of people
Building community

Transformational leadership is one influential theory and way of looking at leadership

that has emerged in more recent years and it is closely related to team leadership.
Transformational leadership converts followers into leaders and may convert leaders into moral
agents. The characteristics of transformational leadership are: (the bolded ones apply to Kenny)

Relations orientation
Revolutionary ideas
Emerges in crisis
Motivates by inspiring and recognizing
Good listener
Model of integrity
Their employees do more than they are expected to do
The team has quantum leaps in performance

If Kenny were to set up a team, I dont think he should change a thing. He is very
respectful of his team and does not lurk over them. He lets them achieve goals at their own pace,
making them want to work harder.