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Coal Plant Study Tour for

Narra, Palawan Municipal and Barangay Officials

28 February 2015

21 Narra, Palawan Officials participated in the

coal plant study tour that took place at SCPCs coal
plant in Sta. Rafael, Calaca, Batangas. It was
handled by the Project Development Department.

The study tour intends to enlighten officials on the

merits of the coal project and to illustrate the
realities in the coal plant and in its vicinity. This is
to counter notions that the coal plant is
destructive of the environment and health.
Project Development Department aspires that, in
return, the officials present at the study tour will
become DPCs spokespersons in relaying first-hand
experience and realizations they obtained from
the study tour to their constituents in Narra.

The study tour started with a welcome message

from Project Development AVP and followed by a
SCPC Plant Manager, Denel Mateo, presented the
features of the coal plant technology, the benefits
of coal as a source of energy, and the benefits that
community enjoys from hosting the power plant.
He also presented photos of vegetation and of
giant clams and fishes teeming the ocean that
surrounds the coal power plant.

Engr. Pete Padua presented the features of the

CBC Coal Technology that SCPC employed in the
newly constructed plant units as part of its
expansion and uprating program.

He also presented the various environmental

protection mechanisms and devices to ensure
minimal environmental footprint.
He likewise explained the value of coal ash which
can be used for road, bridge and building
construction that currently is a viable income
generating activity of business people in the

Ms. Loides Castro, Project Development AVP, also

explained further on the benefits of the coal
project such as the ER - 194 and Social
Development/ CSR programs.
She also highlighted the stringent procedures that
DMCI underwent to secure endorsements and
approvals before the firm is given authority to
construct and operate power plants. She also
elaborated on the creation of the MMT that
involves various agencies and individuals who will
monitor plant operations vis--vis regulations.
She also clarified myths and responded to health
and environmental issues that detractors
perpetuated to rescind the decision of
constructing a coal plant in Palawan.

After the presentations, the participants were led

to the plant area to understand the efficiency of
the devices used for pollution control and how the
facility operates.
They also examined the condition of the direct
environment and the sea surrounding the coal
They also entered the power house to witness the
automated/computerized operations and the
contained noise.

Issues/Concerns raised by Narra Officials:

DMCI Power to draft a Memorandum of Agreement as a
documentation/proof that it will seriously prioritize locals
in meeting its manpower requirements.
LCC took note of the suggestion explaining that DMCI
Power is bound to follow local code mandating industries
to prioritize locals for employment. She said that the
same policy applies as long as the local people can meet
qualifications that the firm requires.
Apart from the ER 1- 94 trust fund, a participant also
suggested DMCI Power to provide PhP1.00 (or any amount
that is more than the mandatory ER 1-94) for social
development. LCC said that she will elevate this concern
to the top management.

Narra Officials observed that there are no pieces of
evidence proving claims that coal plants are destructive to
health and the environment.
That they now better understand the benefits of using
coal as energy source.
That they will help DMCI Power in explaining the merits of
the coal plant based on what they saw.
That DMCI Power should now start public information
campaign in various barangays in Narra to rectify wrong
notions that NGOs have imparted to residents.