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Thank you very much to Master of Ceremony for giving me time to deliver my

speech today.
The honorable of the Grand Juries,
First of all, I would like to bring you all to express our gratitude
to God Almighty; God who always gives us affection, mercy,
protection, and prosperity; God who never sleeps but always
watches His servants.
We, the Indonesian Nation, hereby declare Indonesians Independence. Problem pertaining to
the transfer of power and other matters will be dealt within the correct manner and in the
shortest possible time.
Jakarta, the 17th Day of the 8th Month in the Year 45
In the name of the Indonesian
Long Life Indonesia! Long Life Indonesia! Long Live Indonesia!
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Today is the day of the 63rd years of Indonesian Independence Day; everyone is celebrating
this important moment including people of Takalar. Since the first day of August, each house
in Takalar begins to decorate their houses and offices with the Merah-Putih, the National
We know that, the independence is not easy to get. We had to struggle for it. A lot of the
Indonesia patriotic died on the battle field, fought against the colonizer. Indonesian attained
Independence from the Dutch in August 17, 1945 in a long fight since 1940 and the
Declaration of Indonesian Independence was heard in this lovely mother land for the first
time at once. Since then, we celebrate it every year as our independence day. And as it is a
National holiday, government offices, schools, banks, and some businesses are closed.
Independence Day is one of the best gifts from Allah SWT that we have to grateful for. Does
anybody deny it? I am sure nobody does it.
Happy Indonesian Independence Day!!
Every 17th August, Indonesian people throughout the world celebrate its Independence Day.
Indonesia is one of the famous countries of Asia gained freedom the colonial rule on 17th
August. So, this particular day is celebrated by the people of Indonesia as their Independence
Day. People of Indonesia take part in the Independence Day Celebrations with full
enthusiasm. When people of Indonesia celebrate Independence Day, there are three parts that
they go through, which are leading up to the big event, on August 17th itself, and the activities
in the following day.

The first is leading up to the big event. The people of Indonesia begin the preparations for
celebrating the Independence Day much more in advance to make the event a grand success.
The skyscrapers of the country mainly the official buildings located around town displays
lighted designs or large banners. The fences around the most popular presidential palace of
Indonesia and also other important government offices are clothed in red and white bunting.
The shopping malls of the country are also ornamented in red and white bunting. Moreover,
certain special discount sales are also offered to the visitors for Independence Day. The city
administration spends big bucks to create a unique series of red and white lighted decorations
down the length of high-way of Makassar to Takalar, housing complexes repaint their main
gate decorated with independence themes. The whole town takes on a red and white hue and
the words Dirgahayu RI (Long live Indonesia!) can be seen everywhere.
Neighborhood associations often coordinate special activities for the neighborhood children
and may request donations from homeowners to sponsor games and prizes for the children.
Schools hold contests to see which class can decorate their room in the most patriotic manner
as well as holding games and races among classes.
Neighborhood associations, or your local RT (neighborhood head), may organize a clean up
of the area or kerja bakti. Drains are swept, weeds are cut back, debris is burned and public
areas are repainted. Women are asked to provide snacks to the hard working men.
Homeowners may be requested by the RT to fly the Indonesian flag for a set period of time
before and after the holiday. Businesses may be asked to make contributions to fund an
extravaganza of fireworks and entertainment in Monas Square as well as for other more
localized festival. In years past, neighborhood heads would ask homeowners to paint their
homes, at least the front, in preparation for the big day.
Moreover for the Independence Day Celebrations the city drains are swept, the debris is
cleared and some of popular public areas are even painted. People are requested to host the
Indonesian flag during this period. Businessman also offers some contributions to celebrate
the Independence Day. Fireworks displays are also enjoyed by the people during the
Independence Day. The President of Indonesia delivers the State of the Nation Address to the
members of the House of Representatives, honored guests and also diplomatic corps on the
eve of Independence Day.
The next is on the August 17th which is called the big event. On the grand day of 17th August
the Indonesian flag is hoisted at the National Palace. The TV channels cover live
performances. People who are not able to come to the venue can watch the programs from
their home. The Independence Day ceremonies are led by the President and Vice President,
and are also attended by the cabinet, military brass, honored guests, school students and also
by general public. The military personnel in their stunning uniforms parade during the
Independence Day Celebrations. There are also some activities, which are organized, by the
kids and youngsters during the Independence Day like shrimp chips eating contests, bike
decorating and other exciting games. The Nasi Tumpeng and Panjat Pinang are other popular
games, which are also organized during the course of the event.
Political observers, social scientists and those with opinions write Insights in the
newspapers and magazines on the countrys progress since independence and challenges for
the future as well as discussions on what the founding fathers would think of various
conditions in society today.

TV shows commemorating the struggle for independence are aired for weeks before and after
independence day. All-star musical extravaganzas are held in various venues and broadcast
throughout the archipelago.
The most solemn ceremony is the flag hoisting at the National Palace, televised live. Full of
pomp and circumstance and conducted basically the same way each year, it is a spectacle of
the greatest respect and honor for the flag and the Republic. The ceremonies are led by the
President and Vice President, and attended by the cabinet, military brass, family members of
the current and preceding president, diplomatic corps and honored guests. High School
students from throughout the archipelago are chosen for their marching skills and put on a
show of intricate steps and turns to hoist the flag. The military is out with all its brass in high
shine, standing smartly at attention in their dress uniforms.
While the solemn ceremonies are taking place, neighborhoods gear up for fun and games for
the kids. Krupuk (shrimp chips) eating contests, bike decorating, games, races and lots of fun
fill the day. The women are busy in cooking contests to see who can make the biggest krupuk
or the most delicious nasi tumpeng.
One of the most popular games is the Panjat Pinang. An Areca palm trunk is erected in a
public area and well greased with a mixture of clay and oil. At the top are hung various prizes
like bikes and TVs. Whoever makes it to the top wins the prize. Needless to say there are a lot
of slippery, muddy kids and grownups alike climbing over each other and struggling to reach
the goal. A good time is had by all, especially the crowd watching the gaiety.
The games or other activities are not held only in that day, but those will be continued in the
following day. In the past (before the 1997 monetary crisis) the government held a
spectacular Independence Day parade on the Sunday after Independence Day; a spectacular
parade of floats and marching bands which begins near the National Monument and travels
down Jl. Thamrin and Jl. Sudirman. The floats are sponsored by government institutions,
state companies, private firms and foundations. The artistic skills which won Indonesia
acclaim in Tournament of Roses parades in years past are enjoyed by the tens of thousands of
Jakartans who show up to enjoy the spectacle.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
The big question comes to our mind as the young generation of this lovely country: What
have we done and what will we do as a good young generation? Have you asked yourselves
about the questions? And now before I close my speech, I want to tell you all what we should
do as a good young generation. It is also the summary of my speech today.
The first is being a good Muslim. Our independence is a great gift from Allah SWT. We have
to grateful for that. It is not easy to get. Our heroes had to sacrifice themselves for the
independence. They had to pour their blood for the raise of our national flag, Merah-Putih.
The next is, we have to study hard. Why? By studying hard, we can continue our heroes idea,
which is leading this country to the better future.
And the last is, come to our own parents, especially mother. Kiss their hands, apologize your

mistake and listen what they say to you. Never disobey it.
I think enough my speech today. I hope we can fulfill this Independence Day with the good
deeds. If any wrong words I said and it makes your heart hurt, forgive me because I am just a
human being who always makes mistake. And if any good words, believe that those are from
God Almighty.
Thank you very much