11 January, 2016

Each Student must deliver their written essay assignments in a Word Document and deliver a digital version to
the Portal/ Edit department. If there is a problem then students may also email assignment to the edit
department at edit.afdajhb@gmail.com.
It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that their work has been received by the lecturer. The assignments
will be marked digitally and emailed back to students.

 The official Assignment sheet and Plagiarism declaration must be signed by the student, for written and
practical work, and a hard copy delivered to the lecturer.

No marking of work will take place without the lecturer having received this declaration.

 All practical assignments are delivered to the post server, with their assignment sheets,
and edit project files.

The Journal is to be completed in a hard cover book and must accompany the student to all classes.

All deliveries are at the beginning of the session on the due date. Marks will be deducted for late hand-ins.
A: TERM TREATMENT : Assignments 1 – 5

FCP Tool Set:
Complete all tutorial practical edits in wokshops, complete any workshop sheets and stick them in
your Journal, for sign-off:
Basic competance - Project set-up, toolsets, Importing, Drag&Drop editing
Intermediate competance 1: - three point editing, trimming tools, movement storyboard, POA
storyboard, project workflow, output procedure for term projects,

Weighting: 10%
Final Check:
7 & 8 Mar
(Delivered to Post Server &
Journal enteries)

1 : Basic competance Project set-up, toolsets, Importing, Drag&Drop editing, Audio Syncing
2: Intermediate competance 2.1 - Edit a sequence using three point editing, and complete the edit with trimming tools

2: Intermediate competance 2.2 - Project workflow : bins, search and find, logging, transcoding, rendering, track allocations

2: Intermediate competance 2.3 - Movement Storyboard: Generate a movement / POA storyboard for an action sequence
identified by the Editing Lecturer. Complete in class.
2: Intermediate competance 2.4 - Exporting, output of edits for other Post Departments and for Mastering for Final Review

Laura van der Merwe

Page 1

Week 3:
Mon,22 & Fri 26 Feb

Week 3:
Wed 24 Feb

Week 4:
Mon 29 Feb

Week 4-5:
Wed 02 Mar & Mon 07

Y2 Task Sheets 2016

(clips can be found on YouTube) Mon 22 Feb Complete a typed three page essay on Lev Kuleshov and ESSAY o His contribution to The Soviet film industry. • “Re-mix” or re-edit the material to create a completely different genre. o Identify the five editing techniques promoted by him o Discuss how he used these techniques in his films and whether these techniques are still relevant to editing today Laura van der Merwe Page 2 Y2 Task Sheets 2016 . as to whether his theory influenced filmmakers outside of Russia. Using your research and notes compare their work. Pudovkin and include. Remember to keep a bibliography of the research works you read or viewed. and complete summary notes and deductions DUE: Week3 on your research in your Journal.Edwin S. o Include deductions. how his theory influenced or contributed to the field of audience association.e. (Include material evidence) Reflect on the difficulties they may have faced and on the various styles apparent in the three filmmakers works. o Conclude with a discussion on the impact of Lev Kuleshov’s theory and technique of association on today’s filmmakers. ASSIGNMENT 5 : EDITING GIANTS: V. D.TASK SHEET TERM 3 EDIT YEAR 2 ASSIGNMENT 2 : TREATMENT : EDITING JOURNAL : Historical overview - JHB CAMPUS 11 January. The edit should not be just a montage. use a horror reference film to create a love story movie trailer. and complete summary notes and DUE: Week 4 deductions on your research in your Journal. Mon 22 Feb Complete research on each of these early film makers and view one film example from each. 2016 Weighting 20% The Silent Period . • Use the same reference film and create the second movie trailer as a comedy. Make JOURNAL notes in your Journal on your impressions of this era of filmmaking. and conclude on how they each contributed to the development of filming techniques and editing methods and styles. o Include with references. Griffith.W. Fri 26 Feb • Watch a few clips from his famous film. LEV KULESHOV :Essay Weighting 20 % Research the Russian / Soviet filmmaker Lev Kuleshov. ASSIGNMENT 3: EDITING GIANTS. o How he influenced theories on editing. it must have a purpose and be focused on a particular new genre DUE: Week 4 Mon 29 Feb PRAC To be shown and discussed in class. • Edit TWO x 30 second movie trailers using your reference film as source material. George Melies DUE: Week 3 A learning journal excercise. Mother (clips can be found on Youtube) ESSAY • Complete a typed three page essay on V.PUDOVKIN. Essay Weighting 20 % • Research the Russian / Soviet filmmaker Vsevolod Pudovkin. ASSIGNMENT 4 : GENRE RE-MIX: Practical Edit: Weighting 30% Research and find a reference film for your term project which strongly represents the Genre your project will follow. I. Porter . (based on research).

Using the shooting script as prepared by the Editor. Eg: 0214078FREEFALLdsm. ● The ungraded locked picture edit exported as a QTM delivered to Grading (Digital Edit Locked Cut-ELC) ● The locked picture edit project file. Digital Source Master (dsm).DMC) NOTE: ALL quick time exported master files.dsp = Dvd Studio Pro project file Laura van der Merwe Page 3 Y2 Task Sheets 2016 . Cinematographer and Director. Compile a treatment of your term1 outcome film which must contain. DVD projects and FCP project files MUST be labelled as follows.mp2 = Digital master conversion 0214078FREEFALLpj. In this analyses. the emphasis is on the proposed editing and is not the directorial explanation of the ETB. mp4 conversions. Exported XML for Color graders ● The final Digital Mastered file of the graded production with audio mix (Digital Master–DM) ● Conversion of DM to Mp4 (Digital Master Conversion . Mon 7 & Tue 8 Mar 2.qtm = Digital Source Master (completed phase. 5: Term Assignments : Treatment Assignments 1 to 5 must all be handed in C: DISCIPLINE REVIEW: Assessment of the edited outcomes film and deliverables saved to the server: ● The editor must sync up the production before editing and provide the sound dept with a cut-list of takes used. then the title of the production (maximum 8 letters)in CAPS and in LOWER a description of what type of file it is ie. Generate and present a Movement and Point of Attention Storyboard . 3. Make full use of any research completed during the term to assist you in your motivations. DUE : Week 5 : 1: A script and shot list as designed by Director.mp4 or 0214078FREEFALLdmc.qtm = Digital Master 0214078FREEFALLdmc. shot selection.Write an essay which analyses the ETB structure of the terms outcome film with reference to. but incomplete master) 0214078FREEFALLdm. Cinematographer and Editor. Answer questions on Workflow procedures for the Post Window of your outcome film. 2016 B: DISCIPLINE PRE-PROD: PROJECT PRIVILEGE : ALL deliverables must contain Student name and number AND Production number. order and association. Digital Master (dm). Project file (pj) . Digital Master Conversion (dmc). 4: Presentation: Orally present the essence of point 1 & 2 in 5 minutes.TASK SHEET TERM 3 EDIT YEAR 2 JHB CAMPUS 11 January. ● All exports for VFX and Sound and Music. Production code number first (no slash or gaps).

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