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Lauren Juarez

Composition II
August 1, 2016
Prof. McGriff
Reflection Essay

After completing this Composition II class, I plan on taking my skills and experience
from this writing course into my aerospace engineering degree. Before the class, I was doubtful
about finding any interest in English. Unlike math or science, I never found the subject to be
interesting nor challenging. My past experience in previous English classes led me to the
assumption that writing has no wrong or right way of approaching it. For example, with math, I
cannot talk my way out of a wrong answer. However, with writing essays, Ive come to find that
there is no right or wrong side of an argument. The question to a math problem is either right, or
its wrong. However, for English, the answer to the question always depends on how I want to
answer it. This aspect of English always confused me, and thus lead me away from any English
major and towards the math and science department. To put it bluntly, I hated English class.
However, after taking this course, my views have drastically changed. Through the Annotated
Bibliography, eight-page essay and this reflection essay, Ive come to learn the value of the
correct way of rhetoric.
One of the most important lessons Ive learned is that there absolutely is a right and
wrong way to approach a writing assignment. When trying to prove an argument, I will never be
taken seriously if all I do is spit out claims without backing it up. The Annotated Bibliography
assignment was an arduous one, but it solidified the idea that I must never approach any writing
assignment without having a clear idea of what Im talking about. Ive heard many people that
can talk for hours and yet still manage to say absolutely nothing. I certainly do not want to be

one of those people, and so Ive learned to state my main point and then back it up with
The eight-page essay has also changed my views on how to approach a writing
assignment. I never liked my English classes because I always claimed they were not challenging
enough. However, this class certainly proved me wrong, especially with writing my essay. I
found it extremely difficult, even with the Annotated Bibliography complete because I wasnt
sure how to actually lay out my thoughts. If my theory that there is no right or wrong way to
approach a writing assignment was correct, I would have simply laid out paragraphs with
absolutely no order or flow. But my theory was wrong, and thus laid before me a difficult task of
creating a smooth flow for my paper. However, after completing the writing assignmentwith
much difficultymy final arduous task was to write this reflection essay.
Having to admit the difficulty of this course was also hard. I walked into this class
assuming it would be a walk in the park on a clear blue day. I misjudged the class and the study
of composition. Without having this reflection essay, I wouldnt have given myself to actually
reflect on how useful this new skill can be. Everyone knows how to argue, and its being done all
the time. However, not many get the opportunity to learn how to intelligently debate a topic the
right way. This new skill will certainly come in handy when I have lab reports to write for my
science classes. Being able to discuss my laboratory findings effectively is just as important as
the math that goes along with it. Without this reflection, I wouldnt have given myself the chance
to realize that.
English Composition II class was far more than just a prerequisite that I was required to
fulfill. It was a life lesson on the art of rhetoric. Throughout the short few weeks, Ive learned the
value of the right way of writing. With math, I can always verify if my answer by doing a simple

equation before I box my answer on the paper. With English, although I cannot box my answer
on a sheet of paper, I can still verify if Ive correctly done the assignments. Although there is no
right or wrong side to an argument, I can simply ask myself, did anyone actually take my side?